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Stars, here we come! -Intro
« on: March 31, 2017, 03:16:38 PM »
Hi guys, this is my very first Aurora 4x fiction, and in fact probably my first fanfiction so feedback would be greatly appreciated

This is a game with a transnewtonian start, at the Jan.   1st 2020. 
Starting conditions: 20x Research labs – 4x Shipyards – Random Jump Points- No Missile bases. 

The discovery of transnewtonian elements at the beginning of the 1990’s, meant to an epic struggle between the states of the world to acquire this new resources by any means necessary, new alliances were crafted, ideologies put asides, and conflicts both covert and open, erupted.   During this time of chaos, the various nation-states united, in blocks growing bigger and bigger, until the world was finally divided between six major powers, by the early 2000’s… But the story of the Unification of Earth has been told over and over again, so I will skip forward to the end of the conflict 2007, the world was finally at peace for the first time in two decades and united for the first time in history. 
At this point, enters a new protagonist on the world scene Jeremy Stradford, a former British general, who joined the new united planetary government and became, something a war hero, for his contribution to the 15 Years War.   Contribution, he had probably, somewhat exaggerated.   Indeed, Stradford was good at PR, at taking credit from other’s success and having someone else blamed for his own shortcomings.   Some in military circles believed that it was the only thing he was good at; and that the eventual victory of Commonwealth of Nations (the UK and its former colonies) over the rest of the warring states was due to more to opportunism and incompetence from the enemy than to the skill of the Commonwealth generals. 
At any rate, historians would probably be bickering over details like this for the decades to come, if a military coup led by Stradford in June 2007, deposed the liberal and relatively democratic government to replace it with a constitutional monarchy; The Human Empire.   This new political entity saw great success during the last few years, modernizing Earth industries, building immense space dockyards and new research labs dedicated to transnewtonian research…
In fact, the new government acted more like a benevolent dictatorship than anything else and since the people got unrestricted access to both food and entertainment no one, saw it worthwhile to oppose the Stradford Dynasty and their bureaucracy.   But when the Emperor died Nov.   3rd 2019 (which coincidentally happened to be the birthday of his only son), Harold Stradford crowned Dec.   31st 2019.   And his reign officially started the next day.   Harold was the perhaps, the polar opposite of his father, a bureaucrat at heart, fascinated by military matters and great connoisseur in philosophy and literature both English and foreign.   He was certainly brilliant, eccentric and had the social skills of a hermit, he soon became known for his blunt honesty, his cynism and his addiction to complexity, which made him even more involved in the affair of the State that his father was. 
On his overcrowded desk, you could read an engraving “Stars, Here We Come”, at least the long term objectives of the new (nominal) leader of Humanity were clear…

Now that the lore is out of the way, let's dive in what really matters, here: The game. 
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I used to think that there is no such thing as a complex game, that all the difficulty was in the learning curve.
Whenever you think you have learned Aurora, you will eventually be proven wrong.

Sometimes I wonder if even its creator has learned it.

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Re: Stars, here we come! -Intro
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2017, 09:48:04 PM »
Sounds fun