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Re: Theban Empire
« Reply #210 on: April 26, 2020, 06:39:32 AM »
Also, for comparison, but not too much detail:
"Red Fleet" Bugs
Income 351872, Maintenance 271875, 40 inhabited systems, 56 worlds (no moons, no desolate worls)
1 MT, 32 ML, 93 SD, 69 BB, 114 BC, 39 CA, 162 CL, 28 DD, 84 BS6, 51 BS4, 90 BS3
9 ML, 41 SD
2 MT, 3 BB, 2 BC
They defenitely tend towards heavier ships, DDs are throw away units, CLs are mostly pickets, scouts and explorers. BBs only exist because of 100 HS warpoint links. So they had to build a complete secondary battleline to deal with them and systems beyond.
I wish I could give each of their fleets a full complement, but they have too many comitments and not enough income. Though growth helps them, a with many other empires, they reached the limit of open warp points. Unlike others, they have an answer: conquest. But given how expensive in time replacing lost shps is in this campaign, they are far more cautious about loosing capital units. And they respect fighter swarms. Unfortunately it sems their fleet defense battlecruisers seem to be preffered targets for elimination. So they are constantly short of them and could use twice the amount in each fleet really. I guess that will change sooner rather than later.

And a solution for internal 100 HS Wps is comming:
GRIM REAPER class CV     AM2    17 XO Racks    85 Hull    TL 10
[1] S1x6Acx3H(BbS)(IcIcIc)QLhQ(IcIc)Ti@x26?k(It2)(IcIcIc) [4]
85 RCP  15 MCP       Trg:1  Cloak      Cost =  2010/ 301.5
HTK 51   S1x6  Acx3  Tix1
Oops... gotta check the automatically maximase XO checkbox after amking a design change :-[

And to give a look at our constantly downtrodden sea mamals and their allies:
Undine Conglomerate
Income 42539 MCs, Trade 15040 MCs, Maintenance 32548 MCs (well, reduced next turn), TL 9
22 inhabited systems, 76 worlds, 31 T and ST among them. 13 T and ST worlds lost in 7 systems.
12 CVS, 9 SD, 9 BC, 34 CA, 19 DD, 12 FG, 45 BS3, 40 BS2, 3 BS0
Reserve: you're kidding?
7 BC, 8 CA, 7 BS2
This turn put a heavy dent into their fleet rooster, they now have to rebuild. Luckely for them, without anti-fighter BCs the two current incursions won't proceed. Luckely they have allies, making the fight less onesided. By their own they would have fallen long ago. They developped a lot of HT 10 systems, but lacked the income to push for antimatter, so far. And that hurts.

Cannon Cartell
Income 62175 MCs, Trade 35390 MCs, Maintenance 66079 MCs, TL 10
21 inhabited systems, 186 worlds, 21 of them T or ST. 5 worlds lost in 5 systems (Bullet sector).
12 CV, 13 CVL, 7 CVS, 9 SD, 13 BB, 31 BC, 18 CA, 23 DD, 13 CT, 1 BS5, 66 BS4, 149 BS3
Reserve: 6 BC
3 CV, 1 CVS, 3 SD, 6 CA
Their main problem is that they are a pocket empire, and their connection to the undines is 100 HS in size, making building larger ships inefficient. Same for some interior warp lines. They have a hard time expanding their ecomomy further, as they are out of colonisable space. Their one lucky expansion got overrun by the bugs. Also, they have to guard their home system against a hostile empire next door.

Sri Raj
Income 26937 MCs, Trade 8081 MCs, Maintenace 26600 MCs
3 (10) systems, 66 worlds, 5 (13) T and ST worlds They share worlds with the Cannon Cartel in a partnership. Amalgenation is not possible, by 1 point of racial outlook difference. Go figure).
6 CVS, 9 SD, 12 BB, 18 BC, 21 CA, 15 DD, 9 CT, 20 BS4, 21 BS3
3 SD, 9 BB, 8 BC
A rather more balanced fleet, unfortunately they are only TL 9 and it shows, and they lack the income for some serious crash perceived threat R&D. Also, like the Cannon cartell, they are a pocket empire with only three systems of their own. And also, the SDs are rather trapped, again.

Holy Church of the Seal (yes.. more pinipeds)
Income: 22783 Cs, Trade 4556 MCs, Maintenance 19133 MCs, TL 10
3 sytems, 3 T worlds.
12 CV, 7 CVL, 27 BC, 3 CL, 6 BS6
9 CV
A rather minor player in another small pocket, they help the undines guard one warp chain, but have not yet seen active battle. They are rather carrier heavy, and like it.
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Re: Theban Empire
« Reply #211 on: April 27, 2020, 04:16:53 AM »
After using up several thousand of pGB, Paul and I decided to try a rule change, namely we try with the pGB having 2 inline racks instead of 2*4 external serial ones. Makes using them with fM a bit more worthwhile, though their capacity to use 4*fL shrinks to 2* fL. On the other hand, a full salvo froma  squadron is 18 fM, comparable to F1, F2 in a full squad. 12 fM are just too easely caught by Dc, Dcx, Dx etc. and giving the gunboats a bit of standoff capability heightens their reuseability. So far any fight involving gunboats had the whole flight being eliminated usually in return for inflicted damage.
Dire prospects for non-suicidal races

Also we agreed to allow @ on IC engined carriers. I-engined carriers was shot down quickly after I pointed out that then I'd be able to toss 7 MTs through a size 100 WP per turn. Or even SM.. aka 250 HS worth of ship *7.
(Size 100 Carrier can comfortably fit 26 @ and have room for defenses and an [It2.) With I-engines it actually gains 6 HS for stuff compared to an Ic carrier. Still, now its only 5 of them, carrying either 5 MT or 10 SD.
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Re: Theban Empire
« Reply #212 on: April 29, 2020, 10:04:32 AM »
Ok, continuing the racial overview asI've allready started on it and feel like posting a bit more.
We covered the Thebans, Red Bugs and the Cannon Cartell polities. Leaves Theban allies, the Thing block and the independants.
The Regia Maria and Shanirian power blocks I leave to Paul.

Theban allies:

Buer Homesteads
Income: 982 MCr, Trade 98 MCr, HT6
5 worlds, one of them T
They have been reduced to a single Setlement in Theban space after foolishly not backing down in a border dispute with the Regia Maria. Thus their home system and the systems in dispute got occupied.
Reserve: 11 CA, 11 CL, 15 EX

Northern Lizards
Income: 37155 MCr, Trade: 19588 MCr, HT10
Maintenace: 32555 MCr
20 inhabited systems with 62 worlds, of wich 35 are T and ST.
Military and trade agreement with the Thebans, but they are building their own small network of allies now. Had a lengthy war with the Conclave of Netheril, and now a point of contact with the red fleet in theban space anad another black bug race in shanirian space. They may have to expand their fleet some now.
12 CV, 12 CVL, 6 SD, 45 BC, 1 FG, 22 BS3
Reserve: 8 SD, 4 CA

Empire of Tharnax
Income 27293 MCr, Trade 5458 MCr, Maintennace 21523 MCr, HT10
3 Systems, 2 ST and 1 T world.
Another pocket empire, and victim of failed diplomacy rolls. Theban ally at a stalemate war with the Thing of Odin.
Active: 12 CV, 9 CVL, 6 ML, 9 SD, 6 BB, 6 BS6
Reserve: 3 ML, 6 SD, 3 BB

Holy Church of the Seal
Allready covered.

Teotheticali Ahetlu ("Spiders")
Income: 31029 MCr, Trade 9251 MCr, HT11
Maintenance 20820 MCr
12 systems with 100 worlds, 11 of them T or ST.
More an ally of the Northern Lizards, but has trade with the Thebans. One of the most advanced races around. Originaly slated for a bad surprise by the red fleet, have been saved by the thebans actively hitting the same region of space and diverting the invasion fleet... They, like so many others, have a moderate pocket empire.
6 CVB, 6 CV, 3 ML, 6 SD, 6 BB, 6 CA, 12 CL, 6 BS6
Building: 1 MT, 3 ML, 3 BB

Papionini Cercopithecinae ("Bears")
Income: 8720, Trade 872, Maintenace: 4787 MCr HT9
A one system Pocket empire.
Active: 3 CV, 2 ML, 2 SD, 3 BS5
Reserve: 3 CV, 3 CVE, 1 ML, 1 SD, 3 BC, 3 CL

Hutzelopoctil Gardens
Income: 13705 MCr, Trade 2741 MCr, HT9
7 inhabited sytems, 20 Workds, among them 10 ST and T worlds.
Discovered by and now partners of the Northern Lizards. Trade with Thebans.
Active: 3 CV, 3 CVL, 2 ML, 2 SD. 3 BB, 6 CA, 2 BS6
Building: 3 CVL, 1 ML, 3 SD, 3 BB, 3 CA

Thing of Odin and allies/vassals

Thing of Odin
Income: 108801 MCr, Trade 61424 MCr, Occupation 12713 MCr, HT10
Maintenance: 13464 MCr
49 inhabited systems with 252 worlds, among them 54 T and ST worlds
Currently in a war with the empire of Tharnax, they expanded untill they are now in a pocket with only conquest as way out. Wich they pursue.
Their fleet is modern and modified by battle experience to be a well rounded force.
6 CV, 42 CVL, 9 ML, 33 SD, 21 BB, 117 BC, 68 CA, 20 CL, 120 DD, 46 CT, 3 BS5, 87 BS4, 102 BS2. 93 BS1

Marquessas de Orang
Income: 39675 MCr, Trade 11902 MCr, HT10
Maintenance 31411 MCr
22 inhabited systems, 67 worlds25 T and ST worlds.. high overlap with the Thing worlds due to long standing partnership and mutual settlements. Their fleet is mostly defensively employed, freeing Thing ships for offensive duties.
18 CV, 12 SD, 15 BB, 21 CA, 6 CL, 9 CT, 1 BS5, 33 BS4
3 SD, 9 BB

Outback Confederacy
Income: 16088 MCr, Trade: 3217 MCr, HT8
Maintenance 9191 MCr
15 T worlds, 5 owned systems
Upon contact quickly established good relationships, but were caught in a small pocket. alter on developed a deal with the northern lizards, settling into their space and distancing themselves a bi from the Thing, but still on good relationships.
6 BB, 15 CA, 15 CL, 15 DD, 9 CT, 12 BS2
Reserve: 6 BB

Norse Yeti
Income: 30454 MCr, Trade 14911 MCr, HT8
Maintenance: 26326 MCr
11 sytems, 26 worlds. 19 of them T.
Upon first cntact started a war with the Thing, wich they failed. Then got liberated by the empire of Tharnax. Weren't gratefull and started a now resolved war with them as well. Then the red fleet apeared in their space, so they buried the hatched with the Thing, wich retains pasage rights and several colonies of theirs. Also allied with the Cannon Cartell against the red fleet. They are still rebuilding their fleet. They distain missile weapons, but commissioned some destroyers with them just to be able to affect planets.
6 CVS, 54 BC, 15 DD, 12 FG, 73 CT, 15 BS4, 27 BS2

Next post for a lot of independants and remaining antagonists.

Please let me know if you want more details, like ship designs etc.
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Re: Theban Empire
« Reply #213 on: April 29, 2020, 11:14:55 AM »
House Liao
Income: 11964 MCr, Maintenance 7833 MCr, HT8
1 Inhabited system, 2 T worlds
Active: 6 CVE, 3 BB, 12 BC, 12 CA, 9 BS2
Reserve: 6 CA, 12 CL, 14 CT
A one sytem empire wich due to a diplomatic blunder stopped its T&M treaty with the Cannon Cartell and went to war with them. Then Peace. Then another 01 roll.. go figure. War it is for now.

Lords of Mars
Income: 2499 MCr, Maintenance: 634 MCr, HT2
2 Systems, 2 T worlds
Active: 3 CL, 10 CT
Another pocket empire, discovered early by the shanirians througha  closed WP. Violently refused contact, being Ind2 at the time. They made some progresss since, but their delusions of significance are.. unrealistic... mildly put.

Conclave of Netheril
Income 24429 MCr, Maintenance 12271 MCr, HT9
2 systems, 2 T worlds
active: 12 CVS, 6 SD, 21 CA, 9 FG, 3 BS5, 15 BS2, 9 BS1
Another pocket empire, currently out of war with both of its contacts, but likely to try something as soon as they rebuild after the Northern Lizards delivered a pretty harsch 'Stop it' message by destroying half their yard capacity. For a long time only used commercial engines. But they are rebuilding.

Hut Monestary
Income 5270 MCr, Trade 527 MCr, Maintenance 2203 MCr, HT3
3 inhabited systems, 1 ST and 3 T worlds
Active: 3 CL, 15 DD, 30 FG
They were Ind2 when discovered, but with a substantial economy they by now have bootstrapped themselves to HT3.

Cervii Rebublic (deer oh deer... and with a swastika flag to boot)
Income: 29831 MCr, Trade 2983 MCr, Maintenance 24719 MCr, HT9
1 System, 3 T worlds
Active: 12 CVS, 9 SD, 21 BB, 15 BC, 3 FG, 18 BS5, 18 BS0
Reserve 6 BB, 20 CT
Another pocket empire with a nice homesystem and a rockball system. At war with the shanirians, and trading with the Regia Maria. The 100 HS WP between them and the shanirians makes things a bit difficult. SDs aren't just that squeezable as they found out.

Hadoze Oligarchy
Income: 31603 MCr, Trade 7325 MCr, Maintenance 23096 MCr, HT9
11 systems, 66 worlds, 18 T and ST worlds.
Active: 1CV, 12 CVL, 39 BC, 40 ES, 15 BS5, 30 BS2
After an intense exploration phase they now are a pocket empire trading with the Thebans and the Regia Maria. Theorethically they could expand through Lex Kathmosis space, but they are not agressive and have enough rockballs to devellop.

Black Fleet Bugs
Income: 144915 MCr, Maintenance 80103 MCr, HT11
16 systems, 23 T and ST worlds
Active: 1 MT, 6 ML, 24 SD, 48 BC, 12 CA, 40 CL, 60 BS6, 9 BS2
Reserve: 6 ML, 12 SD
Currently the technologically most advanced species about, they long time had lousy survey luck but are gathering steam by now. At war with Cannon Cartell, Norse Yeti, Shanirians (and allies, including Thebans and Northern Lizards). Defenitely something to watch out for, though their design philosophy left them somewhat in the lurch so far.

Orangbegan Empire
Income: 24870 MCr, Maintenance 15624 MCr, HT10
5 systems, 9 T planets
Active: 6 CV, 6 CVE, 3 ML, 6 SD, 6 BC, 12 CL, 6 BS6
Contacted by the Thebans, no communication established...

Federatus Magnatus Romae
Income: 12863 MCr, Maintenance 6865 MCr, HT8
Active: 1CVL, 6 BB, 3 CA, 13 CL, 3 BS5
Reserve: 6 BB
Building: 6 BB, 2 CL
A one system empire, contacted by the undines. Interresting WP geometry with undines, wich will be important once they finished building up (especially newly developped carriers).

Lex Kathmosis
Income: 10045 MCr, Trade: 1004 MCr, Maintenance 5048 MCr, HT10
1 system, 1 T worlds
Active: 3 CVB, 3 CV, 3 SD
Non-expansive 1 system empire, in trade with the hadoze.

Zog-Foot (sorry, no Pick)
Income: 25072 MCr, Maintenance 13018 MCr, HT9
5 systems, 9 T and ST worlds
Active: 6 CV, 9 CVE, 27 BC, 3 BS6
Building: 9 BC, 3 BS6
Contacted by the Thing, in contact with the Norse Yeti, and encroaching in Undine space. Defenitely a conflict or three on the horizon.

Konklave der föderierten Diozösen
Income 23594 MCr, Trade 2359 MCr, Maintenance 12236 MCr, HT11
5 systems, 11 ST and T worlds.
Active: 9 CVL, 3 SD, 6 BB, 6 FG, 15 CT, 6 BS6
Peacefull traders with the Northern Lizards.

Lords of Land, Wind and Sea
Income: 15217 MCr, Trade 1521 MCr, Maintenance 6252 MCr, HT10
1 system, 2 T worlds
Active: 3 CVB, 3 ML, 3 BB, 12 CT
One system pocket empire trading with the Thebans.

OK, that was all of them I am taking care off.

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Re: Theban Empire
« Reply #214 on: May 11, 2020, 02:20:17 PM »
As I am working on the last of the races that I have to look after I can add to this now.  I will also post up the shanirian designs later after I finish off the turn.

The Shanirian Confederation
This is a group of now five races that are all partners of the Shanirians.  It has the issue they are not amalgamated so they each develop their own tech and such and additionally they all trade with the Shanirians but not always with each other.   This has to with three of the races being rather stand-off-ish.   This leads to a mess when it comes to joining forces.


Income: 125.4K MCr, Trade: 54.4K MCr Maintenance: 146.8K MCr (18.6K MCr is sent as fleet support at the moment), HT10
Active: (6 SD, 3 BB, 6 CV, 6 CVL, 14 BC, 15 CA, 6 DD, 6 CT from the Urloki and the Council of the Moon)
           45 BB, 48 BC, 66 CA, 161 CL, 196 DD, FG 11, CT 48 in 4 fleets and 4 independent Task Groups
           1 BS5, 6 BS4, 118 BS3, 156 BS2, 552 BS1
Reserve:  12 BB, 9 BC, 24 CA, 5 CL, 18 DD, 20 FG
The Maintenance level is horrifyingly high and something the SCN wants to get under control but they have a lot of dangerous situations on going.  Not included in this is a large number of freighter hulled support ships.  The Shanirians can't use fighters as they use a Drive Field to reduce the ships effective mass and then telekinetic amplifiers to move the ship around and no single Shanirian could move a fighter so a number of the CLs are actually armed pinnace mother ships.

Benthian Lords (aka The Squidzies), HT9

Income: 82.5K Trade: 8.2K Maintenance: 57.9K MCr
Active:  30 CVS, 9 CVE, 15 BB, 27 BC, 21 CA, 75 CL, 11 DD, 30 FG + BS4 87, BS1 33
Reserve: 6 CVS, 1 CVE, 9 BB, 12 BC, 6 CL

The Squidzies don't like aliens.  They were in a mess when the were found by the Shanirians now they have through astonishing survey luck got a thriving colonization based economy.  However, the have run into Bugs everywhere of late and lost a system to them.  Currently one of the independent task groups is present watching over an active bug contact.  Their 3 Fleets and 3 Independent Squadrons are fully deployed guarding against the bugs.

Council of the Moon (aka The Moonies), HT10

Income: 50.3K MCr, Trade: 5.0K MCr, Maintenance: 27.8K MCr
Active: 9 CVL, 3 ML, 12 SD, 3 BB, 15 BC, 1 CA, 3 DD, 10 FG + 6 BS6, 20 BS5, 21 BS2
Reserve: 3 CVL, 3 ML, 18 SD, 3 BB, 6 BC

The Church State led by the Council of the Moon just wants to contemplate the universe without being bothered.  There are many empires that are pocket empires and are upset, the Moonies are trying to become that...they stop exploring when the find a closed warppoint connection...but the horror of the universe is that they have nexus still to explore.   They are also poor sailors (Green crew level).  They currently have a force that deployed to assist the Shanirians but it is on its way home for refits.

Cataphalia (aka The Cats Who Say Noaawow)

Income: 19.5K MCr Trade: 1.9K MCr  Maintenance: 8.3K MCr, HT8
Active: 9 BC, 7 CA, 15 CL, 11 DD, 13 FG + 12 BS2
Reserve: 1 BB, 4 DD, 2 FG, 9 CT, 5 ES

The Cats took forever to agree to anything.  So much so that they built up a sizable WP defense on their WP connection.  The Shanirians also gave the Cats two additional systems after a sudden reversal had them asking to join the Confederation.  The Cats don't have the income to field a fighter force or even heavy ships so have decided to not bother focusing on cruisers.

Uruloki of Uduun (aka The Drakes)

Income:  48.9K MCr Trade: 64.0K MCr Maintenance: 46.7K MCr, HT9 (ST World race)
Active: 7 CVL, 22 CVS, 16 CVE, 17 BB, 4 BC, 42 CA, 12 CL, 45 DD, 24 CT + 45 BS3, 151 BS2
Reserve: 3 SD, 9 BB, 3 BC, 9 CA, 6 DD, 32 CT

The Drakes were the first race encountered by the Shanirians while exploring.  They exist to fight, and their elite crews demonstrate that.  They were only too happy to let Shanirians take over their government as it stopped thousands of deaths in duels.  Since then the Warlords of the Blue, Red, Bronze and Gold Fleets have been busy engaging in mock battles while the "Council Fleet" made sure their exuberance didn't get the home world slagged.  Possibly ruining their fun has been the formation of Joint Patrol Squadrons where Drakes of all colours get to serve together patrolling the now pocket empire.  They have a massive trade fair on their home world, but they also have major fortifications around each warp point leading to the system.  A Shanirian Task Group is assisting in watching over the WP leading to the insane Cervii.  One aspect of the Drakes is their disdain for shields and armour...this leads to rather interesting designs to say the least.  Also the High Council Fleet was assisting the Shanirians in their last battle where they had to deal with cloaked SDs...but that fleet is on its way back for refits.

===The EVIL Scum===

The Regia Marina (aka The RM)

Income:  173.9K MCr Trade: 42.1K Occupation: 10.7K MCr, MCr Maintenance: 139.1K MCr, HT11
Active: 6 CVB, 24 CV, 9 CVL, 27 CVS, 3 CVE, 20 ML, 29 SD, 6 BB, 37 BC, 100 CA, 30 CL, 8 DD, 180 CT + 30 BS5, 86 BS3, 182 BS1
Reserve: 18 CVB, 6 CV, 3 CVS, 8 ML, 18 SD, 12 BB, 24 BC, 10 CA

The RM have wiped out one race, then discovered that invading the planets and capturing them is far more economic even including their efforts to indoctrinate the population and the cost of the troops it is still a major net income.   The Indoctrinated Buer are now a sizable minority on their worlds.   They are currently exploring, and refitting their fleet with the latest toys.  They have had a colonization fueled income increase and are now enjoying health budget surpluses something the Houses had not seen in ages.  The Church has grudgingly accepted trade with Aliens but also uses it to conduct intelligence operations.  The unexpected galactic geography stopped them claiming the heretics of the Thing of Odin but they keep a careful eye on them non the less.  This was a bit of a learning experience for the RM.  Currently they were eyeing another acquisition when a bug encounter and the need to refit distracted them.  The only race that told them to take their trade and stuff it was the Shanirians, but then they are empathic and this group of religiously motivated evangelists definitely was not to their taste..."They make my skin crawl" is the most common Shanirian comment about them.  The RM's fleet arm is all about missiles and fighters, plus they firmly believe their god is on the side of bigger hulls.


Income: 7.1K MCr Trade: 1.4K MCr Maintenance: 5.5K MCr, HT9
Active: 15 CVE, 3 CL, 30 CT + 3 BS5
Reserve: 4 CVE, 9 CT

The D-S corporate menagerie was nearly the victim of a "hostile take over" by the RM when the commander sent a final "Surrender or face antimatter warheads" message to the planet.  A sudden change in CEO led to a reply of "We think that a merger is a good idea!" reply and the Deutch-Simea became the RMs first client race.  The RM gave them access to some nearby planets and a warp link that was of no interest to them and the D-S have improved as unlikely as it looks since then.  And unexpected encounter with Bugs has led to them keeping a lot more fleet active than expected and there is now RM ships building up WP defenses at the point of contact.  The fact their navy thinks CTs and CVEs are the greatest idea ever created...makes the RM officers shake their heads.  The RM it must be admitted still fields CTs with their fleets but they aren't their only combat ships...

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Re: Theban Empire
« Reply #215 on: May 14, 2020, 02:05:52 PM »
Shanirian Confederation Navy Listing

Due to the existence of several 100 HS warp points the SCN never built Super Dreadnaughts as there was no way to move them move than 3 systems in general before they would be stopped.  The SCN has a large number of lighter ships which are distributed throughout the confederation doing sovereignty patrols.

In terms of weapons the SCN uses particle beam arrays and capital and advanced missile launchers.  Due to the encounters with the Black Fleet the next refits will see the deployment of the advanced gun/missile launcher on escort vessels.  Faced with a massive maintenance bill the SCN has to limit the refits.  The SCN also deploys the gun launcher still both as a close range offensive weapon and to defeat minefields.  Not able to use fighters they deploy armed pinnaces.  Additionally, the SCN has a large number of fleet train vessels to support its operations (assault transports, colliers, repair ships, pinnace support vessels, SBMHAWK carriers, minelayers, and cargo ships).

===Battle Fleet===

KONTOS class CVB     AM2    20 XOa Racks    100 Hull    TL 10
[1]S0x22Acx20H(III)WaQWa(III)H(BbL)QDi(III)Wa!2DiWaTiWaDz!2M6N?j(III)EcDzXr?3CLhQEcDzZi(III)MgBcMg(III) [6]
100 RCP  50 MCP       Trg:7  Bmp +6  Tem -2        Cost =  3829/ 574.3
HTK 92   S0x22  Acx20  Dix2  Dzx3  Ecx2  Nx1  Wax5  Tix1  Mgx2 
40x SM, 220x SM-a, 10x CAM (Mg), 20x BAM-R, 12x EDM (Mg), 4x fG, 8x fR, 8x fR-a, 4x fE, 12x fM, 8x ADM (Mg)

The Kontos is still being prototyped but is considered a "Battlecruiser" class.  It is intended to be a more powerful Hasta class, each ship also carries an armed pinnace.

DICTATOR class BB     AM2    20 XOa Racks    100 Hull    TL 9
[2]S0x22Acx23HRc(III)H(BbM)Q(III)RcDi(III)RcTiQDiRcDzNDzC!2?j?2Mi1LhQEcDzZi(III)MgBcMg(III) [5]
100 RCP  50 MCP       Trg:9    Atk +1  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  2589/ 388.3
HTK 88   S0x22  Acx23  Dix2  Dzx3  Ecx1  Nx1  Rcx4  Tix1  Mgx2 
24x CM, 68x CM-a, 24x CM LT1, 24x SBM-a, 10x CAM (Mg), 10x EDM (Mg), 10x ADM (Mg)

The Dictator class is the command ship for the Legionair class.

LEGIONAIR MOD 3 class BB     AM2    20 XO Racks    100 Hull    TL 9
[2]S0x22Acx20HRc(III)H(BbM)Q(III)RcDi(III)RcTiQDiRcNDzM4EcDzC!2?jXr?2LhQEcDzZi(III)MgBcMg(III) [5]
100 RCP  50 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  2579/ 386.8
HTK 87   S0x22  Acx20  Dix2  Dzx3  Ecx2  Nx1  Rcx4  Tix1  Mgx2 
24x CM, 68x CM-a, 24x CM LT1, 24x SBM-a, 10x CAM (Mg), 10x EDM (Mg), 10x ADM (Mg)

The Legionair is the standard heavy combat ship of the SCN.  It is equally effective at all ranges due to a balanced mix of weapons.  Each Legionair also carries a battalion of ground troops.

PRINCIPII MOD 1 class BB     AM2    20 XOa Racks    100 Hull    TL 9
[2]S0x38Acx35H(BbM)(III)(III)DiGDiQDGD(III)TiDGD?jDGDM3G!2DzXrC?2LhQDzZi(III)MgBcMg(III) [5]
100 RCP       Trg:4  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  2489/ 373.3
HTK 119   S0x38  Acx35  Dix2  Dzx2  Dx6  Gx5  Tix1  Mgx2 
100x GM-a, 10x CM, 18x CAM (Mg), 35x BAM-G, 8x EDM (Mg)

The Principii is a minesweeper/assault battleship.  It can weaken a minefield via its gun battery and then sweep it with its massed pointdefense systems.  In the last assault the Principii class was rarely targeted by the Black Fleet instead they chose to engage their cruiser consorts.

INTREPID class BB     AM2    20 XOa Racks    100 Hull    TL 9
[2] S0x40Acx48H(BbM)QTi(III)GDi(III)GDiDzQ(III)GDiDzGDzM3!2?jXrCLhQGDz?2XZi(III)Mg(III) [5]
100 RCP  50 MCP       Trg:4  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  2586/ 387.9
HTK 131   S0x40  Acx48  Dix3  Dzx4  Gx5  Tix1  Mgx1 
50x GM-a, 7x CM, 10x CAM (Mg), 15x BAM-G, 4x EDM (Mg)

The Intrepid class is intended for scouting unexplored warp points during combat operations.  In many ways it is similar to the Principii class but is not intended to be a minesweeper but to return with the survey instruments data on the warp points gravitational eddies.

ARBALIST MOD 4 class BC     AM2    16 XOa Racks    80 Hull    TL 9
[2] S0x20Acx7H(III)Q(BbM)(II)RcDiRc(III)RcM3!2RcDi(II)RcDzXr?2LhQEZiDz(III)MgBcMgBcMg(II) [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:4  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1888/ 283.2
HTK 67   S0x20  Acx7  Dix2  Dzx2  Ex1  Rcx5  Mgx3 
40x CM, 105x CM-a, 40x CM LT1, 40x SBM-a, 8x CAM (Mg), 10x BAM-Rc, 10x EDM (Mg), 10x ADM (Mg)

This class is intended to be only active during conflict situations and is the SCN's pure bombardment vessel.  Close in defense is provided for by its particle beam arrays.

HASTA MOD 4 class BC     AM2    16 XOa Racks    80 Hull    TL 9
[2] S0x18Acx9H(III)RaQRa(II)RaQ(BbM)Di(III)Ra!2M4!2?jNDi(II)EcDzXr?2LhQEcDzZi(III)Mg(II) [6]
80 RCP  70 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  2146/ 321.9
HTK 67   S0x18  Acx9  Dix2  Dzx2  Ecx2  Nx1  Rax4  Mgx1 
32x SM, 88x SM-a, 10x CM, 8x CAM (Mg), 4x EDM (Mg), 4x ADM (Mg)

The Hasta class normally carries a pinnace and a battalion of ground troops.  It is intended to function as an intermediate range combatant.  Under peacetime conditions it is the only battlecruiser class active.

HASTATI MOD 2 class CA     AM2    12 XOa Racks    60 Hull    TL 9
[1] S0x10Acx18H(II)Q(II)(II)TiGGM3GDGD(BbS)(II)CDXrLhQ?2GDzZi(II)Mg(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:4  Bmp +4        Cost =  1305/ 195.7
HTK 61   S0x10  Acx18  Dzx1  Dx3  Gx5  Tix1  Mgx1 
50x GM-a, 3x CM, 6x CAM (Mg), 20x BAM-G, 4x EDM (Mg)

The Hastati class is an assault cruiser and is primarily intended to use its battery of gun launchers to quickly open breaches in a minefield. 

SPATHA MOD 5 class CA     AM2    12 XOa Racks    60 Hull    TL 9
[1] S0x12Acx9H(BbM)Q(II)Ra(II)RaRa(II)Ra!2M3?jE(II)XrDz?2QLhDzEZi(II)Mg(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:4  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1497/ 224.5
HTK 53   S0x12  Acx9  Dzx2  Ex2  Rax4  Mgx1 
32x SM, 100x SM-a, 6x CM, 6x CAM (Mg), 6x EDM (Mg), 4x ADM (Mg)

The SCNs heavy non-capital vessel.  It serves as a command ship for light task groups and as intermediate range commattent when attached to a fleet.  They are normally deployed either with 2 Gladius light cruiser or 2 Spatha consorts.

GLADIUS MOD 7 class CL     AM2    9 XOa Racks    45 Hull    TL 9
[1] S0x10Acx9H(BbS)(II)(I)Ra(II)Ra(I)!2RaM3(II)Dz?2LhQDzXrZiEMg(I) [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:4  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1101.5/ 165.2
HTK 44   S0x10  Acx9  Dzx2  Ex1  Rax3  Mgx1 
30x SM, 102x SM-a, 6x CM, 3x CAM (Mg), 10x EDM (Mg), 1x ADM (Mg)

The Gladius is intended to serve as a command ship for a pair of destroyers in the main.  It is also the flag ship of the patrol groups that conduct standard system sovereignty patrols.

OCTAVIUS MOD 5 class CL     AM2    9 XOa Racks    45 Hull    TL 9
[1] S0x10Acx12(CC)H(II)(I)(II)(I)DLhQC?2(CIC)(BbM)DXrEZi(II)(I) [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:1  Bmp +4        Cost =  1046.5/ 157
HTK 44   S0x10  Acx12  Dx2  Ex1

The Octavious is a specialized command ship for fleet command and control.  It is normally escorted by two Scutum class DDs.

PLAGA class CL     AM    9 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 8
[2] S0x5AiAiZHs(II)(I)(BbL)x9Q(II)(I)MgLhQ?2(II)(I) [6]
45 RCP  55 MCP       Trg:1  Bmp +4        Cost =  723.5/ 108.5
HTK 32   S0x5  Aix2  Mgx1 
6x EDM (Mg), 40x fG, 40x fR, 80x fR-a, 40x fL, 40x fE, 240x fM, 3x ADM (Mg)

This class is the SCNs version of a carrier and a pair of them carry 3 squadrons of armed pinnaces and are escorted by a Scutum class DD.

LANCEA MOD 8 class DD     (AC) AM2    6 XOa Racks    30 Hull    TL 9
[1] S0x5Acx3ZHs(BbS)(I)Qs(I)(I)(I)RaRaM2(I)(I)?2QsDiXrsNMg(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:3  Bmp +4        Cost =  705/ 105.7
HTK 28   S0x5  Acx3  Dix1  Nx1  Rax2  Mgx1 
20x SM, 100x SM-a, 6x CM, 6x CAM (Mg), 4x EDM (Mg), 2x ADM (Mg)

The Lancea is intended to operate with the Gladius class.  Due to encounters with the Black Fleets gunboats the next refit of the class will exchange its advanced missile launchers for advanced gun/missile launchers.  Its focused particle beam system can be used against small craft or as a sniper weapon against enemy ships that have lost their shields.

SCUTEM MOD 2 class DD     AM2    6 XOa Racks    30 Hull    TL 9
[1] S0x7Acx3(I)HsTiQs(I)Di(I)Di(I)Dz(I)DzM2Xrs?2QsDzZi(I)(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:3  Bmp +4        Cost =  795/ 119.2
HTK 30   S0x7  Acx3  Dix2  Dzx3  Tix1

The Suctem class is a pure escort destroyer.  It is deployed to protect valuable Fleet Train ships, Pinnace carriers, command ships or in an escort datagroup intended to engage hostile small craft.

DRUSUS MOD 4 class CT     (AC) AM    3 XO Racks    16 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0S0Aix3Hs(I)(I)Xr(I)QsDL(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  258/ 38.7
HTK 14   S0x2  Aix3  Dx1  Lx1 

The Drusus is the SCN's scout vessel.  It is normally assigned to patrol TGs in pairs.  As it is likely to be operating alone it mounts older point defense systems and no datalink.

===Survey Command===

HIGHLANDER class CA     AM2    12 XOa Racks    60 Hull    TL 8
[1] S0x10Aix6(IcIc)H(IcIc)QRaTiRa!2RaM3RaDz(IcIc)Xr(BbL)?2QLhZiDzE(IcIc)Mg [4]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:4  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1173/ 176
HTK 43   S0x10  Aix6  Dzx2  Ex1  Rax4  Tix1  Mgx1 
20x SM, 80x SM-a, 9x CM, 6x CAM (Mg), 6x EDM (Mg), 8x fG, 16x fR, 8x fR-a, 8x fL, 32x fM, 4x ADM (Mg)

Given the current threat level in the galaxy survey command has started to commission Highlanders to provide enhanced firepower to their survey forces.

DISCOVERY MOD 1 class CL     AM2    9 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 8
[1] S0x4AiAiZXc(BbM)XcH(IcIc)(Ic)(BbM)M2Ra(IcIc)DXrRaMg?2LhQDz(Ic) [4]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:3  Bmp +4        Cost =  1185.5/ 177.8
HTK 28   S0x4  Aix2  Dzx1  Dx1  Rax2  Mgx1 
132x SM, 12x CM, 3x CAM (Mg), 6x EDM (Mg)

The standard Survey ship used by the SC they form the core of a survey force.

PATHFINDER MOD 4 class DD     (AC) AM2    6 XOa Racks    30 Hull    TL 10
[1] S0S0Acx6XH(Ic)(Ic)(BbM)(Ic)M2?3LDiLhQZi(Ic)L [4]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:3  Bmp +6        Cost =  604/ 90.6
HTK 23   S0x2  Acx6  Dix1  Lx2 

The Pathfinder class has had its survey capabilities reduced significantly to enable it to function better as a close in warp point defender for the survey force.  It can during a survey also assist in planetary survey.

SEARCHER MOD 1 class FG     AM    4 XO Racks    22 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0x3AiXi(BbS)(Ic)H(Ic)?1XrQsDL(Ic) [4]
22 RCP  3 MCP       Trg:1  Bmp +2        Cost =  389/ 58.4
HTK 15   S0x3  Aix1  Dx1  Lx1 

The Searcher class is used as a first in probe ship by the SC.  A data group of them are assigned to each survey force for this purpose and 2 of them perform each probe with one remaining at the entrance WP while the other advances in system.

SURVEY SUPPORT VESSEL TYPE 1 class FT6       6 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 3
[3] SSAA(CC)(BbL)H(IcIc)HH(BbM)HH(BbM)HH(BbM)HH(IcIc)HQH(DCS)(IcIc)QLhQ(BbL)(IcIc) [4]
60 RCP  390 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  603/ 45.2
HTK 34   Sx2  Ax2 

SURVEY SUPPORT VESSEL TYPE 2 class CL        9 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 6
[3] S0x4Aix4(ML)(MR)x5(IcIc)H(BbM)Tf(Ic)(MCS)(IcIc)XrLhQ(Ic) [4]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  554.5/ 83.2
HTK 37   S0x4  Aix4  Tfx1 

SURVEY SUPPORT VESSEL TYPE 3 class FT6    AM    6 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 6
[2] S0x4AiAiH(BbM)Q(IcIc)(BbL)x3(IcIc)(BbL)x3(IcIc)H(BbL)x3Q(BbM)HLhQDMg(IcIc) [4]
60 RCP  390 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  591/ 44.3
HTK 34   S0x4  Aix2  Dx1  Mgx1 
24x EDM (Mg), 72x fG, 180x fR, 180x fM

Each survey force is accompanied by a trio of support ships that add: long range communications facilities, extra maintenance storage, recreational spaces for the crew, buoy and mine deployment capacity and 9 armed pinnaces for force defense.

===Fortress Command===

KEEP class BS5       36 XOa Racks    180 Hull    TL 9
[1]S0x40Acx48H(BbM)Q(BbL)QTcRax4!2Rax4QM3Rax4!2Rax4QRax4M3!2DzPbc?jDz!2EcDzEc(CIC)EcDiDz(BbM)XrEcDiDzCLhQDi?2DzZiMgBcMgBcMgBcMg [-]
180 RCP  70 MCP       Trg:7  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  3828/ 191.4
HTK 152   S0x40  Acx48  Dix3  Dzx6  Ecx4  Rax20  Tcx1  Mgx4 
600x SM-a, 24x CM, 18x CAM (Mg), 8x EDM (Mg), 6x fG, 8x fR, 15x fR-a, 6x fL, 36x fM, 8x ADM (Mg)

The Keep class is intended to dominate the region around a warppoint with a combination of powerful particle beam arrays and a massive standard missile salvo.  Each base has an armed pinnace and in the future an Ast2. 

BASTION MOD 2 class BS4        24 XOa Racks    120 Hull    TL 9
[1]S0x40Acx45H(BbS)QEcM3EcTiDQ(BbS)EcTiDiQEcDiDi(BbM)!2M3!2Ec?jEcDzXrEcCLhQ?2ZiDzEc [-]
120 RCP  80 MCP       Trg:7  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  2759/ 137.9
HTK 119   S0x40  Acx45  Dix3  Dzx2  Dx1  Ecx8  Tix2 

The Bastion is intended to function close to a warp point and use its impressive array of capital particle beams to disable enemy vessels.

BALISTA MOD 1 class BS3       17 XOa Racks    85 Hull    TL 9
[1]S0x24Acx16H(BbL)QTiQRcDRcDRcDi!2M3Rc!2RcTiRcXrDi(BbM)CDzLhQ?2ZiDzMgBcMgBcMg [-]
85 RCP  65 MCP       Trg:4  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1609/ 80.4
HTK 73   S0x24  Acx16  Dix2  Dzx2  Dx2  Rcx6  Tix2  Mgx3 
24x CM, 168x CM-a, 24x CM LT1, 36x SBM-a, 8x CAM (Mg), 6x EDM (Mg), 4x fG, 8x fR, 10x fR-a, 4x fL, 25x fM, 3x ADM (Mg)

The Balista is Fortress Commands long range fire support base.  Each base also has an armed pinnace plus a regular pinnace, which is soon to be replaced by an Ast2.

ONAGER MOD 5 class BS3        17 XOa Racks    85 Hull    TL 9
[1]S0x20Acx23TiH(BbM)QTiRaRaM2!2RaRaQRaRaDzRaRaM2!2Di?jDz(CIC)(BbM)XrDzLhQ?2ZiEcMgBcMg [-]
85 RCP  65 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1805/ 90.2
HTK 77   S0x20  Acx23  Dix1  Dzx3  Ecx1  Rax8  Tix2  Mgx2 
288x SM-a, 12x CM, 8x CAM (Mg), 10x EDM (Mg), 3x ADM (Mg)

The Onager class is intended to function as the command ship of a fortress array.  It also is usually deployed with 2 Pilum class bases.  It provides close defense capabilities with its particle beam array plus supports them with point defense systems.

PILUM MOD 5 class BS2       10 XOa Racks    50 Hull    TL 9
[1] S0x15Acx12Hs(BbS)RaRaTiRaRa(BbS)RaRaM3!2DiLhQ(BbS)?2DzZiEMg [-]
50 RCP       Trg:4  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1001/ 50
HTK 48   S0x15  Acx12  Dix1  Dzx1  Ex1  Rax6  Tix1  Mgx1 
120x SM-a, 10x CM, 5x CAM (Mg), 10x EDM (Mg), 2x ADM (Mg)

The Pilum works with the Onager class to provide the intermediate range missile fire support to the close in bases.

SLING MOD 4 class BS1       5 XOa Racks    25 Hull    TL 9
[1] S0x11Acx15HsGx3QsGMg [-]
25 RCP       Trg:1        Cost =  337/ 16.8
HTK 33   S0x11  Acx15  Gx4  Mgx1 
88x GM-a, 2x CAM (Mg), 2x ADM (Mg)

The most common base in fortress command.  A trio of these bases marks the start of SC territory in most cases.  It is an unabashed close in warp point defense base.  Its powerful gun weapon systems are capable of inflicting serious damage to any non-capital ship they engage.  They carry a CAM and ADM on their XO racks.  They don't mount a point defense system but instead mount a significant armour belt and far more shield generators than is typical for a small target.

TRIPWIRE MOD 4 class BS1        5 XOa Racks    25 Hull    TL 9
[1] S0x5Acx6ZHs(MCS)(DCS)DiXr?2DzQs(BbS) [-]
25 RCP       Trg:1  Bmp +4        Cost =  626/ 31.3
HTK 21   S0x5  Acx6  Dix1  Dzx1 

The tripwire is the SCNs mine/buoy command base.  It is inevitably deployed with 2 Den class bases and usually at over 15 LS from the warp point.  This prevents it from being engaged until the buoys and mines it controls have been rendered moot to the battle.

DEN MOD 1 class BS1       5 XOa Racks    25 Hull    TL 9
[1] S0x7Acx6ZHs(BbM)(BbL)x3DiDz?2LhQMg [-]
25 RCP  25 MCP       Trg:1  Bmp +4        Cost =  473/ 23.6
HTK 25   S0x7  Acx6  Dix1  Dzx1  Mgx1 
50x GM-a, 6x CM, 6x CM LT1, 3x EDM (Mg), 18x fG, 24x fR, 48x fR-a, 18x fL, 72x fM

The Den is deployed in a pair with a Tripwire class base.  It is intended to strength that bases missile defenses and each base has a 3 armed pinnaces and a regular one.  The regular pinnace is intended to function as a lifeboat for the Den-Tripwire datagroup.

SCAPLE MOD 1 class BS1       5 XOa Racks    25 Hull    TL 9
[1] S0x5Acx3HsNNM3?2XrsCDiZiLhQE [-]
25 RCP  25 MCP       Trg:4  Bmp +4        Cost =  576/ 28.8
HTK 20   S0x5  Acx3  Dix1  Nx2  Ex1 

The scaple class is a close in warp point defense base intended to snipe enemy ships whose shields have been depleted and to engage small craft on the warp point itself.

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Re: Theban Empire
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Turn 290, Undine Conglomerate, Lithium system

If Helium represented one link from the Undine homeworld to their expanses, Lithium represented the other, and the hub of their expansion with nine warp points. Unfortunately, it was not secure. Hafnium, a system only remarkable for a few icy rock balls orbiting a red dwarf in a dead end warp line would have been utterly uninterersting.. if it hadn't been probed by he red fleet 58 months ago. Since then, the undines had erected warp point defenses there, deployed the mostly depleted home fleet to there, and received support of he Sri Rajs Honour fleet to guard it. But nothing had happened, so far. Wich was fair luck, as the undines were allready stretched very thin on all fronts by current events and setbacks. If more ressources had been available, defenses would have included more fighter bases and supporting ships, but still, 24 Echho class bases and 3  Omega class bases, supported by six defense destroyers and two buoy contril ships weren#t shabby. Adding in 9 dreadnaughts and a battlecruiser and a heavy cruiser as support added to the weight of fire. Unfortunately the dreadnaughts were a bit dated, defence wise, but funds for refits had not been available in the constant need to defend Helium.
Fortunately, the Sri Raj, who despite their firce predatory apearance where actually a relaxed species more prone to enjoy laying in the sun than fighting, had roused themselves enough to provide support against the common threat. They send what their economy allowed them, 3 battleships, 6 battlecruisers, 9 heavy cruisers and six screening destroyers.
The few IDEW-P available had been emplaced 1.5 light seconds back from the wapr point to Hafnium to prevent them being swepts by pinaces or gunboats, and six hundred patterns of mines had been emplaced, not in a dense field but in layers upon layers, filling a volume of space two light seconds across around the warp point.
It all begann in an allmost ritual way. Six probing battleships transited the warp point and disgourged their brood of gunboats, turning around to exit the system again. The first battleships gunboats charged ahead without hesitation, but they encountered mines... and mines... and more mines. Only a single gunboat breached the shell of mines, most others not even making it half a light second into the field.
This gave pause to their comrades, who gathered into a dense swarm. Meanwhile, the battleships and defenders exchanged fire. While one of the Echo bases suffered some vaporised armour from the still transit addled battleships. nine of the Echo bases activated and besides damaging the battleship, managed to deliver between them 14 ADM missiles on target, bringing down its drive field. Only two dreadnaughts activated, one swatting the driveless battleship from existence, the other one damaging the shields of another battleship. Of the Sri Raj, only two battlecruisers and 2 cruisers activated, their misisles and beams only slightly damaging the battleship. Of th ready squadrons of fighters, only one was ready to engage, but wisely refrained from doing so.
The remaining battleships transited out, taking with them their scan of the defenders disposition and leaving an angry swarm of sixty gunboats on the warp point. The gunboats modulated their engines and plunged into the minefields, creating a bowwave of explosions as they pushed through. Unfortunately there were not enough mines in each belt to engage all gunboat squadronss, but stll 28 gunboats fell victim to the four layers of mines engulfing the warp-point, leaving 32 bedraggled and disorganised survivors to brurst through the minefield, where they were greeted by a hail of fire from the bases and obliterated.
The warp point remained silent after this, while alarms were send out to the neighboring systems.

Involved ship classes (This will be of interrest in the comming turns, I am sure)

Undine ship classes:

BS3 ECHO III class BS3        17 XO Racks    85 Hull    TL 10
85 RCP  15 MCP       Trg:7  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  2039/ 101.9
HTK 76   S1x24  Acx24  Dzx5  Fcx4  Wax7  Mgx2 

BS OMEGA class BS2        10 XO Racks    50 Hull    TL 10
[1] S1x6Acx6H(BbS)Vx36Qx4LhXrMg

50 RCP  36 FCP       Trg:1        Cost =  1474/ 73.7
HTK 57   S1x6  Acx6  Vx36  Mgx1 

SD QUEBEC II class SD     AM2    26 XO Racks    130 Hull    TL 10
130 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:7  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  3605/ 540.7
HTK 115   S1x30  Acx30  Dzx3  Dcx4  Fcx5  Wax9  Mgx2 

BC WHISKEY III class BC     AM2    16 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 10
[2] S1x21Acx21H(BbS)Q(II)Rc(III)RcDx(II)RcRcDxDxRcM5(III)?2!2LhQXr(II)ZiDxFc(III)Mg [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:6  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  2112/ 316.8
HTK 78   S1x21  Acx21  Dxx4  Fcx1  Rcx5  Mgx1 

CA ROMEO V class CA     AM2    12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 10
[1] S1x12Acx15H(BbS)(II)?2(II)QDxXr(II)Wax4!2M5Wax3(II)(II)DxLhQZiDx(II)Mg [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:6  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1738/ 260.7
HTK 60   S1x12  Acx15  Dxx3  Wax7  Mgx1 

DDE II class DD     AM2    6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 10
[1] S1x6Acx6H(I)(I)(I)Qs(I)Wa(I)DcWa(I)?2!2M5MgQsZiDx(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:6  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  867/ 130
HTK 31   S1x6  Acx6  Dxx1  Dcx1  Wax2  Mgx1 

DSB INDIA II class DD     AM    6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 7
[2] S0x6Aix6ZHQs(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)DzXr(DCS)QsDz(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  624/ 93.6

Sri Raj ship classes:

DREADNAUGHT III class BB     AM2    20 XO Racks    100 Hull    TL 9
100 RCP       Trg:7  Bmp +1  Tem -2        Cost =  2575/ 386.2
HTK 75   S0x14  Acx15  Dix2  Dzx3  Lxx4  Wax9  Mgx2 

LION III class BC     AM2    16 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 9
[2] S0x12Acx12H(BbS)Q(II)(III)?0(II)(III)(II)RcDcM5!2RcDc(HET)RcDcZiRc?jXr(HET)LhQMg(III) [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:6  Bmp +1  Tem -2        Cost =  1846/ 276.9
HTK 60   S0x12  Acx12  Dcx3  (HET)x2  Rcx4  Mgx1 

INVINCIBLE III class CA     AM2    12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 9
[1] S0x10Acx15H(BbS)Q(II)(II)?0(II)(II)(II)WaWaDz!2WaM5LWaWaLVx6QZiDzXrsLhQ(II)MgMg [6]
60 RCP  65 MCP  6 FCP       Trg:6  Bmp +1  Tem -2        Cost =  1597/ 239.5
HTK 63   S0x10  Acx15  Dzx2  Wax5  Vx6  Mgx2 

TRAFALGAR class DD     (AC) AM    6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 6
[2] S0x4Aix3ZH(BbT)(I)Qs(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)FM2DcFQsF(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  550/ 82.5
HTK 24   S0x4  Aix3  Dcx1  Fx3 

Red Fleet Classes:

BB DAIKU II class BB     AM2    12 XOg Racks    100 Hull    TL 11
100 RCP  120 FCP       Trg:6  Bmp +6  Tem -3  Cloak      Cost =  3614/ 542.1
HTK 132   S1x36  Alx1  Acx54  Dxzx3  (HET2)x3  Wcx1  Mgx1 
Standard heavy WP probe ship, now upgraded.

Note: The Raj are defenitely at a disadvantage here with their point defence two generations behind the Red Fleet. But unlike the Undines they have anti-matter, increasing their offensive punch. also, they add another 54 F1 to the fight. also... Pax Utopian tigers make for some image. :)
Anti-gunboat shells are effective. They would be even more if they were dense enough to engage every squadron. 10 patterns per hex wasn't enough, but even so it was 600 patterns in total in 4 shells.
Overall this went quicker. The system sure appeared important to the red fleet, but their currrently assembled force did not have the weight to go in (no ship heavier than a BB). But unlike Tantalum, they can send in heavier ships here. So I guess I will have to swap lfeets around or activate a system defence fleet from one of the nearby core fleets.
Still the Red Fleet is keeping ships and the allies are loosing, usually.
Also the undines learned something. Next time they'll send the ADM all down on one target, and the rest of the fire on another.
And the Sri Raj scanned S1, Dx, HET2, pGB in action.

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Re: Theban Empire
« Reply #217 on: October 03, 2020, 05:10:42 AM »
Turn 293 Borghild/Verona (System # 295)
What has happened before:
System 295 was a prize with 2 habitable worlds. It was discovered and catalogued as Borghild by the Norse Yeti in turn 263. And by the Zog-Foot in turn 278. Unfortunately for the Norse Yeti, their survey fleet was needed elsewhere (a successfull excursion into red fleet teretory) and thus only was able to return for a closer survey much later. By that time the Zoog-Foot had unknowingly discovered and settled the system, presenting a surprise for the Yeti. Allthough the Zog-Foot weren't too pleased by a large survey force entering their system either. Both sides rushed fleets to the system. The Yeti got there first, but had outstripped their supply and thus had to retreat for repairs and resupply, building up the necessary infrastructure to support a further push. The Zog-Foot had the shorter way to go and close by colonies, so they could sustain their fleet in system.

The Norse Yeti are a large (7 foot) bipedal fured humanoid race froma  frigid world in the middle of a glacial. Agressive omnivores they mastered their cold climate and technology, and despite their constant low level warfare, space, untill they found a unifying cause for their various warlords in meeting their expansionistic neighbours, the Thing of Odin. Nevertheless it was the Norse Yeti who started the conflict, wich they ultimatively lost. Willing to let the Yeti be after establishing their supremacy, he Thing turned to other fights, leaving the Yeti to ally with the Cannon Cartell and support them against the red fleet. So far most sucessfully despite a significant technological difference. Being constantly at war and a at best military anarchy helped the Yeti here.

The Zoog-Foot weren't good neighbours either. Also discovered by the Thing, these moluscoid deep sea dwellers proved to trust in their gods, themselves and nobody else, rebuffing all attempts at peacefull contact. Wich earned them a spot on the 'when we get around to it' list of the Thing. Unhindered by that fact they happily took advantage of their new knowledge about how to travel the universe and expanded quickly untill they met the current situation.

Verona system, current date.
The Zog War Fleet guarded the outgoing warp point of Verona. Three carriers with 90 first generation strikefighters, twelve battlecruisers of three each of the Montecuccoli, Doria, Littorio and Cavour classes and three Scout Carriers with 18 first generation strikefighters guarded the warppoint. Due to their diverse armement the battlecruisers were scattered about. The Montecucculio were at six light seconds from the warp point to provide long range support with their capital launchers, the Doria at four light seconds to intercept possible fighter strikes with their rapid fire launchers. The litorio were a light second closer due to their mixed armements, while the Cavour were just a light second away to take advantage of their ehavy beam armements. The carriers, as was their wont, hung back beyond SBM range.´

Finally, the long wait for something to happen was broken by six battlecruisers, a destroyer and a corvette comming through the warp point. The enemy battlecruisers started to engage the close in carvours with X-ray lasers, but transit addled they did not deal a lot of damage, eliminating Carvour 3 by their combined salvoes. Carvour 2 and two litories responded, eliminating the passive defenses of one of the enemy battlecruisers, but the salvoes of a Doria did not penetrate the enemy point defensefor much effect, only 2 out of 22 missiles splashed against the foes armour. Thus the second activated Doria turned towards the lone hostile destroyer and achived a lot more success, ripping deep into its vitals. Further attemps to harm the damaged battlecruiser failed on its dense and precise web of point defense fire, though. While the Zog ships moved forward a bit, using engine modulationswhere apprpriate, another wave of six batlecruisers, a destroyer and a corvette transited. again the invaders were quick to fire, this time three of the previously transiting battlecruisers joining their fire to target the active Carvour BC, with seven of their lasers hitting and gutting the ship. Their XO launched capital missiles damaged one of the active Dorias. The lone carvour retaliated, its beams ripping deep into the damaged enemy battlecruisser. Then another three hostile battlecruisers shot at it and launched their missiles at the damaged Doria, taking out its pasive defenses and damaging its broadside. The carvour got hit by eleven beans, taking it out of the battle in a single salvoe. The third Doria also went active, and the two undamaged ones combined their fire to target one of the newly transited battlecruisers and launched theur laser torpedoes from the external ordinance racks. The battlecruiser deployed 2 EDM, but even those helped not and it lost some of its armour adn most of its shields to the incomming deluge of antimatter tipped missiles. The newly transited and targetted battlecruisers fired its beams on a Littori, and hit with three. Retaliation was swift, all three Litorios were now active and hammered the ship, stripping away its passive defenses. The two active Mantecellis delivered five capital missiles on the newly transited destroyer, and destroying its passives and most of its armements. The two corvettes retaliated with a laser each, but dealt neglegible damage.
Next, another destroyer and seven corvettes transited. The hostile battlecruisers all advanced after the corvettes tested for the presence of a minefield, and the Zog battlecruisers tried to increase the distance while maintaining heavy modulation. But the hostile battlecruisers shot as if there was no modulation, delivering enough capital missiles on a Doria to take it out of datalink and gutting the second Litorio. The dorias missile salvoes proved to be very inefefctive against the now coordinated point defense web of the hostile battlecruisers. The Cap of 18 fighters was still struggling to get ready, but the carriers launched their fighters who then started to move towards the fight, while the damaged battlecruiser transited out.

Eight corvettes streamed into the system, joining their ten brethren on the warppoint, and would have beena  nice target for the CAP, but the pilots were still asleep on the stick. The Zog battlecrisers now stopped modulating and tried to gain distance as far as possible, with two Dorias, one Littori and the Monticellies still able to move at full speed.
The monticellies fired first, targetting the destroyer with damaged shields, but none of their missiles penetrated the point defence web. Then two hostile battlecruisers responded, engaging the remaining Littorio at two and a half light seconds, fall eight of their capital lasers removing the remaining armour of the brave ship. It fired in defiance, managing to send a single missile through to the shieldless BC. Retaliation was swift and nine beams removed all weapons from the Littorio, rendering it irrelevant for the remainder of the fight. The two Dorias send two salvoes of 16 missiles against teh damaged enemy nattlecruiser but only one missile each penetrated and damaged further armour. In return, the six remaining battlecruisers delivered a total of nineteen beams on the damaged Doria, taking it out of combat and leaving it a slowly moving wreck.

Then the alien corvettes started surging forth from the warppoint to meet the CSP, who still had one squad inactive, a wild maneuvering enued wich had the fighters and frigates face each other across a quarter light second. Numbers being even.
The battlecruisers of both side continued their running battle. The remaining efefctive Doria fired first, ripping away the vestiges of armour on one of the enemy battlecruisers and damaging its engines. Return fire from that ships comrades was swift, with six lasers boiling armour of teh valiant Doria. Next up were the Monticellies, but even though the battlecruiser targetted was out of datalink, only one of seven capital missiles on target penetrated its point defence network. it retaliated swiftly, proving its broadside of Xray lasers was still intact, hitting the Doria with three of them.
Then the confrontation between the fighters and corvettes continued the fireworks, as the fighters paired off to stoop on the corvettes, the first pair bringing 4 FRAMs onto their target, destroying it, as did the second pair to their target. Return fire from the corvettes proved inefefctive so far, but the third pair only hit with three rockets, leaving the corvette damaged but able to fire back, and claim one fighter with its point defence. From the second flight, also only three FRAMs hit from he first pair, but the return fire missed them again. The next pair only hit with two, and thus barely removed the passive defenses from their target. That corvette proved to be adept and killed two fighetrs in return, ending the active fighters threat. The remaining corvettes used their Dcs to alughter the inactive fighter group hanging back by a light second, and their lasers claimed another four fighters.
Meanwhile, the remaining Norse battlecruisers reduced the weapon systems of the last Doria to slag, taking the ship out of combat, and another eight corvettes entered the system.
Pursuit continued, the corvettes running down the remaining four fighters of the CSP, the Monticellies keeping the range open to the Norse battlecruisers, but the ninty fighters from the carriers pulled into range of the battlecruisers capital broadsides. It may seem wastefull, but they opened fire on the fighetrs, having no other targets in range. eleven beams incinerated  target, out of fourty fired, leaving seventy-nine revenge bent fighters. for once, the Monticellies had luck and three missiles hit a battlecruiser, reducing its shields. The damaged one had turned aside, elaving ten of the hostiles in the fight. another eight corvettes entered the system and gathered on he warp point. In pursuit, the fighters closed to half a light second, still out of range for their FRAMs. Another eighteen fighetrs died. But the Monticelleis were able to put all six capital missiles on target uopposed onto the previously targetted battlecruiser, removing its shields and most of its armour. The battlecruisers continued their pursuit of the monticellies, and the fighters followed them in, modulating slightly and reaching point blank range. for once the invaders were slow off the mark, and a datagroup of fighters fired first, targetting the damaged battlecruiser. Their fire ripped into the ship, fireballs walking down into its structure, but elaving the well protcted weapons intact. In return, a fighter died. The next fighter group ripped the ship apart with tehir missiles, leaving a single engine room adrift in space. Engine modulation saved most fighters from the return fire, only one dying to the next two battlecruisers shooting. Also the next datagroup seemed to have not beenn up to the task, all their  defensive fire, previously so accurate, missing all their marks. The next two datagroups made up for it, killing twelve fighetrs between them, but that left the remaining 23 to fire.

(Oops, at this point I noticed I had resolved the fighter with one rocket for each fighter, not three. Corrected now.). after the fighters fire swept through the hostile formation, three out of ten battlecruisers were left intact, two destroyed, two crippled and two bereft of any pasives. The Monticellies took advantage and targetted the cripples, removing them. Meanwhile the Norse battlecruisers turned back to the warp poimnt, but in retaliation for their cripples being targetetd, took out the field of damaged Zog-Foot ships on their way out, aided by their corvettes while the fighetrs went back to their carriers to rearm.

Elite crews are nasty. Antimatter armed F1s too. The norse might have been able to run down the carriers and three Battlecruisers with their corvetets, but it was not a sure thing. They did get their damaged battlecruisers out, only loosing four completely.Wich was better than the Zog-Foot.
still, a nasty engagement. In deep space, with all of their corvettes covering the battlecruisers, the fighter strike would not ahve been able to take them on so easely.
This battle had been long in resolving despite being rather small due to a bit of RL distractions.


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