Author Topic: The Silent Death of Vikings  (Read 3157 times)

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The Silent Death of Vikings
« on: April 23, 2012, 04:39:45 AM »
13 March 2047 00:41:41 Viking III 001

Commander Harry Miller awakes to the sound of warning sirens, he pushes the intercom button. “Captain here, what’s happening?”

Duty officer Johnson: “Sir, we just detected several small crafts near to our ships!”

Miller: “Okay but why does the sirens wail?”

Johnson: “ Sir, they are on top of us!”

Miller: “WHAT! Why didn’t you see them before?”

Sensor officer Jack Tooligan: “CRAP! They are powering some kind of weapon! Weapons are firing!”

Johnson: “We are hit by multiple weapo……”
A new voice bellows over the ship intercom: “Abandon Ship! Abandon Ship!”

At the same time on Viking III 002 a 10 km astern of Viking III 001, the sirens awaken Commander Felix Bengtson. He starts putting on his clothes and asks what’s going on.
Duty officer Magnus Hernandez: "Sir some 35 small craft appeared on our thermal scanners, they are all around Viking 001. SIR! They are firing on the Viking, Oh my God it is blowing up…”

13 March 2047 00:41:51 Viking III 002

Bengtson: “What! Magnus what’s going on up there? Are we at war?”

Hernandez: “SIR! They are coming towards us now, weapons are firing at us”

Once more the sirens changes to the voice: “Abandon Ship! Abandon Ship!”

13 March 2047 00:46:00 Viking III 002 life boat 2
Commander Felix Bengtson: "They have left, we are in a dire strait here boys, we are going to dock with the other life boats and transfer everything to the boats we will use and then we are going to use one life boat as a warning beacon, with extra power cells it should be able to send for 6 months. Hopefully this want be needed but we do need to warn any ships that enter this system about the enemy and their disposition. With the extra water, food and power we should last for some 5 weeks, help will come."

22 April 2047 14:30:00 Viking III 002 life craft Earth

Duty officer Toula Biggins: "This is the last log of Life craft earth, we are almost out of power and soon we will die, we have all placed a message in the portable computer, marked messages. They are all to family members of the surviving crews of our 2 ships."
"We don’t know if the Empire still exist but we will die like good crews."

22 April 2047 15:0:00 Viking III 002 life craft Earth
A chorus of  weak voices: ”Long live the Emperor!”
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