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Re: Radiant Dawn - Aurora 4X C# Community Roleplaying game
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Hello Everyone! Here is the next years update, all credits to alex_brunius:

Update to Jan 1:st 2048:

Research Breakthroughs:

During 2047 one Breakthrough in Power & Propulsion was achieved by the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations. This leaves a single breakthrough category before all TN technology categories are unlocked. Due to all their previous investments into Power & Propulsion the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations also gained a Research Facility.
  • Everyone has unlocked the ‘Sensors and Control Systems’ category.
  • All nations except Russia have unlocked the ‘Energy Weapons’ category.
  • Everyone has unlocked the ‘Missile / Kinetic Weapons’ category.
  • Everyone has unlocked the ‘Power and Propulsion’ category:

Notable Events in the News during 2047:
  • 16 January - The first TN artillery formation enters service in the New European Union, shells armed with smart laser warheads.
  • 26 January - Space exploration continues as Second Slipways are added to Kiel Shipyards in the New European Union and Surov Duranium works in the Russian Federation. Companies with HQs in the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations establish their 5:th CMC on Comas Sola
  • 11 February - Scrapping of the old outdated Survey Fighters takes place in Russia and PCN to make their Geological Survey Sensors available for larger Deep Space models.
  • 27 February - The Pacific Commonwealth of Nations completes research for the Powered Armor Infantry for FoN and starts production of them to fulfill their contract.
  • 3 March - An international event to celebrate the bravery of the 25 pioneers that gave their life so far to explore the Sol system and push the frontiers of humanity is organized. Notable names of those lost include Daredevil Max Overhausen who died when attempting to be the first to walk on Venus, FoN Officer Julia Silvia who died in a spacewalk accident when repairing a sensor and Robert Raihan Jr, distant cousin to Raihan himself and USAR celerity aboard the 2:nd USAR Jemison class deep exploration ship.
  • 22 March - The United Socialist American Republic launches their second Mule Freighter, Leased out to the Russian Federation for the rest of the year to fulfill their ambitious colonization and space exploration plans.
  • 29 March - When the Megacorp Akasaka signed the contract of their new R&D and Production complex to Russia the deal seemed too good to be true. 52 Trillion Euro Dollars worth of subsidies. It turned out that it was too good to be true, now the Russian Federation now is running 3 months late with their agreed payment and if they delay paying further it could have a financial impact for the PCN Banks and shareholders. Fortunately after some hard negotiations the Russian Federation agrees to pay half now and half by the end of the year. Economic observers question the health of the Russian state budget.
  • 6 April - The first large Colony ship, Daybreak class, is launched by the United Socialist American Republic. Its maiden voyage includes shipping colonists to Luna and after this Mars where infrastructure already exists. Just one week after this event the New European Union launched their Europa Class Colony Ship with a slightly smaller capacity of 70000 cryopods.
  • 12 April - The tensions between the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations and the United Socialist American Republic continue to rise as PCN garrison forces join the last warlord militia in fighting against USAR forces in Australia. Skirmishes between them will continue for the rest of the year before all warlord forces have either joined the PCN or yielded to the 2:nd USAR Peacekeeping Armor Regiment.
  • 16 April - In wake of skyrocketing financial center construction globally the world's 50 leading economists sign a letter about the threats of Hyperinflation which leads major banks and financial institutions to set aside large security funds for darker times. This fund as well as the more conservative spending amounts to all nations losing 5% of their Financial center wealth gain for 2047. With a trust fund created the leading economists agree the major threat for the Eurodollars stability has been averted for the next 5 years.
  • 6 May - The United Socialist American Republic sees their first Commercial Mining Complex start operations on Vesta to extract Gallicite, Tritanium and Corbomite.
  • 14 May - A massive convoy consisting of most of the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations water Navy makes its way across the Pacific Ocean towards South America. They are intercepted early on out at sea by an almost as large United Socialist American Republic Navy that hails them and demands they turn around. The PCN ships increase speed and their admiral respond they have firm orders to carry humanitarian aid and peacekeeping forces to South America. USAR ships fire several warning shots across their bow. It's unclear which side fired first, and both sides blame the other but most analysts speculate USAR probably had more reasons to open fire as their politicians have claimed this is a PCN invasion in disguise. What is known is that two full combat fleets of each side was destroyed in the ensuing battle and half the PCN peacekeeping forces and aid carried got sunk or turned around. After being harassed by USAR submarines a half strength PCN APC Company was landed in Australia. PCN Infantry forces does make it into southern Chile where they start a reduced aid and peacekeeping mission. As of now a state of colonial war exists between PCN and USAR
  • 15 May - Thousands of Pacific Commonwealth of Nations garrison forces on Luna move against the newly established United Socialist American Republic colony and capture it including all 300000 inhabitants without much resistance. This action appears to have been pre-planned and is condemned by all other nations as an unnecessary escalation of the colonial conflict into Space.
  • 23 May - The first civilian spaceship construction is celebrated as Brown Container Limited with HQ in the United Socialist American Republic launches a Civilian Colony Ship with capacity of 50000 cryo berths.
  • 23 May - The Pacific Commonwealth of Nations lay down their Kaminari Class Corvette at the Fujinagata Orbital Shipyards. This is the world's first proper Military Spaceship with thick armor and railgun armed. Construction is rushed with highest priority due to the colonial war with USAR. Thanks to prebuilding components including the foreign leased engine designs it's expected to be completed already in October.
  • 11 June - As the Federation of Nations votes for Resolution 0159: "Contribution-based voting system" all 5 FoN delegates responsible to deliver the to vote side with USAR & Russia instead ignoring PCN & NEUs higher prestige. The first delegate claims it's a personal statement against the unlawful PCN occupation of Luna colony. The second delegate disappears mysteriously and is found dead naked in a Vegas hotel in USAR surrounded by confused writings of ancient aliens and illuminati conspiracy seeking to kill him. The third delegate is expelled from FoN after having been found guilty of receiving large bribes traced back to PCN Corporations. The fourth delegate appears to have had his vote hacked by a pro-NEU group judging from database traces. The fifth was later publicly assassinated with a MO that connects the assassination to the same group of mercenaries suspected in the Panama incident ( weak connections to Russia ). There are also some suggestions that Indian warlords may have interfered with the voting as a protest to PCN involvement in the area. As FoN Diplomats are working overtime with trying to de-escalate the colonial war the Resolution is put into effect without much deeper investigation and the new voting system the resolution heralds with 100 seats should make any attempts to subvert the democratic will impossible in the future anyways.
  • 9 July - Large forces including 3 Tank Regiments from the United Socialist American Republic move into Western South America to stomp out the remaining forces of the Vipers "Confederação Sul-Americana". This time they didn't bring air support, discouraged by the losses inflicted by high quality PCN made Anti Air systems encountered there previously. This time they fare a lot better as the two new USAR Regiments field the same Eurotank IIIs as the warlords but in much larger numbers, either imported, copied or license produced. Warlords forces also start to struggle with finding spare parts and supplies for their tanks. USAR logistics is flawless thanks to their new Minister!
  • 17 July - The first phase of the New European Union Icarus Laser Satellite Defense Network is declared complete as it reaches 20 operational satellites in orbit of Earth guarding and watching.
  • 19 August - The CS Летающий холодильник Cryo Colony ship is launched by the Russian Federation. Now all four powers have at least one cryo capable Colony ships of their own in operation.
  • 22 August - Aid sent to Eastern South America by the United Socialist American Republic is ambushed and attacked full scale on by warlord forces. 8 Trillion Euro Dollars worth of aid is destroyed or captured and the combat devolves into fighting almost as Brutal as in Mexico 2043. Two full Regiment worth of USAR troops is destroyed according to warlord propaganda. Military analysts wonder how long USAR can afford to keep up a two front war with South American warlords on one front and the more modern Pacific Commonwealth of Nations military forces on the other front.
  • 9 September - last of the four powers to construct a deep space geological survey ship the New European Union Lay down the Magellanes survey craft in the Navantia orbital shipyards.
  • 7 October - The world's first armed spaceship with propulsion, CDS Kaminari is launched by the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations. After a brief railgun weapons test firing close to a USAR port facility in South America it sets an intercept course for a thermal contact of a USAR mule class freighter currently tracked by PCN Naval Command 163 million km away from Earth. Estimated interception time 16 hours and 19 minutes
  • 8 October - The CDS Kaminari intercepts the Mule class freighter and hails them, demanding their surrender. The United Socialist American Republics Commander Aidan Howarth responds that they are unarmed but have no intentions to yield the ship to PCN capitalist pigs seeking to rob it from USAR. CDS Kaminari fires several warning shots and follows the ship for a few minutes but there is no further communications. The Kaminaris Captain Masmega Leiko of has her orders from PCN Naval Command and reluctantly she orders to open fire on the unarmed commercial ship hoping to show they are serious and force a surrender, worst case knock out and engine or two. The Kaminari Crew hold their breath and observe as the railgun fire rips through the thin freighters armor and scatters debris, dead USAR crew and ship components in the wake of the unrelenting mule as Aidan presses on with unreal determination to not give up despite hopeless odds. After two of the four Longhaul engines have been knocked out, with dozens of USAR crew dead and wounded, and with the Mule still doing the best they can to keep flying and keep together Leiko breaks down in tears and orders cease fire. The crew of the Kaminari stands behind her decision as they head back to Earth and surrender for court martial for defying a direct order while USARs captain Aidan is rewarded with the first medal of honor for bravery in Space combat as he returns to Earth in defiance with half his crew killed or wounded and the Mule full of holes just barely still in one piece. The Russian Colony ship abiding to Resolution 0142: "Space Assistance and Distress act" is also thanks for having provided assistance and aid to the wounded crew aboard the Mule enroute since Commander Aidan refused the PCN assistance that was offered.
  • 14 October - The first two new Eurosoldier Powered Armor Infantry Regiments are completed and they are both moved into the Middle East in a public move from the New European Union leadership as a show of force and warning to both terrorists and other nations what would happen to anyone not respecting their sovereignty or rules. NEU are still abiding to the Peace treaty of a maximum of 20k ton of forces present, but theirs are now state of the art combat suit infantry.
  • 24 October - As the Aid and Peacekeeping efforts for this year are tallied up the most wealthy nation Pacific Commonwealth of Nations stands out having sent more than 2/3:ed of all global aid. This amount of aid appears to be far more than their forces can protect with 28 Trillion Eurodollars stolen in India and China as not enough forces were available to guard it, and another 10 Trillion sunk on its way to South America by USAR warships and submarines.
  • 29 October - As the USAR unarmed survey ship ARV Jemison is returning to Earth for its first Refueling the engines thermal signal is picked up by the PCN and the Kaminari is ordered to Intercept. Arihyoshi Shoetsu, an uncaring career officer known for following orders without question is now in command of the CDS Kaminari. The Jemison however is just slightly faster, so besides damaging it's armor in a single salvo as the Kaminari and Jemison pass each other no further damage can be done until Jemison is back into the safety of the Earth. The PCN Space Command and Shoetsu notice that while off chasing the returning Jemison the USAR with only 1 million km to spare before interception managed to sneak their Daybreak colony ship as well back into the safety of Earth peace zone.
  • 30 October - The PCN and USAR manage to come to an agreement to leave Civilian shipping line ships out of their colonial war for humanitarian reasons. However economic commentators speculate it has more to do with certain powerful PCN Banking institutions wanting to protect their sizable investments into the USAR Brown Container Shipping line. FoN rejoices as this agreement might be the first sign that a ceasefire and peace is possible.
  • 6 November - Security personnel from the United Socialist American Republic are forced to act to prevent their much larger civilian population on Ceres from storming and destroying the PCN colony on the same dwarf planet as revenge for the PCN occupation of Luna colony and attacks on commercial USAR shipping. Some are worried the same thing could happen on Mars, but thankfully those colonies are far enough apart for distance to prevent such violence.
  • 14 November - The Simonov Container Corporation based in Russian Federation launches their first Civilian Freighter, 1 week later Wall Carrier Company with HQ in London New European Union launches their first, leaving only PCN trailing behind in civilian shipping lines.
  • 18 November - The United Socialist American Republic launches 4 new water based combat fleets ( without transport capacity ). As one of the surface fleets moves a bit too far from coastal USAR territorial waters the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations orbiting warship CDS Kaminari opens fire and destroys it. Defense experts argue this event might herald the end of water based navies unless FoN Resolutions are updated. For now submarines appear to be safe as long as they stay submerged.
  • 29 November - It's becoming clear that the Pacific Commonwealth of Nations is pulling ahead in Research capacity as they can start to leverage the increasing number of facilities they are gaining control of uncontested in India and China. If Rumors are to be believed they have already completed Composite Armor and some of the FoN Diplomats question how peaceful and democratic the PCNs intentions actually are given their heavy investments into military technology and their eagerness in escalating the recent colonial war with USAR into Space.
  • 7 December - The FoN and the world is holding its breath as there is soon only 1 year left for USAR to deliver the nuclear anti asteroid missiles ordered by FoN and deliveries haven't started yet. Some defense experts speculate that USAR could use such missiles to gain revenge and destroy the Kaminari if it moves 5m km away from Earth outside the stipulated "peace zone" for spaceships again…
  • 14 December - The Pacific Commonwealth of Nations gains the technology of Nuclear Thermal Engines as Russian Federation researches Nuclear Pulse engine technology ( tech propagation )
  • 29 December - The 4:th Star freighter is completed in the Russian Federation. Including the USAR mule they have been leasing for the year with an option to extend the lease they now have 5 Commercial Freighters with a combined tonnage of over 200k in operation.
  • 31 December - The 50 Construction Factories are handed back to working for New European Union after the 4 year lease to PCN completes. 1 Research facility each is also handed back into NEU and USAR control after a 1 year lease to the Russian Federation.

Aid and Invasions during 2047:
The Russian Federation:
  • As a result of the Dubai Peace Treaty Russia lost 7m pop and 8 CI, as well as 1 prestige for withdrawing some of the Conventional Industry into Russia before the handover

United Socialist American Republic:
  • Small amounts of USAR Aid sent to Australia Meeting Resistance ambushed by Militia. 1m pop, 2 CI gained.
  • Large amounts of USAR Aid sent Successfully to Mexico. Solid Peacekeeping forces assigned. 6m pop, 10 CI & 1 Research Facility gained. +2 Prestige Zone fully controlled.
  • USAR invasion in Western South-America. 4m pop gained, 4m pop fled as refugees. 15 CI gained, 3 lost to collateral damage. 1 Research Facility gained. -2 Prestige
  • Large amounts of USAR Aid sent to Eastern South-America with disastrous results, Full scale Militia attack. 3m pop, 6 CI gained. 8 Trillion Eurodollars aid raided

A total of 14m pop, 33 CI & 2 Research Facilities gained by USAR. +1 prestige.

New European Union:
  • Large amounts of NEU Aid sent Successfully to the West Africa. Solid Peacekeeping forces assigned. 800 wealth not delivered due to logistics and will be sent next year 16m pop, 8 CI & 2 prestige gained
  • As a result of the Dubai Peace Treaty NEU gained 5m pop and 6 CI
  • 2m refugees from South American conflicts makes their way to NEU
A total of 23m pop & 14 CI gained by NEU. +2 prestige.

Pacific Commonwealth of Nations:
  • Medium amounts of PCN Aid sent Successfully to Australia. 2m pop, 6 CI gained & 1 Research Facility gained. +1 prestige. Zone fully controlled.
  • Massive amounts of PCN Aid sent to India locals trusting the good intentions of the PCN. Lack of Peacekeeping forces allow 19 Trillion Eurodollars aid to be stolen. 8m pop, 13 CI & 1 Research Facility gained.
  • Massive amounts of PCN Aid sent to China, locals trusting the good intentions of the PCN. Lack of Peacekeeping forces allow 9 Trillion Eurodollars aid to be stolen. 8m pop, 14 CI & 1 Research Facility gained.
  • Large amounts of PCN Aid sent to Western South-America, locals trusting the good intentions of the PCN. 10 Trillion Eurodollars aid sunk by USAR in Naval battles. 2m pop & 5 CI gained.
  • 2m refugees from South American conflicts makes their way to PCN
A total of 22m pop, 38 CI & 3 Research Facilities gained by PCN. +1 prestige

Economic Comparison:
As it's required by the Resolution 0159: "Contribution-based voting system" that entered into effect during 2047 Nations population and Last year income have now been made public information. This is then used as a basis to determine the Seats for next years Resolution voting as displayed in the same table here. The impact of Resolution 0159 together with Resolution 0153: "Refugee FoN membership tax reliefs" is that the Seats for USAR and PCN is equal at twice of the seats of NEU which pay low FoN contribution and also struggles with the lowest income. Some other interesting things to note is massive reductions in Russian unemployment as well as very high Military and Shipyard spending by Russia, USAR and NEU while PCN Construction still holds a lead.

Note: 1 Trillion Eurodollars = 100 ingame wealth

Voting Results:

Mysteriously FoN choose to vote in favor of USAR and Russia to enact the new voting system. With scattered leads pointing in all directions no explanation can be found.

Nation Comparison:

Updated Trading Prices for 1 Jan 2048:

Trades During 2047:
Multipliers to adjust prices taking into account the large deposits of Tritanium and Sorium found on Titan and Neptune was introduced to the market. It was also decided that should a resource drop below 0.3 Earth accessibility it's low accessibility won't have further impact increasing the price to avoid breaking the laws of math.
  • Russia sold 8200 Boronide for 5330wealth
  • Russia bought 1400 Vendarite for 5096 wealth
  • NEU sold 1500 Gallicite for 3885 wealth
  • NEU bought 2100 Corundium for 3822 wealth
  • PCN sold 1158 Gallicite for 3000 wealth
  • 500 Duranium, 200 Gallicite & 100 Neutronium, Corbomite, Tritanium and Uridium were added to the market by CMC Operations

Market Reaction:
  • As all the net trading still points to sale of resources the "Overall Demand Multiplier" was adjusted down slightly as this indicates minerals current valuation is still too high
  • Prices of specific minerals were adjusted as well based on recent trading actions
  • FoN Added 4000 wealth to the exchange for next year so the market can stock up on resources even more as a large scale shortage of minerals is expected within 5-10 years unless Space Mining can be developed rapidly.

Federation of Nation Registered Minerals Claim Sol:

Note: Claims are not automatically enforced, if anyone wants to ban bodies ( prevent from developing their own CMC or visits by standing orders survey ) it needs to be put into orders. If one nation moves military forces to a body they have highest minerals claim on and orders to enforce their claim by force other nations will avoid it unless ordered otherwise

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