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(1) Background & Setup
« on: July 08, 2022, 08:40:00 AM »
Plasma fire engulfed the Human race untold millennia ago. Human Culture, history, knowledge, and the past were destroyed by an enigmatic eldritch empire. The Zikhites. The Zikhites destroyed every Human they encountered, but preserved the environment. Cities were burnt and glassed, leaving behind concrete husks. The survivors of the extinction war fled into deep underground caverns or man made facilities; they could not survive. Humanity is extinct. Their artificial intelligence technology still remains throughout the galaxy. The Zikhites left behind seeds for a new race to watch over. The Eikh.

The Eikh, ignorant of their watchers, developed and grew faster than the Human race. After developing agriculture then many generations later discovering the splitting of the atom, the Zikhites came from Luna. In a beautifully designed and sloped alien vessel, the Zikhites came from a repulson lift in front of an assembly of Eikh kings.

"You are our creation; borne from the failures of a decadent and complacent species. A solar struggle is coming. Our parting gift to you is the technology that your predecessors did not deserve but stole. The Zikh must leave this reality; lest we become the very failure we destroyed."

Trans-Newtonian elements and the knowledge to harness them were given to the unifying Emperor of Eikh

Setup of the Solar Struggle
0 NPRs outside of Sol
Precursors, Rakhas, and Star Swarm ON
Real Stars OFF
Research Speed 50%, Terraforming/Survey %80

House Rules
Limited Missile Usage: Anti-Ship Missiles can only be mounted on Military Vessels less than or equal to ships of 1kton void displacement
Trans-Newtonian Limited Start: Based on Zincat’s ruleset, the Eikh Empire has TN tech and TN facilities but no shipyards or starting vessels
Cargo Ships: I will be only using Cargo Ships for mineral transport. No mass drivers
Civilian Sector: Only infrastructure, mining, and trade can be conducted by the civilian sector.
Mining: all mines are manned besides orbital mining bodies
Ground Formation Deployment Time: Ground Formations return home from a tour of duty every 24 months

The Eikh Empire

The Eikh were fiercely divided by planetary conflict before the arrival of the Zikh. Once the Eikh united under the banner of the appointed Emperor the Eikh sought to restore ancient Human ruins. The restored facilities could be the basis for industry and development. The Zikh had destroyed all shipyards but left behind a space port. The Empire is autocratic with a military Senate. Each vast nation prior to the unification was given a seat in the Senate. The Eikh Legions need reformation due to the outdated equipment and organization in use.

Population: 500m
Industry: x400 Construction Factory, x100 Financial Centre, x100 Fuel Refinery, x100 Mines.
Research Capability: 10 Labs
Ruling Body: The Imperial House of Oztok
Legislative Body: The Imperial Senate
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Maybe, in the end, this was the best that any warrior could hope for. A chance to reconcile with your enemy, or, failing that, to fall in the pursuit of peace
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