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Return To Sol: Chapter One: Rediscovery
« on: March 01, 2013, 08:45:54 PM »
Chronicles of the Children of Sol: The Rediscovery: Chapter One

Following the (relatively) difficult conquest of Sol that the invaders took the extra step of terriforming fluorine into the ecosystem as a population suppressant. The planets were salted with sodium fluoroacetate. Oxone layers were destroyed with chlorofluorocarbons. Entire ecosystems withered and died and most conventional settlements corroded while genocidal orbital bombardment shattered any bastions of technology. By the time the invaders moved on the inner planets were dying. Populations once measured in millions and traveled the stars were now substance dwellers counted in thousands. Insects, once cursed, soon fell to poisons and ultraviolet radiation leaving plants to grow unchecked. Cycles of soil depletion, mass die-offs, and algae blooms followed. Pollinators died, and flowering seed-bearing plants floundered.

The inhabitants of Venus and Mars lingered in increasingly isolated pockets as the world died. Those who survived the invasion died to poison and radiation. Those who survived the radiation and poisons died of famine as ecosystems failed. Those who survived the failing ecosystems were destroyed when the invaders made their second pass. The few survivors who still lived on managed to string out their existence two or three generations longer before weakened by in-breading falling to disease.

Today what remains of Venus were reduced have been reduced to little more than algae-chocked stagnant swamps home to the hardiest of fern and fungi, while the lightest and hardiest of insects and floating spores cling to the bands of dusk and dawn high in the atmosphere of of the slowly rotating planet.

Mars is home to lichen and whatever life that can cling to shaded canyon walls.

Both planets retain their proper temperatures and oxygen, but the fluorine (represented as a 0.1 atmosphere dangerous gas) will need to be scrubbed before anyone can live there transnewtonian infrastructure.

Earth was luckier. The smogs of industrialization from the previous age had hit there hardest, and left the Earthlings with marginally better pollution handling experience. Further, the invaders neglected to account for prevalence of alkali metals and the vigor of Earth's water cycle. Countless Earth species were driven to extinction, but many nocturnal cave dwellers managed to cling to existence long enough for rains to dilute the poisons to tolerable levels while the waterways permitted Earthling conclaves to maintain the enough connectivity and trade to avoid the inbreed fate of Mars and Venus. The Earthling Remnant learned to fear the skies, and estimates suggest perhaps 5,000 humans yet lived we the invaders conducted their final sweep and pronounced Sol Dead.

Within a century of the poisoning enough flourine had been naturally neutralized to permit the ozone layer to reform, and by the end of the millennium a new civilization could be said to exist. However, transnewtonian civilization eluded them. Already mined out of ore when the invasion began and striped of stockpiles the defenses fell, the Remnant was limited to whatever bits of ancient civilization could be salvaged.

In 2025 the Remnant had:
0 Duranium, 0.6kTon Mercasium, 2kTons of everything else, and no minable deposits.
Two Research labs, two tracking stations, and six PDCs: but no shipyards.
A small smattering of conventional industry and missile factories.
Similar starting tech limits of the others.

Surrounded by the scars of war, the Remnant had proof that death came from the skies: yet had precious little they could do. A little dog with a brave bark the Remnant has enough to be a nuisance within Sol, but are doomed to be at best a minor power unless one of the factions decide to uplift them.

Status of Empire: ShipBuilders of the Era
1st: Syndicate
2nd: Mars
3rd: Tarn
4th: Venusians

Rankings by ship tonnage, including PDCs and Civilian construction.

January 1, 2036: Syndicate establishes auto-mine colony on a local gas giant moon. The facility is renamed 'New Dalian.'

April 17, 2036: Martian van dn Tempel Interstellar Shipping launches 2nd civilian ship.

April 22, 2036: First Martian Bak'ldnab ship is constructed.

August 2, 2036: FIrst Martian Geology team discovery: 2 million tons 0.1 mercasium.

December 10, 2036: Empire of Venus becomes the first faction to complete a gravitational survey of their home system.

February 25, 2037: Tarn Collective becomes the 2nd faction to discover a jump point.

April 5th: Remnant finishes designing, researching, and building the first lot of LongShot IPPMs.

August 6, 2037: Martian Colonists become the first to settle a new colony.

September 8th, 2037: The 10th Syndicate P101 DS Freighter is constructed, making the P101 line the largest production to date.

Tarn Collective become the 2nd faction to complete a gravitational survey of their home system.

November 11, 2037: 1st Syndicate P151 DS Tanker is launched.

February 8, 2038: Tarn establish their 2nd Automated Mining Colony

February 26, 2038: Turner Carrier Corporation, flying under Syndicate Flag, becomes the 2nd civilian company to launch a private ship.

March 21, 2038: Turner Carrier Corporation launches their 2nd civilian ship.

April 6, 2038: First Martian Mar'Dunak'Fa Geosurvey fighter is launched.

May 5, 2038: 1st Venusian Haymans jump ship launched.

June 17, 2038: Nkosinathi Shabangu Geology Team of Venus hits the lottery jackpot of all ground survey finds. 30 million tons of accessibility 0.9 Duranium is discovered.

June 21, 2038: Venusians become first faction to explore a jump point.

June 26, 2038: Syndicate builds a 4th shipyard, a naval complex.

September 3, 2038: Empire of Venus becomes first faction to discover minerals outside of their home system.

Designs of the Remant:
PDCs: Still classified, so have a missile.

Code: [Select]
LongShot IPPM
Missile Size: 25 tons (10MSP) Warhead: Class-6
Speed: 4400 km/s, Agility: 11
Armor: 1 Scanner: 50k km, Res 16
Range: 203m km.
The LongShot Inter-Planetary Powered Missile was a revolutionary improvement over the existing ICBMs in use. By replacing the obsolete chemical rockets with with nuclear-thermal sorium-drives the same warhead could be carried on a missile half the size of an old ICBM with speeds capable of hitting any target on Earth within 10 seconds. More importantly, the LongShot had the endurance to strike any target from the Sun to the asteroid belt making it the center-piece of Project SkyGuard.

Code: [Select]
Delgor class Gravitational Survey Vessel    2,500 tons     48 Crew     305.95 BP      TCS 50  TH 75  EM 0
1500 km/s     Armour 1-16     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/2/0     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
Maint Life 4.21 Years     MSP 115    AFR 33%    IFR 0.5%    1YR 10    5YR 156    Max Repair 100 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 18 months    Spare Berths 1   

'Glider' Thermal Engine (1)    Power 75    Fuel Use 12.38%    Signature 75    Exp 5%
Fuel Capacity 100,000 Litres    Range 58.2 billion km   (448 days at full power)

Gravitational Survey Sensors (2)   2 Survey Points Per Hour

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes
Thanks in part to a better armor, the Tarn Delgor Gravitational Survey Vessel is much smaller and faster than the Venusian G-5.

Code: [Select]
P151 DS Tanker  class Tanker    10,550 tons     85 Crew     567.25 BP      TCS 211  TH 375  EM 0
1777 km/s     Armour 3-42     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
MSP 34    Max Repair 31.25 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 3 months    Spare Berths 1   

Dalian Machine Shop 125 CNT Drive (3)    Power 125    Fuel Use 8.84%    Signature 125    Exp 5%
Fuel Capacity 1,500,000 Litres    Range 289.5 billion km   (1885 days at full power)

This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes
Capable of refueling entire fleets, the P151 caries as much fuel as some planetary fuel depots.

Code: [Select]
Bak'Idnab class Orbital Weapon Platform    950 tons     33 Crew     70.4 BP      TCS 19  TH 0  EM 0
1 km/s     Armour 2-8     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 6
Maint Life 9.81 Years     MSP 46    AFR 7%    IFR 0.1%    1YR 1    5YR 13    Max Repair 24 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 1 months    Spare Berths 2   

Pa'Tenak Guass System - Firing Mechanism (2)    Range 10,000km     TS: 2000 km/s     Power 0-0     RM 1    ROF 5        1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Pa'Tenak Guass System - Control (1)    Max Range: 40,000 km   TS: 8000 km/s     75 50 25 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes
Although probably unnecessary, the Martians strongly believe it better to have an unnecessary defense that to need an unbuilt weapon.

[ooc]There will be no SM turn next week.

PS: Now that all jump points adjacent to home systems have been explored, I turned 'Star Swarm' on, added a 20% chance of 55% strength NPRs, and spawned one NPR seed. I'll turn the aliens back off once two or three are discovered, but for now know that further exploration might find a new neighbor.[/ooc]
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Re: Return To Sol: Chapter One: Rediscovery
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2013, 08:22:08 PM »
Return To Sol: Technological status of Year 10, AKA: 2035.
Code: [Select]
Technology Name Remnant   Venusian Syndicate Martian   Tarn
Armor Convention Convention Duranium HD-Duran. HD-Duran.
Carronade   x x 15cm x x
Laser x,x x,x x,x 10cm-IR   x
Meson 10cm, F1 x, x x,x x,x x,x
Microwave   x, x 10cm, F2 x,x x,x x, F1
Gauss Cannon (1x)-10k x, x x,x (1x)-10k x,x
Rail Gun     x, x 10cm, V2 10cm, V1 x,x 10cm, V1
Capacitors   1 1 1 2 1
Beam Fire Range 10k km   10k km   16k km   10k km   10k km
Tracking/Turret Speed 1.25/1.25 1.25/1.25 1.25/1.25 2.0/1.25 1.25/1.25
Active Scanner 10 10 10 12 12
Thermal Sensor 5 5 5 5 5
EM Sensor   5 5 5 6 5
Infantry:     Mobile Mobile Garrison Mobile Garrison
Reactor:     Water Pebble Water Water Pebble
Engine: Thermal   Pulse Thermal   Thermal   Thermal
Power: 50-100%   50-100%   50-100%   50-125%   50-100%
Fuel:   0.9 1.0 1.0 0.9 0.9
Thermal Signature: 100% 100% 100% 100% 75%
Missile Warhead 2x 2x 3x 2x 2x
Missile Agility 20 20 48 20 20
Magazine Eject/Feed 70%/75%   70%/75%   80%/75%   No 70%/75%
Missile Reload 1 1 2 1 1
Launcher Size: 100% 100% 50% 100% 100%
Gravitational Survey N Basic N N N
Cryogenic     N N Yes Emergency Yes
Cargo Handling N N Basic N Basic
Additional Maintenance N N N Yes N
Fuel Production 20,000   20,000   24,000   20,000   20,000
Mining Rate   10 10 12 10 10
Research Rate 200 200 240 200 240
Terriforming 0.001 0.001 0.001 0.001 0.0012
BoatBay/Hanger No No No No Boat
Jump Gate:   No No No No No
JumpDrive Squad# No No No No No
JumpDrive Radius No No No No 50k km
JumpDrive Ratio No No No No No

Chapter One: Continued
The Venusians were the first to rediscover the ruins of Sol, and their geosurvey of the inner world soon brought them into contact with the surviving Remnant. Xenophobic and panicked by the approaching craft, the Renmant concluded their best policy was a show of strength and launched no less than 30 LongShot IPPMs armed with tactical nuclear warheads. The result was over kill, with the unarmed survey craft becoming a twisted wreck after just two of the three salvos launched found their mark. Having proven their strength the Remant finally initiated contact with a simple repeating message:

"We The Solarian Remant claim sovereignty of all planets, moons, and other bodies of this system, out to the orbit of the first gas giant. Unauthorized trespassers will be shot. We the Solarain Remant..."

Emboldened by this first success the Remnant would continue this greeting through the decade: shoot first, ultimatum second.

Status of Empire: Most Advanced
1st: Syndicate
2nd: Tarn Collective
3rd: Martian Federation
4th: Empire of Venus

June 22, 2039:   Syndicate ground survey team hits jackpot. Improves accessibility of a 10 million ton+ deposit of Duranium from 0.1 to 0.5

July 12, 2039:   Venusians become the first power to transit all three of their home-system jump points.

November 29, 2039:   Martians launch new shipping line: the Manzi Interstellar Services

December 16, 2039:   The Venusians rediscover their home world in sol. All that remains is a destroyed outpost.

December 30, 2039:   The Empire of Venus becomes the first faction to establish contact with the Remnant, proving life remains on Earth. The Remnant panics, and launches 33 LongShot IPPM missiles. Shortly thereafter the Remnant becomes the first faction to make a kill, and the Venusians suffer the distinction of having their geosurvey ship enter history as the first TransNewtonian vessel destroyed.

February 11, 2040:      The Martian Federation finishes surveying their home system asteroids.

February 22, 2040:      The last Boronide is extracted from New Tarn.

March 25, 2040:   First Martian Mar’Dunab’Fa is launched.

May 15, 2040:   A syndicate corporation establishes a mining colony on Jupiter - Moon 6.

October 11, 2040:   Martians discover their first Jump Point.

January 11, 2041:   First Tarn shipping company, Virgo Freight Group, launches a civilian registered ship: A small F2 Freighter.

January 18, 2041:   A new Martian shipping line is founded: Dore Trading.

March 14, 2041:   The Tarn Collective extract the last Tritanium from their home world.

March 28, 2041:   Virgo Freight Group launches first Spaceliner.

June 2, 2041:   Syndicate complete first P251 Pulsar.

June 19, 2041:   Tarn extract last mineable ton of Gallicite from New Tarn.

June 24, 2041:   First Venusian Metje class ship is launched.

July 2, 2041:      Civilians in the Tarn Collective found a new shipping line: Windish Shipping.

September 2, 2041:   Dore Trading of Mars launch their first ship: an L1 class Spaceliner.

September 22, 2041:   Tarn Collective launch first hull of the Rehfrak class.

September 30, 2041:   Tarn become the 2nd faction to transit a jump point.

November 28, 2041:   Martians complete a new Naval Shipyard complex.

[ooc]New ships of the Period still to be added.[/ooc]
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Re: Return To Sol: Chapter One: Rediscovery
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[ooc]Players, please submit orders. So far it looks like only two factions have uploaded new orders this turn. If you have no new orders please drop me a PM saying "Pass." SM turn postponed until at least a 3rd order set comes through.[/ooc]

Chapter 1: Continued

The Venusians were the first to rediscover Sol, a feat years ahead of the other lost colonies. This shock was hardest felt by the flightless Remnant, and this shock turned to near-violence when a Venusian ambassador requested terms for the return of their historic home world. The most xenophobic wanted to keep anyone and everyone as far away as possible. The more visionary craved the transnewtonian elements needed to escape the planet, and thought these 'cousins' of the stars worth the risk. Kimble Vallant, Remnant Governor of Earth, was isolationist xenophobic to the core, but his unexpected passing (probably a heart attack from stress and not an assassination) gave the traders their chance. The Remnant named their terms an astronomical price equal to nearly half the total remaining planetary stockpile every year (1,000 tons annually) and were shocked the Venusians accepted the price at once without argument. Perhaps transnewtonian elements were more common than they had thought. In any event, this success and the hope it gave led to the 2nd pillar of the Remnants foreign policy: real estate sales.

Status of Empire: Most Industrious
1st: Syndicate
2nd: Empire of Venus
3rd: Martian Federation
4th: Tarn Collective

January 2, 2042:   Remnant completes the first production run of Poison SPM (Self Propelled Mine)

January 13, 2042:   Kimble Vallant, Remnant Governor of Earth was killed in an accident. Very Tragic.

January 14, 2042:   The next in line, Gavan Flellos, signs an agreement with the Empire of Venus granting the Venusians exclusive colony rights to the 2nd planet in return for 1,000 tons of minerals annually: to be paid half in Duranium or another high-value mineral, half in anything else.

January 26, 2042:   First Martian Kar’Fanor’Ca is launched.

February 7, 2042:   The Empire of Venus becomes the first faction to build a Jump Gate.

February 17, 2042:   Syndicate become the 3rd faction to discover a jump point.

February 23, 2042: Martians become the 4th faction to discover a jump point.

May 8, 2042:    Tarn complete a new naval shipyard complex.

June 23, 2042:   Tarn extract last Uridium from their home world.

July 20, 2042:    Remnant complete first batch of S10 Sentry drones.   *****

February 21, 2043:   The 20th Martian Kar’Fanor’Ca rolls off the assembly line, making it one of the most widely built production craft of all time.

February 26, 2043:   First Martian Mar’Elnor class is built.

March 17, 2043:   Syndicate becomes the 3rd faction to complete a gravitational survey of their home system.

March 27, 2043:   First Tarn Kalakzon is launched.

April 26, 2043:   Syndicate Civilians found their 3rd shipping line: the Parker Container Group.

July 12, 2043:   First Bak’Bunook’El PDC is constructed.

July 26, 2043:   Tarn Fuel Crisis begins when ships returning from Task Force Training are unable to refuel.

August 1, 2043:   The Syndicate extract the last Vendarite from their home world.

October 16, 2043:   The Empire of Venus extracts the last Boronide from their home world.

October 23, 2043:   The Tarn Collective becomes the 2nd faction to transit a jump point.

December 18, 2043: Remnant complete the first production run for the LongShot-2 IPPM.

February 26, 2044:   First Martian Bak’Bunook’Sa PDC is constructed.

March 1, 2044:    First Tarn Bolchoi is launched.

March 6, 2044:   First Tarn Kalbacun is completed, but insufficient fuel is available to fill the tanks.

March 19, 2044:   Syndicate civilians found their 4th shipping line: the Howarth Container Company.

June 9, 2044:    Tarn civilians found their 3rd shipping line: Peitz Interstellar Colony Ltd

June 22, 2044:    Tarn launches their first Bolchoi-BA

July 15, 2044:    Tarn become the first faction to discover a jump point in a foreign system.


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