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New Cold War / Cold War
« Last post by Kurt on May 13, 2023, 10:22:39 AM »
Okay, so here is where we're at.  The Cold War Campaign is getting more and more time consuming to move forward, as the races have grown and the turns take longer to process.  While still not as large as the Phoenix Campaign was, it has gotten to the point where I have to force myself to sit down and work through each turn.  I could continue, if I wanted, but I feel like I'm at the point of diminishing returns. 

As Gyrfalcon noted, the Alliance is now the dominant power in known space.  Even if all of the other powers in known space joined together against them it's not clear they could defeat them, as the Alliance also has the highest technology, and the other powers would have to attack independently, without being able to coordinate, for the most part.  The Mintek, the primary aggressor race in the campaign at this point, was not shown in the recent comparison post, but if they had been it would be clear they are outmatched.  Their income is approximately equal to that of the CSR, which means it is half that of the Alliance, and their fleet is at a similar disadvantage.  Worse, they have no friends, and if/when they launched their final assault on the Alliance, they would rapidly find themselves under attack from at least the CSR, if not the Colonial Union as well. 

All of this means that I am considering calling a halt to the Campaign at this point.  The Campaign is over three years old at this point, and that's longer than I thought I would be running it.  I'll let you all know what I decide shortly. 
New Cold War / Re: Cold War Comments Thread
« Last post by Gyrfalcon on April 22, 2023, 04:02:52 PM »
Sure, but that’s all meta. None of the races are likely to jump the Alliance together like that, and their free budget almost equals the next race’s total budget. All that money goes towards continued expansion and ever-accelerating research.
New Cold War / Re: Cold War Comments Thread
« Last post by Andrew on April 22, 2023, 11:02:23 AM »
Not necessarily we know there is a high tech 3rd party out there, an attack by them could hurt the Alliance very badly. They have a closed WP into one of the core Alliance systems taking out that world and its nearby colonies would cripple the Alliance.
A Close alliance of the 2nd and 3rd powers would be close to or superior to the Alliance, particularly if was a planned war with the 2 allied powers surge buidling a fleet before the war. I also did not recognise the Mintek alliance in that chart , while probably smaller than the Alliance they also had a tech superiority and have probably still got a small one.
Finding a closed WP into a critical area of the enemy is always a game changer if the attacker can seize core worlds cutting the economy and shipyard advantage of the larger power and maybe catching a major fleet by suprise and concentrating a bug force against it
New Cold War / Re: Cold War Comments Thread
« Last post by Gyrfalcon on April 22, 2023, 04:31:41 AM »
The Alliance had more or less hit the point where they’ve ‘won’ and all that’s left is clearing the board. You see it in games like Stellaris a lot where outside special mechanics there’s nothing left that can challenge your snowball.
New Cold War / Re: Cold War Comments Thread
« Last post by StarshipCactus on April 22, 2023, 04:04:16 AM »
Oh wow, the difference between the CU and Alliance is pretty big, although the Alliance do have a lot of territory to protect so can't deploy everything easily. If the CU and Alliance fight, the CU had better hope they can gain a tech advantage, tactical advantage or have allies who can take some of the pressure off.
New Cold War / Cold War: Month 231 National Comparison
« Last post by Kurt on April 21, 2023, 11:01:37 AM »
Note: The data for this was taken from Month 231, because I advanced the turn before remembering I wanted to do this.  So it won’t match up with the numbers given in the recent updates. 

Income and Upkeep for Core Polities:
Alliance         Income: 339,905 MCr’s      Upkeep: 117,494 MCr’s (34.6%)      
CSR                 Income: 182,031 MCr’s      Upkeep: 58,313 MCr’s (32%)
Colonial Union      Income: 179,557 MCr’s      Upkeep: 65,059 MCr’s (36%)
Zir Commonality   Income: 97,053 MCr’s      Upkeep: 31,464 MCr’s (32.4%)
CFS                  Income: 29,268 MCr’s      Upkeep: 10,584 MCr’s (35%)

Income and Upkeep for Core Polities and their treaty-bound Associates
Alliance         Income: 477,500 MCr’s      Upkeep: 155,738 MCr’s (34.6%)      
CSR                 Income: 202,601 MCr’s      Upkeep: 63,657 MCr’s (31.4%)
Colonial Union      Income: 188,649 MCr’s      Upkeep: 65,126 MCr’s (34.5%)
Zir Commonality   Income: 118,073 MCr’s      Upkeep: 41,552 MCr’s (35%)
CFS                  Income: 29,268 MCr’s      Upkeep: 10,584 MCr’s (35%)

Fleets (including treaty-bound)
Alliance: 20xCV, 13xCVL, 16xCVS, 137xCVE, 6xML, 15xSD, 15xBB, 79xBC, 97xCA, 83xCL, 119xDD, 31xFG, 369xCT, 12xES, 250xEX, 6xBS5, 9xBS4, 37xBS3, 62xBS2, 39xBS1, 141xBS0, 7xAF(2116 HS), 6xPDC (438 HS)

Colonial Union: 4xCV, 20xCVL, 1xCVS, 100xCVE, 15xSD, 3xBB, 33xBC, 32xCA, 49xCL, 46xDD, 19xFG, 47xCT, 16xES, 120xEX, 24xBS3, 11xBS2, 26xBS1, 84xBS0, 3xAF(2007 HS), 6xPDC(438 HS)

Confederated Sentient Races: 9xCV, 1xCVL, 25xCVS, 36xCVE, 12xML,, 33xBC, 11xCa, 15xCL, 56xDD, 20xFG, 48xCT, 3xES, 3xEX, 12xBS4, 74xBS3, 6xBS2, 3xAF(777 HS), 12xPDC(1707 HS)

Confederated Free States: 15xCVE, 1xSD, 6xBC, 12xCA, 18xDD, 3xCT, 16xES, 21xBS3

Zir Commonality: 11xCV, 18xBC, 2xCVE, 49xDD, 119xFG, 179xCT, 3xBS6, 12xBS4, 12xBS2, 36xBS0

Alliance                  Total Ships: 1672   Total HS: 60,223
Colonial Union         Total Ships: 687      Total HS: 25,119
Confed Sentient Races   Total Ships: 430      Total HS: 22,330
Zir Commonality      Total Ships: 455      Total HS: 13,322
Confed Free States      Total Ships: 96      Total HS: 3,730

New Cold War / Cold War: Month 230, Zir Commonality Update
« Last post by Kurt on April 21, 2023, 10:10:43 AM »
Month 230 Update, Zir Commonality
Income: 97,053 MCr’s
Upkeep: 31,464 MCr’s (32.4%)

There is great excitement throughout the Zir nation now that they are formally independent from the Alliance.  A sense of independence and destiny has gripped the Zir, and they are enthusiastically transforming themselves from inward looking academics to an expansive, out-going polity.  One sign of this is the change in name for their nation, from the Zir Contemplative Union to the Commonality.  The Zir fervently believe that all sentient races have much more in common than their differences, and thus they seek to unite like minded races under the banner of the Commonality.  Ever mindful of the Alliance example, the Zir have come to realize that a strong defensive force is necessary to avoid becoming a target of other races. 

The Zir have made contact with one race, the Ut, independent of the Alliance, and look forward to meeting many new races now that they are out from under what they felt was the oppressive oversight of the Alliance.  Indeed, they are planning to establish contact with the three races discovered through the Villiers warp nexus once the fleet build-up and refits are finished.  While they view the Alliance as warlike and fearful of outside races, they are mindful of the Alliance’s warnings about the Mintek, and so will be cautious as to the methods they use to contact that race, if indeed they do decide to move forward with contact with the Mintek. 

For various cultural reasons the Zir have fielded what the Alliance called a “swarm fleet” in the past.  After sending observers to watch the Alliance forces in their recent conflicts, the Zir had decided to move away from that concept, however, their development of fighters resurrected the swarm effectiveness in their eyes.  They have decided to convert their corvette and frigate designs to hybrid carriers, carrying eight and ten fighters respectively.  This allows the Zir fleet to field a vast number of fighters relative to their nominal fleet strength.  In addition, the idea of fighter combat appeals to the Zir, who abhor losses.  While fighter combat is attritional in nature, fighter losses, when compared to ship losses, mean much less loss of life.  The Zir are nearing the end of a massive program of refitting their fleet, and plan on shoring up the defenses in Villiers and building more corvette-carriers before initiating contact with the races on the far end of the Villiers warp points. 

The Zir were elated to find the Ut, with whom they’ve had a trade relationship since deciphering their language.  The Ut recently agreed to upgrade their treaties with the Commonality to a include mutual defense treaty.  The Zir were happy to sign this treaty with the Ut, however, some Zir have become concerned about the strange Ut government, which they treat more like a religion rather than a rational governing group.  However, while the Ut seem almost fanatical about their belief in this “communism” of theirs, they have not attempted to convert the Zir to their beliefs to date, and seem happy to co-exist with the Commonality.

Home Fleet: 38xDD, 2xCVE, 44xFG, 94xCT. 1,162xF0
Villiers Fleet: 6xDD, 27xFG, 60xCT, 624xF0

Construction: 90xF0, 80xIDEW-E
Refits: 25xDD, 2xFG, 75xIDEW-E

Ut World State
Income: 21,020 MCr’s
Upkeep: 10088 MCr’s (48%)

Fleet: 9xCV, 12xBC, 324xF1

In month 226, Ut exploration ships probed the eight warp points they discovered in their home system, aside from the one warp point leading to Zir space that they already knew about.  Two of the new systems had habitable planets and thus are a high priority to survey, while five of the others are uninteresting to the Ut, except perhaps as a route of future expansion.  The last system, though, has an inhabited planet.  The population is clearly a recently placed settlement, and based on the emission signatures the settlement appears to belong to the Alliance that the Zir warned them about.  The Ut survey ship was within detection range of the colony when it turned back towards the outer system, but the Ut ship’s entry point into the system was closed, and so the Alliance would be unable to follow them back to their home. 

The Ut are cautiously exploring the systems around them, and by Month 230 have established two out-system colonies. 
New Cold War / Cold War: Alliance Month 230 Update
« Last post by Kurt on April 18, 2023, 08:58:15 AM »
Alliance Reorg, Month 230
The recent difficulties across the Alliance, coupled with the partial withdrawal from Zir territory, has caused the Alliance to reorganize its fleets.  One of the primary lessons of the wars the Alliance learned in the wars was the need to deal with the vast territory the Alliance now controls.  To this end the Alliance has decided to establish nodal forces at several locations throughout the Alliance, along with a central force in the Chruqua Nexus, while will be available to respond rapidly to nearly any region of the Alliance, including the home worlds of the member races and many of the associate members.  The ships stationed in home worlds will be designated System Defense Forces, while the nodal fleets will be numbered.

Another result of the recent conflicts was the decision made by the Alliance Council, in conjunction with the Associate Members, to require Associate Members to station 25% of their active fleets in the Chruqua Nexus as members of the Chruqua reaction force.  In exchange, an Alliance squadron will be stationed at all Associate Member home systems, acting as a trip-wire force to reassure the member governments that the Alliance will stand by them.  This decision was largely made as a result of the invasion of the Chirq home world by the Khozuni during the D’Bringi civil war. 

The Alliance fleet is still recovering from the recent conflicts it was involved in.  Some of the fleet’s ships still have minor unrepaired battle damage, and many of the ships have not been refitted to the latest standards.  Indeed, the Alliance Navy is planning a new round of refits to incorporate HT-10 systems, and many of the fleet’s ships are still at HT-8 standards, or in some cases even older.  Many of the fleet’s corvette-carriers still carry F0 fighters, as there was never enough time to update their fighter complements, and some of the fleet’s carriers have not had their complements replenished after the last series of battles against the Lothari. 

The System Defense Forces
System Defense Force, T’Pau: 3xBC, 6xCL, 6xCVE, 6xCTV, 111xF1
System Defense Force, D’Bringi: 3xBC, 3xCA, 6xCVE, 3xDD, 6xCTV, 15xF0, 111xF1
System Defense Force, Rehorish: 6xBC, 6xCA, 3xCL, 9xCVE, 9xDD, 6xCTV, 18xF0, 153xF1
System Defense Force, Aurarii: 3xCA, 6xCTV, 35xF1
System Defense Force, Bir: 3xBC, 3xDD, 3xCVE, 6xCTV, 24xF0, 42xF1
System Defense Force, Chirq: 6xCA, 3xCL, 6xDD, 6xCVE, 9xCTV, 99xF0, 51xF1
System Defense Force, Doraz: 3xCVS, 3xCL, 3xDD, 6xCVE, 6xCTV, 45xF0, 138xF1
System Defense Force, Khozun: 3xCA, 2xCVS, 3xCL, 6xCVE, 6xCTV, 6xF0, 60xF1
System Defense Force, Torqual: 3xCL, 3xCVS, 6xCVE, 6xCTV, 12xF0, 75xF1
System Defense Force, Kumamoto: 3xCA, 6xCVE, 3xDD, 6xCTV, 126xF1

Occupation Group, Lothar: 3xCV, 6xBC, 6xCL, 6xDD, 9xCTV, 12xF0, 186xF1
The Lothar Occupation Group’s primary mission is to assist the ground forces assigned to the Lothar occupation force and to patrol former Lothari territory both to ensure no Lothari remnants attempt to reform and to guard against incursions from outside the Alliance. 

Border Group, Dether (Colonial Union): 3xCL, 1xCVS, 3xCTV, 42xF1
The Dether system was the location of several battles with the Colonial Union during the recent border war with that nation.  The was ended by mutual agreement between the Colonial Union and the Alliance, on terms favorable to the Colonial Union.  This was largely due to the fact that the D’Bringi subterfuge that started the D’Bringi civil war began with an unprovoked raid into Colonial Union territory.  The Dether system, and its warp chain that leads to the Alliance colony world of Sandhurst, is the primary trade route for the Colonial Union and the Alliance, now that trade has been restored.  In an attempt to keep tensions down with the Colonial Union, the Alliance force stationed here has been significantly reduced. 
Border Group, Phyriseq (Mintek): 12xBC, 5xCVL, 12xCA, 3xCVS, 12xDD, 9xCTV, 78xF0, 198xF1
The Phyriseq system links to the Mintek home system, and is the original contact point between the Alliance and the Mintek.  The warp point is heavily fortified on both sides, and neither side has attempted to force its way through since the original battles in the Mintek and Phyriseq system.  The Group assigned to this system is intended to support the fortifications in the system and delay any attacker long enough for heavy reinforcements to arrive from the Chruqua Nexus, which is only one jump away. 

Border Group, Sapporo (Colonial Union): 9xCTV, 54xF1
The Sapporo System borders on the Confederated Free Systems, beyond which lies the Colonial Union.  The CFS has proven to be a reliable buffer between the Colonial Union and the Alliance, and even during the recent border conflict in the Dether system the Colonial Union never attempted to launch an attack through the CFS.  Therefore, the force assigned to this system has been reduced to a patrol force.  There are fortifications stationed at the jump point to the CFS, however, this system’s true defense lies in its proximity to the Rehorish Home System. 

Border Group, Kure (Colonial Union, Mintek): 6xCA, 3xCVS, 3xCL, 6xCVE, 9xCTV, 72xF0, 144xF1
This system, like the Sapporo system, borders on the Confederated Free Systems.  Also like the Sapporo system, it lies between the CFS and the Rehorish Home system.  Unlike the Sapporo system, though, this system also contains a closed warp point that leads to the Mintek empire.  The location of this closed warp point is currently unknown; thus, it cannot be fortified.  However, the location has been narrowed down to a region of space that has been seeded with detection buoys, and if the Mintek use it again the exact location of the warp point will be revealed.

Border Group, Roban (CSR): 3xCVL, 3xCA, 6xDD, 3xCTV, 24xF0, 90xF1
The Roban system is the location of the primary trade point with the CSR.  Relations with the CSR have generally been good, although it is clear that the CSR does not generally trust the Alliance, perhaps due to the events surrounding first contact between the two primary races of the two nations. 

Border Group, Breshy (Mintek): 3xDD, 1xCVE, 3xCTV, 33xF1
This force guards a connection between the Alliance and the Mintek, and is located in the Far frontier Sector, beyond Stahat.  The warp connection is closed on the Alliance side, and the Alliance believes that the Mintek do not know the location of the closed warp point in the Juath system.  No Mintek ships have been detected in the Juath system in years, and Alliance Intelligence is confident that the Mintek have written off the system and withdrawn beyond their own closed warp link into the Juath system.  Thus the Juath guard force has been reduced over the years to a light patrol squadron to monitor the warp point and the Juath system.  In addition, light defenses have been built at the warp point to slow down a Mintek incursion, should they know about the warp point. 

Nodal Fleets
1st (Chruqua Nexus) Fleet: 2xML, 12xSD, 12xBB, 7xCV, 21xBC, 3xCA, 30xCVE, 4xDD, 8xCTV, 117xF0, 372xF1, 1xBC(pod), 29xDD(Pod)
Aurarii Contribution: 3xML, 1xCV, 1xCVL, 3xCVP, 1xSupply Ship, 60xF1
Doraz Contribution: 1xML, 3xBC, 3xCVE, 2xDD, 10xCT, 36xF0, 3xApin
Torqual Contribution: 3xBC, 9xCA, 9xCL, 2xCT
Chirq Contribution: 3xDD, 3xCT, 3xES

The 1st Fleet is the Alliance’s primary response unit.  All of the other fleets and groups are intended to patrol Alliance territory and slow down and hopefully contain any attacker until units from the 1st Fleet can arrive.  The Chruqua Nexus is the perfect location for this force, as the nexus contains twelve warp points and is one jump away from the Doraz and Torqual Home Systems, and the Phyriseq system.  It is two jumps from the T’Pau home system, and three from the Rehorish and D’Bringi home systems. 

2nd (Stahat) Fleet: 3xBC, 3xCA, 9xCVE, 6xCTV, 12xF0, 144xF1
The 2nd Fleet is the primary patrol and defense force for the Far Frontier Sector.  The sector capital at Stahat is two jumps from the Chruqua Nexus and the 1st Fleet, but the bulk of the Sector is much farther from Chruqua and the core worlds.  The 2nd Fleet is understrength for its assigned duties, as the Far Frontiers Sector is spread out, but the sector is relatively low population, especially compared to the Core Sector, and the ships assigned to the fleet reflect that. 

3rd (Liawak) Fleet: 3xBC, 6xCA, 6xDD, 6xCVE, 6xCTV, 15xF0, 111xF1
The 3rd Fleet exists to patrol the area territory around Liawak, and to act as reinforcements for the Lothari occupation force, should they need it. 

4th (Villiers/Zir) Fleet: 3xCV, 3xBC, 6xCA, 6xCL, 6xDD, 9xCVE, 2xCTS, 279xF1
After the Zir withdrawal from the Alliance, the Alliance was forced to negotiate with the notoriously pacifistic Zir government over the force levels they would allow within their territory.  The Zir had originally wanted all Alliance forces to withdraw, but given the presence of an Alliance colony within the Zir system of Villiers, and the heavy Alliance fixed fortifications built in that system, the Zir found themselves unable to deny the Alliance a presence in the system.  The current force was the largest the Zir would allow at this time, but they have agreed to discuss allowing additional Alliance ships into their territory should they attempt contact with any of the races found through the Villiers warp nexus.   

Aurarii Republic
Income: 25,861 MCr’s
Upkeep: 11,896 MCr’s (46%)

The Aurarii recently achieved HT-10, and are researching systems available at that tech level.  The Aurarii are actively seeking a closer relationship with the Alliance, and currently have a Partnership treaty with them.  Having reached tech parity, they are making overtures to the Alliance Council, pushing for full membership.  The Alliance Council is not yet ready to consider such an application from the Aurarii as there has not yet been enough time since the partnership treaty was signed to consider changing the relationship status between the two nations. 

The Doraz and their Norn allies are cool towards the possibility of the Aurarii joining the Alliance as full members, each for their own reasons.  While they are not openly opposing this possibility, they are moving behind the scenes to slow down the Aurarii application process.  The Norn are very hostile towards the Aurarii, and it is likely that without the Doraz and Alliance presence in the Aurarii and Norn home system another war would break out sooner or later. 

The Aurarii, for their part, maintain that their recent change of government has changed their outlook towards other races, and have pledged to maintain the peace going forward.  While there has been some concern expressed by Alliance and Doraz observers at the large-scale military building program that the Aurarii have undertaken since the end of the war with the Alliance, the Aurarii government has stated that the bulk of the new production will be placed into mothballs as reserves against future need, and has also pledged to commit approximately 33% of their standing fleet to the Alliance’s Chruqua Reaction Force.

In part, the Aurarii military build up can be explained by the fact that they are “landlocked”.  The Aurarii, and the Norn, have no access to open warp points, which in part explains the war that the previous Aurarii government fought against the Doraz and the Alliance.   

Home Fleet: 3xSD, 4xCVL, 7xCLP, 90xF1
Alliance Reaction Force: See Alliance fleet section
Under Construction: 3xBS5, 3xML, 6xCV, 3xCVL, 3xCL, 180xF1

Doraz Contingency
Income: 42,519 MCr’s
Upkeep: 7,779 MCr’s (18%)

The Doraz have been very supportive of the Alliance throughout the recent difficulties, and bore the brunt of the war against the Aurarii.  After the Aurarii asked for terms, the Doraz were the only Alliance Associate Member to send forces to the Lothari front, although they arrived too late to participate in combat against the Aurarii.  The Doraz have contributed 40% of their fleet to the Alliance Reaction Force in the Chruqua Nexus, and a further 33% to the Aurarii/Norn System as a peacekeeping force. 

The Doraz are at HT-8 and are researching the next level with Alliance assistance.  The bulk of their fleet has been refitted to HT-8 standards, with the notable exception of their corvette force.  The corvettes fielded by the Doraz fleet are old designs, recently reactivated from mothballs after the destruction of their fleet in the war with the Aurarii.  They date back to the Doraz pre-interstellar period and have not been updated since.  In an effort to get more fighters into space, the Doraz have recently decided to refit their corvette fleet to match the Alliance’s CTV’s.

The Doraz are actively negotiating with the Alliance for access to Alliance territory as they no longer have any open and unexplored warp points in their territory.  As a result of this, both of their survey squadrons have been mothballed in their home system.  For now, the Doraz are focusing on boosting the populations of their colonies, however, they will run out of suitable locations for that in the near future. 

Alliance Reaction Fleet: See Alliance 1st Fleet
Aurarii Peacekeeping Force: 3xCA, 6xCVE, 9xCT, 72xF0
Home Fleet: 1xBB, 2xCA, 7xCVE, 14xCT, 84xF0, 5xApin

Under Construction: 2xML, 2xBB, 3xBC, 1xCa, 4xDD, 4xCTV
Refits: 14xCT

Torqual Free State
Income: 49,734 MCr’s
Maintenance: 16567 MCr’s (26.6%)

The Torqual have reached HT-8 and are refitting their fleet to that standard, and building carriers.  The Torqual fleet has decided to field larger carriers, and is proto-typing a CVL hull at this time, working towards a full carrier design at some point in the future.  So far they have built a handful of CVE’s and a single CVS, and are building several more CVS’s to fill in until the CV fleet can be built.  Currently, the standard CVE and CVS designs are “fighter-barges”, designed to carry fighters and little else.  The Torqual have adopted this design because of their perceived gap in capabilities compared to the Alliance and the races it has fought recently, and so they are trying to get as many fighters into space as possible with the fewest hulls. 

The Torqual, along with the Doraz, remain the most reliable of allies for the Alliance.  Although the Torqual did not send ships to fight the Lothari, they did dispatch a fleet to support the Doraz against the Aurarii.  The Alliance fielded that fleet in a support role, as the Torqual fleet was technologically substantially behind the force that the Aurarii fielded, but it was a welcome addition to the Alliance forces on the Doraz front in spite of that. 

Home Fleet: 6xBC, 11xCA, 1xCVS, 19xCL, 6xCVE, 5xCT, 102xF0
Alliance Fleet, Chruqua Nexus: See Alliance Section
Unity Squadron: 3xCA, 6xCL
Equity Squadron: 3xCA, 3xCL, 3xCT

Under Construction: 3xBS4, 1xCVL, 3xCVS,
Refitting: 3xBC, 1xCVS, 5xCA, 3xCL, 3xBS2, 5xDD(AW)

Bir Meritocracy
Income: 4,950 MC’rs
Upkeep: 537 MCr’s (6.6%)

The Bir have reached HT-4 and are researching systems available at that level.  While they have not yet built armed ships, they have fielded one survey group and have built five medium sized bases for orbital defense. 

Chirq Cooperative
Income: 13,462 MCr’s
Upkeep: 2465 MCr’s (11%)

The Chirq are researching HT-5 with the assistance of the Alliance.  Since the invasion by the Khozuni the Chirq have instituted a very active exploration and colonization program.  They currently field one survey group and are planning to build a second in the near future.   They have boosted the population of one colony planet to self-sustaining levels, but have been unable to boost a second as their colonization transports have been too busy placing settlements on newly discovered planets. 

Chirq Home Fleet: 6xDD, 5xCT, 4xES
Chirq Alliance Fleet: See Alliance Section

Khozun Empire
Income: 949 MCr’s

The Khozuni were recently freed by the Alliance, dependent on signing a fairly restrictive “mutual defense treaty” that in actuality makes the Khozuni dependent on the Alliance for defense.  This was an easy decision for the reformed Imperial government, given the disparity between the Khozuni economy and even the Chirq economy, much less that of the Alliance.  To date the Khozuni have focused on settling their system, and are researching HT-3 with Alliance assistance.

Norn Regime
Income: 19, 278 MCr’s
Upkeep: 3,287 MCr’s (17%)

The Norn recently concluded treaty negotiations with the Doraz, the Alliance race that they are most comfortable with, signing a mutual defense pact on Month 228 to go with their existing trade relationship.  The Norn have a trade relationship with the Alliance and a non-aggression treaty with the Aurarii, with whom they share their home system.  The Norn are fairly enigmatic to outsiders, however, the Doraz, who are militaristic, get along with them fairly well.  The Norn hate the Aurarii, who have economically dominated them since they moved into space, and who conquered them at the time of first contact with the Doraz.  The Aurarii occupation was fairly repressive and the Aurarii were not above destroying small towns or villages from orbit in reprisal for Norn sabotage attacks. 

Since gaining their freedom as part of the Aurarii surrender to the Alliance, the Norn have been de-mothballing and modernizing ships as quickly as possible.  The Norn are HT-7 and are researching HT-8 with Doraz assistance.  Like the Aurarii, the Norn are confined to their home system as even the Doraz cannot give them access to open warp points, given their own difficulties in that area.  The Norn are not considered associate members of the Alliance at this time, and so have not contributed ships to the reaction force in the Chruqua Nexus.  Given the proximity of the Aurarii fleet and the continuing threat the Norn feel from their neighbors, it is unlikely that the Norn would send any ships out of their system in any case. 

Norn Home Fleet: 3xBB, 3xBC, 3xDD

Construction: 8xBS4, 3xBB, 1xSSSY(10xSY)
New Cold War / Re: Cold War Comments Thread
« Last post by StarshipCactus on April 17, 2023, 03:30:07 AM »
I guess fear finally made the Lothari wake up from their cult. Or more accurately, it made the majority who kept quiet and toed the line realise they had more to lose if they stayed quiet than if they stood up and said they were sick of the government. It probably looks a bit like parts of Eastern Europe as they were standing up against the USSR after tolerating it out of fear for so long.
New Cold War / Re: Cold War Comments Thread
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I don't know why, but this update reminded me of the time when another race backed by some unknown power, invaded one of the Alliance associate races (I think it was Doraz, but I'm not sure). By the way, do you plan for us to hear about this power (I assume that this is the same power as the imperial D'Bringi backer) anytime soon?

The was just before the start of the D'Bringi civil war.  It was actually part of the plot.  The plotters needed resources, and they needed to divert Alliance attention.  To this end, they infiltrated the D'Bringi contingent of the Alliance team to the Chirq Cooperative and influenced them away from establishing contact with a race that they had just discovered, the Khozun.  The plotters then established contact themselves, using one of the three D'Bringi corvette-carriers assigned to the Chirq Patrol Group.  They promised the Khozun, a backward race even lower tech than the Chirq, a rich reward if they raided or conquered the Chirq.  And then they funneled resources they had pirated from Alliance frontier freighters that had 'disappeared', along with tech, to help the Khozun prepare. 

The Khozun obligingly sent off their entire fleet to attack the Chirq home world, which they conquered and looted.  The D'Bringi plotters then intercepted the loot-laden freighters on their way back to Khozun, destroyed their escorts, and pirated the proceeds of the conquest.  They then visited the Khozun home world, destroyed the infrastructure they helped build, and dropped a nuke on the Khozuni capital to eliminate any evidence they were there.  The proceeds of the conquest of the Chirq home world, while not large on the scale of the Alliance budget, were immense on the scale of a band of plotters intent on suborning individual officers in the D'Bringi fleet, or in the home world government. 

The success of the Chirq-Khozun operation funded the plotter's successful takeover of the D'Bringi government.  However, it did not entirely work out as they would have wanted.  The Alliance sent a small squadron of ships to investigate once they figured something was going on, not a large fleet, as the plotters had hoped.  The Rehorish were already on alert that something was going on, and although they didn't immediately link this to the plot, it increased their uneasiness with the deteriorating situation in the Alliance and prompted them to react decisively when it became clear that the plotters were behind much or all of what had been happening. 
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