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18:36, 11th August, 2553
Proxima Centauri

    Korvettenkapitän Sylvie Bekker awoke with a start. She'd been dreaming of home once again; the crashing waves, the clear, royal blue skies, and the ever-gusting winds of Kiel, headquarters of the Kreigsmarine on Neu Deutschland - a slightly bothersome side effect of the Atlantis' long deployment. With a short, inaudible sigh, she straightened in her command chair and turned to face the source of her awakening.
     "Kapitän?" Leutnant zur See Klaus Lobmeyer, Bekker's Comms & Sensor officer, repeated, "They're here."
Instantly, Bekker glanced at the holographic plotting display that dominated Atlantis' bridge. Sure enough, a collection of angry red dots stared back at her, roughly 33 million kilometres from the Alpha Centauri jump point. Representing the weekly Terran Republican Navy supply convoy Bekker had been monitoring for the last four months, they gave little information other than thermal signature and suspected class. Although Atlantis, an Orion class Scout Frigate, is built around a high-power Blaupunkt Ship-to-Ship Radar, her eyes are her thermal telescopes: while painting the Republican convoy with her radar would feed back a wealth of information, it would also result in the immediate detection of Atlantis, and her subsequent destruction, or, perhaps worse, capture. Instead, coupled with her extremely efficient stealth systems, Atlantis' telescopes allow her to follow the progress of the convoy through the system, while attempting to glean any possible information from their signatures.
    "How long ago did they transit?" Bekker asked.
    "Approximately forty-five minutes ago, Kapitän," replied Lobmeyer.
     Sylvie raised an eyebrow dangerously, "And I was just now awoken?"
    "Sir, I-," Lobmeyer shot a furtive glance to the Engineering station set behind and to the right of her chair.
    "I'm afraid your mutinous first officer is responsible, Kapitän."
Bekker turned to see a short, stout man wearing a mischievous grin and a uniform identical to her own, save his rank insignia. "Ach, of course, who else?" she replied, a twinkle in her cool-grey eyes. "I suppose you do remember the penalty for mutiny, Leutnant Steichen?"
    "Why of course, mein Kapitän: A lovely jaunt out the starboard airlock!" replied her executive officer, Kapitänleutnant Michael Steichen, jovially. Also serving as Atlantis' Chief Engineer, Steichen was extremely popular with the crew. With a joke never more than a breath away, he kept boredom at bay with his unpredictable antics and infectious laughter. Although Sylvie would never admit it, she was extremely lucky to have the young, raven-haired man as her XO. "Shall I head there now?"
    "At once, Leutnant," Bekker replied curtly, staring the man down. After a moment's pause, her steely demeanor broke into a grin accompanying her soft, mezzo-soprano laughter.
     Lobmeyer, a tall, slender man of twenty-two, had been momentarily frozen by the apparent tension. He relaxed, realizing it was yet another of Steichen's jokes, turned to his captain, and continued his report, "Sir, the signatures are consistent with our previous encounters. Six freighters, and six smaller escorts. They are maintaining a speed of 500 kilometres per second." He glanced at the plot for a moment, then continued, "There appears to be no change in their operations. I have uploaded the data to a courier drone, pending your report."
    "Thank you, Mr. Lobmeyer," said Bekker, dismissing the man. She turned to her primary console, and accessed the drone's data. Satisfied after a moment's perusal, she turned to look at Steichen, who had been watching her intently. He smiled and nodded slightly, a gesture she returned. Returning her gaze to her console, Sylvie drafted a quick addendum to her report: "Recommend begin Phase Two of Operation Drachenzorn - Dragon's Wrath. Success seems certain. Kapitän Bekker, KMS Atlantis."
    Bekker finalized her report, and looked up. She scanned the small, spartan bridge of the Atlantis, analyzing each of her officers in turn, wondering how the men and women under her command would react to the coming turmoil. Professionally, she decided, and with renewed dedication to their duty. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Michael watching her, concern lurking behind his laughing green eyes. She ignored him, and, with a last glance at the plot, set a war in motion.
    "Leutnant Lobmeyer," she intoned softly.
    "Yes, Kapitän?"
    "Confirm navigation data on the courier drone, and then launch it on your authority," she ordered.
    "Yes, sir." Lobmeyer, focused and dedicated despite his age, immediately began attacking his console with a flurry of keystrokes. Several minutes later, he uttered a short, "Launching drone."
    With a slight shudder, one of Atlantis' many high-speed courier drones entered the void of space and sped towards the Eisenschloss jump point. On the bridge, Kapitän Bekker, having spent the last twenty hours on the bridge anticipating the arrival of the convoy, was already beginning to drift back to sleep, and to Kiel. The Atlantis remained motionless in space, while, millions of kilometres away, Task Force 48 of the Terran Republican Navy slowly ambled towards the Sol jump point, entirely unaware of its' observer.
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Re: The Terran Republic (And various other peoples and stuff and yeah.)
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11:31, 3rd December, 2553
The Eisenschloss System
Schloss Neuschwanstein

    One of two moons of the blueish-green gas giant Eisenschloss-I, Der Wächter, once a remote, domed outpost, has grown into a fully terraformed colony of over five hundred million. In addition to its extensive mineral extraction industry, the moon is home to the fuel refineries, missile factories, and orbital drydocks that lend to its credence as a major naval base, as well as the orbiting KMSS Schloss Neuschwanstein. The space station is a 110,000 ton testament to the logistical and technological aptitude of the Reich, and, in addition to her considerable missile armament and Gauss defenses, houses a fifty thousand ton drydock capable of servicing any ship in the Kreigsmarine. It was this drydock that currently held the attention of Kapitän zur See Moritz Laut, commanding officer of Neuschwanstein.
    A quiet, calm man of 28, Laut has commanded the station since its launch in late 2449, and, in that time, garnered a reputation as consummate professional, expecting nothing but the best out of his personnel. He gazed out the viewport of his personal conference room at the majestic battlecruiser currently docked, the KMS Blücher. Swarming with vac-suited technicians and maintenance drones, she still gave off the distinctive aura of a predator, ready to pounce at any moment. Bristling with external missile racks, particle beam arrays, and Gauss turrets, Blücher, the lead ship of her class, is a truly fearsome vessel, and a command that many within the Kreigsmarine aspire to attain. Laut turned to face the slender, auburn-haired woman standing at his side, the current holder of that coveted position. "She is a beautiful ship, Kapitän. I envy you," he remarked.
    "Indeed," replied Kapitän zur See Karina Meissner, "I imagine you must grow tired of the constant hazards of orbit." She smiled wryly, and peeled her piercing, dark green eyes away from her command. I certainly would have lost my mind by now, she thought, meeting Laut's gaze.
    "Ah, but someone must mind the farm while you are off stealing all the glory!" said Moritz with a smile of his own. "So, the rumours I've been hearing - Are they true? Are we going on the offensive at last?"
    Meissner gave him an appraising look, thought a moment, and said, "Rumours, Kapitän? Surely you know better than to believe them! No, I've heard nothing as yet. I was actually hoping you might have been able to tell me, what with your connections!" Moritz was the son-in-law of Vizeadmiral Jacques Gottfried, commander, Oberkommando der Marine. "Too bad!" she laughed. At any rate, her orders had been quite explicit: absolute secrecy was essential.
    "I'm afraid that, if she knows any military secrets, Elsa hasn't told me!" he replied. More laughter.
    The man isn't so bad, despite what they say. Karina thought. He had put station entirely at her disposal since the arrival of Erste Schiffsgeschwader six days prior. Ah well. I shall have to give him a full account on my return. "A shame!" she said. Meissner looked back to her ship. "You mentioned the refit may be completed ahead of schedule - How soon?" she asked.
    "Within the day. Tomorrow, at latest," said Laut. "Eager to leave, eh?" he added.
    "And escape your hospitality?" she asked, pausing for a moment. "I can't leave soon enough!" she jabbed, with another smile. And, at any rate, the dispatch she received that morning had been quite clear: Expedite refit. Proceed to Proxima Centauri as soon as able. Make contact with KMS Atlantis. On next convoy sighting, initiate phase two, Drachenzorn. Good hunting. Vizeadmiral J. Gottfried.
    Laut chuckled, and then fell silent.  Meissner wondered what the man was thinking - surely he suspected her mission; he was no fool. She thought for a moment, and then made a decision. "Do ensure Blücher's stealth systems are fully functioning," she said, "I suspect they will soon see rigorous use."
    Moritz gave her a hard look, and then his expression softened. "Of course, Kapitän," he replied knowingly, "I'll personally oversee it. If you'll excuse me? I will see to it at once." He then straightened, and saluted Meissner formally. She returned the gesture, knowing the man understood. He turned and departed the conference room.
    Now alone, Karina looked over every surface of her vessel, searching for any imperfection, any problem, real or imagined. She truly loved Blücher, in a way few could understand.  She craved her well-worn command chair, with the power of her engines only a quick command away, and her well-trained crew, seemingly an extension of her mind, ready to carry out her will. Together, they would forge a new future for the Reich - Though not the one she expected.

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Re: The Terran Republic (And various other peoples and stuff and yeah.)
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8:02, 18th December, 2553
Proxima Centauri

    "Kapitän! Thermal contacts, bearing 116, range two-point-five million kilometres!" Leutnant Lobmeyer exclaimed, noticeably shaken. almost simultaneously, a small cluster of red dots appeared nearly on top of the Atlantis' dot.
    Still shaking off a night's sleep only moments ago, Kapitän Bekker's mind immediately shifted into overdrive: How the HELL did they find us? How did they get this close? "General quarters! Maintain EMCON across the ship," she ordered. "Leutnant Sulz, plot an evasive course, bearing Two-Seven-Six."
    "Aye, sir!"
    "Mister Steichen, prepare to answer All Ahead Fla-"
    "Kapitän! We're being hailed! Kreigsmarine authentication... Contact identifies as the Blücher!" Lobmeyer reported.
    Sylvie swore under her breath. "Thank you, Mister Lobmeyer. Steichen, Sulz, belay my last. Secure from general quarters." She took a moment to breath, and then faced her command console. "Put them through to me," she ordered. A split-second later, a green-eyed, auburn haired woman appeared before her, grinning maniacally.
    "Sylvie! It has been too long!" she said cheerfully.
    Karina always enjoyed her little games, Bekker thought. Her expression softened, and she smiled in return. "So it has!" A slightly annoyed look flashed across her face. "Perhaps next time, you'll call ahead?" she added dryly.
    "Of course! We simply had to ensure we were still as stealthy as advertised," said Meissner, adding, "And it would seem we are. Apologies for any particularly-frightened Leutnants!" She laughed again, and then her expression stiffened. "I suppose you know why I am here, Sylvie?" she asked.
    "Indeed. Is there anything Atlantis can do to assist?"
    "Nothing more than is already asked of you, Kapitän. We should be in position within the day. Await my signal. After that, I suggest you do not stick around much further - I'm sure you'd love to return home!" said Karina, ending with a faint smile.
    "More than you imagine. Understood, sir. Good luck, and good hunting," said Bekker, meaning it; her entire naval career had led up to this operation.
    "Thank you. Give my compliments to your crew. Blücher out." Meissner's face disappeared into blackness.
    Sylvie looked up, having felt the stares of her crew on her throughout the conversation. Of course, all were conveniently busying themselves with their duties. She turned to Steichen, who immediately met her gaze. She held it for a moment, taking in the eager confidence radiating from him, and then broke it. "Mister Lobmeyer?" she queried.
    "Yes, sir?" he replied, looking somewhere between excitement, fear, and anticipation.
    "Run a full diagnostic on our active and passive sensors, and ensure your people are at full alert."
    "Yes, Kapitän." He stood and exited the command deck. Only Bekker, Steichen, and navigator Leutnant zur See Liesel Sulz, a young, quiet brunette, remained. Atlantis was a rather small vessel, meant to observe from afar. She was entirely unarmed, other than her marine contingent's sidearms, and her primary defense was her speed. The majority of her crew of one hundred seventeen souls consisted of engineers, sensor technicians, and intelligence analysts. She was no warship, and Sylvie knew it. And yet, Atlantis was on the verge of her first battle.

14:45, 18th December, 2553
Alpha Centauri
Proxima Centauri Jump Gate

    "Commodore, the civies report they are ready to jump. Fleet is in position. Awaiting your command," reported Commander Alexander Hopkins, executive officer of Independence.
    Commodore Elise Blackburn, Terran Republican Navy, nodded in acknowledgement, and considered the vast holographic battle plot around which the carrier's bridge was built. She inspected the collection of friendly-blue and civilian-gold dots, each one trailing a name, thermal signature, speed, and course. Seemingly a random collection of warships and merchant ships, to Blackburn they were Task Force 48, a vital mineral convoy that shuttled weekly between New Rome and Earth. Her gaze lingered a moment longer,and then shifted back to Hopkins.
    "Mister Hopkins, signal the fleet to transit in two minutes," she ordered.
    "Aye, aye, sir."
    Elise looked around the bridge. To her right, Hopkins was carrying out her orders. To her left sat Commander Werner Falk, her Chief Engineering Officer. In front of her sat Navigator Lieutenant Commander Andrew Freeman and Sensors Officer Lieutenant Commander Charlie Connor, respectively to the left and right. Behind her sat Weapons Officer Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Campbell and Communications Officer Lieutenant Commander Edward Carpenter. Each one hand-picked to server under her, she trusted her officers completely.
    "Commodore?" asked a new voice,
    Blackburn turned to see Captain Alexandra Pope, Commander, Air Group, Independence and commanding officer of VF-45, "The Rooks." Coupled with VF-47 (The Black Aces), the squadron made up the carrier's strikegroup. Pope had proved herself as CAG over the last year (Although a rather archaic term, the name 'CAG' has stuck in the Republican Navy), and, to Elise, her opinion carried as much weight as Hopkins'.
    "Yes, Captain?"
    "The Aces are in the 'cats; The Rooks are at plus-five," Pope reported. "We're ready, sir."
    "Thank you, Alexandra. Suit up while you still have time," replied Blackburn.
    Pope saluted, a gesture Elise returned, and left the bridge.
    "Transit in fifteen seconds," Hopkins announced.
    Blackburn settled comfortably in her chair, bracing for the always-unpleasant feeling of FTL travel. Some claimed it didn't effect them, but she didn't believe it.
    "Five seconds."
    She hoped there weren't any pirates waiting for them this time - Last month's raid had nearly cost Blackburn her command. Her fierce, dark-blue eyes were glued to the tac-plot.
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Re: The Terran Republic (And various other peoples and stuff and yeah.)
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[ooc]This section (and possibly previous sections) pending expansion[/ooc]

11:20, 21st December, 2553
Proxima Centauri

    The Republican convoy had entered the system as expected 3 days ago, and had since been passively tracked by the scout frigates Orion and Atlantis. It had not broken from its usual operational pattern, convincing Kapitän Meissner that her squadron had probably, probably, not been detected. She watched as convoy's dot reached the target area.
    "Kapitän, the convoy is in position. Kapitäns Brinkmeyer and Geiger have began moving to their intercept positions and are reporting full readiness," reported Fregattenkapitän Lukas Glüklich, her executive officer.
    Brinkmeyer and Geiger respectively commanded Z27 and Z28, two of her four Z-2248 class destroyers, currently split into groups of two and stationed eighty million kilometres on either side of Blücher and her support ships, Emden, Kiel, and Orion. Emden and Kiel were Meissner's two support vessels, and, although just as stealthy as her warships, were to stay out of the coming battle, along with Orion. The convoy was bracketed between Blücher and Atlantis, with the destroyer groups now moving to cut of their lines of advance and retreat to either jump point.
    "Very well," said Karina. "Mister Engel?"
    "Sir?" replied Kapitänleutnant Wolf Engel, her navigator.
    "Plot an intercept course with the convoy. All ahead full," she ordered. "Mister Glüklich, signal Atlantis to light them up."
    Glüklich grinned. "Yes sir!" he replied, swiveling his chair about and sending a prepared message to the scout frigate. In a feat that would have been entirely impossible before the advent of near-light speed communications, less than five seconds later Kapitän Bekker received, acknowledged, and executed Meissner's order.
    One hundred twenty-five million kilometres away, Atlantis' Blaupunkt Ship-to-Ship Radar came online.

11:23, 23rd December, 2553

    "Contact! Active sensor, bearing one-zero-nine, distance seven-nine million kilometres!" shouted Commander Charlie Connor, breaking the silence that had fallen over Independence's bridge in the last half hour. Blackburn instantly looked look up from her console and glared at the tac plot. A red, tentatively hostile dot had appeared to the "right" of Task Force 48. "Sir, I do not recognize the emissions. It does not match any known Republic or pirate systems. Contact is stationary," Connor continued.
    "Very well. Captain Pope, launch the CSP," Blackburn ordered. In times of war, the Combat Space Patrol would be on station at all times. However, with the only threat being the possibility of a pirate raid, she kept her fighters in their hangars to save on wear and tear. That also meant that her convoy relied on passive sensors only, to reduce chances of being detected themselves - her active sensors would light her up like a beacon to anyone in-system with an electromagnetic sensor suite.
    "Yes, sir. That'll be the Aces. I'll put the Rooks on standby," replied Pope, leaving the bridge.
    "Sir, should I reply in kind with our actives?" asked Connor.
    "Not yet, Charlie," replied Blackburn. She'd rather not give away her full capabilities quite yet. "Ed, are we receiving anything from the contact?"
    "Not a thing, sir. No ident codes, nothing," reported Commander Edward Carpenter, Comms. Independence shuddered slightly as the alert fighters launched from her catapults, accelerating them to over eight thousand kilometres per second in less than five seconds.
    Elise thought for a moment, and then turned to Hopkins, who was watching her intently. "Alex, signal Valkyrie and Valhalla to place themselves between the contact and the convoy," she ordered. Two of her four O class escort destroyers, they would be in a position to intercept any missiles before reaching the convoy. "And tell the CSP to close on the contact, no active emissions."
    "Aye, sir," said Hopkins. He immediately set to work. Moments later, the dots representing her destroyers and fighters began pulling away from the collective lights of the convoy.

11:29, 23rd December, 2553

    Kapitän Meissner observed the Republican's screening move with satisfaction. It was almost unfair, she thought. They have no clue what they are facing. She glanced at her ships' positions on the plot. Excellent.
    "Mister Glüklich, signal the destroyers to concentrate their fire on the freighters. Weapons free at 11:30," she ordered. "Split our fire among the three larger escorts."
    "Yes, Kapitän," said Glüklich, who doubled as Meissner's Tactical officer. His hands flew across his console, readying firing solutions.
    11:30 hit, and Karina felt her ship shudder three times successively as three salvoes of Drachen Heavy Missiles accelerated from their racks. An instant later, Meissner realized her mistake - Her missiles would arrive on target in three, widely-separated waves, making point defense far easier. No matter, she though. Once the missiles soften them up, we'll close and engage with our beams.
    "Mister Glüklich, signal Atlantis to proceed to the Eisenschloss jump point at best possible speed in twenty minutes," she said.
    "Aye, sir."

11:51, 23rd December, 2553

    Over thirty minutes had passed since the new contact, now designated Cormorant-Two, appeared, and the situation had changed little. Independence's CSP was still thirty-three minutes from the contact, and Blackburn had decided to maintain course and speed to the Sol jump point. Althought she was slightly concerned about what her pilots might find, she was confident they, and her fleet, could handle it. She noticed Charlie, a young, eager officer with a boyish face and short black hair, stiffen.
    "Sir, Cormorant-Two just kicked her heels - She's making 6500 kilometres per second, heading two-seven-five," he reported.
    "Interesting. Alright Charlie, start warming up the sensors. I suppose it's time we show them we care," Elise replied.
    "Aye, si- Sir! Multiple active emissions, bearing three-one-one, distance four million kilometres! Connor all but screamed.
    "Hit the lights, Charlie!"
    "Aye, sir!" said Connor, visibly rattled as he activated the carrier's considerable sensor suite. Moments later, the tac plot was suddenly inundated with red dots in a full semi-circle to the "left" of her position. "Vampire, vampire, missiles inbound, bearing three-one-one, distance four mil!" The new missile contact correlated with the active emissions, meaning that even if the launching vessel were destroyed, they would continue to home in on their targets. Behind the initial wave were twenty larger missiles, moving far slower than the closest inbounds, and additionally there were two other same-sized groups of large missiles, coming from either side of the semi-circle. "Multiple contacts, designate Raid-One through Three! Raid-One bearing three-one-four, distance four-one million kilometres! Raid-Two, bearing zero-zero-si-"
    "I see them, Charlie," said Blackburn calmly, standing and walking to the plot. In the center of the semi-circle was one two-hundred ton contact, automatically designated by Independence's computer as Provider-Two, advancing on Task Force 48 at sixty eight hundred kilometres per second, while on either edge of the semi-circle were two fifty ton contacts, designated Prestonian-Two through Five, also on intercept courses. They, however, were moving at a hasty ten thousand kilometres per second.
    "Alex, signal Vanquisher and Vampire to redeploy along the threat axis, one million kilometers out. Inform Köln of the situation. Tell Captain Robinson to remain with the civies." Köln was an escort cruiser, lead ship of her class, and capable of deluging twelve Scythe anti-missile missiles every five seconds, in addition to her six standard missile launchers. She would be instrumental in keeping Blackburn's charge, six Titan class superfreighters, intact. "Mister Falk, bring us to four thousand kilometres per second. Alex, instruct Mount Hood, Valkyrie, and Valhalla to form up on Independence, and recall the CSP. Andrew, bring us to a heading zero-eight-six."
    She received a chorus of "Aye's" as Independence's bridge burst to life. Elise settled back into her chair, her long, thick black hair falling haphazardly about her small, lithe frame. She suppressed the urge to sigh in frustration, and did her best to give off an air of confidence. The tac plot began to come alive as her ships began carrying out her orders. She watched as Köln's powerful missile radar came online.
    "Sir, Köln reports target acquisition. She's commencing defensive fire," reported Lieutenant Commander Carpenter. As Blackburn looked on, Köln, and her escort destroyers, began launching salvoes of anti-missile missiles. The closest group of inbound missiles consisted of sixty missiles inbound at sixty thousand kilometres per second, four million kilometres out. They would be there in less than a minute.
    "Alex, scramble the Rooks. Tell Rachel to head for the northern two contacts, launch from maximum range. Signal Alexandra to do the same to the southern group," Elise ordered. Moments later, Independence shuddered as her catapults operated. VF-45, "The Rooks," appeared on the plot, and immediately veered towards their targed. Simultaneously, The Aces adjusted their course to intercept theirs. Roughly forty-five minutes until they launched their strikes. By then, the last of the enemy missiles will have been destroyed, or hit home. Blackburn waited patiently, watching the digital time-to-impact timer counting down. Twenty-three seconds.


    "Kapitän, our missiles are less than thirty seconds from impact. The Republicans seem to have been alerted, but it is unlikely they will be able to react quickly enough to matter," said Glüklich.
    "Let us hope so. Signal Atlantis to reduce to one-third speed," said Meissner.
    "Aye. Twenty secon-Sir! Strength one detonations detected! We've lost contact with fifteen missiles!" reported Glüklich.
    "Understood, Mister Glüklich," replied Meissner. Karina, along with the rest of her bridge crew, watched with a mixture of excitement an anticipation. Today, we strike back. Today, we avenge Deutschland, they thought.
    Or at least, they thought until the last of Blücher's missiles was destroyed a mere four hundred thousand kilometres from its target.
    "No matter," Karina said, "We shall close, and engage our enemy up close!" She looked at over to Glüklich. "Order the destroyers to close."
   "Yes, sir!"


    Cheers erupted on the bridge as the last of the first wave was destroyed - albeit, far closer than preferable. Elise felt the same elation, but couldn't shake the specter of two further missile waves, and the rapidly closing hostile vessels.
    "Sir, next wave will enter our defense envelope in ten minutes. However, they'll have to traverse the full ten million kilometre range of our AMMs - an unlikely prospect, at best," reported Hopkins.
    "Thank you, Alex. I suppose now we consider our offensive options. Our fighters should engage the two Prestonian within the next hour. Let's keep putting distance between ourselves and the hostiles, and keep an eye on Provider-Two. Instruct Köln to engage with his Mockingjays if it comes within 20 million kilometres of the convoy," ordered Blackburn.
    "Aye, sir."
    Elise kept staring at the plot, her dark blue eyes narrowed in thought. Who are they? Where did they come from? Why haven't they communicated at all? Why attack us? Unfortunately, she didn't know any of these things. She resolved to find the answers while she sifted through the wreckage of her attackers.
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