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Terran Empire - Part Forteen (January 6 2055-December 3 2056)
« on: January 16, 2012, 11:33:55 AM »
A/N:  This chapter bookends quite nicely...

January 15th 2055:  The new command ships probe the black hole jump point, discovering that it is, in fact, a black hole.  This definitely could have destroyed the first probe attempt.  However, there's another worrying development.  A stable wormhole is detected near the event horizon.  In the future a quicker survey vessel will be designed, as it will be of great use not just here.

January 19th 2055:  Stockpiles of all Generation 2 missiles reach acceptable levels on Earth.

March 29th 2055:  Earth's minerals start to to run out regularly, with most supplies nearly exhausted to the point that extraction is becoming less and less effective.  In the near future the Navy plans to set up more mining outposts in Ross 248 that will send resources via mass driver to Raye for centralized storage.

April 30th 2055:  On this day, the last of Earth's conventional industry is upgraded to being Trans-Newtonian compatible.

June 9th 2055:  The Duke of Ohio, scientist Theodore Knaebel, officially announces that he is switching allegiance to the Industrialists faction.  For some time now he's been working on expanding production methods, which is his academic specialty, rather then the ad hoc military projects he'd been tasked with at first.

July 14th 2055:  Captain Andrea Marchbanks, a very distinguished naval officer, and current public face of the Navy, is diagnosed with cancer.  While doctors expect they can manage the problem, his career will probably be cut short.  Besides being a long standing member of the general staff, his notable achievements include being the first human to land on an extra-solar planet.

August 27th 2055:  The two command scouts will now move to probe Gliese 884, the site of another disappearance.

September 24th 2055:  Upon jumping to Gliese 844 they detect the wreck of the survey ship.  With the fate  now confirmed, they return to Earth in preparation for a larger expedition.

December 28th 2055:  Captain Dianne Restrepo, commander of the freighter TECS Djinn, is killed when jumping back into the cargo hold of her ship after unloading mines on Mars.  The lower gravity caused her to misjudge and smack her head against a sharp outcropping.

Jaunary 5th 2056:  In the 2056 elections the colonies have been granted full representation by executive order, following the recommendations of the Emperor's staff.  The new districts are overwhelmingly industrialist, though.  Captain Eva Bristol is made nobility for aranging it, much like Duke Degrande was previously when he held her position. She is awarded England, as it's no longer in use.  Despite earning the ire of Duchess Ruz, she's well liked and non-partisan.  In addition, the decreased tensions see a drop in Militarist support.

Council:        3 Militarists -       3 Industrialists -  3 Apolitical
Senate:   1329 Militarists  - 1396 Industrialists -  8 Apolitical (Industrialist +67)

March 13th 2056:  The new fleet has reached a state where fleet training exercises can be conducted again.

April 11th 2056:  Lax safety standards on the civilian colony on Titina provide for the downfall of the senior Imperial administrator there during expansion.  The leading civilian figures of NSL get a nasty letter from the Emperor along with the next appointed administrators.

April 16th 2056:  Two more Argentina class ships completed.  While the first two had been taking quite a few risks, the fleet now has backup command ships, and thus such missions are now slightly less tense.

May 28th 2056:  Sivic Freight Corperation Founded.

July 4th 2056:  The Empress is diagnosed with a strange form of early onset arthritis.  In the far future this may affect her willingness to maintain her current level of public involvement.

August 11th 2056:  Sorium is depleted on Earth.  There's a vast fuel reserve in addition to the stockpiled mineral, but a new source will need to be looked into soon.

Novemeber 24th 2056:  The first two Oregon class ships completed, providing the fleet with some offensive power, however slight.

December 3rd 2056:  A sudden contact winks in at the black hole jump point.  It has a huge thermal signature.  All ships are recalled to Earth immediately for defense.  Civilian ships are ordered to maintain radio silence.  Communications are hastily attempted, but have no luck...


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