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Halo Alternative Universe - 2170 - Stay tuned!
« on: June 22, 2020, 03:08:07 PM »

<Office of Naval Intelligence  Update #1>

<Authorisation observed>
<ONI Access Granted>
<Releasing Primary Data Locks>
<Activating update log>

*Audio Log#1 found*
*Playing Audio Log....*

"*Static*.....Move!, Move! Move! get to that rock over there move it soldier...... *static* contact at echo-charlie engage contact over....."

*Screams followed by gunfire*

"This is Major Ray Davies of the 4th ODST Special Drop *static* we need immediate support, we have engaged the enemy they  are on Andraste I repeat on Andraste....."

*End of Audio Log#1*

<Exiting File>

Authors note: just a little something, I may be writing some more stuff in the future took a hiatus previously to work on youtube but I have a bit more freetime and a want to do some creative writing so we will see.
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