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BattleTech Units and Templates
« on: November 06, 2018, 05:52:03 AM »
Given that Steve’s test campaign looks to be somewhat BattleTech inspired, and I was planning to have ‘Mechs in any campaign I ran anyway, I figured a post detailing possible conversions from BattleTech to the Aurora C# system would be handy, at least for myself.

There are currently five vehicle types according to the post here by Steve.

Light Vehicles, Vehicles, Heavy Vehicles, Super Heavy Vehicles and Ultra Heavy Vehicles. Since BattleTech shares space with plenty of ground vehicles, we’re not going to make use of all of those for ‘Mechs alone. Let’s divide ‘Mechs between Heavy Vehicles, Super Heavy Vehicles and Ultra Heavy Vehicles.

This leads to a small problem – BattleTech groups ‘Mechs into four weight categories, but there are only three to work with. Luckily, BattleSpace (the part dealing with the fighters in universe) has the same 20-100t range, but groups them into three categories, so we’ll use that system for our ‘Mech conversions.

The Light category is ‘Mech designs from 20-45 tons, using the Heavy Vehicle template.
The Medium category is ‘Mech designs from 50-70 tons, using the Super Heavy Vehicle template.
The Heavy category is ‘Mech designs from 75-100 tons, using the Ultra Heavy Vehicle template.

According to this post, Heavy Vehicles have 2 equipment slots, Super-Heavy vehicles have 3, and Ultra-heavy have 4.

I’ll be focusing on Succession-Wars designs, mostly because it becomes hard to classify ‘Mechs once technologies like Stealth armor, Guardian ECM, Anti-Missile systems, XL engines and such come into play because those are a step beyond the system as it currently stands. While I plan to include most Succesion-Wars variants, I will skip ones where a faction already has access to a model that provides the exact same equipment loadout for that 'Mech for Aurora's purposes. (A simple variant that replaces a machine gun with a flamer, for example.)

(Heavy) Crew-Served Anti-Personnel - represents machine guns and flamers. <5 points of damage is Crew-Served Anti-Personnel, >5 is Heavy Crew-Served Anti-Personnel.
Light/Medium/Heavy/Super-Heavy Anti-Vehicle - represents lasers and PPCs. Small and Medium Lasers are Light by default, can become Medium/Heavy in enough quantity. Large Lasers and PPCs are Medium by default and can become Heavy/Super-Heavy in enough quantity.
Light/Medium/Heavy Bombardment - represents SRMs and LRMs. If possible, these are handled seperately. <11 damage is represented by Light Bombardment. 11-20 is represented by Medium Bombardment. 21+ is represented by Heavy Bombardment.
Light/Medium/Heavy Autocannons - represents ballistic weapons (Autocannons and Gauss Rifles). AC/2 and AC/5 are represented by Light Autocannons, AC/10 by Medium, and AC/20 and Gauss Rifles are represented by Heavy Autocannons.

Light 'Mechs
NameModelTonnageTypeSlot 1Slot 2Slot 3Slot 4UsageNotes
LocustLCT-1V20Heavy VehicleCrew-Served Anti-PersonnelLight Anti-VehicleGeneral1x MLaser, 2x Machine Guns
LocustLCT-1E20Heavy VehicleLight Anti-VehicleLight Anti-VehicleLiao2x MLaser, 2x SLaser
LocustLCT-1M20Heavy VehicleLight BombardmentLight Anti-VehicleDavion1x MLaser, 2x LRM-5
FleaFLE-420Heavy VehicleCrew-Served Anti-PersonnelMedium Anti-VehicleMarik1x Flamer, 2x SLaser, 1x LLaser
FleaFLE-1520Heavy VehicleHeavy Crew-Served Anti-PersonnelMedium Anti-VehicleMarik1x Flamer, 2x SLaser, 2x MLaser, 2x Machine Guns
HornetHNT-15120Heavy VehicleLight BombardmentLight Anti-VehicleDavion1x LRM-5, 1x MLaser, 1x SLaser
MercuryMCY-9820Heavy VehicleLight Anti-VehicleLight Anti-VehicleComStar2x MLaser, 2x SLaser
StingerSTG-3R20Heavy VehicleCrew-Served Anti-PersonnelLight Anti-VehicleGeneral1x MLaser, 2x Machine Guns
StingerSTG-3G20Heavy VehicleLight Anti-VehicleLight Anti-VehicleGeneral2x MLaser
ThornTHE-S20Heavy VehicleLight BombardmentLight Anti-VehicleKurita, ComStar1x LRM-5, 2x MLaser
WaspWSP-1A20Heavy VehicleLight BombardmentLight Anti-VehicleGeneral1x MLaser, 1x SRM-2
WaspWSP-1D20Heavy VehicleCrew-Served Anti-PersonnelLight Anti-VehicleDavion1x Flamer, 1x MLaser, 2x SLaser
WaspWSP-1K20Heavy VehicleCrew-Served Anti-PersonnelLight Anti-VehicleKurita1x MLaser, 1x Machine Gun
WaspWSP-1L20Heavy VehicleLight BombardmentLiao1x SRM-4
FirestarterFS9-H35Heavy VehicleHeavy Crew-Served Anti-PersonnelLight Anti-VehicleSteiner4x Flamer, 2x MLaser, 2x Machine Guns
FirestarterFS9-M35Heavy VehicleCrew-Served Anti-PersonnelMedium Anti-VehicleSteiner2x MLaser, 2x SLaser, 2x Machine Guns
PantherPNT-9R35Heavy VehicleLight BombardmentMedium Anti-VehicleKurita1x PPC, 1x SRM-4
JennerJR7-D35Heavy VehicleLight BombardmentMedium Anti-VehicleKurita4x MLaser, 1x SRM-4

Medium 'Mechs
NameModelTonnageTypeSlot 1Slot 2Slot 3Slot 4UsageNotes

Heavy 'Mechs
NameModelTonnageTypeSlot 1Slot 2Slot 3Slot 4UsageNotes
MarauderMAD-3R75Ultra-Heavy VehicleHeavy Anti-VehicleLight Anti-VehicleLight AutocannonGeneral2x PPCs, 2x MLasers, 1x AC/5
MarauderMAD-3D75Ultra-Heavy VehicleHeavy Anti-VehicleLight Anti-VehicleMedium Anti-VehicleDavion2x PPCs, 2x MLasers, 1x LLaser
AtlasAS7-D100Ultra-Heavy VehicleHeavy AutocannonMedium BombardmentMedium Anti-VehicleLight BombardmentKurita, Steiner, Davion4x MLaser, 1x LRM-20, 1x SRM-6, 1x AC/20

Organization Models
Individual Units
Level I - 1 'Mech OR 1 Vehicle OR 28 Infantry OR 6 Battle Armor

Base Organizations
Lance - 4 'Mechs OR 4 Vehicles
Augmented Lance (Liao, 'Mech) - 4 'Mechs + 2 Vehicles OR 2 Squads Battle Armor
Augmented Lance (Liao, Vehicle) - 4 Vehicles + 2 'Mechs OR 4 Vehicles + 4 Squads Battle Armor
Century - 5 'Mechs OR 5 Vehicles
Level II - 6 Level I units

Company Formations
Company - 3 Lances
Augmented Company - 2 Augmented Lances
Company Task Force - 4-6 Lances (18-24 combat units)
Maniple - 2 Centuries

Battalion Formations
Battalion - 3 Companies
Augmented Battalion - 4 Augmented Lances + 1 command Lance
Square Battalion - 4 Companies + 1 command Lance
Cohort - 3 Maniples
Level III - 6 Level II units

Regiment Formations
Regiment - 3-5 Battalions
Augmented Regiment - 3-5 Battalions where 1 Battalion is an Augmented Battalion
Legion - 3-5 Maniples

Larger Formations
Forward ARC (Kurita) - 1 'Mech Regiment, 1 Armor Battalion, 1 Infantry Regiment, 1 Aerospace Wing
Regimental Combat Team (SLDF) - 4 Regiments
Regimental Combat Team (Steiner, Davion) - 1 'Mech Regiment, 3 Armor Regiments, 5 Infantry Regiments, 2 AeroSpace Wings, 1 Artillery Battalion
Light Combat Team (Davion) - 1 'Mech Battalion + 1 'Mech Command Company, 2-3 Battalions Heavy Armor, 2-3 Battalions Light Armor, 1 Artillery Company, 1 Regiment Battle Armor
Level IV (ComStar) - 6 Level III units

Because of the spread-out nature of BattleTech warfare during the later Succesion Wars, while Brigades, Divisions, Corps and Armies may still exist, there is little to no possibility that an entire 'Mech Brigade will be committed to fighting on a world. ComStar does use Divisions, but their size is more in line with two Regiments of mixed forces.
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Re: BattleTech Units and Templates
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2018, 02:14:45 PM »
As I recall from Battletech, vehicles use similar rules except their armor is much more prone to breaching. This lets them fill the important role of targets for the awesome mechs to blow up in massive numbers cheap garrison units. Do you think they'd have a role here, possibly as similar size vehicles but with very low armor levels (thus making them much cheaper but more vulnerable)?

Elementals seem like they might be best represented as light vehicles. Infantry can have powered armor, but light vehicles may better represent the mobility advantages Elementals have over infantry. Might not come up, unless Steve's game ends up with survivors of the war that made it into space coming home :p

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Re: BattleTech Units and Templates
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2018, 02:33:30 PM »
To simulate Battletech vehicles and mechs it would be nice to have various motive types (hover, tracked, wheeled and walker for mechs). Those could be used to provide bonuses for various planetary terrains. Maybe hover vehicles could have some flanking bonus, but are limited to light and medium type and so on.

For Elementals some sort of jump jets would be nice.
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Re: BattleTech Units and Templates
« Reply #3 on: November 07, 2018, 07:03:45 AM »

That's generally correct. I was planning to convert them using the Light Vehicle, Vehicle and Heavy Vehicle templates to represent their general lack of flexibility versus BattleMechs and greater vulnerability.

Power Armored Infantry I'd represent with Light Vehicles, perhaps with the unit having equal numbers of infantry with Crew-Served Anti-Personnel weapons and Light Vehicles with Light Anti-Vehicle Weapons to represent the default (Elemental or IS Standard BattleArmor) being equipped with a small laser and a machine gun.

Agreed, but that's also asking Steve to go a lot farther into the combat system. Right now it simulates combat at the high level. If you start adding various motive types and their affect on combat, it rapidly will balloon what he needs to code and maintain for ground combat.

Finished Entries for 20-ton 'Mechs, added more organizational structures (ComStar, Marian Hegemony), adjusted some 'Mech equipment loadouts, and added reasoning behind assignment of equipment.
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Re: BattleTech Units and Templates
« Reply #4 on: November 07, 2018, 11:47:21 AM »

Yeah various motive types should definitely not be a priority now. Maybe in future after C# Aurora release,  Steve will decide to broaden ground force construction or he decides to implement the Titans that were originally planed for version 7.2.

But at the end current implementation of ground troops gives us much better options to implement various combat units than previous version of Aurora so I am quite happy with it.

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Re: BattleTech Units and Templates
« Reply #5 on: November 10, 2018, 02:02:28 AM »
Well, the Steiner classification also has only 3 categories.
00 - 80 tons = Battle Armor
85 - 95 tons = Light 'Mech
100 tons = a proper 'Mech

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