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New Venus AAR
« on: January 18, 2013, 12:58:18 PM »
The Venusians always were the most warlike of the Children of Sol, and with their sole dominance over the ruins on Mercury it is perhaps unsurprising that they were at the forefront of military technology before the last incursion. However when the Invaders came that counted for nothing, though their ships could almost match them in speed, the weapons and defenses of the aggressors were far beyond Venus's capabilities, and so their military, like the others, fell in an astonishingly short time.

But like the other Children, Venus had an ace in the hole a mere one jump away from Sol: New Venus. This colony was small enough that its emissions would not be seen by a casual scan and so as the fleet stood and died, cargo ships moved needed infrastructure to the new planet, there to lie in storage until it was deemed safe to activate and begin rebuilding, the ships themselves where then scrapped, as the Invaders could hardly miss TN engine signatures.

Then the plan went astray, Milkhogast, the leader of Venus who guided them to the stars, refused to leave Venus before others, and died when the line broke and the final colony ships were nuked on their landing pads. Without a strong leader, the Venusians reverted to their usual method of duels, infighting, and outright civil war to gain a new leader, during these year much of the advanced technology brought from Sol was destroyed or re purposed, and many records of the evacuation and even star charts were lost, and once the original generations of colonists died out, none lived who even new what was lost.

And so Sol fell almost into legend, once the fighting died down and New Venus was united again, life proceeded more or less peacefully as scientists rediscovered their lost technology the hard way, and society fell into a slightly different model than before, this could have gone on for millenia, with incremental changes and advancement bringing the Dragon back to the stars, however one day ancient, forgotten deep space tracking stations awoke, reporting the distinctive signs of Trans-Newtonian elements being used nearby, relatively speaking. These stations also contained records of the wars that brought down the old empires, and the desperate plans they formed to meet the next incursion. The alerts from these stations were impossible to ignore, and spurred industry and research to new levels, within a few years the Venusians had returned to space and were on the verge of retaking the stars.

Perhaps this time they would manage to keep them.


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