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Edit: It's been a long time since I've uploaded this. It's been kind of left to fend for itself. I suggest using a more actively supported set instead, such as MarcAFK's pack.

...But I won't complain if this pack is used instead anyways. ;)

Original text:

(I assume this an appropriate place to place downloads to modified files?)

Since I started playing Aurora, I have been customizing planet images because I felt they were lacking. Because to me some images were very lacking or even bad, and in many cases there weren't fitting images.

This is my own personal planet pack which I am now sharing with you all for your enjoyment, featuring: 15 or so pictures of major/significant real life moons from Wikipedia (cred to the creators of the original images); Images of Deimos and Phobos (wikipe); an image of Mercury (still wiki); many custom Terran planets made by me using a nice Photoshop plugin called Lunarcell (from Flaming Pear); many edits of some of the worse/messy original planet pictures (and in some cases, the removal of the worst); reordering of the pictures to what appears to be their proper planet types; custom recolorings (ha4-ha6) of some planets (ha1-ha3) for Venus-like planets; and the inclusion of 4 planet pictures (M37-M40) that someone else has posted somewhere on these forums some time ago (no idea where), so credits to whoever it was that found them and whoever made them. There's also bits and pieces here and there.

It's not perfect, and there are definitely some rough edges, but it shouldn't be too bad. Not that you'll be spending too much time looking at the pictures, but... heck, it can't hurt to have more stuff, can it? :P

Download for version 6.20-6.21:

Download, unzip to your planets folder, and overwrite, since this includes my entire Planets folder (I'm not interested in digging through for only the modded ones and renaming all of them)... unless you love some of the planet pictures that came in vanilla. In that case, copy the original files elsewhere and if you want some back just rename them and put them back in the planets folder. This download is for versions after the new planet additions Steve made in version 6.20.

Also included is a file which lists which images go to which bodies. May be incomplete.

Old versions:

Download for pre version 6.20:

It's been a while since I uploaded this, so I'm not entirely sure how I set the installation. Though from what I can see it seems to be the same as above. Outdated, but likely not by much.
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Re: Planet Pack - many new planets, many vanilla ones recolored/redone
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2012, 04:11:37 AM »
Nice. I will add it to next release of Aurora Portable.

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Re: Planet Pack - many new planets, many vanilla ones recolored/redone
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Bumping this because I'm making an updated version which keeps all the regular bodies of SOL correct but also adds all Tarran's high quality bodies, and in addition:
Changes bodies of sol to higher resolution if available, notable is that the current aurora planets have many low resolution images for instance of Earth and Jupiter despite higher resolution images already being in the folder, as well as a few mistakes most notably the moon has the wrong image.
New horizons image of Pluto.
Added high resolution images of various asteroids which unfortunately will need to be manually assigned.
Alternative images of the large bodies of the solar system after terraforming, also pictures of titan and venus without the cloud layer.
Will be uploaded soon, also I'm requesting for Eric to move this to the installation  forum where the other add on image packs are.
Edit: Well I knew there would be a problem because of moons and asteroids using random images, but it's worse than I thought, Titan by default uses Mars picture.
I think I'll make a few different packs, one which just removes all the low quality images from the original, replacing them with real planets and asteroids, one pack containing only real planets and such, named correctly to make linking them easier. And a modified version of yours which removes the 1 or 2 real planets.
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Re: Planet Pack - many new planets, many vanilla ones recolored/redone
« Reply #3 on: November 03, 2018, 09:24:42 PM »
any chance for a machine planet

or a infested planet (Zerg,Flood,etc)