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Precursor Return: The Years 2025 to 2035
« on: October 18, 2011, 08:17:23 AM »
January 1st, 2025
The drones had become quite sick of simply calling themselves drones, so they all thought about a new name to call themselves.    They decided on “The Restoration”.   With that sorted out, they activated their data recovery centre, and picked a topic that would  let them understand the rest of the archive - Trans-Newtonian Physics.   Sadly, it would take almost five years to recover this segment, most likely not aided by the fact that the project leader wasn’t specialized in that area.   In any case, this would allow them to build up their industry and population.   They also are working on rebuilding a destroyed missile defence base, and is estimated to be done in four years.   A leader is finally elected, his designation is MY-5-USM, and is a very skilled administrator, that is keen on mining, and also training new units.   He knows the capabilities of our factories, and thinks that he can make them about 5% more efficient. 

November 6, 2026
It is hard to imagine that it has already been almost two years since the initial confusion.   Now, The Restoration has settled into life, the factory has made an additional two million citizens, and the recovery team working on Trans-Newtonian Physics has met no delays.   We have also started an officer program, and currently There are thirty three graduates. 

August 26, 2029
The data recovery facility has almost made a breakthrough, in the next few months, we will have access to the secrets of Trans Newtonian Physics that we have tried to access for almost five years.   In other news, the missile base is finished, however, we will need to construct ordinance factories to produce missiles to arm it.   The design, found in one of the abandoned buildings when we were scouting them,  contained the blueprints of a missile launcher and missile, as well as a magazine that could hold 10 of such missiles.   These were quickly drafted into a underground base, and build now. 

January 6, 2030
Finally, Trans-Newtonian Physics eludes us no more.   Trans-Newtonian physics, is the next frontier.   It goes off of the basis that there are eleven Trans-Newtonian materials, that do not obey Newtonian physics.    Materials that can make space act like a liquid to propulsion techniques, for example.   These metals are located near the core of many planets, moons, and even asteroids.   It is also known that they are found in large quantities on comets, although this is not a reliable source of  these minerals, as we have to catch up to, and then land mines on them to gather resources.   Along with this data, blueprints of buildings required for any Trans-Newtonian empire to function.   Work will begin immediately on upgrading the factories, and making mines, as well as ordinance factories to arm the missile base.   Building up our industry must  become a priority before everything else; six and a half million of fifteen million drones do not have any meaningful jobs, and building new construction factories will take a very long time.   We have now allocated our data recovery facility to a new task; a reactor to power our cities, bases, and eventually, ships.   This will take another five years to complete. 

June 7th, 2033
Five of our conventional industry have been upgraded to construction factories.   These factories allow the same amount of workers to produce ten times the amount that they could at conventional factories.   After the last five are finished, we shall divert our capacity to building mines to acquire trans-Newtonian metals, many of which we are in short supply of. 

January 1st, 2035
The past ten years have passed amazingly fast.   What we achieved in ten years, might have taken tens of thousands of years for other species.   This was of course, due to the advanced precursor base.   Also, on this day, we have finished recovery of pressurized water reactor technology from the archive.   These reactors operate by a nuclear detonation heating water, that transfers it’s heat to power a steam generator, that spins a turbine.   This technology will allow more power, and less drones required to operate our reactors.   Data recovery teams are now trying to recover information on a new type of hull plating, and is expected to take around two to three years to complete. 

New Stats:
Population: 23.  25 million
Conventional Industry: 13
Construction Factories: 7   
Recovery Facilities: 1
Manufacturing Sector:
Shipyard workers: 1.  1m
Construction Workers: 1m
Researchers: 1m
Available Workers: 9.  91m
1 Missile Base

Editors Note:
The first couple years are always a little bit boring, but there is more going on later on in the scenario. 
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