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Re: [SF] Theban Empire
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A ) Mosegi branch
This branch contains many systems with just one further possibility of expansion and also our first contacted alien race, the Federated Suns.

Code: [Select]
                             Khay                        RSMSES
  |                            |                            |
THEBES – Mosegi – Panehesy – Sewadjkare – Amenhotpe – Djedptahiufankh
  |          |
         Akil – Caleb – Sadiki – Ankhefefnamun – Anheperenre
                  |                                  |
                Djeserkheperure                  Nakhtnebef

Systems of interest:
Panahesy:   contains a hostile environement world
Amenhotpe:   a habitable world and two belts. We are constructing a shipyard here in hope of further expansion beyond the Federated Suns and to be able to provide close support.
Rsmses:    Home system of the Federated Suns, with an incredible 4 worlds and 4 belts in a double star system.
Akil:    A theban style world, the first we discovered.
Anheperenre:   A sytem with a habitable world and a belt. Remarkable as the Third Survey Fleet ran into severe supply difficulties in trying to survey it as the Akil system was too far away. Thus, the fleet had to return for repairs to Thebes before being able to take up the task again, significantly delaying our development of this system.
Nakhtnebef:   Another system with a habitable world, and again just a single further warppoint.
Hamadi:   Furthest system in the mosegi branch and the only unsurveyed one remaining in this branch. It contains the most belts in any theban system so far, 3. We plan of creating a shipyard complex here, and depending on further exploration we may establish a sector capital here.


B) Pairy Branch
Allthough initially very promising, this branch eventually turned out to be a dead end. Unfortunately, we had taken the promise and constructed two shipyard complexes in the region before this became evident.
Code: [Select]
   |       |
THEBES – Pairy – Merymose – Bakenptah – Amenemhat - Mesutire
   |       |
Systems of interest:
Pairy:   Our first colony outside Thebes, on a very heavy world drenched with rains.
Montuemet: containing two habitable worlds, one of them heavy and the other ideal for us, we established our first space station with shipyards outside the thebes system there. The warp line from Pairy is very feeble, restricting the passage of large hulls, thus making this a reasonable precaution for the future. Unfortunately, the Nebmaet system further on contained no open warp points for further expansions.
Merymose: Graced with a benign world and an asteroid belt, we established another yard here hoping to thus support our next main axis of expansion. Unfortunately, these hopes were dashed upon reaching the Mesutire system.
Amenemhat: Another heavy world with a belt in the system.
Mesutire: A heavy world and the end of our exploration in the Pairy branch.


C) Sekhemkare Branch
This region was surveyed last, and thus of course opened the most opertunities for expansion. The bulk of our seven survey fleets will concentrate here in the near future to push our reach further.
Code: [Select]

                                 ?       ?       ?              ?
                             Neuserra  Ptah  Alexander    Neshorpakhered
    |                                \   |   /           /
Thebes – Sekhemkare – Ipuy – Meryawy – Mekhu – Neferkhau – SN 812 ?
    |                                    |   \          \
                                       Setau  Jeroen     Niu   
                                         |       |          ?
                                       Moswen  Sese         
                                         ?       ?

Systems of interest:
Ipuy:   1 ST, 1 belt
Meryawy: 1T, 2 belts
Mekhu: 7 warpoints and 2 belts
Setau:   1 ST
Alexander:   2T, 1 belt
Neferkhau:   1T, 1 belt and 4 warpoints. As it is next to the mekhu nexus, this is ideal to establish another yard.
Niu:   1 T, 1 belt
SN 812: The first time we have encountered a warp point in the middle of interstellar space.


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Re: [SF] Theban Empire
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New ship classes

Imperial Spaceforce
   CA CANDACE II class CA   12 XO Racks    60 Hull     TL 3
   60 RCP  40 MCP   Trg:3   Cost =  871/ 130.7
   HTK 42    Sx6  Ax5  Dx3  Wx8  Mgx1
Notes:   A serious upgrade in firepower at all ranges, the Candace class is forming the new core of spaceforce fleets. Nine are currently under construction or projected.

   CL ATEN II class CL   9 XO Racks    45 Hull     TL 3
   [3] Sx5Ax4ZH(BbS)(II)QsW(I)W(II)DM2WXr(I)W(II)WMgQsD(I) [6]
   45 RCP  5 MCP   Trg:3   Cost =  663.5/ 99.5
   HTK 33    Sx5  Ax4  Dx2  Wx5  Mgx1
   Notes:   The pride and joy of imperial designers and the fleet, the three ships of this class currently under construction promise the Spaceforce never before seen ability to project imperial might among the stars.

   CL NEKHBET III class CL   9 XO Racks    45 Hull     TL 3
   [3] Sx4Ax4ZHW(II)Qs(I)W(II)W(I)M2WDXr(II)(CIC)MgDQs(BbS)(I) [6]
   45 RCP  5 MCP   Trg:3   Cost =  689.5/ 103.4
   HTK 32    Sx4  Ax4  Dx2  Wx4  Mgx1
Notes:   The latest upgrade to the imperial fleet command ship class.

   DD AMON II class DD   6 XO Racks    30 Hull     TL 3
   [3] SAAZH(I)(I)Qs(I)DL(I)LM1(I)(I)DQs(I)L [7]
   30 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:2   Cost =  437/ 65.6
   HTK 20    Sx1  Ax2  Dx2  Lx3
   Notes:   Assault destroyer
   DD MUT III class DD   6 XO Racks    30 Hull     TL 3
   [3] Sx3AAZH(I)Qs(I)W(I)W(I)W(I)W(I)DMgQs(I) [7]
   30 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  410/ 61.5
   HTK 22    Sx3  Ax2  Dx1  Wx4  Mgx1
   Notes:   Ranged combat destroyer.

Fortress Command
BS3 SETEKH II class BS3   17 XO Racks    85 Hull     TL 3
   [1] Sx11Ax21ZH(BbS)QLx4M2LLM2Lx4TQLhL

   85 RCP  15 MCP   Trg:5   Cost =  948/ 47.4
   HTK 52    Sx11  Ax21  Lx11  Tx1
A new close in defense base, projected to defend crucial warppoints in the imperial expanses.

   BS2 L NEPHET II class BS2   10 XO Racks    50 Hull     TL 3
   [1] SSAx13ZHTQsLx3M2(BbS)QsLx4

   50 RCP   Trg:3   Cost =  565/ 28.2
   HTK 29    Sx2  Ax13  Lx7  Tx1
   Notes:   Close in defense base
   BS2 R ENNEAD II class BS2   10 XO Racks    50 Hull     TL 3
   [1] Sx11Ax5ZH(BbS)Wx4M2WWDQLhDWWMg

   50 RCP   Trg:3   Cost =  580/ 29
   HTK 33    Sx11  Ax5  Dx2  Wx8  Mgx1
   Notes:   Ranged defense base

Imperial Surveyors and Buerocracy
SURVEY TENDER UA II class DD   (AC)    30 Hull     TL 3
   [3] SA(BbM)(Ic)HQsH(Ic)XiXrR(BbM)H(Ic)HRMg(Ic)Qs [4]
   30 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  396/ 59.4
   HTK 18    Sx1  Rx2  Mgx1
   EX ANUKET II class EX    7 Hull     TL 3
   [2] (BbS)HXiQs(I)(I) [8]
   7 RCP  18 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  153/ 23
   HTK 6
Survey ships have been redesigned, allthough a refit of existing fleets is impractical due to the large distances involved by now. Newly comissioned survey fleets are build with these new classes. An envoy class for probing systems will be leaving the drawing boards of the Survey Command soon.

Priesthood of Wisdom and Engeneering
   FT (T) SETH class FT5    45 Hull     TL 3
   [3] (IcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIc)TT(IcIc)(Ic)(IcIc)(BbS)QsH(Ic) [4]
   45 RCP  30 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  268.2/ 20.1
   HTK 24    Tx2
   FT (MS) KHONSU class FT5    40 Hull     TL 3
   [3] H(IcIc)(BbS)(Ic)(IcIc)(MS)Qs(Ic) [4]
   40 RCP  60 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  280/ 13.5
   HTK 12
SS KHEPRI II class SS   76 XO Racks    1212 Hull     TL 3
   1212 RCP  88 MCP   Trg:5   Cost =  9509/ 110.2
   HTK 384    Sx100  Ax100  Dx10  Wx50  Mgx5

Khepri station has gained a significant upgrade in defensive capability.

The Seth class tug will allow the construction of defenses at a shipyard complex and the later distribution of the bases to the warppoints, as well as refitting bases in the station.

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Re: [SF] Theban Empire
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The aliens did not attack as the SCN struggled to get a reasonable force into position.  Deploying the 4th Defense Squadron to Tarentum, the 5th Defense Squadron was sent to monitor the Squid trade route, which made it available via transit to Nicopolis's then to Tarentum.  In orbit around Red Harbor crews were still working to assemble the two Sling Bases, while another Sling and a Tripwire were being built at the Tarentum-Nicopolis WP by construction ships, they would be towed to the warp point leading to the Aussies when finished.  The ICN Comm base was fully integrated into the ICN as two connecting bases were finished in Lugdumun, additionally in that system the two warp points that did not lead to starless nexi had stations as well.  The forward repair ships had completed the refit of the 3rd Defense Squadron and were awaiting the arrival of first set of Pathfinder DDX's from SF1.  These would be refit to the Mod 2 standard. 

In Tarentum itself, the Home Fleet under Legatus Alexander picketed the warp point leading to the Aussies.  There had been considerable objection to it leaving Shanir but given the strength of the warp point defenses not to mention the bases in construction the Navy didn't see any reason to not move the fleet forward.  Each of the two warp points of interest (excluding the one to Rome) were now surrounded by a defense array of 6 Sling, 1 Tripwire, and 4 Pilum bases with Onager's coming off the ways plus 6 destroyers remained.  The Fleet train with the Rego Aurum and Signifier had beaten the home fleet by a month to Tarentum and 30 DSB-L orbit the warp point to the Aussies.

In Shanir Prime Yards has been round the clock work on a second station that is nearing completion.  The core is based on the standard Support Base class, but it is expected the station will evolve more rapidly.  This has diverted a sizable fraction of the yards capacity.  Currently the production lines have been limited to Onager's to finish of the arrays in Shanir, Discovery class CLX's, a support ship line that is in the process of building the final SSV1 class ship, and a warship line currently building a Gladius for the upgrade of the 5th Defense Sqn.  10 DSB-L are produced each month, with the production currently ear marked for the SSV1's to give each survey force 30 DSB-L in the ships holds.

Survey Force 1 backtracking from Londonium to the Blue Giant system that leads to it explored the remaining open warp point; breaking its bad luck streak and finding a system with two habitable worlds.  The first system of its 3 warp points leads to a ice balls, the second leads to a binary with a habitable in each star system...and another race.  This one is apparently not capable of space flight and diplomatic courier is called forward to initiate contact with the "Barsoomian's" a race of large furry bipeds.  Parliament is of many minds what to do about this and only reluctantly authorizes contact.  It would have been possible to simply colonize the other system and leave the Barsoomian's alone, but they would have soon started detecting the radio transmissions anyway so contact seemed advisable.  Given the value of the planet in terms of a supply source there is a strong lobby to "uplift" the inhabitants...voluntarily or not.  While this is happening Survey Force 1 becomes the first to acquire a Discovery Class CLX and the SSV1 SF1 arrives with it.  Three pathfinder and the Packmule are detached from the survey force and head back to Lugdumun.  The Packmule will load up with the spare systems from repair ships conducting refits and return them to Shanir.

Survey Force 2 and 3 continue routine operations with nothing of major importance found.  The SSV1 SF2 finishes taking on supplies and heads out to join Survey Force 2.

Due in large part due to the focusing on producing space stations the research branch was able to accumulate sufficient funds to afford the communications buoy project and that is now underway, with basic research efforts also ongoing.  Economically the Confederations is finding that rather than money limiting activities usually some other element does so.  While clearly money is an consideration to every decision as was shown with the communications buoy program often there will be sizable surpluses available.  Of greater concern is the increasing stretched supply lines for survey forces 1 and 2.  It is virtually a requirement to build up a chain of supporting systems, something that becomes extremely expensive if there is no habitable world present.

Contacts with our partners indicate that the Drakes have completed their refits and are currently focused on improving the security of their home system Angbad.  Outside of the open warp point in Londonium they are advancing down their last open chain that is entirely in their own space and they are required to develop systems of gas giants to maintain their survey ships supply lines.  Analysis by the Strategic Initiatives Bureau indicate that the Drake homesystem slightly outperforms Shanir but this is mainly due to the extremely high levels of industrialization.  They are refitting their survey corvettes with the 2nd generation survey instrumentation but the ships cannot carry standard long range sensor systems, the size issue that lead the SSC to choose the frigate over a refit of its survey corvettes.

Londonium itself has been colonized significantly and each colony boasts an impressive industrial infrastructure, this gives the system a good supply potential.  A second Joint Expeditionary Force composed of a Heavy Cruiser, 2 destroyers and 2 corvettes is under construction and when sufficient refit survey CTs are available further exploration from that system will begin.  The Confederation has accepted the proposal to transit these ships through Pisea, Ludgumun, Jerusalem, Selena to Londonium.

After Action Report:  Aussie Incident
The naval review board has found a number of deficiencies in the response to the Searcher 005 Incident.
1.  The Home Fleet was delayed in a response role due to the current level of refits.  A better system of maintaining a high degree of fleet readiness must be found, as refits are a periodic necessity.  This is most easily achieved by the formation of task groups somewhat heavier than our current defense squadrons coupled with better scheduling of refits to maximize the number of combat effective ships at any time.
2.  The shipyard capacity of the confederation is insufficient at the moment.  What is clear is that having dispersed yards capable of refit will facilitate point 1, additionally these forward bases can be used to build up substantial system defenses.
3.  A supply of prefabricated Sling bases must be established.  This will allow construction via orbital assembly or mobile construction or repair ships of a close defense array.
4.  A supply of prefabricated Tripwire bases should be established but with a lower priority as the Rego Arurum class can cover any gaps.
5.  Stockpiles of DSB-L needs to be established.
6.  The fleet train needs to be expanded to enable sustained combat operations including sizable SGF lift.  Had an invasion force been necessary only the aging Packmules are available for lift and they have minimal assault capacity.

((Updated Map and "guide book" to follow, I'll also toss in the Drake Ship Designs.))

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Re: [SF] Theban Empire
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Current Map of the Shanirian Confederation and Drake Space.

Uploaded with

====System Listing====

Antium-Binary System; Primary world: Gateway (Harsh) Note: Ast Belt x2  This was the first outsystem colony of the Confederation.
Virconium; Primary world: Vulcan's Forge (Harsh-Very Rich) Note:  This worlds mineral wealth was quickly exploited and it is a souce of many valuable ship building minerals.
Byzantium; Primary worlds:  Primus, Secundus and Tiercius.  Note: All 3 worlds are idea candidates for colonization. Primus has few mineral resources while the other two are rich in valuable strategic minerals.
Caeseragusta-Binary System; Primary world: Dung Heap Note: This idea world has virtually no mineral wealth and its arid climate produces little biological wealth.  It is a backwater colony only now recieving industrialization to take advantage of the numerous moons and its asteroid belt.
Syracuse and Caesera are un remarkable systems of gas giants and ice worlds.
Aurelianovum; Primary World: Port O'Connel (Harsh) Note: The jungles of this world are poorly suited to Shanirian colonization due to the higher degree of CO2 in the atmospher and elevated temperatures.

Veii; Primary World: Lyra Minor (ST) Note: this world would suit the Drakes but the limited Shanirian colonists are forced to live in underground enclaves.  The world is largely devoted to serving the growing extraction facilities on the moons of the systems gas giants.
Pisea; Primary World: Argos Note: This world serves as a major trade system hub with trade ships from the Drakes and the Cartel arriving often.  This makes the agora here wealthy and several industrial concerns have established major manufacturing facilities in system.
Lugdunum-Binary System; Primary world: none Note:  A Red Giant orbited by a dim red star this system is remakable only for the fact it has 6 warp points.  Mining stations in the gas giants of the red star companion are the only shanirian presence.
Jerusalem; Primary world: Masada Note: A world rich in mineral wealth and possesing a stark but beutiful landscape of snow caped mountains this colony world is also the gateway to the Blue giant system of Selucia and the worlds beyond it.
Palymra; Primary world: Surf's Up Note:  A water world, the planet is 90% water with limited volcanic islands dotting its world oceans.  Colonization is based on a strong tourist trade, aqua culture and underwater mines which yield surpisingly pure metals.

Selucia; Note: A blue giant system.
Londonium; Note: this system with two high gravity planets was given to the Drakes
Cyrene; Primary worlds: Wallkirk (Harsh), Ringloth Note:  Wallkirk is a overly hot planet with a thin atmosphere and a left handed biochemistry making it a poor choice to colonize.  Ringloth is more welcoming but also poor in minerals and exploitable resources.
Mediolanum-Binary; Primary world: Bourghs Note: the second star of the pair is the home of the Barsoomian race

Tarentum-Binary; Primary world: Red Harbor Note: although not possessing large amounts of exploitable resources the world is otherwise easily colonizable and the systems boast 4 asteroid belts and 7 warp points making this a particularly critical system.
Agrippina; Primary world: Husplot (Harsh) Note: recently discovered system
Nicopolis; Primary worlds: Gaeltec (Harsh), Carthage Note: A valuable system spoiled only by the hard to extract resources of Carthage and the limitations of its arid climate which reduce agricultural production.  A convient asteroid belt helps mitigate this.  This system is also a valuable transit route and its other warp point leads to a chain of worlds.

Eburcum-Binary; Primary worlds: Katmandu, Mercy Note: Two more easily colonizable worlds with Mercy being the poorer of the two in terms of minearl wealth.
Tyrus-Binary; Note: a system with only asteroids and gas giants
Verona; Primary world: Cala Luna (Harsh) Note: recently discovered system



ANALIS II class CA        12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 3
[3] ZH(II)(II)Q(II)(BbS)(II)(II)Wx3DWx3DMgM2Wx3XrLhQDWMgD(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  962/ 144.3
HTK 36   Dx4  Wx10  Mgx2 
262x SM

Only the High Council Fleet has this class of warship, but the "Joint Expeditionary Forces" (Patrol Formations) are getting a single such vessel to act as a flag ship.

NARAITHSOL III class DD        6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 3
[3] ZHT(I)(I)(I)Qs(I)(I)D(I)WWM1WWMgDQs(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:2        Cost =  439/ 65.9
HTK 20   Dx2  Wx4  Tx1  Mgx1 
106x SM

Standard combat ship of the Drake Flights.

GLAMATUS II class CT        3 XO Racks    16 Hull    TL 3
[2] ZH(I)(I)(I)DWM1WMgQs(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:2        Cost =  230/ 34.5
HTK 12   Dx1  Wx2  Mgx1 
53x SM

Light combat screening vessel.  Considered to be too weak for serious combat by the Sharian Naval Board.

X GOMALUS II class CT        3 XO Racks    16 Hull    TL 3
[2] SAHXi(I)(I)D(I)QsL(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  266/ 39.9
HTK 11   Sx1  Ax1  Dx1  Lx1 

The refit of their older exploration ship.  The lack of full military sensors is a significant drawback.

BS AUGCATING II class BS2       10 XO Racks    50 Hull    TL 3
[1] Sx6Ax5ZH(BbS)QsWx3MgDWWXrWWDM2DQsWMg [-]
50 RCP       Trg:3        Cost =  650/ 32.5
HTK 31   Sx6  Ax5  Dx3  Wx8  Mgx2 
220x SM

Standard defense base after update.

BS(C) AUGFARTHING class BS2       10 XO Racks    50 Hull    TL 3
50 RCP       Trg:2        Cost =  701/ 35
HTK 28   Sx5  Ax5  Dx3  Wx4  Tx1  Mgx1 
100x SM

Command base consort to the Augcating II.

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Re: [SF] Theban Empire
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The SCN forces in Tarentum are pleased as two Sling bases are completed and tugged into position at the Warp Point leading to the Aussies.  A space station is being prefabricated in Shanir and will take 6 months for that to be finished, but that will allow the warp point defenses to expand more rapidly once it is in place orbiting Red Harbor.  The Secondry Yard is completed now in Shanir and it orbits opposite to Prime Yard.  The yards in the new station are now focused on expanding Secondry Yard to four Shipyards in two intermediary steps.  These actions are looking to bring a substantial increase in the available shipyards in the Confederation over the next 10 months or so.

Research breakthroughs in various government laboratories and universities have yielded general technological improvement that increase our productivity.  Research into advanced armour begins immediately, with the projects of a long range missile, advanced maneuvering, freight handling tractors, a launcher for the capital missile system, a buoy with scanners, an improved cargo handling system and lastly a system to negate drive field distortion effects being queued up awaiting funding.  Additionally, the first of a new ship class "Battle Cruiser" is laid down but estimates on completion are a daunting 16 months.  But the first of a new larger base, which will be started next month is an even longer at 24 months.

The Discovery Class CLX's continue to come slowly off the ways, so the enhancement of our survey efforts will take some time to fully be realized.  The first 3 Pathfinder Mod 2 upgrade ships are nearing completion of their refits as well which will produce a substantial boost to the survey speed of Survey Group 1.  Otherwise all survey groups are busy expanding the borders of the Confederation space.  Lancea Mod 3 destroyers are the SCN "Maid of all Work" class vessels and the demand for them is continual outstripping the number available and so Parliament approves yet another appropriations bill to increase the class numbers.

An internal naval review is recommending that changes in the structure of the deployed naval force nomenclature be made.  The "Defense Squadron" will become a Task Group and three of them will become a Task Force.  Home Fleet will be re-designated as 1st Fleet. 

The Strategic Studies Institute is reporting that the Drakes have had good survey luck on their exploration of Ceilos's two open warp points, as the detailed survey is not complete there is potentially more good news to come for them.  The cost of building up a chain of systems to support their survey forces though has been high, but finding what seems to be an easily habitable world will be a huge boost, even if it is 6 drops from their home world.  Their space station is also operating at maximum capacity, a large fraction of its capacity devoted to building warp point defense bases.

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Re: [SF] Theban Empire
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((As Alex is dealing with a summer cold we are slowed down so here is a quick update on the new designs.))


BASTION class BS4       24 XO Racks    120 Hull    TL 4
120 RCP  80 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  1505/ 75.2
HTK 71   Sx20  Ax21  Dx6  Epcx8  Pbx2 

The Bastion is a close in warp point defence base that is intended to survive intense fire and destroy enemy ships as they transit. The twin presser beams are intended to block attempts by starships to close the range in addition to boosting the bases resistance to sprint missile fire.

BC (PROTO) class BC        16 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 4
[4] Sx8Ax8ZH(III)RaQRa(II)RaQ(BbM)EpcD(III)RaMgM1EpcD(II)DXrLhQEpcD(III)(II) [6]
80 RCP  70 MCP       Trg:2        Cost =  1337/ 200.6
HTK 52   Sx8  Ax8  Dx4  Epcx3  Rax4  Mgx1 
152x SM, 10x EDM (Mg)

This class is purely temporary and it is intended to refit the only ship built into the HASTA class, which will be functionally identical but with improved technology.  The ship is intended to carry an airmobile marine bde and is as usual a mixed weapons platform.  No assault version of this hull type is planned as it is not significantly an improvement over the cruiser hull for assault purposes.

HASTATI class CA        12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 4
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  888/ 133.2
HTK 45   Sx5  Ax8  Dx4  Gx5  Pbx1  Mgx1 
85x GM, 12x SM, 4x EDM (Mg)

This ship is intended solely for warp point assault duties.   It carries a presser beam to enable it to force out of position and hopefully datalink smaller warp point defence bases and as a assistance against sprint mode missile fire.  It has a large point defence suit to enable it to survive the expected heavy long range fire and emphises armour to defend against laser buoys.  Depending on available shipyard modules it is likely that further advanced systems will be incorporated into the ship before the first vessel of this class enters construction.
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Re: [SF] Theban Empire
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The ICN brings news of an unknown ship approaching Vulcan's Forge in Virconium and the newly formed 6th Defence Squadron currently shaking down in Shanir is dispatched to intercept it.  Before the ships arrive the ship starts transmitting to the planet, changing the situation to one of first contact and the diplomatic courier on station at Byzantium Secundus is dispatched to head up the contact.  The ship is determined to be a frigate and the 3 Lancea's take up station 6 LS from the vessel and some 4 LS from the Messenger while the two Drusus class corvettes start back tracking along its arrival vector.

The 6th Defence Sqn was supposed to go out to the border but it seems now necessary to retain it closer to home, which means an increase in the number of ships and the Naval board approaches Parliament for further funding appropriations.  In addition the overall structure of the Task Force TO&E is revised somewhat, adding a re-enforced Task Group 1 to the Force.  The final structure now looks like:
Task Force x2
Task Group x2.1
1 Gladius CLP, 5 Lancea DDP, 2 Drusus CTR--the Gladius is Task Force Flag
Task Group x2.2
3 Lancea DDP, 2 Drusus CTR
Task Group x2.3
3 Lancea DDP, 2 Drusus CTR

After one month in contact an accidental observation of a Urloki statue in the background of the video link leads to the attempt to use the Urloki language with the new comers.  It is quickly determined they are the Theban's who have recently begun trading with the Drakes, and whose ships have been seen a few times by our trading vessels in Angband.  They propose a trade agreement and the Parliament ratifies the trade treaty, using Vulcan's Forge as our side of trade link.  This is a rather distressing situation from the security perspective as it necessitates substantial fortifications being emplaced now in 3 systems.  Additionally it results in a change of research priorities and the independent scan sat gets funding ear marked for paying for a launcher of the new large missile under development.  Outsystem colonization slows down considerably due to funding diverted to pay for the establishing the trade infrastructure, and the scan sat research plus paying for naval construction.  The Shanirian Ground Forces have gotten a major boost with the first upgrades to air mobility for approximately half the brigades still stationed on Shanir.  Over the next months a small expansion of the SGF plus updating of equipment will occur.

In Shanir the Secondry Yard is up to 3 yards and a fourth is under construction.  After this yard is completed a minor refit will be undertaken to add more offensive fire power to the station and prepare the ground for a further 2 yard expansion.  The overall plan is to proceed like this until 14 yards are available in each station.  Coupled with the ongoing construction of support bases the number of available yards should rise quickly, though unfortunately the demand for ships is still outpacing the available slips to construct them.

The first group of refitted Pathfinder Mod 2 with capital survey systems rejoin Survey Force One, and the remaining Pathfinder Mod 1 ships are sent to Lugdumun for refitting.  The Packmule returning to Shanir brings back the surplus systems from the refit so the construction of 3 more Searcher class vessels will be very in-expensive.

In Tarentum the close in defence array is nearly finished with all Slings either in place or under construction and a Tripwire base now controlling 30 DSB-L.  The Space Station is nearly completely pre-fabricated in Shanir and so it is only a few more months before more substantial bases can start to be constructed.  Additionally the re-enforcements for the defence squadron are en route so the Home Fleet can be released to return to Shanir shortly as well.

The Strategic Initiatives Bureau has acquired further information on the Drakes survey efforts at the edge of their space apparently the last system surveyed had 3 warp points and all three lead to systems with habitable worlds though only one is of the type the Drakes favor.  This still gives them a tremendous boost to their expansion possibilities.  Additionally they move their ships through Shanirian space towards Londonium.  This means they can start probing that systems unexplored warp point.  They have nearly completely refit their survey forces to the newest standard but around 20% of their vessels are still to go.  Additionally they are expanding their home ship yard and pre-fabricating warp point defence bases to fortify their points of contact while building up their homeworld's defences.

Defence industry contracts and the trade in electronic and construction materials is up considerably.  They are also nearing the point of having a fully developed supply line to their new expanses.

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Re: [SF] Theban Empire
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Well... that resolved the last open WP down the Hamadi subchain. I guess my effort to make that systema  future sector capital are now a bit premature.

Survey luck is defenitely something in this game, some races have feast, some have famine. One has all benign planets found as very poor. Go figure.
Defenitely now in turn 108 it can be said that the economy is different from other starfire games. No belt PU emplacement and slow growth make the disposable income a lot smaller than usual. Both player races are EL 5 by now. Low income slows down the research somewhat, because even for minimal # of tech systems you may have to save up several turns. For the expensive stuff, defenitely. Only now with TL 5 the Thebans have been able to invest 10.000 into research consistantly. Still, development and deployment are different things. As we have the 'no capital weapon on ships smaller than BC' rule, it will take 20 turns to prototype a bc, and then 1+8 more to build a series and af irst in class at least to deploy ships with Rc.

I dunno how it is in normal campaigns with basic startups (none of mine ever went so far), but the Thebans with an agressive exploration and colonisation strategy now have an income of 24.600/turn + trade in turn 108. And not a shabby empire size, too:

The low construction rates still force you to invest into ships constantly to have the hulls build. My early and consistent investment into shipyards now pays for the Thebans, though. They can refit and build sizeable quantities of ships.
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Re: [SF] Theban Empire
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[ooc]My apologies everyone, the last month or so has been hectic with real life decisions and the consequences of them.  I'm part of the way through packing for a move from southern to northern Germany at the moment to make matters more interesting.[/ooc]

The last many months have been a time of significant change for the Shanirian Confederation.  The loss of the contact team on Barasoom was followed only a few weeks later by the Undines breaking off diplomatic relations.  These two actions had a significant impact on the Parliament.  The night attack on the contact team killed the small Ground Force detachment and the contact specialists and damaged the cutter they were deployed from.  The cutter crew detonated the power core turning the cutter's drive into so much molten slag.  The Frigate conducting the negotiations with the Undine's had entered through a closed warp point and there were no ships capable of tracking it in the system so it was able to leave with the Undine's being unaware of its exact location.  The warp point connected to the system with Barasoom, and another closed warp point connects that system to the rest of Confederation space.  But Burough's a colony world in the companion system to Barasoom had just been settled, at the level of an outpost.

Debate in the Parliament was fierce.  A putative expedition to punish the "Lords of Mars" for their despicable attack on our contact team could be mounted and the fact that their military was using primitive air ships and smoothbore cannon compared to our air mobile Ground Combat Force backed by shuttle support said the war would be short.  But then what?  And what of the Undine's next door?  Subjugating the Barsoomians would require an investment in garrison troops and the issue of how to deal with a hostile alien population.

After a great deal of back and forth on the issue the Parliament decided that all Shanirian Naval forces would withdraw from the system containing Barsoom after the Buroughs colonists would be relocated to the planet Ringloth a short trip away. Should the Lords of Mars develop space capability they would expand into the Undine's and would not be able to enter confederation space baring a new connection that is currently unknown and later discovered.  It is likely that baring the dual closed warp points covering these two problems the Confederation would have been forced into a more aggressive response.

The ships of the Survey command have undergone substantial changes in this time as well.  Currently 10 Discovery class exploration cruisers are deployed, shaking down or in construction.  All Pathfinder class survey destroyers have been refit to the Mod 2 standard, and 3 additional Searcher class frigates have been deployed.  Survey Force 1 is now fully modernized with 3 Discovery, 3 Pathfinder Mod 2, 3 Searcher and 1 SSV.  Survey Forces 2 and 3 are in intermediate states waiting on their Discovery class cruisers with all other ships present.  This gives a surplus of 9 Pathfinder Mod 2 class ships.  The current plan is to send these ships plus a discovery and 3 yet to be built Searchers into mothballs to give a substantial survey reserve.  Interestingly enough almost all refits to the Pathfinders were carried out by mobile repair ships rather than returning the ships to Shanir.

The Naval Board has ruthlessly exploited the threat to the Tarentum system to build up the overall construction capacity of the Confederation.  Secondry Yard is now operational and is undergoing continual phased expansion.  Two of its yards are constantly building onto the space station generally adding an additional yard every 4 months.  Prime Yard has 8 of its 14 shipyards devoted to pre-fabricating Support Bases (taking 6 months to do so).  There are currently support bases in Tarentum (orbiting Red Harbor), Byzantium (orbiting Secundus) and one is being assembled in Virconium (orbiting Vulcan's Forge).  These efforts have nearly doubled the construction capacity of the Confederation.  It will take slightly more than a further 30 months for Secondry Yard to reach its planned maximum yard capacity.  That time will allow a further 5 Support Base stations to be pre-fabricated.

(to be continued)

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Re: [SF] Theban Empire
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The devotion of so much yard capacity to building new yards was a serious blow to expansion of the navy and survey forces for several months but as more and more new yards came on line the situation has turned around and there is currently a small surplus of capacity.  The fact that the Pathfinders were all refit without using any yard capacity in Shanir also made a substantial difference.

Overall the Lancea class destroyer is the most common SCN warship.  Construction time is down to 3 months and with an ever increasing frontier there is simply a substantial demand for light picket forces to watch the frontier.  The Navy is balancing its forces to try and maintain only a 40-45% maintenance budget.  With the new Battlecruiser classes there will be a harder balance to be maintained.  The current plans are for a very limited number of Battlecruisers to be maintained on the active list while the bulk of the Hasta class (General Purpose Combat Vessel) is mothballed straight from construction.  The Arbalist class (Long Range Heavy Missile Combat Vessel) and Hastati class (Assault Heavy Cruiser) will be built entirely into mothballs as these ships are only valuable in war.  A further increase in the Gladius and Spatha classes both active service and mothballed will also occur.  Additionally, defenses are being constructed at multiple points in the Confederation plus large stockpiles of laser buoys are being built up.  Sensor Buoys and Comm Buoys are also being stockpiled, the budget for the overall buoy construction is around 1 Billion Credits per month, or the equivalent to a Battlecruiser.

Research and Development marches on with advanced systems ready for deployment, a general basic research framework being funded and the delayed research on the enhanced EM system underway.  Overall all relevant technological systems are available.  The long range missiles are available but only the Battlecruiser and Base 3 Hulls are capable of mounting this weapon system so it unlikely to see general deployment before the first Arbalist comes out of the yards.  The Naval Board has also decided not to make a general upgrade of the fleet even though advanced armour and an advanced computer targeting system designed to localize better enemy targets is available.  Instead new classes of all types have been established and all new builds are of these more advanced ships and bases but existing bases and ships are not being refit.  The Naval Board is reviewing how this works in practice but by doing only periodic general refits they hope to save money and have the refit issue minimized.

(to be continued)

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Re: [SF] Theban Empire
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The change over to the modern survey forces disrupted survey efforts but still the frontier has been pushed backwards steadily if slowly.  Two survey forces are operating in systems connected ultimately back to Tarantum.  Two systems connected to the Tarantum nexus are so far only probed so the potential of this area is significant.  Freighter lift to colonize these systems is becoming an acute issue.  4 additional CFN-Type 3 freighters have joined the government pool but that pool is still under 10% of the civillian sectors capacity.  Economic incentives have been offered by the Parliament of late to expand colonial industries, and the amount of these incentives increases on a yearly basis.  This coupled with an aggressive local colonization effort aimed at establishing many small mining facilities to support the growing colony in that system have produced a robust economy outside of Shanir itself.  The home system's relative impact on the total tax base has dropped to around 40%.  Shanir remains the highest income system and has the vast bulk of the Confederations yard capacity.  The biggest issue is that the travel time to the outermost colonies is now approaching a full two months, having to tie up significant shipping capacity for three months is very much now on the near future horizon.  As well the supply lines to the survey forces are starting to become long and at least one survey force is operating only by drawing from its internal supply stocks in part.

One survey force is operating in the area near the now isolated Barsoom system.  Currently it is expanding out of other warp points but there is some concern that this branch may dry up but this will depend on luck.  Even though a Drake Joint Expeditionary Force is available in Londonium it is becoming more and more critical to get a military force in this region for patrol duties.  Additionally getting a Support Base into a system would help maintain a strong military presence in this frontier region.  Mobile construction ships are operating in Jerusalem to build a defensive array on the warp point leading to this part of the frontier but that will take time.

Communications has dramatically improved Confederation wide.  The comm buoy chains connect the frontier to the manned comm stations used for the more developed inner core worlds.  The comm buoy is also used to connect dead end colonies to the core world nearest them such as at the Ceaseragusta-Byzantium warp point.  In general messages must only go by courier drone for a few systems before being able to be transfer to the light speed comm network.

Shanirian Ground Forces have been expanding slowly but steadily.  The first Corvus class assault transport is under construction and the three Packmule class transports are assigned to the fleet train.  The assault shuttle is now common to all military craft and a sizable amount of the brigades are trained in air assault so there exists the potential to rapidly deploy combat forces to a planetary combat zone.  Security forces are present on most worlds maintain the rule of law.

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Re: [SF] Theban Empire
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Our partners the Drakes have also been busy the last while.  The Office of Strategic Intelligence has kept the SCN and Parliament updated with analysis of their activities.

They have expanded and updated their sole ship yard to the most modern standards of their current industrial base.  They have expanded their ship yard capacity as well and currently have 15 yards available, plus 4 mobile repair ships.  The High Council is strongly against permanent construction facilities outside of the home system as this would allow one Flight to build ships that the others would not be able to match.  Given the frequency of conflict in the Drake social structure this is perhaps more important than the strategic advantages a dispersed construction capacity gives.

The survey vessels of both survey fleets have been fully refit to the newest class of survey corvette incorporating the advanced survey instrument package.  As a corvette is too small to mount the capital survey sensor array and further increase in survey speed can only come by building more ships.  The two survey fleets are operating widely separated.  The first fleet is survey in the main section of the Drake space near Ceilas.  Building up the systems leading to Ceilas to allow them to support a survey effort had been very expensive and has taken quite some time.  The Drake tendency to industrialize fully all colonies has helped speed up this process.  Although originally viewed as a fore lone hope Ceilas was found to have 3 warp points, and each one led to a system with a life bearing planet.  One system is rated ideal for the Drakes, another has 3 nominally idea worlds which are of course sub optimal for the Drakes, while the last had but a single life bearing world.  This was an astounding bonanza of colonizable worlds at the end of a long chain of systems consisting only of hot and cold moons, planets lacking atmospheres that can support life, hell worlds, gas giants and ice worlds.   The second survey fleet has been operating out of Londonium and has surveyed two systems beyond it plus has completed the survey of Londonium proper.  Life sustaining worlds have been found in this region as well.

Intense amounts of internal colonization and industrialization have taken place in all their settled systems and their available tax income has increased steadily.  There has also been a steady flow of new colonists to the newly discovered worlds.  Freighter lift is a serious issue given the demands that their need to build self contained habitations on world Shanirian's would deem ideal.

Militarily their main focus has been defense of their homesystem Angband.  Given they are a trade cross roads and can have up to 4 different races trade fleets in this system at any one time security is not a trivial matter.  Beyond the modernizing of their fleet and space station a major effort in base construction has been undertaken.  Currently each warp point in Angband (excepting the one leading to the SN 984 system) has a trio of bases in orbit around it (2 Augcating and 1 Augfarthing).  Currently a further trio of bases is under construction in their yards.  They have also been pre-fabricating Augcating and comm station bases and have recently begun assembly of a pair of these bases in systems leading to the Thebans and the Cartel.  They have a reserve of 6 more Augcatings and are adding to that at a rate of 1 every 2 months.  They have several Analis II class cruisers under construction to give them a mothballed reserve in the future.

They currently lag behind the Confederation in terms of research but have completely developed all systems they feel are relevant.  It is likely that both their research and the Shanirian will reach completion at the same time.

Report Completed.

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Re: [SF] Theban Empire
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((Well the move is at last over, and most of the unpacking as well.  After filling up 6 IVAR bookshelve units (4 with 8, 2 with 7 shelves) I think that I will be getting a kindle touch when it shows up on this side of the Atlantic!  Probably will have to interupt this over Christmas as I will be away from my computer as well.))

Over the past few months the Confederation has taken a bit of a breather from expansion and has held back its Survey Fleets to survey bypassed systems near Tarentum and in one case to repair ships damage due to lack of supplies.  The main issue has been the sparseness of the frontier has rapidly degraded supply shipments from Shanir.  A system suitable for use as a supply depot has yet to be found near the frontier.  There are a few candidate systems that with a bit of investment would be suitable.  The new advanced survey ships are making survey operations go considerably faster but they require a much higher degree of support and supplies.  A large number of systems had only a preliminary probe made of them before the frontier advanced in the direction of habitable real estate so the pause has been useful in filling in the blanks.  There has been some discussions about forming a 4th survey fleet but it is unclear if that is necessary as the 3 in operation are advancing the frontier almost too fast.

Economic expansion is being driven by both colonising flotillas but also by an extensive investment in in-system colonization of moons and in select systems by the granting of Parliamentary subsidies to boost local industrial infrastructure.  The later is on a slowly growing budget and is currently at 750 MCr per month.  Additionally, subsidized freighters are being built and leased to the civilian shipping industry, the goal is to provide a 10% boost to the amount of lift available.  Travel times to the furthest colony are now just over 3 months so the additional ships are a worth while investment.

The latest breakthroughs in scientific research have led to advances in weapon and defensive technologies that will require a major upgrade of nearly all combat units.  The research team working on an improved and smaller version of the Energy Projector Cannon to produce a weapon suited for deployment on all classes of combat vessels has been held up by major issues with the power unit shielding and targeting beam optics but will hopefully soon be finished with the prototype tests to allow series industrial production.  For the last 5 months a "Battleship" prototype vessel has been under construction.  This ship will be the largest vessel that can fit comfortably through all the warp points in Confederation space.  Additionally, the support, deployment and control systems for the developed autonomous space denial weapons are finally into the research queue.  The delays in developing a number of ship board systems though means there is a huge number of ships that are awaiting deployment in Shanir itself as the Navy wishes to first upgrade all frontier bound vessels then work on the core fleet elements.

The Naval board has prioritized construction of vessels that will be going directly to reserve status for the last few months as it deals with the bottleneck created by the troubled development of the energy beam weapon.  The new capital missile armed battlecruisers and sprint missile armed cruisers for contested warp point assaults have been coming off the ways with a new ship being started when the previous vessel is half completed.  The general purpose battle cruiser class is also being built but slower as they are more dependent on the energy beam refit.

The reorganization of the Navy has been proceeding with the formation of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Fleets.  Each fleet is composed of 3 Task Forces, which are themselves split into 4 Task Groups.  Supporting this is the Fleet Train, Assault Fleet and Reserve Force.  The first Task Force is the primary combat force of the fleet while the other two Task Force are intended mainly to provide lighter forces for patrols.  Only the 1st Fleet is at anything near its nominal list strength, with the 3rd Fleet being nominally an administrative framework.  It is intended to maintain 1st Fleet with the heavier fleet elements while 2nd and 3rd Fleets get the lighter heavy combatants (CA class).  The expansion is also calling into question the numbers maintained in the Fleet Reserve, it is likely these will have be increased.

Significant effort has gone into the increase of available ship yard capacity.  Frontier fleet bases are coming off the yard lines at a rate of a new station every 6 months and on the same schedule has the Secondary yard gained 2 more shipyards.  Prime yard is now undergoing a major refit to replace its first two yards with machine shops, then to re-add the removed yards elsewhere in its sprawling structure.  Next a revised design for the Frontier Yards must be made to take into account advances in technology, and both Prime and Secondary Yards need to be updated.  The Navy wishes construction of new slips on Secondary Yard to be completed before updating its passive defences, active arrays and weapons.  For the most part the currently active frontier fleet bases are constructing bases for system defense and two additional mobile yards have just completed shakedown so that Mobile Construction groups can now build a more standard 3 base grouping.

At the moment frontier security is very low with the Survey Forces providing the bulk of it.  The Navy hopes to get ships out patrolling inside of 6 months (including refit and transit time).  The Fleet Support station for 3rd Fleet orbiting Walkirk has just been fabricated but it must be shipped and assembled in orbit.  A ground support facility will also be added to provide extra security.  The next two Fleet Support stations are likely to go to the systems Treveri and Nova Vox but the decision has not been completely finalized.

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Re: [SF] Theban Empire
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Reading these really makes me want to buy SF and learn to play it...wish i had a group around home to play it with.


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Re: [SF] Theban Empire
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[ooc]Thanks "five" it is good to know someone is enjoying these.  I miss getting together with the gang to fight battles on the weekends myself.  Alex and I are doing this by play by email and so far it is working out ok.  The game expands rapidly though.  I also spotted it had been a while since I updated...lots of things have gone on.  I will fix the attachment so the map is more easily visible tonight as well.[/ooc]

The Shanirian sphere of influence has grown significantly as can be seen in the map below.  Expansion of the frontier has occured along three warp lines, two that start in Tarentum and the last that begins in Selucia.  The expansion along the line Cyrene to Double Yoke had been held up mainly due to concerns about the aliens in the Medialarum and the system beyond, but the closed warp point has blocked them for the moment.  Additional issues were the difficulty in sustaining a supply line plus the accounting error that resulted in no spare parts shipments to the survey support vessel that should have had the supplies present.  This resulted in damaged ships, which were pulled by to Cyrene and met by the repair tenders.  Subsequent to this SF 1 has resumed operations.  The Fleet base for Walkirk has been completely pre-fabricated and will be shipped to the planet for assembly soon, this will give the region higher security.  This will be the area of responsibility given to the 3rd Fleet once it gains combat vessels.

Uploaded with

Hippo Regius and Gordion have been fully surveyed but no probes were made.  SF 2 and SF 3 have completed surveys of all star systems near to Tarentum but probes have to wait on the deployment of more war ships to secure the currently porus frontier regions.

Bagacum, Nova Vox, Paxis, and Corfu are nearing completion of their initial colonization efforts and give a solid basis for further growth in the region.  Nova Vox and Bagacum are selected for future fleet bases.  This region is part of the responsibilty of 2nd Fleet which has elements patroling near Tarentum.

Agrippina, Treverii, and Curia are the other branch coming out of Tarentum and due to the discovery of the aliens in the Stalingrad system are a higher priority for a fleet base to be built both at Agrippina and Treverii.  This area will be also in the 2nd Fleet area of responsibility.

The Naval  board has been dealing with the budget the last few years by refusing to update the older ships with new technology but instead building newer higher tech ships as needed.  This has resulted in a mix of tech levels in the active and reserve fleets.  Due to the large number of new technologies it has been decided that a full refit of the fleet is required.  This will take some time due to the delayed development of the new particle beam weapon system but is considered a critical defense requirement.  What isn't clear is what to do with the reserve ships, it may make sense to activate them, refit them and then build new ships directly to reserve status, but clearly this is going to be costly in the short term due to a substantial increase in maintence costs.  It would be faster than building the new ships that are required to flesh out the 2nd and 3rd fleets.


BB (PROTO) class BB     AM    20 XO Racks    100 Hull    TL 6
100 RCP  50 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  1817/ 272.6
HTK 87   Sx11  Aix20  Dx5  Rcx4  Tx1  Mgx2  
132x CM, 12x EDM (Mg)

This prototype vessel is the largest ever built and is also the largest ship that can enter any warp point in the Confederation.  It is intended to retain a division in active service with mothballing of the bulk of the ships in the class as they are built later.  This hull will also form the basis of a warp point assault ship class.  Bays are included for installation during refit of the new particle beam weapon system.

DRUSUS MOD 4 class CTR     (AC) AM    3 XO Racks    16 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0S0Aix3Hs(I)(I)Xr(I)QsDL(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  258/ 38.7
HTK 14   S0x2  Aix3  Dx1  Lx1  

The latested version of the fleets scout/courier.  The laser weapon was retained due to its cost effectiveness.

LANCEA MOD 4 class DDP     (AC) AM    6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 5
[2] SSAix7ZHs(BbS)(I)Qs(I)(I)(I)RaRaM2Mg(I)(I)QsDL(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  522/ 78.3
HTK 27   Sx2  Aix7  Dx1  Lx1  Rax2  Mgx1  
120x SM, 6x CM, 3x EDM (Mg)

The SCN's maid of all work class.  As with the Gladius this is a temporary interm class refit, the Mod 5 will be a major refit substantially increasing the classes defenses and fire power.  Unfortuantely the ship is too small to mount significant electronic systems or military grade sensor systems.  This requires it be operated with Drusus Scouts or else as screen vessels.

CASTORUM class DDS        4 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 5
[3] Sx3Aix7Hs(BbM)(Ic)(Ic)MgBiMg(Ic)MgBiMgDMgMgLhQD(Ic) [4]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  347/ 52.1
HTK 28   Sx3  Aix7  Dx2  Mgx6  
100x GM, 625x SM, 50x EDM (Mg)

The fleets standard collier class.  It will be refit to accept the newer shield generators later.  [ooc]I've no idea why the XO racks are only at 4...that will get fixed in the refit.[/ooc]

GLADIUS MOD 3 class CLP     AM    9 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 5
[2] Sx6Aix10ZH(BbS)(II)(I)Ra(II)Ra(I)RaM2Mg(II)DLhQDEpc(I) [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  729.5/ 109.4
HTK 38   Sx6  Aix10  Dx2  Epcx1  Rax3  Mgx1  
150x SM, 6x CM, 9x EDM (Mg)

An interm refit of the SCN's standard medium weight combat vessel.  Of the limited numbers of this class built all will be refit to the Mod 4 standard when the systems for it are in production.

OCTAVIUS MOD 2 class CLC     AM    9 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 5
[2] Sx5Aix10Z(CC)H(II)(I)(II)(I)QLhXr(BbM)D(CIC)DEpc(II)(I) [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  805.5/ 120.8
HTK 35   Sx5  Aix10  Dx2  Epcx1  

An interm refit to the command cruiser class while technology is developed.  Only one ship of this type was built but it and the two original Octavius class vessels will be refit to the Mod 3 standard.

SPATHA MOD 2 class CAP     AM    12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 5
[2] Sx6Aix12ZH(BbM)Q(II)Ra(II)RaRa(II)RaM2MgEpc(II)DQLhDEpc(II)(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  1009/ 151.4
HTK 46   Sx6  Aix12  Dx2  Epcx2  Rax4  Mgx1  
136x SM, 12x CM, 10x EDM (Mg)

This class along with the Gladius will form the bulk of the naval power in the frontier regions of 2nd and 3rd Fleet.  Both classes need to be updated with new technology but after that will take their place on the frontier.  This class along with the heavier Hasta will also serve as squardron and Task Group command vessels.  As no ships exist in this mod catagory it will be updated to incorporate significant increases in available electronics, new shield generators and the improved particle beam weapon and then all Spatha's will be refit to this new standard.

HASTA class BCP     AM    16 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 5
[3] Sx8Aix14ZH(III)RaQRa(II)RaQ(BbM)EpcD(III)RaMgM3!1EpcD(II)DXrLhQEpcD(III)(II) [6]
80 RCP  70 MCP       Trg:4  Tem -1        Cost =  1507/ 226.1
HTK 59   Sx8  Aix14  Dx4  Epcx3  Rax4  Mgx1  
140x SM, 10x CM, 10x EDM (Mg)

The Hasta is the heaviest warship currently in service with the SCN, with a division of them active with 1st fleet.  It is a powerful mid-range combat vessel intended to function as a squadron/Task Group command ship.

ARBALIST class BCG     AM    16 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 5
[3] Sx8Aix10ZH(III)Q(BbM)(II)RcDRc(III)RcMgM3!1RcDMg(II)RcMgDXrLhQEpcD(III)(II) [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:4  Tem -1        Cost =  1486/ 222.9
HTK 55   Sx8  Aix10  Dx4  Epcx1  Rcx5  Mgx3  
200x CM, 10x EDM (Mg)

This is an uncomprimising ship intended only for war.  As such all vessels are being built and then mothballed.  An updated Mod 1 version will be laid down when the energy beam is in serial production that will incorporate enhanced ECM systems.

Assault Class Combat Vessels

VELITE MOD 4 class FGA     (AC) AM    4 XO Racks    22 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0x4Aix9Hs(I)(I)(I)GGMgQsD(I)(I) [7]
22 RCP  3 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  300.6/ 45.1
HTK 24   S0x4  Aix9  Dx1  Gx2  Mgx1  
60x GM, 8x SM, 4x CM, 3x EDM (Mg)

The latest refit to the Velite class light assault ship.

HASTATI class CAA     AM    12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 5
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  996/ 149.4
HTK 53   Sx5  Aix16  Dx4  Gx5  Mgx1  
80x GM, 12x SM, 6x CM, 4x EDM (Mg)

This is an assault ship intended to operate against close in warp point defences and laser bouys.  It will be updated with the new shield technology soon.

Fortress Command

SLING MOD 3 class BS1        5 XO Racks    25 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0x11Aix10HsGx3QsGMg [-]
25 RCP       Trg:1        Cost =  282/ 14.1
HTK 28   S0x11  Aix10  Gx4  Mgx1  

The newest version of the confederations close in warp point defense base.

PILUM MOD 3 class BS2       10 XO Racks    50 Hull    TL 5
[1] Sx6Aix13ZHs(BbS)RaRaTRaRa(BbS)RaRaM2MgDLhQ(BbS)DEpc [-]
50 RCP       Trg:3        Cost =  702/ 35.1
HTK 38   Sx6  Aix13  Dx2  Epcx1  Rax6  Tx1  Mgx1  
140x SM, 12x CM, 10x EDM (Mg)

The consort to the Onager is also now a common sight at warp point defences.  Like the Onager the next mod 4 refit will enhance electronics and close in defences.

ONAGER MOD 3 class BS3       17 XO Racks    85 Hull    TL 5
[1] Sx10Aix20ZTH(BbM)QRaRaMgRaRaM1QRaRaDRaRaMgM2XrDEpcD(CIC)(BbM)DLhQEpc [-]
85 RCP  65 MCP       Trg:4        Cost =  1222/ 61.1
HTK 59   Sx10  Aix20  Dx4  Epcx2  Rax8  Tx1  Mgx2  
340x SM, 12x CM, 10x EDM (Mg)

As with warships the bases in Fortress command are also caught in the middle of a technological change oveer.  The Onager command bases are becoming more common and the mod 4 update will improve thier electronics and close in weapon systems significantly.

Home System Yards

PRIME YARD UPGRADE 3 class SS        78 XO Racks    1715 Hull    TL 5
1715 RCP  205 MCP       Trg:13  Tem -1        Cost =  12997.5/ 143.9
HTK 540   Sx100  Ax100  Dx8  Lx9  Rcx10  Rx24  Tfx1  Tx2  Mgx8  
200x GM, 500x SM, 300x CM, 28x EDM (Mg)

The first major update to Prime Yard in several years adds two machine shops plus updates the cargo handling systems.  A small battery of capital launchers is installed as well as additional defence arrays and a modest increase in electronic capacity.

SECONDRY YARD IR10 class SS        52 XO Racks    1206 Hull    TL 5
1206 RCP  294 MCP       Trg:10  Tem -1        Cost =  9414/ 104.3
HTK 348   Sx50  Ax60  Dx12  Lx5  Rcx7  Rx16  Tx2  Mgx6  
50x GM, 400x SM, 250x CM, 50x EDM (Mg)

Secondary yard's expansion is nearing completion with 10 out of 14 planned yards built.  It is very likely that it will take another 6 interm refits to complete the station.  After that a fairly major refit to update its passive defenses will be required.
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