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Aurora MP - Backstory Part I
« on: January 06, 2016, 05:30:45 PM »
Tokyo, May 2034

The world in 2034 was a rather peaceful place, compared to the decade that preceded it. At least, no nuclear missile had been inbound to a city for a long time. Hong Kong's still radioactive ruins and Sydney still stand as monuments to the last war, when Oceania invaded what was back then known as Australia. The damned socialists gave it a weird indonesian name. Takeda was sure it contained "red" somewhere. Still, he thought, at least they were still miles away. The Philippines are dangerous, but Taiwan or even the home islands would've been worse.

Things in Japan changed a lot, but its territory didn't. Japan is a powerhouse of research, and the upcoming Research Agreement with Korea, and the federation bound for the years to come sure will bring a lot of benefit for the country. 20 Research Facilities are impressive for a state. Even more for its finances. As a lead manager for Mitsubishi, he had a decent insight of what will happen. Japan can't sustain this level of expense in R&D without additional revenue. The solutions were either to stop research or to increase tax revenue. The first was unacceptable, for the researchers' pride and for its consequences on the development of the world.

The second involved drastic measures. Drastic measures Japan can't afford, with its ridiculous armed forces.
It is a shame that we as a state have less military than what a respectable state should ever have. We have to defend us. We don't even have a nuclear deterrent, and will never have.

Soon the ground mildly shook under his feet. He didn't even think about it. Earthquakes are common, were already almost dangerless 20 years ago, sure they are now with Transnewtonian Physics.
10 Minutes later, another earthquake, or so he thought. Things like this happened, sometimes. However, the light on his PCID was on, priority A message. He quickly read the message. Priority A is the second highest level, probably some Strategic Summit business.

As soon as he read the message, he quickly accessed the video broadcast. As expected, every media channel had only one topic. It seems mankind had decided again that blowing each other up with big fireballs is good.

"ICBM exchange between Israel and Iran. 37 million deaths most optimistic death toll".

"These middle-easterners...been a while since i heard about troubles in that particular area of the planet...guess there are some who never learn. Oh well, Israel has never been a priority market, and will wait, would've never been."

Takeda quickly realized that the main issue was not the outstanding death toll or the complete wipeout of Israel, as cynic as that may sound, but the fact that the damned Russians now have free reign in Iran. This adds another former sovereign state to the list of the graves who stand in the wake of soviet resurgency. Guess that Turkey will be "enlightened", as they say, pretty soon. And THAT is a problem for the Japanese corporations.

"These soviets, kuso!*"

He quickly stood up from his chair, and went straight away to the meeting room. This would be a busy day...

- Moscow, June 2034

As always, the news appeared on the screen of the TV in the house. Pyotr was absolutely not in the mood, but the tv turned on on its own. That could mean only one thing, and that is news from the leadership. Obviously some broadcast about the war in Iran. The war has ended, another victory for the socialist utopia against the Islamic menace to the stability of the world.

"Except we provoked them into this. Oh well, it actually feels good to be on the winning side. That is, the side that is not nuked."

Russia was covered under an umbrella of Meson-Armed AA, that can kill ICBMs mercilessly even before they reach cruise altitude. That meant safety for its people, the prosperity of the state and, of course, of its leadership. At least, the situation was much milder than the old Stalinist days. As of now, Russia looks much more socialist, and much less communist. The alliance with Turkey puzzled Pyotr though, as Turkey is almost the exact opposite of Russia on the political spectre.
What he didn't know, is that of course Turkey would be enlighened in due time. As of now, it seems that a radioactive vaporized crater that stood where once was Teheran is well enough for Russia to take care of. The real prize were the universities (only one stood on its foundation) and the big industrial complexes. Much smaller than Russian counterparts, but a nice addition to the now enlarged Russian state.

* kuso = japanese for "smeg"

The war in its complex had 3 results:

One. Annihilation of the state of Israel. Of 11 million people, 11 million died. The nuclear fireballs engulfed 35% of the surface of Israel. The rest was taken care of by shockwaves and fallout.
Two. Annexation of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Russia. Iran was at war with Russia, and 40 Israeli ICBMs shortened the war considerably. Still, not shorten enough for Israel to see its old Nemesis' demise.
Three. Fall of Turkey in the Soviet Sphere of Influence. Turkey will be soon "enlightened" and step by step incorporated as a puppet and then as a independent Republic inside the soviet state.

Back then, Russia was considered a Great Power. A veritable superpower regarding military matters, its economic might and research estabilishment were somewhat lacking. This would soon change as the balance of the 3 Superpowers, namely EU, USA and China, shifted. And another single, majestic construction of humanity rose to sky in what humans were, as horrific is it to be said, accustomed to see as a common pattern in their skies even once in a while. A mushroom-esque pillar of heated gases rising from the remnant of a city. As the average inhabitant of the mountainous regions of inner anatolia gazed his eyes towards the northwest, wondering which unknown reason caused which exotic city to meet its demise, he also prayed Allah for two reasons. One, the Almighty will save them from destruction. Two, the Russians will also save them. But what will be the price?
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