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Windows 7 installation guide
« on: April 08, 2012, 11:16:12 AM »
(Reposted from the installation forum as requested and edited for clarity)

1) Download the AuroraInstall554. zip and the Aurora560. zip from the installation thread (duh).

2) Unpack AuroraInstall554. zip and run Setup. exe.
- You may have the first problem here: I had an error "cannot AutoRedrawImage" or something like this and setup crashed.   If this is the case, follow with the next steps, if not skip to 3:
- This error is caused by the lack of some Visual Basic dll's.
- Therefore, you need to install Microsoft's Visual Studio, latest version - it's free and easy to find by googling it.
- Download the installation file, execute it with the basic options, wait (it's a sizeable download again, about 140 MB)
- You may run into another error regarding VC 9. 0 x86.  It's common enough and a Visual Studio setup bug.
- Look for VC 9. 0 x86 redist on google, download it.
- Run it and either install it from scratch or repair installation.
- Repeat installation of Visual Studio, be warned you'll have to reboot your machine.
- When reboot has completed, try again running Aurora's setup. exe.

3) When choosing a location, DO NOT USE THE PROGRAM FILES PATH.   Windows 7 does not take kindly to system folders being tampered with.   Instead, install to C:\aurora or C:\Games\Aurora.

4) Unpack the AuroraUpdate554. zip patch you got in the AuroraInstall554. zip into your Aurora directory (i. e.  C:\Games\Aurora).   You should have this structure:

. . .
aurora. exe
. . .

5) Unpack your Aurora560. zip into your Aurora directory and overwrite both Aurora. exe and Stevefire. mdb.
- For good measure, install Simple Shutdown Timer ( hxxp: www. pcwintech. com/simple-shutdown-timer) , to get another needed dll.   It may not be necessary, however, I can't say for certain said dll is not installed by Visual Studio.   (You can uninstall it immediately, however)

6) Run Aurora. exe, generate a new galaxy, hit F3 for the System View and immediately skip 5 days.
- You may get an error about syntax: if that's the case, shut down Aurora, head to the Control Panel and change your country settings to English (US).
- you may also want to "Run as Administrator" by right clicking on aurora.  exe.
- Important: do not "select" New Game Name or The Space Race, as in those cases half of the windows are completely off-screen and unusable.   Generate a new galaxy from scratch.

7) Play!

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Re: Windows 7 installation guide
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2012, 04:47:39 PM »
I didn't want to let the installer install anything into the system folder, so I did this instead:

I extracted the AuroraInstall554. zip file, then Aurora. cab, copied the contents of that to a folder where I wanted Aurora to reside, extracted AuroraUpdate554. zip into that folder, and then Aurora560. zip, opened cmd as administrator, navigated to that folder, and ran the command:
for %f in (*. ocx) do regsvr32 %f

I was missing msstdfmt. dll, so I downloaded that from dll-files (the first google result, the second was the Bay 12 games thread about Aurora, with a post linking to it as a solution for the problem), and also had to use regsvr32 on it.  (I put it in the aurora folder as well. )

Of course I have no idea what would happen if I were to move the folder, but that's not something you normally can do with an installed program anyways.


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