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Shattered Sol - Chapter 1
« on: February 04, 2013, 11:48:48 AM »
Earth, 12th March 2109.
Geneve, United Nations Grand Council

The President of The United Nations called for a meeting of the Grand Council. In his speech he called for a new age of cooperation and for better policies regulating the relationship between the factions.

„As you know, the old age of superpowers is not over. The traditional ones back in the day vanished, but in their wake came other powers who don't care for anything else than money and power. We as in the past have the same role. To regulate these new powers, with our negotiation, diplomacy, and sometimes with weapons. The Great Depression is over and if we are to fulfill our role, we have to be strong, we need to invest more resources to accomplish this goal. The United Nations is not a peacekeeping organization as before. We are responsible for the fate of the entire Human race!“

The Council unanimously accepted the W1/2109 bill which will divert more resources to the research and naval department. The construction of a new Spectre class destroyer was resumed.

In the same day the ISS Buzz Aldrin reported large deposits of TN minerals under the surface of Venus and the ISS Neil Armstrong reported same good news from the orbit of the Moon.

Venus mineral report:

Duranium: 3,875,107 x 1
Tritanium: 7,035,930 x 0.1
Mercassium: 1,937,256 x 0.2
Uridium: 16,238,155 x 0.1
Corundium: 8,238,286 x 0.9
Gallicite: 38,768,890 x 0.1

Luna mineral report:
Tritanium: 507,168 x 0.7

The ISA claimed Venus and Luna right away and the four Icarus class cargo ships began to move automated mining installations from Earth to Venus. ((Ships: ISS Icarus, ISS Antigone, ISS Dionysius, ISS Orpheus, ISS Ovidius(under construction), ISS Hermes(uc))

Code: [Select]
Icarus class Freighter    35,200 tons     105 Crew     326.4 BP      TCS 704  TH 350  EM 0
497 km/s     Armour 1-95     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
MSP 6    Max Repair 10 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 3 months    Spare Berths 2    
Cargo 25000    Cargo Handling Multiplier 10    

Mercury Marine C-50T (7)    Power 50    Fuel Use 6.07%    Signature 50    Exp 4%
Fuel Capacity 200,000 Litres    Range 16.8 billion km   (392 days at full power)

This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes

New Tokyo, 20th March 2109

Things in Gensei Syndicate space around Saturn went well too. The Gensei survey ships began to survey the moons of the gas giant. So far two mineral rich moons were discovered, Hyperion and Iapetus.

Hyperion report:
Corbomite: 3,969 x 1
Boronide: 29,860 x 0.9
Gallicite: 25,091 x 0.9

Iapetus report:
Duranium: 96,976 x 0.9

The Kamotsu Maru class freighters began loading automated mines on Mars. ((Ships: Kamotsu Maru, America Maru, Kaifuku Maru, Yamagibu Maru, Sidney Maru(uc), Hong Kong Maru(uc))

Code: [Select]
Kamotsu Maru class Cargo Ship    33,800 tons     95 Crew     320.8 BP      TCS 676  TH 300  EM 0
443 km/s     Armour 1-93     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
MSP 6    Max Repair 10 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 3 months    Spare Berths 2    
Cargo 25000    Cargo Handling Multiplier 10    

Gihon SEK-50 Komasharu  (6)    Power 50    Fuel Use 6.07%    Signature 50    Exp 4%
Fuel Capacity 250,000 Litres    Range 21.9 billion km   (572 days at full power)

The Management Board of the Gensei Syndicate also reminded the CEO, Tanenaka Reiko, that the defences of New Tokyo are poor. When the fleet is away on training the station is undefended. This fact was well known to her. She presented the Board an idea of the defence.

„Yes, I know that the defences of New Tokyo are unsatisfactory. The best way to ensure the stations safety in short term is to plant mines around it. I gave the order to develop a new platform to perform this task, because the mines are incompatible with our Rancha-8 launchers on the Kasuga. No other sort of defence is viable at this time. The ship will be equipped with long range missiles and mines, so it will be a multipurpose platform that can support our main combat ships.“

One of the Boards member, Ebisawa Tsunekage showed concern about the idea.
„Reiko-san, aren't those devices too dangerous to be employed so close to New Tokyo?“

„No Ebisawa-san, they will be placed too far to be dangerous for the station.“

The Board was content with the development of the situation.

Code: [Select]
Tsugaru class Minelayer    5,500 tons     188 Crew     645.04 BP      TCS 110  TH 48  EM 0
872 km/s     Armour 3-27     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 2     PPV 40
Maint Life 2.06 Years     MSP 147    AFR 121%    IFR 1.7%    1YR 46    5YR 695    Max Repair 84 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 12 months    Spare Berths 2    
Magazine 195    

Gihon SEK-48 Kaigun No (2)    Power 48    Fuel Use 40.3%    Signature 24    Exp 8%
Fuel Capacity 200,000 Litres    Range 16.2 billion km   (215 days at full power)

Rancha-10 Missile System (4)    Missile Size 10    Rate of Fire 150
Megumi TA-53 Missile Launch Control (1)     Range 53.1m km    Resolution 80

Shoko PDR-52 Pulse Radar (1)     GPS 9240     Range 52.9m km    Resolution 110

ECM 10

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes

Code: [Select]
KFK-10 Kozan
Missile Size: 10 MSP  (0.5 HS)     Warhead: 0    Armour: 0     Manoeuvre Rating: 11
Speed: 0 km/s    Engine Endurance: 0 minutes   Range: 0.0m km
Thermal Sensor Strength: 0.15    Detect Sig Strength 1000:  150,000 km
Cost Per Missile: 4.1438
Second Stage: KS-3S Hosho x3
Second Stage Separation Range: 150,000 km
Overall Endurance: 1 minutes   Overall Range: 0.3m km
Chance to Hit: 1k km/s 0%   3k km/s 0%   5k km/s 0%   10k km/s 0%
Materials Required:    2.25x Tritanium   0.36x Boronide   0.6x Uridium   0.9338x Gallicite   Fuel x27
Code: [Select]
KS-3S Hosho
Missile Size: 3 MSP  (0.15 HS)     Warhead: 3    Armour: 0     Manoeuvre Rating: 11
Speed: 5500 km/s    Engine Endurance: 1 minutes   Range: 0.2m km
Thermal Sensor Strength: 0.15    Detect Sig Strength 1000:  150,000 km
Cost Per Missile: 1.2586
Chance to Hit: 1k km/s 60.5%   3k km/s 11%   5k km/s 12.1%   10k km/s 6%
Materials Required:    0.75x Tritanium   0.09x Boronide   0.15x Uridium   0.2686x Gallicite   Fuel x8.75

Code: [Select]
KS-106 Chokyori
Missile Size: 10 MSP  (0.5 HS)     Warhead: 0    Armour: 0     Manoeuvre Rating: 11
Speed: 3000 km/s    Engine Endurance: 9.8 hours   Range: 106.1m km
Thermal Sensor Strength: 0.21    Detect Sig Strength 1000:  210,000 km
Cost Per Missile: 3.3562
Second Stage: KS-3S Hosho x2
Second Stage Separation Range: 150,000 km
Overall Endurance: 10 hours   Overall Range: 106.3m km
Chance to Hit: 1k km/s 33%   3k km/s 11%   5k km/s 6.6%   10k km/s 3.3%
Materials Required:    1.5x Tritanium   0.306x Boronide   0.51x Uridium   1.0402x Gallicite   Fuel x1718

21st August 2109, 4:00 GMT
Location: New Tokyo

Tanenaka Reiko woke up to the annoying sound of the intercom. It was the CO of New Tokyo, Commander Takara Narumi.

„Reiko-san, we have visitors. Two ships are conducting survey operations in the vicinity. They have the same thermal signatures like the two Storm ships observed at Mars. They are at Rhea now.“

That's impossible Narumi-kan. Where is the fleet?!“

„They are currently conducting asteroid field navigation training on the opposite end of the system... 2.5b km away.“

„What?! Immediately call them back! ... We have to bluff, this time. Contact the unknown ships, I will speak with them.“

5 minutes later on SDC Perseus.

„Commander, somebody is sending a message to us.“
„Its everywhere, I can't track it down Sir.“
„Open the channel“


„This is Tanenaka Reiko, you have entered the territory of the Gensei Syndicate. Leave immediately. If you will continue in your course, your ship and the life of your crew will be in danger.“

„ I’m commander Dean. The usurpation of the space around Saturn was not yet acknowledged by the Storm Industries. By interplanetary law we are free to survey this territory.“

Tanenaka was unsure how to respond. She could „reveal“ the presence of a minefield, which was not even layed down, or she could threat the Storms with the presence of a battle group, which was 2,5b km away. Since the ships would have thermal signatures which the Storms could easily detect, she decided to threat them with mines.

„Of course, please continue deeper into the minefield, you were warned.“

The Perseus class of the Storm Industries was not equipped with the R-84 Small Object Sensor like the Panther, so Commander Eve Dean could not verify the presence of a minefield. She dared not activate the sensors, it would be a sign of hostility and Syndicate ships could be not far away.

„Goodbye Miss Reiko, we are leaving.“

The whole station sighed as the Storm ships reversed their course.
„Narumi-kan, when will be the Tsugaru’s complete?“

„On 22nd December 2110, Reiko-san.“
„That will be a long time..“


Meanwhile on SDC Perseus...

„Helmsman, plan the course to the Panthoos asteroid.“
„Radio operator, send this message to the Storm Defence Corps Command, Rear Admiral Leon Stephens."


The possible presence of a minefield was expected. The Defence Corps Comand sent a message back to the ships to disengage  and return home. The CEO, Alex Storm did not wanted to declare war when the SDC fleet was incomplete. One Panther class CL was still in construction, the SDC Jaguar.
Unlike his colleagues, Mr. Storm had absolute authority and power over The Storm Industries. There was no grand council, no management board, only Alex Storm.

22nd April 2110
Finally the ships of the Storm Industries found an unclaimed real estate with TN minerals, Umbriel, a moon of Uranus. The survey of Uranus and his moons continues. The Valencia class cargo ships will from now ferry automated mines to Umbriel. (Ships: SS Valencia, SS Venus, SS Vega, SS Victoria)

Umbriel report:
Sorium: 15,092 x 0.9
Corundium: 37,268 x 0.8

At this date the ISA has 40 automated mines on Venus and 20 on Luna. The Syndicate has 16 automated mines on Hyperion so far.

27th April 2110
The construction of Sidney Maru and Hong Kong Maru is finished. They will now move automines from Mars to Iapetus.

15th May 2110
Nitta Shoko, the electronics expert of the Gensei syndicate has completed the research of a miniaturized ECM system, that can be mounted on the missile designs of the Syndicate.

An update to the Nagai Ransu missile is proposed and accepted. It will incorporate the ECM system at the expense of the reduced warhead of 6 megatons. In battle this missile will be launched first to ensure a maximum hit ratio and than the opponent will be knocked out using standard missiles.
Code: [Select]
KS-8B Nagai Ransu
Missile Size: 8 MSP  (0.4 HS)     Warhead: 6    Armour: 0     Manoeuvre Rating: 13
Speed: 7500 km/s    Engine Endurance: 129 minutes   Range: 57.9m km
EM Sensor Strength: 0.075    Detect Sig Strength 1000:  75,000 km
ECM Level: 0.5
Cost Per Missile: 3.1576
Chance to Hit: 1k km/s 97.5%   3k km/s 26%   5k km/s 19.5%   10k km/s 9.7%
Materials Required:    1.5x Tritanium   0.045x Boronide   0.325x Uridium   1.2876x Gallicite   Fuel x750

17th July 2110

Two Construction Brigades were trained on Mars by the Gensei Syndicate, but the xenology teams have not finished their mission yet. (Maybe picking them up and dropping them back will help.)

That's all for now. No war yet. Maybe in the next chapter the cold war between the factions will go hot.
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