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New Year's
« on: May 08, 2014, 01:35:08 PM »
[ooc]None of your societies are closed so I figured news broadcasts would be intercepted from time to time by each of you and here are the results of that.[/ooc]

The following broadcast is from MBC, the Mars Broadcasting Company whose tagline is Fair, Honest, First. The broadcast is centered on Time’s Square in New Washington and takes place soon after the ball dropped on what would have been midnight for New York City on Earth. The reporter is Sara Munoz.

“The celebration behind me is reaching its peak right now; people are celebrating a new year and looking forward to everything that is to come.” She looks up for a second before looking back into the camera, “The confetti is still falling as it has been for the last five minutes. The organizers really outdid themselves trying to match the celebrations last year that opened up the new century. And keep your eyes to the skies tonight, a very special astronomical event is going to happen. Both Phobos and Demos will be full tonight.

“This year has been big for the government of Mars as well, the new command building will be finishing soon near the academy of West Ann. The most important thing we are going to bring you soon is a possibly ground breaking story in the next few weeks. A couple of sources in the military claim that when the Eagle left Martian orbit they found something in the inner system. So far we don’t know what was found but we promise you that when we do you, the viewer, will be the first to know. Thank you and goodnight.”

The broadcast cuts out and shows the New Year celebrations in other cities and towns throughout Mars, but it is clear that the celebration in the capital is the biggest.

The next broadcast is from Europa and is on the official State News channel. It is shot from inside the newsroom which is decorated to look very nice and official without all the color and eye popping that you get with news companies that have to compete with others for viewers.

“Good evening this is a special report on the state of the Middle Kingdom. With the year wrapping up soon it is time to update our people on how our glorious government has been proceeding this year and what projections are for next.

“Chinese scientists have made several breakthroughs this year and they promise that should war ever reach our peaceful population again the full might of the Middle Kingdom will wash down on any enemies like a typhoon and sweep them out into space before they could ever reach our many loyal citizens. Io has been resettled after the colony was abandoned during the dark times, and the population is in the several millions. And the largest plan for our glorious nation for the coming year is to expand throughout the moons of Jupiter and show the other colonies why the Middle Kingdom was so feared in the 21st century.”

The broadcast continues in a mostly propagandist fashion and extols the virtues of the government and the people living there.

The third broadcast is from Prometheus and is a broadcast of the ABC, Australian Broadcasting Company, currently one of the largest media corporations in the Pacific Federation.

“Good evening this is Robert Tripp bringing you the nightly news. The biggest news tonight is the signing of the treaty between us and the Russians living on Cheron. It appears that our government has drawn part of our border and it is the first official demarcation of its kind. Not only that but it gives us Uranus as well as Saturn and its moons. We will have political analysts on here later but first we go to New Sydney to bring you progress on the new opera house that is being built after the one in the city’s namesake.”

The show continues and the analysts come on but don’t really add anything to the conversation other than the idea that there is no way the treaty is anything but good or possibly the best thing ever. The words groundbreaking and historic are thrown around a lot.

The last broadcast is from Cheron and is from a small radio station out of the town of Gabriel.

“With Pluto settled and Neptune now in our sphere of influence we can finally say we are rebuilding. The Motherland was wracked by wars other people started on Earth and these wars plunged us deep into hard times but we survived. Every Russian survives, the cold can’t kill us, failed crops can’t kill us, not even revolution can kill us. We always come back and take what is rightfully ours. And now we are doing that. We have taken Pluto back and we have declared that Neptune is rightful ours as it should be. Long live the Motherland, long live Russia.”