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Erik L:
That went about how I expected it would.

Those poor pirates. They need to steal better ships.

I put them at about half a tech level down from the cruiser and figured their 2:1 advantage would help them more as well as the fact that their tonnage was about the same. What really killed them was the power plants. That and the engines were one step lower but 21 plants vs 15 showed how much multipliers help.

I learned a lot from this battle. From a mechanics standpoint the biggest thing I learned is tonnage doesn't mean dick. There was only a 53 ton difference between the two ships at the end, but most of the pirates tonnage was tied up in things like engine for high thrust or powerplants to fully power the ships.

From a genre standpoint I learned just how much people aren't kidding when they say the paperwork for games like this is so long. I spent almost three hours last night and 6 hours today, knowing the rules better could probably shave several hours off of that though. I figured it took so long for the same reason some people spend 2+ hours making a character sheet for an RPG (for reference I tend to take 10-30 minutes on character sheets).

Erik L:
I'd be willing to bet if you pit those raiders against their intended target, a freighter the battle would have been much different.

As for the tonnage/tech thing. Lower tech usually means larger components. So a lot of the advantage is being chewed up in larger, less efficient comps. If they had been equal tech they might have had a better chance. I didn't see a logistic point value on the raiders, and was too lazy to add it up; but how did they compare to the TCN cruiser?

Hmm. I just noticed the TCN ship fired half as much as it could. It had a RoF of 2. The raiders had an RoF of 3/2. So in theory, all three ships could have shot each weapon twice. Those that survived that is.

If I'd been the TCN captain, I would have let the raiders bracket me and cross my T. Then I'd have pulled a 90 degree turn (either way) and let loose with broadsides to each. Given the tech disparity and the overkill, I'd have held off on the PD lasers.

I think it adds up to about 3 points for the raiders for every 4 TCN has. As for why the captain chose the course he did was after the pirates moved he was on a direct course to crossing their Ts. So doing nothing put the cruiser off the stern of the other two ships which is always a great place to be.


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