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Which feature(s) would you most look forward to?

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I'd say E, A, C. The Precursors and Swarm are always a nice roadblock (which I thought were already in?), and C# does have some nice features, as long as you stay away from the ground units system and others. And then some automation'd be nice I suppose, what sort are you thinking of? Some ways to have my empire build X ships and then have them immediately start training, refuelling and resting as needed? Automated orders for tugs to carry new stations to destinations? I'm not sure things like construction or research need much considering we can already order up queues, unless you mean player-replacement entirely rather than player-aid.

I mostly am interested in mechanical modding which sounds like it might be possible anyways. I've always wanted to make railguns and other weapons turretable for example. It would also be nice to be able to mod in stuff like new weapon patterns or new weapon types (like a burst laser that fires multiple times).

Other than that It would be great if we could get a lot of the quality of life stuff from C# into the VB6 playset.

A in regards to quality of life and diplomacy, but please dont make ground combat more complex.

Thank you very much for the work already done. Specially small screen suport.

Especially the prototyping system sounds great - I love tinkering with potential ship designs.   :)

I've no idea how long much work it would take but what I'd love to see is the ability to modify stars/planets to my liking the way Aurora C# allows. The fact is I often tinker with my systems, especially when I want to start a game outside the solar system, but I don't know how many people would use that.
I also agree with Triato that ground combat is fine as it is.

Edit: I forgot to add but ability to modify statistics of a race (gravity, temperature, oxygen) as it was something available in aurora and quite useful for me but I need to mess with database in quasar.


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