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State of the Federation - 2236
« on: June 04, 2012, 02:57:02 PM »
As the year 2235 come to a close, it is the right of every citizen to know how their fair Federation stands. The Federation, formally known as the Terran Federation, is organized into one sector currently. The Core Sector contains all of the colonies and most of the known systems we have explored. The current administrator of the Core Sector is Governor Floyd Branham. Governor Branham has held his post since 2206 when the sector was first organized. The capital of the Federation and Core Sector is Earth. Other colonies in the Core Sector are Mars and Haven, the automated mining colonies of Venus, Titan, Gliese 832 A-VIII Moon, and Delman's Landing in Groombridge 1618. Additionally Mercurcy is home to a civilian mining operation. Planned colonies include Sheol (Gleise 832), Artica (Gliese 1), and Gehenna (Luyten 143-23).

Data stream injection...
Earth - Sol III
Population 1508.3m
Governor Dwayne Zinser

Mars - Sol IV
Population 83.06m
Governor Christine Dusch
Precursor ruins TL 1

Haven - Gliese 832 A-VI
Population 3.1m
Governor Randal Ledgerwood
Precursor ruins TL 3 - depleted

Venus - Sol II
Population 0
Governor Cecil Castronovo

Titan - Sol VI Moon
Population 0
Governor Antonio Retzer

Gliese 832 A-VIII Moon
Population 0
Governor Ira Mainolfi

Delman's Landing
Population 0
Governor Lemuel Eagleson
Precursor ruins TL 1

Sheol - Gliese 832 A-V
Population 0
Governor Marquis Tomasino

Artica - Gliese 1 A-II
Population 0
Governor Barry Harteau

Gehenna - Luyten 143-23 A-II
Population 0
Governor Harriet Templeman

...end data stream injection.

On the industrial side, Earth continues to convert mining facilities into automated facilities along with expanding research capabilities and construction factories. Planned projects include an increase in maintenance supplies, a new naval yard slated for battlecruise construction, maintenance facilities to support battlecruisers and an increase in ordnance factories. Mars continues to increase research capabilities and add ordnance factories. With over 400 ruins to search yet, planned construction is held to a minimum. Haven is working to add to infrastructure and construction factories.

The only shipyards available to the Federation are at Earth. The naval yards consist of 2 frigate class yards tooled for exploration ships, four destroyer yards tooled for Forrest IV, Guderian IV, Eagle III and Comet III, four cruiser yards tooled for King Louis III, Santisima Trinidad III, Kongo II and Greece III, and one battlecruiser yard working up to sufficient tonnage. Earth also has four commercial yards, tooled for Queensland II, Ark II, Mule II and one working up to support Napoleon II.

Research on Earth consists of Karol Shumard looking into increased jump drive efficiency, Manuel Edelen looking into engine thermal signature reduction, Mason Randleman looking into better cargo handling systems, Antone Mosman looking into planetary sensor strength, Dorene Prueter looking into shipborne terraforming modules, and Dee McNees looking into increased missile agility. Research on Mars has Gina Bonavita looking into asteroid mining modules.

Terraforming efforts on Mars have increased the nitrogen content of the atmosphere to .2538atm. Haven's terraforming initiatives have increased nitrogen content to .5829atm.

The Federation Ground Forces consists of 5 division HQs based on Earth. The 1st Division consists of the 30th Heavy Brigade in PDC Scimitar 1, 31st Heavy Brigade on Mars, 32nd Infantry Brigade in PDC Scimitar 2, and the 34th Engineer Brigade on Mars. The 2nd Division consists of the 33rd Light Brigade, 35th Marine Brigade, 36th Marine Brigade all on Earth, and the 45th Engineer Brigade on Delman's Landing. The 3rd Division consists of the 37th Heavy Infantry Brigade on Haven, the 38th Light Infantry Brigade on Earth, and the 39th and 40th Light Infantry Brigades on Haven. The 4th Division consists of the 41st Light Infantry Brigade on Haven, the 42nd Light Infantry Brigade on Delman's Landing, the 43rd Engineer Brigade on Earth and the 44th Engineer Brigade on Haven. The 5th Division currently has no units attached. The Federation also has the 1001st and 1002nd Reserves.

On the space side of things, the Federation has three main Headquarters, the Logistics Corps consisting of the Bureau of Colonization, Cargo Services, Construction Corps and the Reclamation Corps. The Survey Corps consists of the Geo Survey Branch and the Grav Survey Branch. The Terran Fleet HQ has the 1st Fleet, Bureau of Personnel and Ground Command.

BuCol has the 1001st Colony Squadron with 5 Ark II. Cargo Services has the 1002nd Cargo Squadron with 5 Mule II and the 1003rd Heavy Lift Squadron with 5 Napoleon. The Construction Corps has the 1004th Construction Squadron with 2 Queensland II. The Reclamation Service runs the 1005th Salvager Squadron with 1 Cobra.

The Geo Survey Branch runs the 1006th Geo Survey Squadron with 5 Geode IVs (Amber, Amethyst, Diamond, Emerald, and Garnet) and the 1007th Geo Survey Squadron with 5 Geode IVs (Iridium, Iron, Jade, Mithril, and Obsidian). The Grav Survey Branch has the 1008th Grav Survey Squadron with 5 Stellar IIIs (Aldebaran, Alpha Centauri, Alpha Crucis, Alpha Fornacis, and Alpha Hydri) and the 1009th Grav Survey Squadron with 5 Stellar IIIs (Alpha Mensae, Altair, Antares, Arcturus and Barnard's Star).

The 1st Fleet has the 101st Cruiser Squadron with 4 Santisima Trinidad IIIs (Buenos Aires, Formosa, Oran, La Plata - refitting), 3 King Louis IIIs (Commerce de Marseilles, Imperial, and Majesteau), 2 Greece IIIs (Abyssinia and Afghanistan), 1 Kongo II, and 1 Eagle III (Blackbird). 4 more Santisima Trinidad IIIs are scheduled to be added to the 101st. The 101st also has the subordinate formations of the 201st, 202nd, and 203rd Destroyer Squadrons. The 201st has 1 Guderian IV (Alexander Abt), 2 Forrest IVs (Claude Adams and Clyde Abraham), 1 Eagle III (Albatross), and 4 Comet IIIs (Biela, Brooks, Daniel, and Howell). The 202nd has the same basic makeup with the Erich Abberger (Guderian IV), George Acheson and Oscar Abbot (Forrest IV), Bat (Eagle III), Brorson, Faye, Whipple, and Wolf (Comet III). The Whipple and Wolf are under refit. The 203rd consists of the Erich Abraham (Guderian IV), Clayton Adams and Emory Adams (Forrest IV), Blue Jay (Eagle III), d'Arrest, Encke, Halley and Pons-Winnecke (Comet III).

BuPers runs the 102nd Troop Transport Squadron with 5 Wolfhound IIs. Ground Command consists of Earth PDC Control (2x Scimitar PDC) and Mars PDC Control (2x Scimitar PDC).

The Federation has 33 known systems with 26 surveyed. Sirius and 36 Ophiuchi have known Precursor units and are currently interdicted. The 201st DESRON has been dispatched to Sirius, and should arrive shortly after the New Year.

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