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Encounter at Lalande 21185
« on: September 27, 2012, 11:43:56 AM »

Soviet Union. December, 2073.

The Scout Ship Anadyr along with sister ship Astrakhan of the 1st Reconnaissance Division of Battlegroup Rodinus carrying out recon mission on the behald of the Red Navy High Command, makes a radar contact. Quick scan and checks confirms these contacts to be starships, varying in tonnages from 7,700 tons to 15,350 tons. Soviet Union has never fielded ships of such tonnages, with the closest possibility being the Kara class scout ships. Which weights 7,500 tons.

Kapitan pervogo ranga (Captain First Rank), Volody Romanov of the scout ship Anadyr contacts sister ship Astrakhan operating in the same system and asks Captain of the ship, Yurik Tkachyov, to relay his coordinates. It is confirmed that Astrakhan is on the other side of the system. Volody then orders the communications officer to send a message to Red Navy High Command on Earth about these contacts. To confirm that they are not just civilian ships having problems with the transponders.

Within 10 minutes, the two ships of the 1st Reconnaissance Division receives a message straight from Kremlin to immediately shut down their radars and to start manouvering away from the unknown fleet and away from the Alpha Centauri jump-point.

Meanwhile on Earth, the Soviet government holds an emergency meeting. Initial shock quickly passes about the information of detecting vessels of another civilization as everyone started arguing on what to do next. The warhawks of the Military want pre-emptive strike, while the politicians are divided between immediately withdrawing from the system, never attempting to contact them and wanting to establish communication for obvious reasons.

Eventually, it was decided to try and establish communications with these aliens, while the navy mobilized just in case.

Back on Lalande. Both scouts Anadyr and Astrakhan are approaching the outer perimeter of the system, when they receive a message from Kremlin to activate radar, make contact with the alien ships and try to establish communications with them.

Initial scans show no sign of the ships.
Both ships continue towards the inner perimeter of the system.

Several hours later, Anadyr detects new contacts on her radar. Two 15,100-15,150 ton contacts on the planet A-III. They are classified as Zeta and Delta. At these ranges it can't be confirmed if these contacts are ships or orbital platforms.

The Captain orders to halt the ship and open communications to Earth's diplomatic team and to the alien vessels, working as a communications relay point.

However, after over a day of sending messages on every possible frequency and coding to the alien vessels, there hasn't been even the slightest hint of responce, the diplomatic corps on Earth were growing with concern that these aliens might operate on entirely untought method of communication, or even worse, they might not responce on purpose.

Whatever the reason was, a fleet appeared on the radar speeding right towards Anadyr. Attempts at establishing communications with them produced no responce.

At this point the Military took command, ordering Anadyr to retreat out of the system while Astrakhan shuts off her active radar and remain in the system to provide eyes and ears on the system for the Bureau of Intelligence, SVR.

While the Red Navy High Command mobilizes Battlegroup Rodinus for action. At Lalande attempts at establishing communication with the aliens continued. However the alien ships have not responded in any way since the first contact, only visible indication of them even noticing humanity was chasing whatever Soviet ships they detected. The top observed speed of the alien ships being 5844 kilometers a second, indicating their civilization's engine technology being relatively on the same level.

Anadyr was slowly gaining distance from the fleet, going maximum speed of 8666 kilometers per second. Already being 162.5 million kilometers away from the alien fleet.

Analysis done by Intelligence services of SVR tells that the aliens may perhaps be simply too... alien for humanity to ever be able to communicate with them. Or if they are organic aliens at all, for all their attempts at trying to establish communication with them have resulted with the alien fleet locating the source of transmission and immediately start pursuing the soviet vessel. It could very well be possible that these may be simply automated units.

Based on this information, the alien vessels are declared hostile

Bogdashha Zhdanov, 59 year old dogmatic and inflexible Admiral, commander of the Battlegroup Rodinus sends out two Battle Divisions, named Battle Division "Leningrad" and "Kursk", while retaining the two other Battle Divisions "Sevastapol" and "Stalingrad" on reserve. No-one but the Captains of the ships taking part into this military operation know the true reason for it. For everyone else this is a military excercise.

This secret military operation will be known as Operation "Midnight Storm"
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Re: Encounter at Lalande 21185
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2012, 03:09:58 AM »
Nice, my survey ships are usually much slower and get caught off guard with pants down while surveying a planet. ;D
I look forward for another set of screens from the !battle! of Lalande 21185 and the triumph of the soviet party in the cosmos.  :)
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Re: Encounter at Lalande 21185
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Well my thumb of rule for survey ships is to have two classes of them, civilian class geosurvey ship, and military Gravitational survey ship with Active Radar, TH and EM sensors latched on them because Gravitational sensors already classify the ship as military vessel, so why not go the full way with it? Doubles as a good reconnaissance vessel for combat fleets. I also design them to be atleast 5000+ km/s fast should anything suspicious come their way. I also RP it a little along with theme of the human race a bit and I expect the Soviets being rather precautionary when it comes to mapping the systems around Sol.

I am currently writing up the Battle, but irl reasons may delay it to Monday, busy weekend.


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