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Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
« on: October 26, 2021, 03:19:35 PM »
Disclaimers: I once long time ago made a game called EU Circle of Stars (here) where I scratched political topics for the setting start and had to put a disclaimer. Since I am pretty much taking the opposite stance in this game, I hope it will serve as proof in itself that it isn't all to be taken too seriously, although it is admittedly closer to what I actually think this time. A real portrait would take much explaining though, which would be boring, but this is supposed to be entertaining fiction. We have a bad guy (US+China and their merging ideologies), and a sparsely believable good guy (EU, as if).

The Taming of Causality, and How It Caused the Timeline to Change (tech lore section. skip for only empire setting)
The game starts in the near past year of 2015 when the theories of David Deutsch and Chiara Marletto let to some surprising implications about the nature of reality after development of their rewrite of the Standardmodel of physics at Oxford University. Their mission stated was to move away from the mechanistic approach of past time physics and embracing our current predicament of the existence of many untellable variables (even in pristine mathematics) that any non-divine/non-objective prisoner inside of a system (thus also: universe) is logically proven to have to be living under. The limit of the knowable. Thus, instead of trying to make accurate predictions and becoming 'uncertain' at the edges, their new model, called "Constructor Theory" took the opposite approach. No predictions shall be made, - you start with everything feasible, then subtract the impossibilities stemming from natural laws, entanglement, interferences etcetc., -possibly inspired by Sherlock Holmes quotes-, until what remains is the actual physical situation you are in.

Comparable with a negative painting style, it quickly offered a rather intuitive reframing of our living situation even in the more restricted (therefore: more predictable) macroscopic world. The tiny errors in machinery that never quite get resolved, fluctuations with butterfly effect consequences that hindered weather prediction models for 100 years of reaching maturity... . The acceptance of error, and the planning for all of them in this new uncertainty embracing and acknowledging model quickly poured into design and industrial theory, revolutionizing machinery and reaching the near impossible heights of precision at the border of the knowable.
Surprising everyone however, this new technological frontier would also reveal some unforeseen truths that lay hidden just near the boundary of causality that had been reached. Most striking of which certainly the discovery that any 'purified'/prediction sharpened system or object would travel with lightspeed once freed from all observation. This in itself, just a few strokes further down, implied that the reason for such seemingly energy free movement could only mean that the drive came from elsewhere, and that elsewhere was quickly proven to be the actual expansion rate of the universe itself, which was indeed way higher, the lightspeed. Thus, it was not the object moving free of energy, it was everything else counteracting the true expansion and holding everything together while space expanded around it. This made expansion appear to be slower, but the effect resulted merely from all the gravity and peer-to-peer interference holding existent matter together.
(in a welcome turn this consequentially also buried the Big Rip theory of the end of the cosmos, since nothing would ever move faster apart than lightspeed)

As Constructor Theory fueled technology had now reached the point of highest limit predictability, so has humanities capacity to manipulate an object's circumstances so that it wouldn't be caught up in its complex environment, thus bringing it towards the lightspeed border. Obviously it didn't take long for many different communities to take this talk of lightspeed objects and propose and devise a way to form it into a tube, or hull, and hope for it to enable actual lightspeed travel.
The concept was soon proven to hold true, first in satellites, then cat-piloted vehicles to ensure bio-safety, and finally all leading up to the major continental powers of the world (and Great Britain, as per prerogative of the pioneer and first developer) fielding whole fleets of military ships, sadly exporting the arms race into space.

The technology still had limits however. Mostly the process to free an object of causality limiting factors required it to exist in a kind of cleaned, prepared, akin to laboratory sanitized state, where for example entanglements would be identified in a piece of metal, and then systematically removed via strategic precision radiation placement, or introduction of other materials, field manipulation and such. While formerly only working in entropic factory like environments that surrounded an object with massive machinery in order to refine some small central object for causality-purity, eventually measures came to exist that could stabilize larger objects from within themselves by using specially tailored pre-purified materials in the object's construction.
While these special materials could be refined from scratch, it usually provided wasteful and time intensive to get any industrially viable amounts. In comparison, once you knew what you were looking for, -probing for entanglement and interference levels-, raw ores of these materials could be found everywhere in the most surprising places. These 'untouched' materials excelled by simply having had a low rate of interaction in their history since their conception. Pockets of isolated ores that didn't experience much geological shuffling, heat, magnetism and such are candidates, but also products of self-ordering processes like certain hidden crystal formations.
Extracted from these really were just the true "primal elements" (named for their relative 'uninvolvement/untouchedness' in universe history), which were mostly pure protons (duranium), neutrons (...), some types of useful compound elements, as well as pure electrons (Sorium) which were needed to run any lightspeed approaching vessels' constant radiation purification/de-causalization, thus being the factor maintaining the state of stable flight.
The ships built with such mechanisms in mind were only limited by the grade of purity that the ship could be maintained in, which itself depended mostly on the radiation, thus electricity output. So while a laboratory or factory could supply all the power to get an object of certain size completely pure until lightspeed low causality levels, a ship that maintained itself from within was still limited by the power generation technologies available.

Further implications of this causality taming technology seemed to be on the horizon, yet were currently left to the worlds nations to figure out in-field as the race to claim the solar system had already begun.
As the vision of Deutsch and Marletto was to part with the mechanistic newtonian physics view of the world, it was only natural to rename this new era of all-probabilites inclusive physics philosophy "trans-newtonian".

//--Stop here, seems like I don't have time for the political section today, so then tomorrow.--
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Re: Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2021, 05:11:39 PM »
A Brave New Hunger 1984 for Vendetta's Kingsmen
(joke idea credit goes to Tim Pool)

Following the Occupy Wallstreet riots in 2011 and numerous environmental studies, the self titled 'elites' of the world felt they were looking down the barrel of a gun. The exploitation machinery that had organized society to reshuffle generated wealth for a 'fountain upwards' economy had finally reached a stress level where even the prosperous' countries population begun to show signs of open revolt given the massive and daily growing class imbalances they created.
Just like any historic leadership in an exploitative position however, their reaction was not to look into themselves and acknowledge the errors in their ways, but instead to double down on the path that caused their issues to begin with, becoming more and more authoritarian in the process. That was the optimistic outlook anyway though, since there was ample argument to be made that certain maneuvers appeared to show a planning intent to not only intentionally let it get so far, but to use the then ensuing chaos to topple the world order to the elites preferred state of being: A stratified, (seemingly) unquestionable top-down regime, just like the current criminal and illegally occupying party of China had.
Despite China being the literal most murderous, most brutal and one of the most oppressive dystopian states to exist, the Clintons and their political allies and co-conspirators managed to somehow convince everyone to let the regime expand their influence over the world by introducing it to the WTO, treating them as a legitimate country under ruse that giving them respect would somehow lead them to tame and become more democratic.

..Instead the opposite happened. As the regime -at that time close to internal collapse- was fed by all that it was lacking, -western money, technology, forgiveness-, it became not only stronger, but secretly also more oppressive, more arrogant, and used all the gifted western powers to in turn undermine the previous western values through money at the right places. Many of those advocating for investment in China and for the addiction to its slave labor were eventually dependent on the regimes continued expansion, thus advocating for the bloat in their home countries without the regime having to do anything in most cases.
The consequences of such incentives creeped up first in form of media censorship of negative China news.(state organ harvesting programs, concentration camps, genocide, the sheer scale of their surveillance state that costed much more than even their military) Then the embrace of subversive (but not yet openly marxist) ideologies in form of first thinly disguised free-speech blockers like political correctness, ever expanded into new territories to encompass more and more terms from a weird quasi-religious social justice groups. Eventually the media companies of the west were so subverted and trained by the far-left authoritarian leader caste, that they begun to spout open propaganda that demonized the ways of the west and idolized the ways of China or other socialist regimes, all while flying cover for leftwing authoritarian 'brownshirt' terrorist groups that had begun with the classic intimidation tactic maneuvers everywhere, attacking police, firebombing federal courts, destroying statues of even civil rights heroes (definitely all American icons), occupying parts of cities and declaring them independent (Seattle, Portland,...), hunting down 'the wrong' journalists, and openly calling for revolution and the abolishment of 'capitalism'. Always armed, always violent, organized, militant and well funded.
Near to none of these were ever punished of course, nor even called terrorists by the media. If arrested at all, the far-left politicians even pitched in to bail them out of jail -including the next presidential candidate-; all of which worked since the interest groups naturally already sat at the source valve of power, namely for example the budgetary committees of the intelligence agencies.
The rule of law crumbled under the greedy interests of the elites, while the eyes of the people were diverted by the monopolized cultist media. And so instead of turning the Chinese regime more democratic, feeding the authoritarian nightmare state only aided in the West gradually, then suddenly turning more authoritarian, culminating in the alleged election of the:

The far-left and thus China subverted party of the US had been poked and teased by a political enemy that threatened to take away the very source of their wealth - the US to China redistribution channel at which sides they threw their fishing nets. This candidate, the very first in many years not to be fielded by the establishment class, and his one single message of "America first" with its actions that demonized the communist regime, lurked to expose their long-standing silent extraction strategy. And thus, they "ree'd" and screamed, trying every smear in their books in desperation to turn the public against him, meaning to unseat him as fast as possible even before end of his election term. Fake scandals, malicious framing, accusations of misdemeanors, - the propaganda machine was in an overdrive not ever seen before. ...And it went too far.
As all their hunting dogs in media and intelligence were unleashed, many of their actions became so zealous that they inevitably ended up being illegal. One of the downfalls of a country that allows the death penalty is that once a person has committed a crime that warrants the highest possible punishment, they feel already pushed out of society and might as well continue on the path, since their only chance of survival is now to also shoot the police officer trying to arrest them. And so, when The Party eventually pushed too far into criminal territory by sabotaging a duly elected president (Russia and Burisma hoaxes; staging impeachment), -treason on country and people, and death warranting-, there came a point where there was no turning back for them. It was win or die.
This predicament was the linchpin unleashing all the authoritarian ambitions into the open, barely hiding what their end goal was anymore, and literally speaking of a great reset, "state-capitalism", -advocating to take everything away from everyone to make them "happy" and "equal". (communist fineprint: "as slaves, and you better be happy")

Cooking the Ultimate Dystopia
(1984) Even shortly before the election finish, the lies became open and obvious even to the casual news watcher. Hard promises were broken only weeks after making.(no packing of court attempts, no abolishment of filibuster, no medical mandates, ...a long list) Yet no one was allowed to question that the chocolate rations were once 30g. People's protest against all this were deemed domestic terrorism, the US Department of Justice literally listing "thinking the federal government had overstepped" as an indicator, invoking the accursed Patriot Act against their opposing activists, then citizen, parents, against literally half the country(wrong voters), like it had been planned in the beginning. All the while the state funded actual domestic terrorism was framed as peaceful and part of american culture.
The ultimate propaganda to even deny what your very eyes see, to deny the very notion of truth, doublethink, was making its way through the bulwark of the west, the US.
(A Brave New World) While many people "woke up" once witnessing what was previously thought impossible in the thought-to-be civilized first world, there was also another class of people, ironically calling themselves "woke" too (as the communist inversion of truth/ deflection mantra goes), but representing the opposite side. These people, -cultists-, aided the state in its authoritarian ambitions, either through ignorance of consequence, or true admiration of the strong-men or tribal beatdown culture where they wanted to be 'winner' in. They recruited themselves out of the useful idiots Lenin described, though most of them were technically useless individuals. Losers of the society game that grew disgruntled and sought to blame others to not have to face up to their own inadequacy. This group openly protested for the censorship, for a stronger government, and ultimately for their enslavement. Ironically, all those people who had to live under the end result, did at the same time the very opposite on the other side of the world:

While the 40 years of the post WWII cold war situation were certainly frightening, it at least supplied the silver lining of constantly reminding the western populations how terrible socialism turns out in practice and that to fight the impulse to seek the easy way (=don't empower weak, but break the strong) had to be resisted.
Now however, a whole generation had grown up knowing not much about the atrocities, the always left leaning education system suspiciously complicit in their obfuscation, then openly even promoting more and more extreme counter-culture, then even nonchalant marxist teachings.
Off-Topic: show

Red Salute and Hammer and Sickle tattooed activist-first, teacher-second personal vowed to literally turn children into radicals. Exercises like practicing to write letters strategically lying to their parents, and a general tone to encourage to oppose and loath parents were meant to lay the groundwork for the classical Mao inspired cultural revolution in planning, where uncountable numbers of parents were delivered to the knife or gun by the word of their brainwashed offspring, watching their every step for signs of disloyalty to the state.
By 2015 a whole generation had already been raised under misinformed socialist spiced values. As the capital H once said, "You have already lost, because I have your children."
(coVid for Vendetta) As if the internal censorship and pro-superstate drive wasn't terrifying enough, an accidental virus outbreak gave all the China friendly governments around the world just the right excuse to justify their always favorite cure to any crisis they face ever: Needing more money and expanding the reach of the executive. Using the social activists as a shield, monstrously infringing policies were enacted, -for their own good of course-, civil liberties set on pause, and constant fear-tickers filled the television programs, to "remind the people why they need us".
There is nothing more permanent than a temporary government program, and so the special rights to infringe on medical privacy, direct people's movement and entry, ID requirements and tracking infrastructure... were of course never abandoned even when the pandemic fizzled out. In fact, even the slightest signs of it returning could now easily be taken for cause to always expand a little more, most notably seen in Austrialiar giving police unchecked detention powers, and rights to rubber-bullet shoot on sight every anti-government protestor and abduct them into "quarantine facilities"(=concentration camps) because they were oh so much danger to the public. An excellent excuse to vanish and potentially even eliminate with alibi anyone that would dare speak up.
(Hunger Games) While all the communist virus disease spectacle was going on, and the public was made believe the exaggeration that they were staring down the apocalypse, suspiciously the slim pro-communist leader caste, celebrities and diverse rich people often seemed not only not to care too much, -holding massive parties, eating in public, going shopping or on sunny vacations, all without any masks on-, but they were actually literally exempt from the laws, as the judicial systems worldwide had collapsed under the totalitarian executive crisis rights. And so while you could see millionaires surfing on the beach, just a few hundred meters further police could be beating up teenagers for violating curfew. People were losing jobs and fined literal thousands of dollars for mask violations, but the leaders could do so on camera and simply laugh it away.
Rules for thee but not for me.

(Kingsmen) The Davos Group and World Economic Forum is formed of the most elite leaders of the biggest companies in the world (Microsoft, Facebook, etc.), and fielding such illustrious guest speakers such as Xi Jinping, the most powerful and communist dictator of the world to give advice on future world development. When the communist virus disease emerged, they repeated the long standing proverb and wisdom of the Chinese occupying party - "In crisis there is opportunity", and proposed a plan they coined "The Great Reset" to the world. "A global reset of the worlds capitalism", presented amongst other measures with a video detailing how eventually all things around you will be owned by a distant super-rich entity while "you will own nothing, and you will be happy".(as a cherry on top a creepy smile into the camera)
In short, a west-presentable paraphrasing and euphemism for communism. Communism was always capitalism with the turbo button hammered down. While crony-capitalist pressures degraded the system by routing the wealth to fewer and fewer hands over time, and establishing fascism (the merger of government and corporate) along the way, communism achieved this abysmal end result with the snap of a finger. An instant super-rich leader caste from one glorious revolutionary day to the next.

However, the most frightening thing about all this scheming: What if the elites were right, and it was all necessary indeed? Humanity had consumed too much, and it had long since known that the rise of all 8 billion people to western wealth was simply unfeasible. It was clearer every year that even the current levels were too much for the planet to handle, as temperatures and weather anomalies were on the rise.
The villain in the Kingsmen world disaster scenario saw this, and sought in his solution to sterilize large parts of the population to get back to a sustainable level. Necessary reduction of consumption as it may be, one thing that most people could still agree on was that there was no reason why the rich and other elites should still be able to live on like this while they made everyone else go through withdrawal.
Yet that was obviously their plan. Their answer to the sprawling humanity was neo-feudalism under their control. As if someone had taken the warning of the different possible dystopias as a recipe book instead, and then baked a terrifying suffer-souffle out of it, they all seemed to somehow come true at the same time.
A world wide authoritarian super regime was in the making. A concept coined by the remaining resisting societies as the "CCP", the Communat-thee(*1) Corporate Pact, also combining all the authoritarian nightmare concepts into one master poison formula. It was wise enough to avoid the failures of communism by offering just enough amenities to keep people off revolting, and fielded a state cult/religion and hate propaganda that produced enough woke zealots to keep beating down for free those that then still demanded their rights back. All aided with the most modern AI surveillance that instantly knew when everyone left their home etc., and now also orbital weapons overhead, unreachable by protests.

*1: "notThee" is censored in the forum, so I had to misspell it

//--Another pause. Taking longer than expected.--
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Re: Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2021, 09:51:25 PM »
Wow, that's like a merged NewsMaxx-FoxNews fever dream ;D I wonder which conspiracy nutcase website you found it on?

So this will be a two-faction game? United Dystopian Earth vs Utopian Europe-on-Europa  :P

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Re: Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2021, 09:51:39 AM »
Wow, that's like a merged NewsMaxx-FoxNews fever dream ;D I wonder which conspiracy nutcase website you found it on?

So this will be a two-faction game? United Dystopian Earth vs Utopian Europe-on-Europa  :P
Including mine, there are 5 factions, but it is essentially everyone against this redefined CCP. ...And Great Britain who has special status, but (spoiler) for some reason doesn't do anything for the whole game so far sadly.

If you really want to know how I found this though, -although there were many sources over the years-, I recommend the 3 producers on Youtube:
- Tim Pool (3 channels) Timcast IRL of which is lighter with interesting and often highly influential guests. Today I found this to be pretty good, though I can't agree fully on some of the judge's speech analysis.
- China Uncensored and America Uncovered (from the same team) are very humorous, almost satire news. Well, except that the things they lay out are solid, and they tread very carefully not to go into deep water so to speak. I found them back when that huge Taipei explosion happened. At the time I was living together with 3 Chinese students, and we just watched the CCP ree in attempts to censor the information worldwide, even though it was just some accident. (...but 'nothing bad ever happens in great great China', right?) This ridiculous sensitivity and their detention and expulsion of western reporters over such a minor issue gave me a hint towards the scale of their authoritarianism for the first time. Well, or at least it was an indicator seed that eventually let me to more information as it caused discussion. Then I also started watching the channels some year(s?) or so later.
- Third perhaps Crossroads with Joshua Phillip too (solid arguments and actual traditional journalism most of the time, but in presentation often also regrettably tainted by religious filter glasses. ... quote:"communism/atheism doesn't want you to have a soul" ???) The live Q/A might be long but it is the life story of Joshua and his involvement with many activist groups that make everything interesting. His newspaper, the Epoch Times was the last free one in Hong Kong after the recent annexation for example, despite all the sabotage, party thugs beating up personal, arson etcetc. . He was often on the front line of discovery, so of the three he is the closest to action and regarding his past at least a first-rank source too. ..If only he wasn't softy nuts.
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Re: Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
« Reply #4 on: October 30, 2021, 12:14:32 PM »
The CCP's Ensemble Assembles
Although the occupying party of China wanted to subvert as many countries as it could if possible at once, with the US being the center of the West's power, they formed the rallying point for the insurrections worldwide. As the Beijing and Harass Regime came to power, they already had their leading chess pieces ready to be installed on the board in order to flip it over. Amongst others this included:

(section for some dramatis personae, but since I don't really use them later it is technically all fluff and can be skipped. ...I just found it entertaining to myself collect my mind about all this)
Off-Topic: show
Joseph Beijing - A long known political cutthroat, granted clemency and rebranded at age into a grandfather figure instead. He has been wrong on every political issue vote in the past so far, helping to get US into Iraq for an illegal attack war as an example and enriching his brother and through him himself by granting lucrative government building contracts in those warzones. Now also known for using his son to facilitate other influence peddling operations, such as the Burisma deals where he shared banking accounts with his father, the million dollar China equity deal that used airforce 2 to send his family to a corruption event. Finally the shamelessly thin donation coverup that let his sparsely talented son sell paintings to unknown buyers at ridiculous price, the anonymity advertised as something positive.. However, he had not to fear the press anymore, because as Xi famously said, "There is no difference between a journalist and a propagandist", and they were all on China's side.
Advertising himself as a unifier, he instead often smeared the only other party in the country as the enemy, ramping up persecution for any possible slight even and turning the public towards a civil war 'us versus them' mood. Who stays when in a two party system one of them calls for the abolishment of the other? Beijing knew.

CommieLalaHarass - Vastly unpopular even in her own (deep-blue) state of California where she couldn't even amass 2% support. Then consequently destroyed in the presidential debates, and though this should have been an indicator that really no one liked her, the establishment was still convinced that her token qualities (black+women) would resonate with people, - voting be damned. One is reminded of the also public will denying Hi(t)lary installation that axed the more popular candidate Sanders previously as uncovered by Assange, ultimately leading to the election of their feared enemy through massive protest votes.
Despite being an unlikable person all around, she was also a literal slaver and (legal)murderer, as she protected her quota as state prosecutor by e.g. denying innocent people relieving DNA tests (/fast-forwarding their execution date before the upcoming DNA test), and also keeping inmates after their term because "they were needed as firefighters".

Marx Marxy - The "I am not a Marxist!" marxist 4 star general and chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff. Claiming the former elected leader had somehow purged and subverted the US military as a pretense, he helped forward the real purge by using the reliable weapon of Social Justice causes. As the classical marxist tactic goes - accuse the enemy of the crimes you commit yourself in deflection. "Who would suspect the inspector?"
Now military personal had to go through loyalty tests and were forced towards cultural marxist literature, like Kimberle Crenshaw's Critical Race Theory, that called for revolution and openly admitted its reliance on Critical Theory, the hegelian dialectic intrinsic to marxist thought. When questioned about these radical changes in Congress, Marxy denied being a Marxist for "just reading it doesn't make you a marxist". Which would have been reasonable if they weren't at the same time instructed that everyone protesting or voicing discomfort be set on watch, marked as extremist or white nationalist, and finally pushed to the purge.
As the US military was using this moving process to sort itself towards one sides' political agenda, bit by bit they began to see the average American as a threat. The military was readied to once more in history shoot on their civilians.
What is to be taken out of this: Loyalty tests on the military right at the advent of a new administration? Always a historic giveaway on the course of the political future there.

Merights Gulagd - Similar to the now partisan US Department of Justice(DOJ)'s appointment that ended some of the Hunter Beijing investigations, this new Attorney General was another strategic cultist pick to forward extreme left agenda in the law enforcement. When the parents in the US were finally waking up to the indoctrination attempts of Critical Theory and historical revisionism (1619 project; smear of civil rights heroes), large scale protests broke out all around. Though one would think that massive indescriminate prosecution of huge swaths of the population is a step so dire it would warrant at least probable cause to initiate, the Attorney General Gulagd didn't even see fit to run the most superficial of studies or investigations before taking a letter of the (subverted far left) National School Board Association by its word, describing dissenting parents as domestic terrorists that ought to be prosecuted.
Using the language of terrorism of course was the key to warrant the use of the civil rights incinerating Patriot Act, a legislation that granted the executive unbound authority when dealing with 'enemies of the state', such as arbitrary and limitless detention without charge.
Everyone prophesied it would eventually turned against its own people, and here it was, for the matter of resisting the government's indoctrination courses, and for their abolishment of the former highly praised 'my body my choice' philosophy.
Is it even worth mentioning that Garland had a son-in-law that earned his living selling critical race literature to those schools?
(OOC add info: the school board association has currently backed away and apologized for their letter, plus some school boards have now cut ties with the association over this incident, and yet the AG is still confirming he will continue with the push to broad federal persecution.)

Saule Omarova - Doesn't actually need a warped name version of herself, because she is a literal Soviet. Graduating at Moscow State University before the end of the union, receiver of the Lenin Scholarship, her thesis on marxist theory, and a self described radical. Beijing clearly made an ideologically unmotivated pick for the person he delegated the complete restructuring of the US's banking system to.(as Office of the Comptroller of the Currency)
In her first comments she used SJ terms as shield(as they all do) to justify the radical changes she promised to bring. 'In the name of [some perceived weak group], we shall bring revolution', a classic.

---Other measures of the coup---
There were many more in just about every high ranking position one could think of, both in politics as in economy. Where did the push towards woke ideals at all corporations come from despite being vastly unpopular ("go woke, go broke") with the consumers? Infiltration at the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) score production turned this crucial asset management indicator into a social credit score for corporations in which only those who towed the party line would remain at rank. This also included openly coming out demonizing states that merely repealed illegal pandemic-rushed voting law changes, as the ESG threatened with downranking.(Delta Airlines, LinkedIn, Coca Cola...)

As the left knew that their new radical agenda could not stand up to a culture of open debate, all the leading media corporations under their heel started to censor conservative speakers and conspire to destroy the little industrial ground they had.(e.g. Parler, purged into nothingness by denial from Amazon Web Services about accusations of letting conservatives organize a riot. Never went before a judge, just killed by corporate above-the-law powerplay. Not to mention Facebook having let through Antifa, BLM and even the very same conservative riot without charge, while Parler had much harsher community standards. It was not controlled by the left though...)

As the defecting KGB informant and Soviet journalist Yuri Bezmenov described, at the core of left-authoritarian countries warfare program lies the practical consideration of how the goals of a war (subjugation, or spreading the revolution) can be achieved by other means. Experiencing an evolution in the Chinese's coining of the "asymmetrical warfare" term, it included more rough approaches like destabilizing infrastructure as
- electricity and water supply (Joseph Beijing used one of his first executive orders to rescind the banning of China buying out US electricity services),
- warfare through drug addiction (US and Canada live through the literal worst drug-death epidemic ever, -the Fentanyl epidemic-, though media reports near to nothing),
- watering of the population's unified corpus and voting (immigration crisis directly linked to day 1 executive orders. Even with all the crisis on horizon, they are working on legislation dismantling the wall and limiting ICE. The only immigrants demonized and not allowed were the ones fleeing the Cuban regime. The Democratic Socialists of America came out in "support for the revolution", which was coded speech for standing behind the brutal dictatorship currently gunning down its people)
- embrace of criminals but harsh persecution for the law abiding citizen (Police allowing violent rioters and looters, but not actual 'peaceful protest'. Criminals released in the start of the pandemic due to 'ethic concerns', but lockdown protesters jailed at the same time. Practical decriminalization of theft under 950$ in California and similars elsewhere. US embassies around the world flying the BLM flag, flaunting in some cases their official symbol -the literal Red Salute, the marxist fist-...)
- a new cult to forward unity in revolution and have a new origin story(SJ functioning as a secular religion under which the left extremist ideals are forwarded. 1619 project perhaps an attempt at a new founding myth. People demonstrate for diversity, climate goals and against the super rich, while literally having the super rich and worst offenders of these ideals fund and back their cause, ...and they still think themselves on the side of the revolution. Well, yes, but it was the revolution for the rich.)

- ideological commissars just like every company under the Chinese Party over 50 employees ought to have (keyword: "Chief Diversity Officer", a person only existing to look at peoples skin color and pushing for more and more cultural marxist agenda in their companies, pushing to fire everyone who opposes the new 'equal' ideology. Also slowly replacing 'equality' with 'equity'/='everyone gets the same', stealthily sneaking in the trap door of the communist dream)
- as the rot progressed, subversion of the division of powers finalizing the deal (Joseph violating 3 direct Supreme Court Orders. -1- No moratorium on evictions, -2- reinstating of 'stay in mexico' policy standard which underlined the international practice that refugees need to stay in the first country suitable instead of migrating to the one they like the best, -3- medical mandates, which ought to at least pass the legislative and are questionable on constitutional grounds. Thus, the power separation was thoroughly ignored. The supreme court could not hinder them/ apparently never had any real power to begin with. A complete unbound overreaching executive was afoot. The step to what they had always accused their enemy of was done by them instead.)

All this leading to the end goal of collapse and making people yearn for change in face of total crisis, at which point the sewage phoenix of socialism would rise out of the ashes to offer his shiny looking rainbow blowfly solutions, ending of course in the next long night, perhaps -thanks to modern surveillance technology- even in everdark.

Once the US could signal to the other Five Eyes that the coup (communist-uprising?) had been completed, they, -knowing that no world military or economic police was holding them to account anymore-, could also move forward much more quickly, evaporating freedom of speech first, then giving precedence to detaining citizen, and finally detaining any political opposition once the public got used to the excuses.(Canada, Australia)

...What all these Western governments that dreamt of their own version of China's totalitarian system didn't realize however, was that China didn't proselytize the extreme left secular-religion dogma in order to gain ideological allies. Their goal was and always has been to put the world under their leadership, and under the 'superior' Chinese leader race, to which ends the ideological subversion was mainly an action of internal weakening. So while the western leaders might have thought they'd become celebrated despots of their own realms, really, China had invested far too much money, influence peddling, and agent positioning to let them off the hook.
In the end, bit by bit, the dependencies on China's central production and political advise grew large enough that the five eyes fell into North Korea alike adjoined territory status towards the Party state. This included the new lands of:
o Chinada: Let into disaster by renown pro-China diplomat family offspring Trustno, it turned out that having merely oral constitutional rights ends up to be more of a recommendation to the government, as it could quickly and mostly unopposed overstep the boundaries that were once considered international human rights standards. Aided by Fentanyl crisis and China dependence, the communists already held joint military training exercises in Chinada's territory close to US borders way before 2020, signaling to everyone on whose side they would fall in conflict.

o Austrialiar: Always on the edge of China support and western values due to their extreme geographic closeness and thus economic dependence on the Party, there were suspicious movements in their elites starting at around the 2000s already. Police force separation was abolished, putting them under one central command; investigation of police could only be done by the same police; strong state funded left extremist social justice movements; Chinese corruption affairs, and buyouts of major key industries by the regime; and finally -perhaps most telling- their universities' cooperation with Chinese military research that let to the Party having had any chance on a modern military at all.(as not free thinking countries tend to lack in research)
When the signals of Beijing-Harass came in, they moved quickly to use the pretense of medical emergency to direct their already pre-stromtrooperized police to enact the most horrible and sudden reversals of western liberties seen in all the west.

o Nawzee Land: Perhaps experiencing the strongest economic dependence on the regime, especially in regards to the completely bought out housing sector, so far that original inhabitants could not buy houses anymore thanks to China 'investor' mass buyouts. Although they might not be as ideologically subverted, the greed let "the capitalist sell [us] the rope with which we hang them", as Lenin said, and so they were eventually left internally subverted, without outer allies anymore, and thus had to follow the central regime's orders.

o OURS: The "Officially United Revolutionary States", coined by the Uniter in chief, Beijing, was actually very much left in a constant state of civil war.
Off-Topic: show

While the blue(=red) areas had large populations that gleefully knelt to a strongman/feebleman regime to hunt their media painted enemies (half of everyone), 24 states in total had sought secession and didn't recognize the federal government anymore. As of 2024, their resources became so diverted towards internal fighting ("insurrectionist states" became the newspeak trendy term) that little room was left anymore to fund their decades old tradition of international interference, leaving China to not only take over, but also extract the little that the former US still could give, and placing those figures on the Party's chessboard side.(as a good gesture of "international friendship and cooperation" like he would say of course)

New World Order
Together with these western territories, the China mainland, NK and other Party subverted countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, and eventually even the Philippines, these blocks formed the new [CCP] power axis,
starting with a massive 3 billion population, and thus a sizable 100+ 17-28kt ship military fleet. They however also suffer from the "authoritarian curse" of in this case 50% racial research speed due to limiting free thought and criticism everywhere, as well as reduced starting science due to already being behind by the advent of modern Constructor Tech. This should serve to offset their sheer access to lab capacity temporarily at least.

Only Great Britain [BRT] of the five eyes could escape the encroachment of the ideological commissars, albeit only by a hair. Their contributions towards high-prediction technology had not only made them too valuable to seal off their brain production just yet, but they also had the EU resistance close enough encircling that it let China weigh their cost-profit options in case of the usual attempted military boot transfer. This unique position gave Great Britain enough of a breather to reconsider their crush on socialist ideals when they could see where it let the rest of the world. Although the population had little say in any of this, the governing authoritarian heads had at least seen that they were riding the scorpion across the river, and now tried to think of other means to keep their power. In results, -also thanks to their technological advance start-, Great Britain became a for its size recognizably strong naval force once again.
Starting with 65 million population and extra tech points

Of ambiguous allegiance, the emerging EU-like coalition called the South American Alliance [SOU] ought to in the least to be credited for cutting their ties with the Regime despite its growing international pressure. Even though China had been very dependent on South America's bountiful food production, the Party stepped on their provider's feet one time too often when they demanded the food delivery even though SOU had suffered enough shortcomings during the communist virus disease that they had problems feeding their own people. Perhaps it was eye opening to them to be asked to kill themselves for their partners sake (who also caused the issue to begin with no less). Their progress remains to be watched, as they show promise, but also still fall back in international development standards.
Starting with 420 million population and reduced tech points

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations Alliance [ASE] includes next to the most notable remaining ASEAN state Indonesia some powerful new candidates such as Japan, South Korea and even the giant India. Their founding/expansion is an attempt to stand up against the encroaching Chinese aggression that already threw its leeching tendrils into Japan's southern islands (Chinese navy patrols), India's Himalayan border (regular armed skirmishes), South Korea's democratic governance (attempted but luckily [fiction]failed political subversion through the 'opposing voter fraud is treason according to the constitution' Moon Jae-in party), and of course the whole South China Sea.
Though their power is massive, they are still only the far behind second place in comparison to the red curtain states.
1850 million people but still a start tech impediment as the by far largest population provider (India) falls short in development

After all the ideological subversion of the West and the specter of communism ravaging social structures everywhere, a small unlikely miracle happened. Since all the five eyes' cultural business usually reaches the European nations with about 5 years delay (save England), the small window of possible resistance that existed during the consolidating phase of any newly uprising authoritarian state grew into a stretched out period of multiple years. Giving their WWII history, China was surprised to see its business and political bodysnatched pawns be ousted by lengthy protests over this prolonged period, which the local polices could not (yet) brutalize. Although the Party tried to rapidly adjust the countries' legislation to make more draconian measures possible they again hadn't anticipated the amount of on-the-ground officers that would simply refuse to commit to inhumane orders. Europa's universities might have suffered under the same tide of spoon-fed Confucius Institute agenda radicalized social science youths, but their influence was barely felt as cultural preferences had still given actual competent people preferred hiring over those of the 'right' political affiliation, making the presses' and political infiltration incomplete. Evidently the Party's cultural subversion fell short. The tactics tested in Austrialiar and fielded in all five eyes were not one on one applicable to the European cultures.
Thus rose the resistance, a new political affiliation that threw out the communist bodysnatched leaders and attempted a new vision. Their life would be hard, as the global trade was now dominated and policed by the criminal regimes, cutting Europe off from many luxuries it grew attached to. However, a new spirit of self reliance was also the result, and as the EU began to proof a successfully stabilized counter model to the CCP's iron curtain, many refugees out of the remaining western world came to flock to their call. Eventually, to underline their mission and the new political climate or world order, the EU became to rebrand itself as the [WU], the Western Union, promoting to the rest of humanity their role as a beacon for the thought-to-be-fallen western values of individual freedom and the pursuit of happiness, and their will to carry the torch on.
Starting with mere 400 million people but some extra tech points (although spent inefficiently for roleplay purposes). No starting ships, but 25 research labs and somewhat more industry at the start due to having the highest collective development standard in the world.(I forgot the exact numbers, but I think it was 1000 conventional industries)

---Technical Settings---
The game is set to 50% research speed overall, as well as 50% difficulty, which seems to be a must when starting with same system NPRs. I remember starting 200% in the past, like with the EU game, but C# makes it quite difficult to maintain any real fleet, so the computer has immense natural advantage.
Additionally there is a 20 year truce in place to simulate that there should be no major conflict before 2025 and let history run similar to records until then. It also gives a much needed breather to catch up with AI since the EU will be the only one without a starting fleet and few shipyards for diverse designs.
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Re: Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
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---proper timelining from here---

The Max Planck Exploration Mission
The major military powers of the world had supported the advent of Constructor Technology since its first conception around 2005. Noticing quickly how falling anything short of the very edge of its development and deployment would critically endanger the power balance across the planet, all the major military nations, as well as the first inventor the United Kingdom, heavily focused on prototyping a military fleet for mere short range deployment, having orbital defense in mind as their primary goal. The Outer Space Treaty, -as it turned out-, was no hindrance for the escalating arming spiral, since when China put the first "scientific experiments"(=strategic weapons) into space, NATO and then other nations merely claimed to do the same in order to act as police for the OST, since no one was there to enforce it.
The central European power Germany however was a special case, as it was still bound by WWII treaties to not develop ships over a naval frigate size (about 7500t) to which it was ridiculously held even at the advent of a space navy, and which in contrast to the OST was enforcable by the tendrils of the US that sunk deep into its politics and economy. Consequently Germany, and with it some of the smaller European nations (Poland, the Scandinavian countries, Austria, Switzerland, ...), could not compete in the rush towards the establishing 17-27kt cruiser standard and were thus curiously enabled to spend their resources in other directions.

The European Space Agency (ESA) always had a very fruitful collaboration with Germany's Max Planck Institutes, the biggest and most successful institute program in the world. Seeing as to that they could not keep up in the arms race by any other means, most of the EU instead opted to expand on the spaceflight research of MPI, lifting those parts up into a new collaboration, the Max Planck Fund Exploration Mission. Though being a novel loophole way to hide unexpected military engine developments of the EU, a second advantage was that it looked much better to the public since its primary mission was merely a cartography and exploration program, which was an aspect of this new space-faring technology that had so far been neglected by everyone else in their rabies rush.
And so, by the end of 2015, ESA had completed design plans of a series of middle-weight exploration ships that would form the first docile looking wedge to open up a path towards a legal combined European navy.

Prospects of Development and De-Development
Perhaps thanks to their cold distance to the sun, or maybe just some unknown processes of natural self-sorting, many bountiful natural pockets of 'untouched' minerals were uncovered all over the solar system, painting a vision of possible future expansion and exploitation.
- Mars was rich in nuclear stable iron resources, many of which turned out to be sealed from interaction thanks to its early cooling core and thus relatively short active geological period. Additionally many deposits of minerals could be found which could be refined into superconducting elements needed for the near interaction-less charge supply that propels the worlds new ship prototypes.

- Europa had felt a surprising sorting force stemming from Jupiter's magnetic field that influenced the free light floating particules in its early ocean environment. Rocky nodules of heavier/higher neutron-percentage elements thus fell out on shelves of its deep seas, making them easy to pick up. Some of them seem to have never known other forces than those magnetics, leaving remaining purification a child's play.

- Uranus' unique axial tilt towards the sun had initiated a process that preserved a liquid column around this rotation axis in near stasis, as not even solar magnetic perturbations could disturb the self stabilizing spin of this electric stream. A possible candidate for a very futuristic fuel source? At least if humanity should ever learn how to access it.

After only 18 months of its mission start, the MPI Exploration Fund had managed to catalogue all bodies of the solar system into a complete 'inventory' compendium, which was an achievement of its own. It also had managed to probe each and every one of them for possible pure element sources, of which it had found many, and some very accessible hidden in our asteroids and comets.

With the program coming to an early/overly successful end at its primary goal on exactly September 2018, not all was working out well on the other side of its mission. The situation on Earth had deteriorated towards where suspicious political division had engulfed the whole of the US, with its two political parties being engaged in harsher and harsher fighting. While the publics and medias of other Western countries often mocked the Americans for simply being quirky or arrogantly discarding them as stupid, trained eyes of leadership, history or survivors of such incidents (e.g. Cubans) could sense and fear the true nature of the conflict arising.
The rethoric had derailed too much, the scandals and smears were not just lies anymore. True criminal acts were committed, meaning people actually risked their lives for some arcane end goal. There was a new political war afoot, and while its meaning was obfuscated for long, it became all too clear and the dots connected once the Communist Virus Disease incident unfolded.

A World War without a World War
Beginning with the year 2020 (and later corrected to at least November 2019) the in hindsight perhaps lucky pandemic catastrophy engulfed the planet. While it was certainly a disaster level incident, it also carried the silver lining that the forces fanning the flames of division throughout the West could not lie in hiding any longer.
The Chinese Regime had always been careful to protect its image in the world, calling back to the famous Deng Xiaoping foreign policy philosophy "Hide your strength, bide your time". While it infiltrated western economical interests first, then politics, then media, it could always call on someone's influence or leverage its power in order to hide its abuses from the common western citizen. Often enough it was touted as valuable trade partner and an uprising star of almost western standard even, as too few of the general public knew of either concentration camps, the stretch of mass-surveillance, nor its organ harvesting and slavery programs.
Money and influence could only buy you so much in the West however, and so, when right after the barely coverable Hong Kong annexation a very preventable pandemic rolled over the planet and touched everyone's lives, the western media capacity to shield China's image was exhausted. Even though its allies made valiant attempts (e.g. Italy's Hug a Chinese day or the effort to stop a travel ban from Wuhan), even the open letter signed by all kinds of high level politicians calling everyone blaming China and wanting to defend against China a racist, had no effect anymore. China's image in the world was sinking, and their carefully protected sheen of civility was coming off. Everyone was touched and implicated in this mistake, and it could not be hidden.
Not only was China now facing the issue of the current world generation finally wising up to its ways through this, but the virus incident also served as an anchor that drew in more and more stories about all the other abuses they had been committing under everyone's noses, and also the iron media curtain conspiracy that had worked to keep up the state of ignorance for so long. Thus the brutal party dictatorship saw no other choice than to part with its ways of patience and preparation, and unleash all its pawns from the shadows in which they were hiding at once. It had to be here and now.
Thanks to the virus however, their hand was forced too early -their infiltration and subversion not yet at full intended strength-, and so perhaps the free world had a chance.

China's policy shifted towards the 'momentum strategy' and their dictator called it openly a "World War 3 Situation", meaning the disaster also being a chance to reorder the worlds power balance and political compass. On one hand the regime opted to literally spread the virus, forbidding internal flights but allowing international ones from the outbreak, and letting their western pawns wave it in. On the other hand it would advice them to ramp up the push towards the coup right now, leading amongst others to open (and government and media shielded) marxist mass street protests throughout all the West, ...during the pandemic.
(ooc: also in Germany btw. next to no black people here, but still a mass (white) protest movement)
Off-Topic: show

The former suspiciously harsh political war of the US suddenly gained clear colors. Every action of the attacker had the socialist destabilization tactic at heart. Canceling energy independence on day 1 citing climate goals, but directly after asking OPEC to ramp up production to cover the shortfall? The only effect, the US loses. Opening borders on day 1 and being suspiciously persistent on dismantling every attempt and agency that would try control it even long after disaster unfolded? US loses. Push to abolish police (in some places successfully) during a major wave of riots and crime? The US loses, and the ones in power might get 'their police' instead to replace them. Divisive and factually unsupportable medical mandates during an already disastrous labor and shipping crisis, then even firing nurses and doctors during the pandemic for 'only' having natural immunity?
One would have to think them a talent at incompetence to be wrong on literally every decision taken without fail, unless chaos was the goal itself. Take with it all the other signals of China endorsement, far left indoctrination pushes, the term 'State Capitalism' thrown around in a serious manner(also a Lenin term), Parents denied their say in the governments' raising of their children(in communism kids belong to the "community"/=state anyway), and an infinite list of other shadiness. With every action pointed at US population's throat, the West began to wonder in 2021 how such a government plans to stay elected come 2022. Of course, it should have been obvious that the China/China sympathizing capital backed's party strategy was simple: There would never be another election ever again.
If it acts like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like duck, sometimes it is actually, indeed, a duck.

A "Fleeting" Dream
While the Marxist subversion attempts were also unfolding in Europe, ironically, the ideologies' two founding countries, Germany and France, were strangely resistant, making a timely overtaking impossible before the game became too obvious. The interest groups and high business had not amassed enough power when 2022 brought the abolishment of the old US government that made their regime official, and so political changes swept most of EU leadership away when they were too short on willing foot soldiers to beat down the demanding masses.
As the only EU country with world class full size navy ships, France suddenly became very interested and involved with the Max Planck funds advances. The french military engineers had so far supported the now very subverted NATO navy buildup, rendering their work usurped and nil, but with their heads still intact, nothing was standing in the way for EU to now field their own ships. Since they were behind by 17 years in build-up however, some compensating strategic scheming could not be avoided.
The EU could not by time nor resources or manpower hope to stand against the great left power axis currently consolidating, and thus put their hopes in a more guerrilla minded warfare style approach. While the other nations and unions had time for build-up on their side, EU saw its strength potential in hindsight and analysis, - a chance at a new and better adapted doctrine.
The decision was made on two series of smaller, more quickly mutable destroyer types. They would opt to 'spy-and-fly' the enemy out in open maneuvers, while using a clever new type of dynamic defense and attack "Flare" ammunition that could fill its role cut to individual engagement demand.
12 Crafts of the "Starlite" main combat model were in order, featuring 30 such flare stack launch pods:

Blueprint phase and prototype maiden flight:
Off-Topic: show

(ooc: you can actually see the 4 sensors on the ship too. Parabol and communications on the bridge, larger actives in front. No promises towards this accuracy for future ships though)

Its variant, the Pantomime, is mostly a scout ship replacing the main body with an extensive sensor suit, and having in front instead 3 hard mounted Merlin Lasers.

(picture is already from a refitted version with better sensors. One more refit happened later that reduced fire reload to 5s)

Since only 3 models of this already under-gunned variant were ordered, EU's beam fight capacity is not all that developed. Since it was seen as futile to try to stand up to the powerful beam broadsides of the world's navies with what was at hand, focus lies more on building up deep ammunition stockpiles to keep the tactical advantage of the flare cloud destroyers afloat.

By 2025 the regime changes and communist flips of the world board became so widespread that Europe saw itself seriously concerned about a possible land invasion. With France mostly still leading the military development and the fight being once more against the Socialists, it was decided to build a new chain of purely defensive interconnected fortress installations, and call them "the Maginot Line" out of historic respects.
Off-Topic: show

//OOC: Perhaps it is due to new formulas in C#, but this is one of the better start rolls for minerals I had so far. An empire needs mostly Duranium, Neutronium, Corundium and later also Gallicite. On top at least one well accessible gas giant with high reserves for fuel. This Sol has good quantities of all but Corundium, and Uranus is also pretty good for early fuel. There will be better sites, and especially Corundium must be found, but over all a really solid start.
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Re: Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
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Socialist Chess Catch 22: The only winning move is not to play
When the Western Union Navy command detailed their fighting plans to the diverse governments still constituting the EU, it became abundantly clear that such a guerilla tactic warfare approach, -their only shot at winning-, could not work out as long as the CCP had options to hold civilian population hostage with their orbital weaponry. All strategical game plans laid out would end up with China and the Five Eyes devastating either Europe or the aiding fleet which could not withstand the combined NATO and Chinese forces at once. It was made abundantly clear to the EU leadership that options needed to be weighed to consider Earth lost as the second red planet, yet a monumental proposal such as this could of course not be simply decided nor acted upon.
Whether the leadership agreed or not, the proposition was ridiculous and unrealistic, but it did manage to achieve one critical thing. The presentation had convinced the Council that their military's supply lines were completely encircled and agreed on hefty investment to the compromise solution. Earth's development would be delayed to further the build-up of secondary and tertiary bases throughout the solar system. The big ask strategy had the Union Navy get what they actually wanted: Abundant distributed supplies and staging points.

To facilitate the development, the WU was now the first major player to announce a solar infrastructure program, proudly featuring a large new freighter prototype:

The Trondheim type was designed to lock with different kinds of containers to function multi-role either as carrier for material, fuel, passengers, or even military supplies.
The advent of tunneling-FTL detection sensory made it possible for most modern ships to simply evade micro-meteors or orbital satellite shrapnel, since they could all be cartographed in detail thousands of kilometers out. With the sheer size of Trondheim however, maneuvering might sometimes not be an option if clouds of material became too dense, for which reason defensive anti-debris lasers were placed all around, as well as the armor thickened as a secondary measure.

Soon after beginning the lengthy assembly process, the EU council was quickly and then often reminded of the Navies recommendation, despite its unrealistic nature. While the CCP had failed in the EU during its first subversion attempt at the fall of Five Eyes in 2022, it had not given up on its asymmetrical warfare tactic and merely worked to adapt its method to the different 'market'. Although the EU citizenry had seemingly purged the leadership caste and stated their stance against socialist values loudly, the CCP could always find corruptible souls again and spin a new net, especially since the EU's position on the world stage had become so hopeless. When the leadership had to hear its military advice to flee the planet (albeit secretly not completely serious), many likely reconsidered their allegiance in the grand game. And so, with its resources multiplied and enemies diminished, a new and powerful rush of CCP spies, political capital buyouts and activist recruitment was soon focused to assault the integrity of the EU system -and only the EU system- once again.
Once again were politicians without public approval 'somehow' rising to the highest ranks.(e.g. Harass) Once again there was a virus variant, once again there was a Dr. "Mengele" Fasci to propose friendly relation with the diseased country and 'Great Reset'-type lockdown policies. Once again did remainder elites field a 'build back better' akin redistribution plan to mirror the greatest historic wealth transfer of 2020. Once again did the benefiting rich interests fund the activists that would fight for their agenda in the streets, against the people (but ostensibly for good). Once again the states would seek to prosecute the citizens who would dare resist the Brownshirt(without shirt) revolutionary violence, to signal that resistance to the collective was futile.
..And once again did the citizen revolt against the measures and deplatform the actors complicit with the hostile regime. How often would it be possible to fight back? Would the CCP eventually find the right mold for the key tactic that finally toppled the fortress?

The problem with fighting the socialist values was the same as the paradox of tolerance. A society that embraced groups promoting intolerance would eventually be dominated by intolerance as their enemies don't return the favor, thus leading the tolerant values to demise. On the other hand, not tolerating the intolerant would make them intolerant themselves, also destroying the spirit of the nation in some sense.
The social(+ist) activists used virtuous causes as their shield and knew for the most part to work either perfectly within the law, or at least perfectly within the extralegal stretch zone that their infiltration had already granted them.
This meant that the only way to fight their infiltration was to change the law, -make legal prosecution possible, but also sacrifice some rights or the protections around those values they used as their shield. Empowering the executive in the process was also an near unavoidable side effect, both eroded the system from within and ramped up options for authoritarianism.
Letting the activist go about would destroy the system, but so would lashing out and fighting them openly. Resist or give up, both bear high chances of leading the enemy to victory. The Socialist Catch 22.
Off-Topic: show

Short Circuiting Spacetime
(more tech lore)
While the first freighters were in line to launch in 2029, the Max Planck Society and ESA had used the last 10 years to flush their assigned resources into redefining their role. The invention of Constructor Theory was now aided with the successes of another theoretical advancement, the "Information Tunneling Superluminal" phenomenon.
The fact that all particles are exact and identical copies of each other had given cause to many wondrous theories across the last century. John Wheeler famously presented the "one electron" postulate in which there existed only one electron in the universe, traveling back and forth in time to fill all its roles every- and anywhere eventually. Other more ideology driven ideas saw the smallest particles as the new, true "atoms" (greek for "indivisible"), which puzzled together higher existance. The best surviving concept however was the realization that the nature of reality was simply not based on particles, but instead of singular fields, in which the appearance of particles could be invoked by local excitation. Thus, the subatomic particles were not all the same because of some divinely precise printing machine, but simply because every one of them stemmed from their own always-same omnipresent field, or so to say were in fact nothing but that one identical field every time, in excitation. (e.g. "the electron field")
Take to this the knowledge about the effect of tunneling in which such a "particle" can disappear and reappear a farther distance out when presented with some sort of obstacle in their way. Although it would be more precise to say that the old "particle" got annihilated while a new one reappears some distance further out, what was really the difference if every instance of the field was identical anyway?
So while superluminal movement through space might not be possible through theory, making exact copies of information at distant locations faster than light... was.

//OOC: Btw., this first part is not science fiction, but actually proven to work :) Downside: Needs powerful signals to work at all since tunneling chances are miniscule, and gives very little overall speed gain. Who knows how it can be developed further though. For now, the mere fact that FTL signals are possible at all (and fit into theory without breaking relativity etc) is already some amazing hopeful development.

Thus came the advance of Tunneling-FTL informatics which used the extreme taming of quantum fields from constructor theory in order to shoot out self-reinforcing and self-interfering carrier waves that built stacked up superluminal information in order to let the next line get further, then the next, then the next... , eventually arriving at perfect instant transmission.
A system wide information network was born. Science ship captains could receive one-to-one real-time orders while being out in the Kuiper Belt, and also access the new space internet for entertainment to stream their favorite shows. Information construction plans were coded into the quantum fields themselves for anyone with the right equipment to simply replicate at position when needed, and yet this wasn't even the greatest advance... .

The 2027 Kyoto Hotel international physics conference had its chairs outfitted with shuttle-issue seat belts as a joke. Soon their utility was recognized however when the ASEAN scientists leading the introduction hinted at no less than having reason to believe that the principle could be expanded into the macrocosmic.
While modern spacecraft could now rid themselves of most influences in electromagnetic and all particle fields, doing the same for the illusionary gravity field was still not simple to achieve on larger scale. Whenever resources could not be artificially produced however, nature seems to have the tendency to provide a supply innately somewhere, and so the ASEAN scientists used the conference to announce that they had found the first point of insular stable gravity in the solar system. Similar to Lagrange points, such a location achieved to keep local gravity flat, but in respect to the galactic scale instead. If such a place were to be prepared to even annihilate the inevitable tiny seasonal imbalances, a modern ship entering this location would find itself completely isolated from the turbulent weather that ruled all space elsewhere. In a sense, a ship would be in their own space; its configuration of quantum fields(=particles) the only thing for miles around in an otherwise completely flat environment; the only hill in a plane; a tiny bubble of its own universe.
While otherwise only singular particles could reliably be copied to distant locations, the sheer predictive control that Constructor Technology could exert in an environment that was completely free of outside disturbance were now of such that the Information Tunneling Superluminal effect could be applied and projected to facilitate a complete cut-and-copy procedure on a macroscopic object, as long as the conditions on a second distant point were of near identical nature. In short, it was nothing less of perfect teleportation, - a quantum tunneling cascade most likely reaching through the interstellar space. Not superluminal travel, but superluminal information 'reincarnation'.

Following the conference, a fever sprung in the leading world unions to be the first to detect all these insulae and find a way to secure them to test out this ultimate dream of space travel. While ASEAN clearly had a leg up in the competition, the Max Planck Fund was swift to repurpose their now modernized science ships for the gravity gold rush era. Though they were able to launch as early as August 2028, it was only half a year later that Max Planck learned ASEAN had not only found more positions, but also already managed to stabilize a tunneling point by unknown means.

In the interest of cooperation and friendship, it was the Western Union Navy however that was asked to take the leap and confirm the theories, leading to the first successful copy-teleportation and the first human peek into extrasolar space.
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Re: Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
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The Solar Infrastructure Program - The Ultimate High Ground
Following a lengthy rescue operation of the stranded destroyer detachment, new extrasolar transitionings were temporarily put on hold until the EU could replicate the ASEAN technology used to stabilize insular points. Since the necessary instruments would be carried out by the new versatile freighter hulls, the capacity would gradually be phased in as soon as the first models' construction finished and their schedule allowed it.
Firstly however, the urgency of the solar infrastructure program laid with the security of its inhabitants, which meant save havens and supply and resource independence. The first move in that direction foresaw an extensive comet and asteroid mining program that focused on getting the rarer heavy metal ores that the CCP almost monopolized on Earth:

In anticipation for a likely extensive guerilla conflict, those stations were secretly also turned into remote supply point bases, capable of some limited strategic refuelling and rearming. Four of such oases would be spread to the most advantageous and distributed points, while a fifth would likely lie too distant for any military purpose, but still offer valuable produce.
Following the years of their setup, both Mars and Europa were gradually prepared with Outposts and further equipment transfer. It was a measure not going without the CCP's notice and ire, yet its standoff with the ASEAN navy did not allow it to field its traditional harass tactics towards the WU projects in its initial stages. Although the situation would eventually devolve into a CCP armament rush that expanded their fleet even further while ASEAN was left behind, it was unable to prevent the successful founding of the first two human interstellar colonies in 2032-33 under WU primacy. And so at 12th january of 2033, human foot set ground on the sixth moon of Jupiter and landed a borderline lunatic(hehe) group of volunteer pioneers that would go down into history as the first "Europeans".
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With the tensions high and conflict to be expected at any possible diplomatic slight, Earth's provisions would be instantly lost for at least some time should a kinetic confrontation occur. Hence all fuel reserves and most munitions and supplies had already been moved to this distant outpost military moonbase.

Moldy Greygreen Deserts
In the age of solar exploration it had been a long standing policy of the world's space agencies (save the Chinese one of course) to sterilize all craft that would possibly make touchdowns with other planets, as to not accidentally ruin scientific opportunities by accidentally introducing hardy microbial life onto the surface. Since contamination of newly settled planets with biological lifeforms could not be realistically prevented anymore however, the EU sought international apologies for finally not just abandoning, but reversing the philosophy. A couple of whole biosphere complexes and institutes were shipped to Mars in order to grow adapted lichen and algae so that they could spread out and hopefully tame some of the devastated irradiated landscape. The project was a huge success, as it took the tiny growths remarkably little time to spread around the planet completely and turn significant parts of the rich CO2 layer and ground minerals into thin oxygen traces while doing so. Though the result was sometimes somewhat unsightly, at least humans could now venture out indefinitely given the right equipment, as some sparse oxygen, food and water supply were to be had everywhere.

With the initial phases of the infrastructure program having reached their end, there had now finally been some time to let the Max Planck Fund fulfill its role and probe the other nearby systems for whatever yet unthinkable curious insights suns other than our own may offer. And indeed, the next thought revolution laid right around the corner as the third gravitational island let to the sun's closest star system, Alpha Centauri, which offered a planet with human breathable air, causing the excited crew of the Hermetic to send out a ground team where they promptly discovered indisputable evidence of traces of intelligent life.

Implications about the Fermi Paradox left to undoubtedly extensive future debate, EU leadership, -currently the only union power in possession of significant space logistics and transfer options-, was suddenly confronted with the thought of having found an even better defensible haven to move to. Although the planets heat and gravitational lock prevented large scale habitation, it could easily form a more suitable defensive post, -behind a bar-able corridor, rich and very distant. ..Too distant perhaps, given its place behind Sol's most remote copying island. Experimental settlement was ordered anyway, as the remnants of the dead civilization could not be denied inquiry.

While the knowledge about the existence of this outpost could not be kept secret forever, the MPI and Western Union Navy (WUN) agreed to try their best to leave it out of reports until "the information could be confirmed". The navy knew that expansion into another solar system that rich and filled with mysteries and possible treasure could easily cause an international incident. Since the binding power of ASEAN was already faltering, the current admiralty devised a new plan to aid their good Asian brethren by increasing the threat factor on the CCP. Putting the solar development on hold for a while, a new project of another military moonbase, -this time on Earth's own moon-, would keep the CCP fleet tied down with an automatic independently targeting defensive missile system.

(size is exactly 8kt btw. {that is why it even has fuel -> buffer space}. For some reason it didn't display correctly in this old screenshot)

Capable of dispensing a whole 200 missiles per unit, and 10 units ordered, it would only need to fire once and watch the spectacle as its immense fire volume would overwhelm the CCP forces even if they did assign their whole fleet in defense. Not investing into technologies for stellar infrastructure but only straightforward military power shallt be their key mistake and WU's critical advantage over the totalitarian tunnelminds. The WU would have the ultimate high-ground, space.

Though at the moment it was still far from what would actually be needed to fend off the CCP's immense fleet, with such a weapon system having their territories always in its sights, WUN leadership surmised they would at least not dare to pressure other expansion projects, meaning the Alpha Centauri secrets were now free to flow into public knowledge.

On a more hopeful note, as Mars had developed into a serious dispersed rural colony over the years, it gradually became known for taking its initially terrible local cuisine and turning it around into a culinary adventure advantage.
As it stands, Mars's most prominent export item is a milky chocolate bar, "made from real Mars cows"(tm).
(may contain elements subject to genetic engineering)
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Re: Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
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The South-Sol China Sea - History Repeats
Although the plans for the excavation of Saltmine were drafted in the late 2030s, bringing in the actual capacity was delayed by many factors, most notably of which the buildup of the missile base frameworks, and the formation of a capable academic ring of trained astronauts that could professionally deal with an interstellar expedition. Consequently it wasn't until the end of 2043 that the WU, -and with it humanity-, put the first boots on the ground in an interstellar operation.
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Despite its massive size of more than 4 thousand man, it took around 3 and a half years to survey the widespread complexes around the edge of dawn band of the planet. This was mainly due to the woefully alien language model that aided their natural vowel sounds with additional vowels stemming from clicking in their jaws and biting snaps. A whole treatise could be written about how the deciphering of defacto hieroglyphic alien text was even made possible to begin with, but save to say that their to us very unconventional way of speaking earned them the human-intoneable alias of "Tooth Empire".
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Over the extended stay and analysis period following we had to learn that the Tooth, -aside from being naturally good at breathing-, were less advanced than even us who just took their first steps. Given the complete lack of any orbital remnants, it was save to assume that the small civilization was born and died here just a few ten thousand years ago.
The livable thin ring of the planet allowed only for minimal support of organized farming, with some additional mushroom plantations towards the dark side, and indeed it seemed that eventual lack of food let to the Tooth's demise. Why exactly it happened especially after making it and advancing this far however, was long left to mystery.
Historical details aside for now, their engineering was nothing impressive to collective humanity, but yielded some material worthy of converting into the framework of an initial colony. While those efforts were ongoing throughout 2048, the WU council pushed towards another letter on the list of the EU's alternate rescue plans. Instead of only settling down on Saltmine, they allocated resources to instead prioritize Chateau as the actual distant emergency colony.

Chateau was much more complicated to tame, but had an already nearly breathable atmosphere as well, owned to its natural garden of wild plant life. Together with some abundant pure Neutron pockets, other resources and its sheer size, it had potential to eventually grow into a new and better Earth, ..given perhaps 200 years in another "new continent"(for the West), 2nd US situation perhaps. It was deemed worthy to at least build it up to the baseline of self-sufficiency to look how things would develop, and also to have some last stance outlier not in Sol.

The old tactics
The Western Union Navy grew increasingly worried throughout the end of the 40s. Although the EU and ASEAN had miraculously made it through another decade without any major incident or internal subversion, it was becoming obvious that the situation was slipping their control. The lunar missile bases, -initially ordered for 10 units-, were expanded to 12, scratching on what the WU budget could possibly allow, and yet the CCP forces still outgrew the presented threat and for the first time started bold military ventures into the surrounding space.
While their cruisers stayed back in defense, it now became a common sight for WU's and ASEAN's survey and freighter ships to see blips of whole Communat-C destroyer squadrons roaming the nearby systems. While officially pretending to be on survey duty just as the other unions' ships, their boats would often fly harassingly close, follow company ships around and sometimes ask questions 'for protocol'. Eventually their presence laid the groundwork to proclaim themselves international police and order in all of the eastern stars (part of China's history since ancient times...), demanding them to be entirely their jurisdiction by beginning of 2050.

One is reminded of the South China Sea situation about 30 years ago in which China aggressively patrolled international waters, harassing other nations tankers, fisherboats and freighters in order to press a claim on a huge territory way outside of their actual reasonable reign. In their expansionist creativity they constructed artificial new islands in order to try to claim coastal water lines around them by international law, which however was struck down by Den Haag.
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Their mind must have been set on those eastern stars, since they were the by far most accessible behind the closest copy-point inside Sol, while Alpha Centauri lay on the distance ladder of Neptune. Little did they understand that the richest systems had so far only been know to a few high ranking WU and ASEAN officers, and the Max Planck Fund, - all lying far behind the Alpha Centauri gateway.

However, seeing the CCP being now capable to once more enact its traditional bullying tactics, it was still a very concerning development and after all only a question of time until their eye would fall towards the succulent fruits.
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Re: Saving Europa by Fleeing to Europa (SEFE)
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One Graveyard Inspires Another
In 2051 the secrets around Alpha Centauri had thoroughly leaked to the public, and a kind of gold-rush traffic towards the twin-colonies development meant it could not be hidden from the worldwide public anymore.

Where the few minds of the forward archeology expedition could not decipher the accurate history of the Tooth civilization, the now interested collective mind of the millions of people invested in the new colonies' destiny turned the data around and around, until someone finally found a breakthrough point. The Tooth empire wasn't really stopped by starvation as a first cause, but rather fell victim to a sociological trap.

All civilizations seem to undergo cycles of golden ages of enlightenment and dark ages of foolish superstition and tyranny. The Islamic golden age that brought algebra and chemistry is an example ended by religious zealotry, and so is the greek and roman period, ended by decadence or a combination of both.
On the other hand, dark ages seem to come to an end through eras of great strife. Small new nations that somehow stood against a greater enemy and formed a new power, or the waves of the black death that rattled Europe and then proceeded to bring forth the renaissance are such examples.
What however really was it that caused such predictive repetition to appear? The answer likely laid in the analysis of the finer detail, as within these grander cycles there were also smaller epochs of alternating periods of prosperity and crisis, usually each spanning 1-2 generations for a total cycle length of about 80 human years, -give or take. This process was known as the Strauss-Howe Generational Theory that argued for a logical sociological process (thus likely not just a property of humanity) in which every generation going through extraordinary hardship will get forged into a legion of competent individuals who then turn the fate of society around and build up an age of greatness.
The engine of hardship however was of course not stable and self-defeating even, as the character tempering incentive -"you grow with your challenges"- receded the more successful the society became. The next generation would not know as much strife and mostly copy the lessons of their fathers and mothers, while then the next generation after that would only distantly know and hear of the ages of ordeals, but themselves only ever know the luxury and comfort of a prosperous period.
Hence followed the decline, as it was usually this 3rd or 4th generation that completely forgot and abandoned the values that forged the nation into strength in its founding. The weak and incompetent individuals born in an age of plenty would seek higher and higher indulgence, contributing less and commissioning the state or other power holders with ever more distribution of amenities, liberties and welfare. Power concentration however, though forgotten by the weakened generation, only let to corruption, first in form of ironically more inequality, -initially disguised by the rise of an elite and class imbalances-, and then eventual actual outbreaks of tyranny once the power was focused enough for the leadership to think themselves save from the ire of the public.

When the tree was ripe the public would however often still try to revolt, but, -them still being desintellectualized-, just repeat the course that had brought them into the situation to begin with and completely abandon the concept of personal responsibility in the continued and intensified cries for a government that actually served all its people fairly and gave good lives to everyone, a "regime of and for the masses", the socialist state.

While an action as this of course would put the final nail in the coffin of the summer children when the rise of the ultimate power polarization they summoned (=fascism) demanded their necks, of course by far not every ~80 year cycle would lead to such disastrous outcomes. Though the outbreaks became more severe the more humanities power grew, historically such periods would often be settled merely by a civil war, or even some kind of external conflict, causing the weakened individuals to relearn proper responsibility and virtues of competence, which rekindled and sometimes even improved the founding flame.
The Tooth civilization however was different. For all of their history, they had literally lived on the edge and likely never known anything but strife as far as their records reached. Although this must have made for an extraordinary hardy and impressive population, it also offered one critical weakness: Unawareness of the cycle.
While humanity could at least draw from past experiences from periods where they commanded far less power, the Tooth entered enlightenment and the modern age completely unprepared for what an era of plenty would do to them. For the first time in their history, technology solved most of the scarcity that had plagued their unfortunate society, but it also brought them the first generations of individual weakness and decadence. While the civilizations power was at its highest, its population was at its weakest, and so they naively jumped to discuss how the new riches should be fairly distributed, quickly arriving at the trap conclusion of an all powerful, all overseeing socialist welfare state, not realizing that this in practice would mean the complete opposite: Having all that hitherto unknown power and wealth focused into the hands of the few. Their first taste of the Resource Curse.
It followed naturally that the public was subverted and the control and decision making left to the minds of those who would be the kings of the incompetent or forgetful generations. People conceited and arrogant enough to think deserving to rule so many alone, would naturally instantly make disaster grade decisions about the economy, also aided by their commission to "hunt the rich" who had too much, which however next to the actual corrupt rich also happened to include all the remaining competent people and producers, who were actually deserving.
A society of takers without makers. Starvation and other shortfalls, -the natural consequence of socialist methods-, would quickly follow, which on an unforgiving planet such as Saltmine meant nothing less than damnation. Given how dependent the overgrown race had become on modern engineering, the socialist zombie horde likely starved to death after its breakdown long before there were most of the usual bloody revolts and following government beatdowns that could have also done it.

In acceptance of the revelations, the human settlers planted a new monument on Saltmine's former capitol grounds, whose inscription summed up parts of the lesson as the old human proverb.
Hard times make strong men
Strong men make good times
Good times make weak men
Weak men make hard times

All this of course didn't go over well with the Chinamerican party, which was always hawkish on protecting the glorious image of socialism at any cost, since it furthered both, their ability to control their own, and their chances to internally subvert their enemies with the recruitment of this generations' weak. Given that there was no UN or subverted starving press anymore to install a censored narrative into the remaining western and free asian territories, they instead took the matter as a pretense to expand their claims into "ancient socialist territories" and rewrite history at the source, as they have been doing in their homeland.
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At the start of October of 2053, the CCP became bold enough to claim the whole of Alpha Centauri as their own, well understanding that the to date over 10 million colonists, supplies and freighters could not in any way be called back at this point.
The WU Navy was shaken and immediately sent out the fleet in hopes to be able to stave off the situation as a mere saber rattling tactic to silence all stories about the starving socialist Tooth civilization. Forced censorship compliance.

...However, upon hastily arriving just 3 weeks later, it became clear that the CCP did not simply have diplomatic pressure in mind. When the WU fleet demanded retreat with offers for negotiation, their only response would be to negate any counter and send another, larger missile destroyer detachment their way:

The worst case had occurred. The Communat-C's knew that the WU could not afford to lose the 10 million colonists. The situation could either devolve to the CCP beginning attacks on civilians before taking over like they had done in the South China Sea phase of conflict. Or the WU Navy would be forced to fire on the intruders first, in which case the socialists would spin the action as an attack on their union itself and use the pretense for a military intervention on Earth.
Seeing as that the only hope to break this stranglehold was to find a third option, -an unforeseen surprise maneuver-, WU admiralty ordered the fleet back instead to hold council with the ASEAN leaders first.

The calculations of this encounter came out as such:
- Confrontation with the CCP would lead to global nuclear war and the destruction and killing of most of mankind. (but also with option to save some towards Mars or Europa in case of victory)
- Although CCP leaders such as Mao had always boasted that they would gleefully sacrifice half their population (300m+ at the time) if it meant defeating the US(=West), they likely didn't really count on this kind of conflict to appear and instead banked on either compliance or a hostage situation at Earth, should western navy ships attack at Alpha Centauri.
- Giving in to tyrants is historically proven to generate more tyranny, thus just being defeat in a slow poison disguise. Today it would be Alpha Centauri, and when they drew strength from their new belongings, eventually they would demand the Earth itself.

Nobody could be happy about the assessment, since the only way out seemed to be to commit the attack the CCP didn't expect and strike at their core, but at the cost of almost everything. The last decades had steeled the unions for such an eventuality, but that didn't mean that having such reality materialize came without shock. The current German admiral lamented about the curse of its nation, and how all the major conflicts always involved them. Although their everyday people were good natured, diligent and more honest than most, there was this fringe and extreme element to their culture repeatedly bringing the highest forms of trouble. Maybe generated by the sheer suppression from their surrounding society, like a coiled spring they would overshoot in retaliation with amounts of malice akin to the advent of a demon king.
Two world wars that upheaved known order and cost tens of millions. Then "peace" times in which the rotten teachings of a lunatic German philosopher cost even multiples more than that.
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(other forms of suffering {slavery, poverty, unwarranted persecution,...} not even counted)

Finally the rogue German philosopher had recruited enough belligerent zealots around the planet to come back to usher in the next dark age for all of humanity. All major conflicts seem to be born in Germany, and yes, it seemed even this one will force them to fire first.
Maybe it was destiny, a reckoning for Germany to have to face up to its legacy and pay the price of their arrogance. At the very least, most of their former historic enemies were now tightly sworn allies instead, so they could see the last light together.

In preparations of the maneuvers, ASEAN committed to -as the encircling nearest neighbor- involve itself in the continental conflicts and also defend WU space and ships with point defenses so that hopefully no missiles would get out from Earth. Additionally they provided much appreciated logistics in form of filled emergency fuel capsules:

(OOC: they actually did this right before the operation)
Japan and South Korea had always been the edge in technology... . Despite the complains of WU admiralty, their navy would however stay out of conflict in its initial phase, leaving the WU to fend for the destiny of humanity alone.

Ten thousands of years after the Tooth's passing, their crisis would still demand more blood. The admiral gave one last speech in front of the internal pre-operation navy broadcast, ending with the iconic line that earned him the title of Dad-Admiral; "No matter what happens, we already WUN!"
At 29. of March in 2054, everything was set into position to commence what the CCP had not thought of: The resolve to sacrifice which they had deemed their monopoly, taking shape as an alpha strike of freedom into their heart. A 2400 missiles and 360 flares strong "to this point and no further". The reddest day on Earth, hopefully followed by less red moving forward.

[/One Graveyard Inspires Another]
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