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Battle for Neptune - a non-UNIT tale
« on: August 04, 2016, 12:06:50 AM »
This was a fiction writup I made from my first encounter with spoilers.

The UN had just discovered Jump Drives, and was making it first jumps out of the system.

The Stephen Hawking, a unarmed scout was exploring the Stevenage System, one jump out of Sol, when Lt. Commander Kent saw active contacts. Swallowing her fears, she tried to burn slow and away from Sol Jump point. It did not work as she could tell the enemy knew were she was. Moments later, the Stephen Hawking was lost with all hands.

In Sol, all Leave was canceled, the training groups recalled to earth. Then to the horror of all of Sol, hostile contacts reported entering sol. UN put its best task force to full speed towards the enemy.

 Just outside of Neptune, the massively expensive early warning systems reported a contact of 60,000 tons heading towards the task force. Earth canceled all programs to build emergency Meson PDC, shipyards straining to put out anything close to ready, and the FAC fleets, always thought to be the "No adventure" section of the UNN, warmed up their drives.

Flying past Neptune, the fleet engaged the unknown force, it top speed was 11000 km/s, while the fleet had as a whole a speed of 6,500 km/s. The Early warning ship broke off, leaving towards Earth, now that the unknown force was well within range. It expensive Sensor suite not worth risking in combat. Earth Command gave the orders, it a hostile, and eliminate accordingly.

Battle group Alpha consisted of 3 Arkix class anti-ship cruisers of 13,000 tons, 3 Dakar class Anti-missile ships of 12,000 tons, 3 raiders of 6,000 tons, and 6 laser frigates.

At 30mK the Arkis classes launched salvos of missiles. maintaining the range of 30mk. The 60,000 ton ship point defense took out every one. It was quiet on the flagship. Rear Admiral Cott then ordered synchronized fire, and to keep firing till the magazines were empty.

168 Exocet missiles were fired, in 14 volleys of 12 missiles. The crews sat dumbfounded as the point defense took out every single missile. Then Cott ordered the Laser Frigates to detach. "Lt. commander Williams, give them hell and find out what type of point defense that ship has."

the newly coined Task force Bravo flew at the Alien ship, lasers warming up. In range they began to fire.

"Sir, 40 new contacts, 750 ton FACs."
Admiral Cott watched in horror as Task Force Bravo was mauled by small, quick meson gunned ships.

"Task Force Bravo, withdraw and head to Earth. We will be joining with Battle Group Delta. Hopefully they will happy with Neptune for a while. We will try to hold the line at the Earth-Mars Line. I am not sure what we can do for Ganymede if they head that way. We need to reload and try to overwhelm that point defense.

Neptune is lost. I repeat. Neptune is lost.


The Battle for Triton

"Sir, it appears the main ship is ...eating the wrecks..."

Admiral Cott Looked at the data. It didn't lie. Two hours after the withdraw, he was joined by Battle Group Delta. Task Force Bravo was gone, the brave men and woman of those ships blown apart by Meson cannons.

It was the bulk of the fleet. With the two battle groups joined, it was 8 Arkix classes, and 10 Dakar class Cruisers. Also included was the old generation "U-Class" Laser gunboats. It was a gamble. Task for Alpha main offensive force had used half it missile stocks. Earth and mars was open to attack, in a few days there would be two more Dakar classes coming off the stocks with fresh crews.

"Ships of UN. Men and woman. Some of you call Earth home, Some of you call Luna Home, Some call mars Home. There is even those crazy Jovians from Ganymede or Europa. Today we are all Humans. There is some sort of monster about 40 million km away, it is eating the ships that we lost. If we do not stop this thing here. It might be our homes. Some in the UN senate want us to fall back to the Earth-Mars line, were our FAC fleets can support us. That would leave the 20 million souls in the Jovian system unprotected.

That is unacceptable. Our fleets are combined, we have all the firepower of the UN fleet at our hands. Today we hold the line, If we cannot hold them here, we will return and reload, we hold the line at Titan...

Fleet formation, at 30 MK all Arkix classes except for the Repulse, Royal Oak, and Revenge will fire. We will synchronize our fire. As soon as the three alpha group Arkixs run out of shots, the Repulse, Royal Oak, and Revenge will join. Lets kill this thing.

In range, the fleet began to fire. Volley after volley, reminding of videos of rocket attacks in the great war of 2020 that caused the UN as a government to happen. While the rockets every thirty seconds, like clockwork, the ships shuddered and 32 rockets were way. Before the first volley arrived, three ran out of missile stocks, so the three reserve ships joined in.

The whole system held there breath as the first volley arrive.

We have hits sir!! the weapon officer shouted to the cheers of the fleet. "Sensors indicate that they will be taking out 12 of our incomings. Still leaves 20 impacts. There shields are recharging, but not at the rate we will be able to knock it down. We will be able to keep getting hits.

Cott allowed himself a smile "We don't know how tough this thing is, so keep firing to the magazines are empty.

The UN fleet kept firing, pounding the 60,000 ton killer like a bug. Blow after blow, first the shields, then the armor, then it began leaking..Fluid.

"It might be some sort of Organic sir" the science officer muttered."
"Still needs to be blown apart."

Suddenly, there was reports of secondary explosions, and the beast was dead. Officers had to do there best to keep the stress out crews form celebrating.

Cott knew that as soon as the message returned to the inner systems, celebrations would begin. 

"Alert - Conn - Thermal imaging is reporting 20 bandits. It hard to get a lock on them, 750 tons, speed, 10,000 K/S. Sir, it the same things that killed Task Force Bravo."

"Fleet, head to the bearing of 835-343. Waypoint 7. I want to give our fleet as long as possible to be able to hit those things. They will also ram to kill."

The 10 Dakars tubes warmed up. Flying past Triton at the max fleet speed of 4000 K/S due to the old generation laser frigates, the fleet held its breath.

"Sensors cannot still lock on...Sensors cannot still lock on." The entire fleet watched. Then suddenly like the biggest 4th of july celebration, 60 missiles every 10 seconds erupted.

Missile after missile was fired. Each missile had a 40% chance to hit, slowly wearing down the ships.

Splash no 7, UNN Orlando is reajusting. Splash no 19, Berlin is readjusting. "

"Raiders, can you fire your Lancets?"

This is Commander Hoshi on the Atlanta, we can't get a lock on these ships. The Shenandoah and the Mobile confirm, they can't seem to get a lock."

"This is the Rodney, we have lock, do we have permission to fire?"

"Please do."

Suddenly the tiny wasp missiles were being joined by the much larger Exocet missiles.

"Space 4, Splash 5 too, it was hit by 4 Exocets. Nothing left of it."

"Splash 1, Splash 20.."

The crews heard as the weapon officers kept a running tally as the FAC fleet was being whittled down, by the slow sandpaper of Wasps, or the sudden ends of a Exocet impact.

one left sir, no 14...

Missile after missile was fired, some hit, many missed. The FAC kept going. at 120k, suddenly the laser frigate opened up. Their lasers adding the to the silent din of space combat.

Then it happened, A wasp from the UNN Orlando found the soft spot, and the last FAC went into dust.   The fleet exhaled.

"Begin Rescue operations, lets see how many lifepods we have from Task Force Bravo."

Each of the six Noor class frigates held 122 men and woman. Only 8 were found alive to be rescued from the 732 men and woman of Task Force Bravo.

As the battle fleet returned home, Cott knew that there was Celebrations from Time Square to the Ruins of Ganymede. Even on the ship it was a time of celebration as the fleet returned for refuel, rearming, and rotation of overhauls.

But Cott knew that there was more of these beast out there, and he had 732 to letters that he needed to write that started with.

"Dear madam, your daughter served bravely holding the line at the Battle of Triton, Saving the billions of lives in the Sol System, she gave up her life for something important.....
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