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New SDS Website Announcement
« on: July 14, 2009, 02:45:27 PM »
Hi Guys,

Here is the official SDS Announcement from Matt Olson that just hit the SF List.

Fred Burton
Lead Designer of Cosmic Starfire


Howdy everyone, today I have an official announcement from the Starfire
Design Studio.

For the last few months the SDS has been busy working on several projects.
Cosmic Starfire, of course, has been an ongoing re-build of 3rd edition
under the direction of Fred Burton. But another one of those projects was
made live yesterday: brand new SDS and Starfire websites built by Larry
Robinson and myself at and

The new website is part of a new direction for the SDS with a focus on two
things: First, building the 3rd and 5th editions of Starfire in new
directions. And second, building a single online community for Starfire
players. For the first time the SDS has the capability of providing our own
web site, file hosting, and web forum! We are starting to plug in new web
features - in fact you can even tweet, post, digg, or whatever you desire
with our news posts. As we move forward we will be continuously adding many
more features to the website and the community, and unveiling more projects
as they near or finish completion.

We are serious about moving in these new directions - let us know what you
think and what you want. Hop on over the the new site and take a look. Sign
up for the new forum - you will see that a few other players have already
started arriving within the last 24 hours (even without this announcement!)
It is our hope that we can rebuild Starfire for the old-timers and re-brand
Starfire to attract new players. We look forward to seeing you there!

Matthew P Olson
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Re: New SDS Website Announcement
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2013, 11:48:35 AM »
Just a FYI on Starfire. 

Starfire now is in its 6th Version.    This version is called Solar Starfire.    It is mostly 5th edition, but does have some changes.    It is still a massive set of rules, but the 6.  02 update is so much more error free compared to 5th (and 4th).    Heck, even most of the grammatical errors have been removed. 

Ohh, and the Official SDS website is a lot more friendlier than some of the old boards were.    The veterans will answer any question you have from 1st edition right up to SOLAR Starfire, although their expertise is in 3rd, 5th, and 6th. 

Crucis stops in every once in a while to throw an Idea out about Cosmic Starfire to the people of the boards, looking to help fine tune his long-term project. 

There is a section on SOLAR Starfire 'House Rules' that is fun to read. 

And it is another place to urge PROCYON on to continue his writings that so many have enjoyed, Hehehee.     A few other campaigns in the fiction section are well worth the read time as well.    Finding the Aurora forum was cool, but reading some of its fiction was a gift from the gamer-gods; and the Starfire fiction is just as free and as I said above some is excellent (Not my stuff, but I do try).    You will find a few posters that should have become authors, just like a few here.    You'll also find a few who have overlapped and posted to both boards. 

Matthew (Cralis) has done a great job keeping SDS's site updated, he even has a facebook page for Starfire. 

The site is almost 4 1/2 years old and SOLAR is coming up on its 2 year anniversary.    Now if we could only get lucky and they could find the resources to physically publish a 'Tactical' version of the game with real pieces and mapboards that we could buy at the local hobby store.    What a great X-Mas it could be.    Although, there are some cool counter sheets you can download at the site.    I've printed them out on full page label sheets then stuck them on cardstock or large cereal boxes, and gotten some adequate results, but not Professionally done die-cut counters like the old Starfire games. 

I was going to ask someone if the had a workable copy of SA but I really like the direction Aurora is going and I'm glad for the differences.    Who knows, maybe Solar Starfire will get computerized in the future as well.     In my world there is always a need for another great 4Xgame.    Thanks Steve W.   for your work on SA, Aurora, and to what the future holds. 

P.  S.   - Never trust the Khanesse with 100% of your plans, she is a cunning lass and way too lucky to boot. 
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