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The Titanis.
« on: September 29, 2011, 11:05:54 AM »
Things were smoothly going forward in the advanced italian research program to install and upload the collective masterminds of the centuries best scientist into a virtual database.

Through accurate use of calculation and programming, the highly technological and sophisticated hardware, filled to the brim with trans-newtonian materials to guarantee the "what-if?" circumstance, would have been able to effectively rule the italian world after the death of The Dragon emperor.
Dying without off-spring, and in order to avoid chaos and problems, this was his last solution. Had this failed, he would have had no choice, but to generate a new batch of clones with free thought. With the potenial catastrophic situations that could occur.
The worldstrippers were churning in regular doses of minerals, the sorium harvesters where emptying the gasseous giants of the systems next to sol.
but a problem had arised.a little bit of unrest on mars, was quickly sedated. This was due to paranoia of being attacked by invisible and whatnots enemies.
the Dragon emperor had pubblicly spoken to the masses to calm them down. Fear was a weapon. Paranoia was it's ever-lasting effect though.
Sic para pacem, pervenit bellum.
Thee who seek peace, should prepare for war.
even then, you can't fight something which does not exist.
Unluckily...those things existed.

Outskirts of the Milano System
This is cavour ship one. We are approaching Milano 13 Moon XIV, we will now begin geo-surveyance.
we understand cavour ship one, this is cavour ship 12, we are ready to relay information to Tactical Colony N°23 in the Milano 5 planet.
"done, now we can leave it to the computers and go have a sip of whiskey"
"you know i hate that stuff"
"i know but it's not like we have anything bette..."
Allarm level one. Allarm level one, code brown.
"what is that?! back to your posts! we have an imminent collision"
the naval officer screamed as everyone entered their immediate stations. And attached their seatbelts.
"thats impossible sir! there are no scheduled ships in the area!"
"mother of god!" screamed the sonar engineer
"IT'S A FRIGGIN asteroid!"
"what are you pouting? we are not in an asteroid belt! begin evasive manoeuvres! bring us away from it's orbit, now!"
"increasing engine power to 80% removing ourselves from geo-survey orbit, increasing speed to 1000KM/s, 2000KM/s, we are at max speed."
there were moments of eery silence, as the only thing which could be heard where the creaks of small pieces of...asteroid stones? which went tlink tlink against the armour of the survey ship.
"we're out of it's collision course."
"thank the emperor" was the loud sigh which was actually done by half the crew.
"now, i want an image, activate the video recorders."
"yes captain, and here we ar..." and the engineer stopped in its the images flickered and grew in definition, as the cameras automatically did their best to increase luminosity and details...
This is cavour 12, do you copy? is everything alright cavour 1?
cavour 12...relaying images now...
for the holy emper...
"it's over 60000 of tonnelage." muttered an engineer "it must be"
"just...what is that?"
"a secret italian ship maybe?"
"no, we would have been warned, or kept away"
"ohh shut up you lot! relay the message through code Black to the emperor, in the meanwhile, call a couple of salvagers to dismount this titanous thing"
"'s a nice name"
"yeah, and i sure do hope it's got something better inside. like masses of corundium".
"with the recent findings corundium prices dropp..."
"I KNOW! it was just a saying!"
"sir, if i might report..."
"what is it, combat engineer?"
"well sir, we might have a bigger problem"
"what could be a bigger problem?"
"that ship...was destroyed by something. It's a wreckage"
and silence entombed the cavour one deck...

couple of months later
"it doesn't have enough firepower"
"but sir"
"MORE FIREPOWER. i'm on my friggin death bed, and if i want it to have more firepower, than by the love of myself you will make it so!"
"yes sir"
"and MORE ARMOUR! i want them protected. all of them, all of my precious sons and daughters"
"yes my lord"
"you can go now, bring my regards to your family"
"yes my emperor, thank you, my emperor"
and as the scientist scurried off with the plans, the botched ones for military ships, a doctor came immediately to the behalf of the dying emperor.
"my emperor, please, we must operate you know, it's dangerous to keep postponing..."
"no. i have lived a good life. Just tell me, what are the progress on the titanis?"
"from what i heard it dwelled with new technology to counter hacking measures and also to hack into technological countermeasures"
"i see...thank you...whats your name? i can't recall it anymore"
"it's mitchell, doctor mitchell"
"thank you for fighting for my body behalf, but i do believe...i now have to go..." and those were his last words, as the door of the medical pavillion opened to let enter a young officer...
"my emperor, we have completed the Neuro-thinker!"
"it's too late" murmured the doctor, half heartedly. His voice filled with sadness.
"what..." a look of realization then came to the young officers face, as he ended up on his knees. He had been too late. The emperor had died.
" can't be! why aren't you doing something?! this is betrayal!!" screaming in rage
"he refused the operations, he wishes for his life to end here, i can't go against his wishes!" was the reply of the doctor, "no matter how it's saddening, i can't go against his final will"
"but i wasn't there to hear it doctor..." a mad glint in the young officers eyes, "and i will save the emperor.

somewhere dark
neuro-thinker activated.
starting program sub-routine
loading database
loading systems
loading neurological think processor
loading synapse
begin check-up of subsystems.
warning: foreign object found.
warning: foreign object assimilated into core compound
warning. Warning. Warni...
Where. Am. I.
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