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2044 The slow grind of survival
« on: March 10, 2016, 09:36:21 PM »

2043 Snapshot


January 1st  – A deal made between Imperium and CSU. The CSU is to supply 500 Duranium with the Imperium providing Heavy Battalion Tech, Divisional HQ Tech, Mining Level 3 and 2 Research Labs. The CSU is gaining alot out of this deal, but Duranium is now so expensive it could afford to sell it at this price. The CSU will not be selling much more as they still have not received shipments from there asteroid colony due to lack of freighters.
The Imperium needed the duranium to build a commercial shipyard, to then build a freighter to also start the rebuilding process.

The world is in such a state, that lack mineral resources are so precious that even selling stocks is a risky venture. But the CSU gain a valuable jump in research.

January 8th - OPAB science program, once again redirects to propulsion wanting the ships and missile to perform at the next level.

January 12th - A Hamir Ship enters the system, of the 4 mines protecting the gate only one strikes the target. It then continues on to it path to Earth, first checking the last wreck for survivors before moving into a attack position against Earth.

January 27th - The NPS Construction Ship Sepulchre comes across a Hamir Ship in the Luke System, which means they have filter ships past the Sol system and entered into other systems where establish Jump gates have been created.

Once again the Hamir Errand 003 fires a ship load of missiles towards Earth. The NPS Defence Platforms move in to their tactical positions and once again repel the attack. The NPS tactics have been flawless in over the last few months. The Imperium fighter intercepts the returning Hamir ship and destroys the missile-less frigate. The tactics of the Hamir are lacking in protection of their ship, or unlike human just do not care about ship or lives lost.

February 13th – Another Errand class ship emerges from the Jumpgate, using the same tactics and in the end the same destruction of ship.

March 23rd - Another ship enter the system and triggers 3 mines, 2 mines are destroyed by pd 2 miss and 2 hits. Attacks Earth and is then destroyed when returning outbound.

May 7th - A Hamir ship enters into the Sol system and hit by a wave of mines damaging it. This ship differ it tactics by attacking Earth from 20m kms mark. It was destroyed by a wave from the OPAB Missile systems

May 23rd - The CSU learns of the GJ 1002 system from the OPAB and China steals Grav Data. The heavy espionage has not even those Earth is under attack. The factions are still jockeying for position and status.

May 26th - A Hamir Missile Frigate enters the system, the 8 mines trigger but only 2 hit. The tide is changing the more OPAB mine layers are making it harder for Hamir to enter the system in single ships.

June 5th - The CSU allow China to salvage it old freighter wrecks, for return of it minerals. China will keep a 25% cut.

June 11th -The Hamir ship designated Erland 005 launchs in close to strike at the defence platforms. The OPAB fire first a few waves hit the defence platforms most are destroyed. However the OPAB salvo knocks out the Hamir sensor and Imperium fighter once again dispatches the now blind Hamir ship.

July 30th - Hostile transit A new Dolgan class ship enters the system, the mines overwhelm and destroy the ship. 17 mines activated firing the dual missiles, 10 missile strike leaving another 2 inbound to self destruct after the ship is torn apart. This is Earth first successful defence of the jump gate.

August 17th - OPAB steal Heavy Battalion from the CSU. The Imperium scrap it fighter due to issue with no landing facility, also lack of materials. Now replying on the OPAB missile and mines to defend Earth.

September 9th - China launches the Foochow.  This laser corvette is more of an escort ship then an attack ship, at best it will give added protection against missiles

September 20th - China bring back its troops from the moon. The return troops 80th, 92th, 93th Brigades will bolster it Earth land defence again.

October 9th - A Hamir ship enters the mine field and is destroyed, the 25 strength magazine explosion would not see many survivors.

October 20th - Another ship arrives and is hit by 6 vampire warheads, not enough to destroy it. But it returns to the Hamir sector,as it must have been heavily damaged.

November 20th The return of Chinese land forces is completed, a large parade for the Victors of the Moon is heavily reported and used as a good propaganda event for the government.

December 1st - Salvage operations on alien vessels help drive China technology catch up, after pulling 11 ID drives from wrecks is disassembling them, which in turn fast tracked the Chinese research in the propulsion field.

The Imperium finished it autopsy on the Hamir, although Bipedal, they are definitely not human. They prefer the cold, with an optimal temperature at -30, this would explain there very thinned and high pressured blood. Bone density and oxygen content is similar to humans. This would explain lowering earth's temperature via nuclear strikes and dust entering the atmosphere, for a more ideal ground assault that never happened. The  Hamir undeveloped horns are actually electric receptors, this would make it useful in a blizzard where you cannot see to still be able to travel over the snow.

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Re: 2044 The slow grind of survival
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2016, 11:52:11 PM »
Very nice tale, hope you finish it.
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Re: 2044 The slow grind of survival
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2016, 12:19:41 AM »
Will do, just been snowed up with work recently, however interested readers always spur me on to do more so thanks for the encouragement.


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