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Gyrfalcon's Fiction / Part 3 - 372-374
« Last post by Gyrfalcon on Yesterday at 07:21:46 AM »
Timerius Didius Crassus threw himself into his chair behind the wide desk in his new office with more force than was strictly necessary, but the disaster that was the last week in general and the last day in particular stoked his frustrations to a fever pitch.

The gains the Pius had made during the election were a clear remit that the people were with them. For the first time in its history, the party had elected one of its own to a Consulship! But the Apostates (as the Pius termed the seculars that rejected Gaia) had rejected his offered hand in negotiation. They scorned his lectures on the clear dangers their reckless rush headlong into uncharted waters brought to them all. The purpose of their society was to serve the Children humbly, to redeem themselves of their sins, and to labor that they be reborn as Children of Gaia anew!

Until his election, he had not known the sheer scale of the Romans' rejection of the ways of the righteous. The plans to raise a military force had been presented as theoretical, but in the past years they had begun to break the precept of pacifism with wild abandon. And now the thrice-cursed Optimates sought to compound the sin, the price of their votes to quadruple the number of Legions raised.

To add to the disaster, Crassus himself had entered the history books already as having given the most vetos in one term, and it was but his first day. He also held the record on the most vetos overruled - 57 in all.  His face burned with anger and humiliation as he recalled some of his colleagues laughing as they once again flouted his authority.

As he stewed in his frustration, he swept his eyes across the austere chamber that was his new office. He had few decorations, but one that stood out was the symbol of the children - two hands cupping a stylized depiction of Gaia in browns and greens.  The Children… of course.

Timerius straightened as he realized what must be done. One of the first laws reaffirmed in the first session was that contact with the Children about the Romans’ advances was to be curtailed, but he had his own channels to reach out to them without suspicion. The Pius were the first to volunteer with outreach duty with the Children, serving humbly at the community centers across the world where they listened to the needs of the Children and arranged that they received what they wanted as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With a steady hand, Timerius tapped the communication terminal and arranged to meet with Adept Abel Jakobson at the Adapt’s earliest convenience, to discuss matters of the Republic’s service to the Children.

If the Republic’s leaders sought to lead its people into sin, it was the duty of the faithful to turn that path aside for the good of all.

February 19, 372
The research bonus of Dr. Publius Curius Servatius increases to 25%. He is currently busy creating working examples of the sensors to be used in Project TRIBAL.

March 5, 372
Research is completed on the RR/SPN-3 Navigation Sensor, and work begins on the RR/SQR-1 Thermal Sensor. Once work on the sensor is done, Dr. Servatius can be retasked to other work.

May 1, 372
All sensor technology is completed for Project TRIBAL. The four labs under Dr. Servatius are retasked. The current state of research is as follows:

TN Construction Equipment - 4 labs - August 373
Hilario-Priscillanus Marine NTE-50 - 3 labs - May 372
Vexillatio Command Post - 2 labs - September 372
Genome Sequence Research - 1 lab - June 384
Troop Transport Bay - Standard - 1 lab - August 386
Alpha Shields - 1 lab - August 374

May 27, 372
A new scientist joins the Republic’s R&D establishment. Servius Herminius Marinus is a Logistics expert and can control up to 20 labs, but provides no research bonus to his work yet.

June 1, 372
Dr. Pompolussa increases his research bonus to 25%. Meanwhile, Dr. Quietus completes the engine for Project TRIBAL, and begins work on the first Trans-Newtonian weapon - a 10cm railgun.

September 18, 372
The command and control equipment needed for the Vexillatio Command Post are complete, allowing for the creation of the Vexillatio formation.

Code: [Select]
Legion Vexillatio
Transport Size: 5,958 tons
Build Cost: 259.9 BP
1x Vexillatio Command Post
93x Legion Combat Supplies

The unit is nothing more than the command necessary for its component cohorts and supplies to support them.

Work begins on a larger headquarters to command an entire Legion, scheduled to be complete in May of 375.

November 16, 372
The construction of Financial Centers that began before the advent of TN technology is completed. The resources from the project are directed towards the construction of the second GFCC.

December 31, 372
Closing out the year, Dr. Lucius Sergius Typhoeus joins, a Missiles / Kinetic Weapons expert with 20% research bonus and capable of organizing 20 labs. While his proposals in the area of Gauss Cannons are interesting, there are simply no resources available at the moment to pursue them.

March 14, 373
Dr. Galerius Duccius Minianus joins the Republic. Another Missile / Kinetic Weapons expert, his specialization and research bonus of 10% makes it unlikely that he will lead projects of his own.

May 3, 373
Research is completed on the 10cm railgun. While its companion research is still underway, the technology has direct applications to weapons and armor. The Optimates push for the creation of a main battle tank utilizing the new technology and for work to begin on Auxilia units to match the first legion. The fact that the legion is not even half formed only dampens their enthusiasm slightly.

May 8, 373
The long-running research into TN Construction equipment is completed. The Munitor Construction Vehicle is designed and work begins on turning that design into reality.

September 15, 373
The Munitor Construction Vehicle is completed, and work begins on a mobile command vehicle and a main battle tank design.

October 20, 373
The first part of the conversion project started years ago is complete, with 30 small craft factories providing as much output as the whole pre TN industrial base.  The Populares win the debate on what to do with the freed up industrial output, putting it back into converting newtonian industry to Construction Factories under the point that increasing the production base will speed all the projects along faster.

January 19, 374
Research is completed on the Praetorium Mobile Command Vehicle, intended to serve as a front line command vehicle for mobile cohorts.

The Architecti Cohort is the first planned type of Auxilia, intended to bolster its attached Legion.

Code: [Select]
Architecti Cohort
Transport Size: 5,784 tons
Build Cost: 241 BP
18x Munitor Construction Vehicle
1x Praetorium Mobile Command Vehicle

Work begins on a Main Battle Tank design.

April 8th, 374
Research is completed on the complete workings of a railgun, enabling prototypes to launch four rounds every five seconds, at a velocity of 10,000m/s.

April 13th, 374
Researchers complete the prototype of the Essedum Main Battle Tank. Equipped with a smoothbore railgun and a coaxial machinegun and armored in Duranium, it is an advance over any tank that the Ancients manufactured.

Code: [Select]
Ala Cohort
Transport Size: 5,716 tons
Build Cost: 469.3 BP
6x Praetorium Mobile Command Vehicle
78x Essedum MBT
52x Cohort Combat Supplies

The cavalry Ala cohort is made up of six 13-tank Centuries, with the Centurions commanding from Praetorium Command Vehicles. Equipped with a coaxial machine gun and a false weapon barrel, the design externally resembles the Essedum, while the turret is mostly filled with the command and control equipment needed to coordinate a Century and the Cohort as a whole.

July 17, 374
The Laenas Kinetics 10cm Railgun prototype is complete. Dr. Quietus takes his team and begins work on a larger 12cm model.

July 27, 374
Work is completed on the design for the Scorpio Field Artillery, a medium static artillery piece. A Cohort consists of six Centuries of these weapons, and each Century contains 16 artillery pieces.

Code: [Select]
Artillery Cohort
Transport Size: 5,992 tons
Build Cost: 284.5 BP
6x Praetorium Mobile Command Vehicle
96x Scorpio Field Artillery
64x Cohort Combat Supplies

At the same time, work is completed on the RR/SPG-4 20/1250 Fire Control System. Very quietly, the Navy has been working on a design for an armed space vessel based on the possibilities Trans-Newtonian technology offered. They had so far managed to keep the project from the Co-Consul’s attention, and the goal was to keep it that way.

Project VICTORY called for a 2,000t vessel, lightly armored, armed with railguns and with a higher speed then Project TRIBAL has.

Code: [Select]
Victory class Sloop (P)      1,990 tons       63 Crew       152.9 BP       TCS 40    TH 63    EM 0
1570 km/s      Armour 2-14       Shields 0-0       HTK 16      Sensors 5/5/0/0      DCR 1      PPV 9
Maint Life 6.42 Years     MSP 72    AFR 21%    IFR 0.3%    1YR 3    5YR 45    Max Repair 31.25 MSP
Commander    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 3 months    Morale Check Required   

Hilario-Priscillanus Marine  NTE-62.5 (1)    Power 62.5    Fuel Use 89.44%    Signature 62.50    Explosion 10%
Fuel Capacity 100,000 Litres    Range 10.1 billion km (74 days at full power)

Laenas Kinetics 10cm Railgun V10/C1 (3x4)    Range 10,000km     TS: 1,570 km/s     Power 3-1     RM 10,000 km    ROF 15       
RR/SPG-4 20/1250 Fire Control System (1)     Max Range: 20,000 km   TS: 1,250 km/s     16 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Orissus Drive Systems Pressurised Water Reactor R3 (1)     Total Power Output 3.1    Exp 5%

RR/SPN-3 Navigation Sensor (1)     GPS 1000     Range 18.5m km    Resolution 100
RR/SQR-1 Thermal Sensor (1)     Sensitivity 5     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  17.7m km
RR/SAD-2 Electromagnetic Sensor (1)     Sensitivity 5     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  17.7m km

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes
This design is classed as a c for auto-assignment purposes

The initial design fit the design requirements, clocking in just under the size cut off, with a layer of Duranium armor over the hull, a larger engine and three 10cm railguns powered by a small pressurised water reactor. The tradeoff is a much shorter range as the design is not intended to make a round trip to Arachne, and a much shorter operational duration.

Roman Republic Statistics - July 374
Population: 534.80m (+11.51m)
Annual Growth Rate: 0.84%
Manufacturing Sector: 75m employed, 58.7m available, 133.7m total

Research Facilities: 12 (-)
GFCC: 1 (-)
Conventional Industry: 1,020 (-100)
Construction Factory: 42 (+26)
Fighter Factories: 30 (+16)
Mine: 36 (+20)
Fuel Refiner: 36 (+20)
Maintenance Facility: 10 (-)
Financial Center: 46 (+22)
DSTS: 1 (-)
Military Academy: 1 (-)
Naval Headquarters: 1 (-)
Spaceport: 1 (-)

Fuel Reserves: 23.7m liters
Maintenance Reserves: 5,859t

3,636 legionnaires in service

Legion Cohort I
Legion Cohort II
Legion Cohort III
Legion Cohort IV
Legion Cohort V
Legion Cohort VI
C# Bureau of Design / Re: Commercial Hangers (help)
« Last post by Penassa on Yesterday at 05:43:18 AM »
Thank you all very much for your input. 

In my RP playthrough I'm at the early stages of colonization and exploration (I have earth running out of resources) and have established 5 mining colonies near earth.  I have been keeping them "safe" by having fleets of 3000 ton Patrol craft.  mostly with PD capable turrets.  now as I explore more of the galaxy the chance of encountering a proper NPR increase tenfold.  therefore I'm looking to the future for colony defence:

1- build more PD capable Patrol craft (its the quick and easy option as i have all the necessary research and shipyards in place.  but only leaving me PD capable in case of attack)
2 - Build a larger Patrol Frigates with a PD & Strike Missile capability. 
3 - Build a robust Orbital Hanger that provides space for 2/3 Fighter squadrons (12 fighters per squadron) that way as tech changes the hanger will stay reasonable the same but the parasites can change through tech advancements and that way when in the far future I need an Offensive capability to my Navy i can easily do a carrier strike group with a CV and Frigates/Destroyer escorts.   

just weighing my options, as I'm still fairly new to the game. 
C# Bug Reports / Re: v1.13.0 Bugs Thread
« Last post by Density on June 15, 2021, 07:18:44 PM »
I fought some precursors, after salvaging their ships I gained 7,000 point of tech in Laminate composite armor.  ( which is currently being researched on earth with 2,000 points or so remaining) . 
on the way to sol, the fleet passes by a system that is controlled by me and contains research lab ( the system is specialized in sensor fire control research) . 
once it transits i get the message tech downloaded in the said system. 

Did the ship have "Retain Tech Data" checked? This box can be found in the naval org screen, on the misc tab when the ship (not the fleet) is selected. If it was, this is a bug. If not, not.

I cancel the research in earth to start it again in the said system and I see that the research cost has increased by 10,000.

To the best of my knowledge, Aurora doesn't handle concurrent tech progress from multiple locations. (If it did, the checkbox I mentioned above wouldn't be needed.) If you restart the project on earth, is the research cost 2k or 13k?
C# Bureau of Design / Re: Commercial Hangers (help)
« Last post by froggiest1982 on June 15, 2021, 06:17:31 PM »
Hi all. 

How do commercial hangers work?

if I have let's say a ship with a commercial hanger will parasites reload? refuel? resupply? maintain?

reload YES
refuel ? they should but I remember there were a few bugs on commercial hangars. Eventually, if you have the proper module installed in the ship they will be able to refuel as well anyway.
resupply YES (see here
maintain YES as long as the proper module is also installed in the ship or the colony where the ship is orbiting has enough maintenance facilities to cover their needs.

Also, all relative Collier, Supply Ship, and Tanker flags must be enabled and the parameters properly set under the Misc Tab.

now if the mothership is in orbit of a maintenance-capable colony do parasites get maintained?

With the Automatic Hangar Resupply from 1.13 onwards the answer is YES as long as you are using Military Hangars and the Mothership has enough MSP to fulfill requests. Commercial Hangars do not provide any maintenance by themselves so as long as the proper module is also installed in the ship or the colony where the ship is orbiting has enough maintenance facilities to cover their needs they will be maintained.

basically what I want to do is to create a space station with no engines.  so it orbits my colonies to provide a hanger space for defense fighter squadrons.  can I do this with commercial hangers (therefore using a commercial shipyard) or do I have to go the military route?

It is currently not possible in 1.13 to add any Hangar Deck or Boat Bay to Space Stations (No Armor flagged) therefore if you want to have a Space Station with Hangars you MUST use Commercial Hangars. Actually, it's not possible to add any military component to Space Stations in general rules here:
If you want to go with the Military Option you'll have to build a massive carrier which will have to be built by a large enough Military Shipyard but will be effectively a carrier and will be subjected to the standard maintenance rules so that your maintenance capability in the colony must cover the total military tonnage (CV plus Parasites). Commercial Hangar Space Stations will then have the following:

Can be built by Factories
Do not add up on Military Maintenance of the colonies

Very big and hard to relocate
Cannot function by themselves
One missile could blow up all your ships

In conclusion, while the Commercial Hangars have their use in different situations, I mainly use them as Containers to transport Military Fleets and save fuel and possible Maintenance Failures during the trip and especially if such a trip is a long one. I don't find any reasonable motive to keep them anchored at colonies. I may use them as advanced logistic points in combination with maintenance modules when preparing for war and again only as containers to relocate Military Fleets in position. I think CVs are currently offering a much better all-in-one solution if you are thinking to use fighters as your main source of firepower and with the recent changes on automatic hangar resupply, all you need to ensure is that they have enough MPS to fulfill all parasites needs avoiding a lot of micromanagement and adding the necessary mobility if you need to quickly relocate your defences.

DISCLAIMER: All the above answers are based on my personal experience and I can expect to have missed a few points here and there. The purpose of this post was to answer to the best of my knowledge and if something is not correct please feel free to correct me and I apologize in advance.
C# Bug Reports / Re: v1.13.0 Bugs Thread
« Last post by Jaz010 on June 15, 2021, 03:57:29 PM »
Seems there is a bug in downloading tech,
I fought some precursors, after salvaging their ships I gained 7,000 point of tech in Laminate composite armor.  ( which is currently being researched on earth with 2,000 points or so remaining) . 
on the way to sol, the fleet passes by a system that is controlled by me and contains research lab ( the system is specialized in sensor fire control research) . 
once it transits i get the message tech downloaded in the said system. 

I cancel the research in earth to start it again in the said system and I see that the research cost has increased by 10,000.

I have a copy of the db if needed. 

C# Mechanics / Re: Cost of PPV vs Police
« Last post by Jorgen_CAB on June 15, 2021, 03:22:45 PM »
In this case, we mean the single unit?

Yeah, otherwise 4000 police officers would be treated the same as a single police officer for the purposes of unit no. whereas the game treats them as 4000 units. Element is pedantically incorrect to use here.

Forgive me if I came across as pedantic. That's not my game. (My game is min-maxing; you may freely hate on me for that.)
I'm only after clarity.

In 1.14 you might need to think differently though as pirates may appear anywhere and attack both ships and settlements. Initially they might just attack ships but I would not be surprised if they can attack and "loot" other sites as well eventually.

Having some spread out system defence forces might become something we will need to have in most decently developed systems for a more realistic purpose other than PPV.
C# Bug Reports / Re: v1.13.0 Bugs Thread
« Last post by Ancalagon on June 15, 2021, 02:00:53 PM »
I looked at the "Alien Race" table in the DB to watch diplomacy progress with a new NPR that shot at me, and I have not noticed diplomatic relations trending back to non-war while our races are not in mutual detection range of each other.

This prevents the scenario referenced in the C# Diplomacy Changes, where a race shoots at another's survey ship, but as long as you avoid contact, relations trend back to non-war. Instead, they are remaining static according to the DB, across many construction periods.

Once I put a fleet back in mutual detection range, relations started trending back to normal. This is obviously going to be a problem if they keep trying to shoot at every ship I try to bring in diplomatic sensor range. Perhaps relations should continue trending towards baseline, regardless of whether you are in mutual detection?

The situation you describe should happen when there is contact (including populations) but no diplomacy module present or a diplomacy ship without an appropriate ccommander or when communications have not been established. Are you sure none of those is applicable in this context?

I just want to touch base on this once more. According to the C# Diplomacy Changes, do I understand correctly that relations should trend back to neutral even if both 1) communications are not established, and 2) neither race has sensor contacts with each other? Because that did not happen in my report above. Instead, relations stayed frozen at hostile while we were in mutual non-contact with each other, instead of trending back to neutral.

Here's the C# Diplomacy Changelog excerpt I'm referencing for this behavior being a bug:

If diplomatic relations are above the hostile level (-100), then even a single point of damage through combat will reduce relations to that point. However a period of mutual non-interaction following a small clash will probably return the diplomatic status to neutral. For example, if communications are established you may ask a survey ship to leave your system (mechanics in a future post). If that didn't work or you did not have communication, you can slightly damage that ship. An unarmed ship would retreat from hostile aliens and the immediate impact would be the alien race treating you as hostile. However, with no further combat in the short term, the status would soon return to a wary neutrality. Future communication and diplomacy would still be an option.
C# Mechanics / Re: v1.14.0 Changes Discussion Thread
« Last post by nuclearslurpee on June 15, 2021, 11:49:15 AM »
Not in the intel menu, which I think just shows the last known system for each contact, but in the tactical map you can go to the Contacts tab and show lost contacts from a specified duration ago, e.g. "Lost Contacts 1 month" will show last known positions for contacts lost within the last month.
C# Bureau of Design / Re: Commercial Hangers (help)
« Last post by nuclearslurpee on June 15, 2021, 11:47:19 AM »
As far as I can tell from searching the forums, commercial hangars are able to reload ordnance including box launchers. That being said you will need to use commercial magazines to do so which are not exactly space-efficient.

However since commercial hangars do not maintain the ships in them they are not usually considered suitable for, say, trying to build maintenance-free CVs. In theory this could work if you put sufficient engineering + maintenance modules on your fighters but this is going to come at the cost of combat performance and attrition of the fighter force by maintenance failures.

The intended use case for commercial hangars is to build a large hangar which could be tugged or self-propelled, that forms part of your logistics arm and allows you to make repairs and reload box launchers on your larger ships while away from your fleet bases.
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