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Tactical Hex Newtonian Combat Sim
« on: August 10, 2013, 11:57:45 PM »
or THANCS for short.

I presume this is the right forum for err.. promoting other games?

THANCS is an game/engine that Nick has been developing over the last little while.

it's a turn based tactical (space) ship game.

you can design your ships, create a game against other players and fight each other
newton movement is simulated, so adding more mass will decrease your acceleration, till you add more engines to your design.
during battle components can be shot off if the hull they are attached to gets destroyed.
more advanced scenarios allow you to capture this loot and either weld it back to other component to form new ships, or simply scrap it for credits, and buy new components (or whole designs if you've got the credit)

here's a couple of pics to pique your interest:
This is a 'carrier' design for a 4 player game that we're currently playing:

an older pic of the game proper, in this you can see the main map on the left, next is SJ's big ship SJS-Vorcha which he slowly built during the game, the other two panels are my smaller ships attempting to make a dent in the Vorcha's shields - unfortunately they were not terribly successful, Fezzik and Hodor were designed as multi role ships which could drop their weapons pods and go collect scrap, whereas the Vorcha was designed purely for battle.  

the graphics is not terribly pretty as you can see, and when you start getting down to the little details the game does have a few nuances you need to learn, but considering I'm speaking to the Aurora crowd here I guess that shouldn't  count against it too much.

you can get the game client here:
you'll need:

to get in on a game you'll need to sign up at
we use PBW to distribute the turn files after the host server has processed them.

if I've interested you enough to do that, you should then join us in IRC at #spaceempires on freenode and ask about getting in on a game. talk to SJ, ekolis or myself. it *does* have a learning curve so feel free to just pop in and ask questions.

There is currently no single player.
The game is still in development.  
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Re: Tactical Hex Newtonian Combat Sim
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ok maybe this should have been in the links forum.
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