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Aurora Diversity? Mod (Unnamed mod release here)
« on: March 05, 2018, 08:41:38 AM »
Hi, I modded Aura 7.   10.    I decided to post it here so hopefuly someone can enjoy it.   

Main purpose:
To better simulate various sci-fi franchises (Warhammer 40k, Star Trek,. . . ) while improving (In my humble opinion improving) and balancing various gameplay mechanics.   

It allows more diversity in play by changing tech costs and adding more research lines (replacing existing ones) and slightly overhaul weapon mechanics and + adds different research progression.    Early game techs generally cost more but also have more impact.    This allowed to free space in Database file allowing more research space and changes.    Also various not so important techs have tech cost readjusted.    Only downside is now that ruin techs are mostly NOT used in this mod.    Cause various ruin techs are researchable by default.    (plasma torpedoes are not in game, i know that it bugged AI).   

In Short: tech is same as in Aurora but with different costs and some techs have different names and uses.    And sometimes major change was made:
Some of the major changes:

*first tech of jump size allows personal jump only with 0. 4*size.    (can simulate Star trek, Battlestar Galactica style hyper drive) later there is miniaturization tech in addition to tender size.   
*Various misc name changes like: microwave tech is called (EMP) at the start, it is later called Ion Cannon, etc. . .  Same is for beams (Particle, Neutron,  Antiproton etc.   . . .   ).     Often a change in research progression (cost and power) is made to reflect the name change.   
*Mesons and Plasma carronades require additional research pre-requesites.    The first tech is at the start here only as a prototype.    (cause it cant be removed because it would bug AI).    They are slightly more advanced weapons in short.   
*Direct Fire (Energy weapons) now generally have more range.    While defenses are stronger (to compensate for added damage).    (Of course that direct fire control was also boosted (can be larger)).   
*Railgun splits into railgun (4 shots).    And cannons.    (1 shot, later Artillery cannons, . . .   )
*There are 2 lines of reactor boost so one can build boost with big power and explosion chances or smaller power gain but low explosion chance.   
*Calibre Cm techs (7cm, 20cm, 15cm , etc. . .   ) Now are cheap (Like in real, you are (mostly) just increasing the weapon size).    Weapons changed in general so its more important to have other stuff than big damage.   

Most tech got different cost, resulting in different progression.    +(Descriptions of techs sometimes improved)

Direct fire weapons have more range.    Defenses are more powerful and missiles have more agility (to also. . . ) and warhead yield.   
The battle meta is slightly more centered towards broadsides and weapon barrages than missiles (as it was previously).    Yayy Sci-Fi battles :D.   

In addition, many tech costs now make more sense (In my humble opinion).   

Download and copy over old Stevefire file.    (recommended: Do Backup First!)
www. mediafire. com/file/1rb1j0hb4wz0d29/Stevefire. mdb

(It is just Aurora 23 Mb Stevefire File). 

You need to start new game to play this.   
!!!!! When starting game: Disable *auto assign starting techs!!!
This is very important to prevent error 6.  !!!! (Do it later via spacemaster menu please.   )

There is 1 known bug: at the creation of the game you get 3021 error.    Just press OK repeatedly.    the game will work fine,
but: IF and only IF you get error 6 overflow, please do not play the game it is bugged.    Please just create a new game and disable auto assign starting techs.   
To explain: 3021 Its a bug with game AI (NPR races) due to changed research requirements.    The AI works mostly fine in game.   
Error 6 is due to Meson Cannons and Plasma Carronades start only as prototypes and needs different techs to advance them.    (thats why you should disable auto assign starting techs) If error 6 appears at the game creation the AI will remain bugged until the rest of the game.    (And you WILL get error screens when playing Aurora every few game days).   

Disclaimer: I do not asked Steve or anyone if its OK to mod it but I made it only for my own personal purposes and I do not plan to distribute this mod or take any credits or anything for making this.    I sincerely hope that this will get approved and there will be some people who shall also enjoy this mod.   
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Re: Aurora Diversity? Mod (Unnamed mod release here)
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2018, 05:36:38 PM »
EDIT: Found a bug and cannot start a new game.  (cannot find a source of bug either)

90% chance that the AI (or something) will bug.  (even if you play the game for a while)

Sorry.  I do not recommend to download this!

Again.  Sorry.  It just worked in my playtest, once.


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