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C# Suggestions / Re: Suggestions Thread for v2.0
« Last post by nakorkren on Yesterday at 11:23:03 PM »
Can we get Commander Health notifications separated into two different notifications?

1) Medical problems
2) Deaths

Medical problems that don't inspire retirement or cause death are not as critical as ones that do. I need to know when my officers have left my service, not so much when they're feeling poorly.

This! Even better would be to make retirements separate between "Was filling a role and retired" vs "Was on the roster but not currently assigned", because as stated above I only really care if it left a role open.

On a related note, would it be possible to have a monthly and an annual summary of vacant positions? That way you could suppress the monthly if you don't care to review it that often. And you could safely suppress all of the medical and death messages, since you would find out fairly soon (within a month or a year) that the position was open, or sooner if they were actively researching something, since you'd get an Open Labs message.
C# Bug Reports / Re: v2.0.2 Bugs Thread
« Last post by pwhk on Yesterday at 09:56:56 PM »
I got errors #1957, #1948, #1953, #460 on start, then #2147 every turn in this save.
In foreign relation window, "UK" does not show up in either "China" or "Japan" races.
I suspect it is because I named one of the factions as "UK" that is too short  :-\
Honestly, the biggest improvement I'd like to see with standing orders is a way to create templates for them like you do for normal orders. Would make setting up your exploration ships much easier.
C# Bug Reports / Re: #1170 Errors on Startup
« Last post by ydirbut on Yesterday at 08:42:37 PM »

I haven't loaded any mods or done any DB editing. I haven't deleted any systems or anything like that. The only things I have done that aren't just normal game stuff:

* Unlocked and locked designs in SM mode.
* Loaded a medal set.
* Added some images to the images folder.

The only setting at game start I modified was that I reduced the minimum spawn distance for NPRs. One of them actually spawned in the system next to Sol.

I'd like to reiterate that the weirdest thing was that the buggy save was NOT my most recent save. Somehow it had loaded an earlier save file. Maybe that was what caused the missing systems? If you load the prebuggy db file from my original post you'll see that it is actually after the buggy db.
C# Bug Reports / Re: v2.0.2 Bugs Thread
« Last post by Marski on Yesterday at 07:54:31 PM »
If you have multiple NPR's on earth on start, they often bankrupt themselves by endlessly building combat ships, construction factories and mines. I've had about 3 starts and this happened each time.

And since they build more warships than their maintenance facilities can support, they are stuck on earth and wont go out to explore & expand.

is there anything I could do to unstuck the A.I from their suicidal development plan?
C# Bug Reports / Re: v2.0.2 Bugs Thread
« Last post by Aloriel on Yesterday at 07:46:25 PM »
After attempting to attack a spoiler race, I lost all fighters from a carrier. From that point on, my carrier could not move.

I tried deleting all empty squadrons, multiple types of move orders, dividing the ship out of the fleet, SM teleport to Earth, and reloading the game. Nothing will get my ship moving again. It claims to have it's full movement speed, but never goes anywhere.

In the included DB file, the ship in question is the CV-01 SFS Warrior (in a fleet of the same name) now orbiting Earth. It is attempting to refuel and will never succeed.
C# Suggestions / Re: Suggestions Thread for v2.0
« Last post by nuclearslurpee on Yesterday at 07:31:23 PM »
Defending anything with anything really armoured is a waste of resources from a pure math perspective.

I'm very curious how this is true from a pure math perspective. I do agree that armor is modestly less than optimal, but not on mathematical grounds as far as I know.

Cost of armored units scales linearly with armor, but the effectiveness of that armor scales quadratically until overmatch occurs. This works out on a theoretical basis to a perfect balance, because the effectiveness of numerical advantage is also quadratic, but the number of units one can field scales inversely with the cost - armor efficiency goes up as cost^2, numerical efficiency drops as 1/cost^2, and it all cancels out. The disadvantage of armor occurs on a practical basis due to overmatch mechanics (both for armored and unarmored units), but at this point you get into decision-based effects which cannot really be modeled - if the enemy fields more LAV/MAV, infantry are preferable, but too much infantry and the enemy is free to field CAP spam which is countered by armor. The true optimum is not mathematically trivial.

I will readily concede that none of this is relevant against NPRs, but against NPRs a wet mop is as good as a battle tank.

Currently you can turn on/off display of planets, asteroids, moons, etc as well as their names and orbits on the tactical screen, but not comets/comet names for some reason. I would like to be able to declutter the display of Sol, which has a ton of comets.

Yes please.
Maybe the implementation could be changed to be a bit easier to read, but I definitely would like there to be an update to the standing order screen.
In particular I would love it if we could set a default standing order for all ships or maybe a default for each ship class.
C# Mechanics / Re: v1.14.0 Changes Discussion Thread
« Last post by Destragon on Yesterday at 06:01:13 PM »
"Minerals can be delivered to the DSP and collected from it, as it assumed these are stored as free-floating resources. They will be displayed as per a normal population."
I was re-reading this. Why can't MSP be stored free-floatingly like the minerals anyway?

I saw someone on the Discord mention that there's no easy way that can be automated to unload MSP to a DSP. Maybe there should be an MSP Hub component that works like the refueling hub, letting ships unload MSP to and resuply from?
I'm interested in an advisor role if you are still recruiting. I'll join whoever needs an advisor the most, or whoever is most interested in shenanigans.
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