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Terran Empire - Part Five (July 18 2042-January 5-2044)
« on: November 05, 2011, 11:46:40 AM »
August 3rd 2042:  Earth's first resouce crisis.  Due to an oversight by the Naval Survey department and Logistics department there is not enough Tritanium for current industrial programs.  The construction of the Nelsons is to blame.  Two officers are sacked.  One of which, Milton Acquaviva, used to be an avid Militarist supporter.  Many believe he deliberately fudged some numbers to proceed with the construction.

August 8th 2042:  TES Discovery heads for home to refuel.  The Kupier objects are far apart, and require a                  lot of time to reach, but only a few are left unsurveyed.  Some question the need to continue these trips.

August 12th 2042:  Opposition begins to form against the Militarists.  Dubbed the Explorers, this faction is made up of old die-hard Geologists as well as those that would prefer not to militarize space.  They gain support because of recent Militarist incompetence, but their inherent ideology is seen as unrealistic, and thus they seem destined to always be the lesser of the two factions.

August 24th 2042:  NA01 is completed in Toronto.  Along with its sensors Earth's civilian tracking array                   is upgraded.

September 19th 2042: NA02 Comes online in Sydney.

September 24th 2042: Construction of NA03 is forced to a halt because of the ongoing shortage.

October 4th 2042:  Maintenance schedule of the orbiting Leif Ericson disrupted by shortage.

October 10th 2042:  A gravitational anonmoly burns out one of the sensors on the TES Yuri Gagarin.  While                    the problem is fixed, the ship was about due to return for an overhaul anyway.  The ship sets course for Earth after finishing it's current sensor sweep.

October 20th 2042:  As it's leaving the area, TES Yuri Gagarin detects a new jump point.  Half way between Saturn and Uranus at nearly 180 degrees from the previous find.

November 5th 2042:  NA03 finally completed in Santiago.  Furth fueling controvery the Militarist who was blamed for starting the resource crisis is assigned as the commander.  While he keeps his spot, his career advancement is promptly ruined because many now believe he struck a deal with Admiral Candia to get a "field command".

November 29th 2042:  Imperial Shipworks is finally ready to begin construction of the Outreach class.  Two are ordered, the TES Henry Hudson and the TES Zheng He.  Both are set to be finished May 6th 2044. Fortunately, they will not be slowed by the shortage.

December 4th 2042:  After reviewing survey records, the new overseer of the logistics department reports a Neutronium shortage also.

December 9th 2042:  In a bifactional report, it is recomended to Emperor Patrick that the only viable site that would provide the needed resouces is Titan, a very hard prospect with current technology.

January 2nd 2043:  NA04 finally completed in Kazan, Russia, two months behind schedule.  The economy begins to recover somewhat.

January 5th 2043:  Elections result in a still strong Militarist mandate.  However, many look to join the Explorers out of simple opposition.


Council:      2 Explorers -       2 Militarists - 2 Apolitical
Senate: 1075  Explorers - 1175 Militarists  - 3 Apolitical (Mil +100 adv)

January 11th 2043:  With the entire "fleet" home, officer reassignments happen again.  Militarists once more work key supporters into high positions.  Control of the fleet is one advantage that they will most likely always have, except in cases where a rival noble takes direct control.

February 16th 2043:  First infantry division using TN tech trained.

February 21st 2043:  Preliminary designs for the missiles crusiers complete.  Experts forsee a missile shortage from the construction of only four such vessles after one engagement.  Unfortunately, Tritanium is key in missile production.

May 22nd 2043:  Captain Gene Moree, who'd taken over for Duke Brule after the Yuri Gagarin returned to port dies after a section depressurizes during overhaul, once again calling into question Imperial safety standards.

June 2nd 2043:  Final design for the Toronto Class Missile Crusier is revealed.  It is designed to operate in conjuncture with an as of yet designed sensor ship.  Also of note is it's inability to operate with the existing jump ships under construction.

Code: [Select]
Toronto class Missile Cruiser    6,000 tons     589 Crew     582 BP      TCS 120  TH 175  EM 0
1458 km/s     Armour 2-29     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 3     PPV 30
Maint Life 5.02 Years     MSP 182    AFR 96%    IFR 1.3%    1YR 12    5YR 180    Max Repair 24 MSP
Magazine 510   

Raye Thermal Engine Mark I (7)    Power 25    Fuel Use 100%    Signature 25    Armour 0    Exp 5%
Fuel Capacity 100,000 Litres    Range 30.0 billion km   (238 days at full power)

AM Launcher Mark I (5)    Missile Size 2    Rate of Fire 30
AS Launcher Mark I (5)    Missile Size 4    Rate of Fire 60
Omni Missile Control (1)     Range 39.4m km    Resolution 120
M-AS-01A (70)  Speed: 9,400 km/s   End: 80m    Range: 45.1m km   WH: 3    Size: 4    TH: 31 / 18 / 9
M-AM-01A (115)  Speed: 12,500 km/s   End: 60m    Range: 45m km   WH: 1    Size: 2    TH: 41 / 25 / 12

June 12th 2043:  TES Yuri Gagarin ready again and heads out to continue its survey.

August 29th 2043:  New Jump point found just inside of Uranus orbit, close to the last discovery.

October 29th 2043:  A scientist and militarist supporter Theodore Knaebel releases a report on shipyard  operations following Captain Moree's death.  Not only do safety standards improve, but so does efficency.  It is estimated that his proposed changes will shave three months off the construction time of the two jump scouts, as their most immediate benefit.  This allows the naval plan to be accelerated by upwards of two years.  He is awarded the title Duke of Ohio for his efforts.

Jaunary 5th 2044:  The 2044 elections see the factions normalize support levels.


Council:      2 Explorers -       3 Militarists - 2 Apolitical
Senate: 1122  Explorers - 1140 Militarists  - 5 Apolitical (Mil +18 adv)



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