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2026 - 2027

Jan - Dec 2026

All three Cruiser Squadrons of the TFN commence Task Force Training within the orbit of the Asteroid Belt. Vice Admiral Harrison Goodwin has not yet made the decision as to which Command Cruiser he will fly his Flag from and thus is staying planet bound on Earth during training.

The Navy is expanding at a prodigious rate. Commodore Brandon Mitchell is promoted to Rear Admiral and is now Senior Office of the 1st Expeditionary Fleet. Commodore Isabella Clayton is also promoted to Rear Admiral and takes the reigns of the 2nd Cruiser Squadron. Commodore Kate Davidson is the Senior Office of the 3rd Cruiser Squadron and is rumored to be next in line for promotion.

The Geology Team on Mercury has been quiet as off late prompting certain politically backed officers to question the suitability of team leader Callum Chambers. Fortunately for the Federation as a whole, it was pointed out to these ‘officers’ that a planet is an awfully large place for just 5 Geologists and their support team to cover!

Due to shortages of Gallicite on Earth we have been forced to pause construction on a number of new Cruisers whilst shipping the majority of our automated mines off to our various Asteroid Mining Colonies. This has alleviated some of the shortages but we are not still not running at 100% and may not for some time.

Fortunately, the stimulus package of Finance Centers completed construction on schedule and the terraforming fleet above Mars has increased to 8 vessels with another one nearing completion. Earth will be producing an initial lot of 500 Infrastructure modules for deployment on Mars which should provide habitation and work space for roughly 2.5 million Martians.

It is hoped that the creation of the Maritan colony will prompt private investment into space based technologies and that the traditionally planet bound transportation companies will look to the stars to further expand their portfolio.

Jan - Mar 2027

Construction and production continues apace, research unfortunately is lagging behind which is worrying as with every day The Menace may be coming closer. There is, however, one bit of good news on the research front, Kate Thomson recently graduated from LSU with a Masters in Construction and Production techniques and algorithms. She was immediately assigned as Lead Researcher on the Mining Production project, taking over from Jacob Lyons who was performing an admirable job but was primarily a Logistics researcher. It is hoped that we will be seeing marked improvements in mineral extraction soon.

Apr 2027

** Eyes Only **
** Top Secret **
** Unlawful distribution punishable by summary execution **

-- For the attention of Tier Alpha1 Executives in the Terran Federation Assembly --

From: Rear Admiral Francesa Lord, CnC TFSC
To: CnC TFNC, CnC TFLC, Earth Governor, Sol Sector Governor

RE: Martian Archaeological Dig - Preliminary findings.

Distinguished Members of the Executive,

It is with great honor and trepidation that I present to you the findings of Commodore Archie Sharpe’s Xenologist Team on Mars.

The honor is that we have successfully identified 658 abandoned installations at the site of the Precursor City that failed to self destruct, this does come with the caveat that at least a small percentage may not be recoverable. I highly recommend the deployment of any and all Engineering Brigades to Mars to assist in the recover of these installations. I would also petition the Executive to authorize the formation of another 6 Brigades to aid in this epic undertaking.

Unfortunately, I have to also inform you that we have been the target of quite possibly the longest running and largest scale Long Con in the history of the Galaxy.

Commodore Sharpe’s linguistic team has irrefutable evidence that the ‘Precursors’ were not want they claimed to be! Every scrap of evidence, every log or memo, has the distinct header ‘House of Listowel’ in the same regard as we mark all our official documentation as ‘Terran Federation’.

At first, they presumed that this was just the name that they had designated the City or that it was their true name and that they used ‘Precursor’ when commanding “The lesser races that are barely worth using as fodder” - this is a direct quote/translation from a number of documents.

Meticulous cross checking quickly disproved this theory and it was soon found that they were using the cover of the Precursors to form an almighty war machine to defeat their long term adversaries ‘The Menace’. In this regard, most of what they have told us over the last decades was based on some kind of truth. We can not ascertain who the aggressor was in this conflict or if The Menace will be hostile to us on site.

As I say above, there is a race known as Precursor, the House of Listowel obtained virtually of their technological from various ruins spread over a number of systems and retrofitted them into their own designs, passing on the technology to their Fodder. It is presumed that the true Precursors are long dead or moved on.

This news provides us with a number of difficult truths:
- The Menace are bound to have encountered Terran crewed warships and Battalions therefore they are likely to shoot on site before we can present them with information. That is not precluding the thought that they will just shoot on site even knowing what we do now.
- The true Precursors may still be out there and if they find out that aliens have been robbing their graves then they may not be too happy. At any rate, there are snippets of information stating that there are a number of still active sites that the House of Listowel were never able to recover due to the strength of their automated defenses.
- Lastly, there is no way to accurately predict what this news may do to the psyche of the general population. The knowledge that billions of Terrans were treated as fodder in a war of falsehoods may spark riots - even though they will not be directed towards the government we may be the only target for the collective rage of hundreds of millions of Terrans.

I regret to have been the bearer of bad news, but we must collectively make a decision on this sooner rather than later.

Yours Sincerely,

Rear Admiral Francessca Lord,

Apr - Dec 2027

After much debate in the Upper and Lower Houses of the Terran Assembly it was decided to make all knowledge gathered from Mars available to the public domain. It was with great relief that the fears of wide spread rioting aimed at nothing but venting decades of pent up rage were virtually non existent. The Terran race had matured to the point of accepting what had happened to them and a new focus was brought to the fore, a focus dedicated to hunting down and erasing any vestigial traces of the House of Listowel and preparing for the eventual contact with other races that may be molded in the same vein as them.

Future design doctrine from BuShips has highlighted the need for a Fast Attack Craft which would be used for stealthier scouting and possibly even first-strike missions. This is a long term project as this calls for the development of missiles and their launchers - data that we lost when HoL pulled out of Sol. Godava Orlovsky has been assigned a research center to start the development of FAC engines and will be provided with the next 4 centers to be completed with more in the pipeline if BuShips produce a satisfactory rule book for their use.

The Callum Chambers geology Team reported that all economically viable veins of mineral have been identified in Mercury and that they are now stationed on Venus, with their first find behind a previously undetected deposit of Titanium - 100000 tons at 0.1 accessibility. They feel confident there are more deposits and will continue looking.

During factory restoration on Mars, the 36th Engineer Brigade under Brigadier General Senia Gusev recovered an automated mine that contained software that can be copied and applied to all other mines - improving extraction by up to 15%. This is good timing as once again we are running low on gallicite. We have also uncovered 2 GMCs which will be transported to Earth and put to use bettering Terran kind.

There are now 1.94 million Martians on Mars with another 2.82 on Earth awaiting the deployment of more infrastructure. We have recovered a number of installations which has enabled the acceleration of the development of Mars.

A tentative revised date for exploration of the JPs in system has been given for Jan 2030, but this depends on a number of factors:
- The completion of an additional 3 CruRons.
- The completion of either PDCs or OWPs at Earth and Mars.
- The completion of a minefield or emplacement of Battle Stations on all 3 Jps.

The above goals are hampered by the scarcity of Gallicite and the need to develop longer ranged armaments, i.e. missiles, from scratch.

The civilian economy is currently in a strong position and it is hoped that shipping lines will be formed in the coming year as subsidies are offered.


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