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New Cold War / Cold War: Alliance Months 224 to 226
« Last post by Kurt on Today at 04:07:37 PM »
Month 224, Lothari territory
The two Alliance survey groups working in the Lothari colony system completed their survey of the system on the 7th, revealing two new warp points.  Both led to systems with Lothari populations.  One of the systems had two inhabited planets, one of which was medium sized.  The survey groups split up, with one survey group taking each of the newly discovered systems. 

Elsewhere in the Alliance, the Aurarii Republic agrees to take the first step in joining the Alliance as a full member.  The union will not take place for at least eighteen months, but the new Aurarii government is very interested in demonstrating its loyalty to the Alliance. 

The Alliance has reached full communications with the Norn Regime, the other race that occupies the same system as the Aurarii.  Since their liberation the Norn have been very cautious, verging on paranoid, although they seem to be getting along fine with the Doraz.

The fighting continues to rage on Lothar Prime.  The Lothari ground forces have the upper hand, and are forcing the Alliance forces back on every front.  Casualties are heavy on both sides. 

Month 225, Day 7, Lothari Prime
The long-promised ground reinforcements reached orbit late in the day.  They were almost too late.  One beachhead had been forced to surrender, while the other three remaining beachheads had been forced back to their initial perimeters and were under constant attack by superior Lothari forces.  Rather than reinforce the existing beachheads, which would have been difficult given the intensity of combat in and around the landing zones, Skull-Splitter ordered the reinforcements to establish new beachheads at strategically advantageous positions across the planet. 

The Lothari, poised on the brink of victory, were caught completely by surprise as the newly arrived ground troops began dropping on their planet.  With their ground forces completely committed to crushing the beachheads, the Lothari found themselves caught flat-footed, and were out of position to counter the new landings.  Worse, the new Alliance ground force was present in immense numbers.  Rather than dropping additional nuclear weapons, the Alliance had mobilized a huge ground force from their populous inner worlds.  This new ground force outnumbered the defenders by more than two to one, and when the remnants of the original assault force were added to their number the odds became even worse for the Lothari. 

The Lothari army never recovered from their surprise.  They had been caught fully committed to the attack on the existing beachheads, and the new landings completely outflanked them and threw their defensive plans into chaos.  The new beachheads expanded rapidly, capturing critical transportation, manufacturing, and communications nexuses almost without fighting.  The Lothari army struggled to redeploy, but once they withdrew from the original landing areas they were immediately resupplied and reinforced, and began harassing the main Lothari army elements which had so recently been attacking them. 

By the end of the month the Alliance army was in control of the most critical areas of the planet and the Lothari army was finished as an organized fighting force.  Resistance continued, but the Alliance now controlled the planet and the system.   

 Month 226, Alliance controlled Lothari space
The Alliance’s 1st Survey Group completes its warp point survey of a system two jumps from the Lothari home world and discovers a single new warp point.  When probed, the warp point is revealed to be the closed connection to the Thoen system.  The arrival of the probe ship in the Thoen system is a relief for the 6th Fleet, which has been standing on the defensive in the system, awaiting any further raids from the Lothari.  With this route now known and controlled, the 6th Fleet can return to its base in the Stahat system. 

In this month the Alliance Council begins negotiations with the Chirq Cooperative over the future of the Khozun.  The Alliance’s original intention in regards to the Khozun was that Alliance forces would be in primary control of the Khozun system, with assistance from the Chirq.  The Chirq would be the primary beneficiaries of the resources taken from the Khozun during the occupation as a repayment for the destruction caused by the invasion.  However, as the Alliance descended into the chaos of the D’Bringi civil war, followed by the invasions from the Aurarii and the Lothari, the Alliance’s attention shifted and the occupation duty fell to the Chirq, with some limited Alliance oversight and orbital support from the small Alliance squadron assigned to the Chirq territory.  With the Alliance’s difficulties largely resolved the Council’s attention has returned to the Khozuni problem.  The Chirq have been fairly administering the Khozun home world, but are reluctant to allow them any freedom.  The Council fears that the Chirq have become too used to the steady stream of income provided by the occupation.  Thus, the Council is negotiating with the Chirq to transfer control of the Khozun to Alliance authorities, in exchange for guaranteed payments for a period of time.  The Chirq, for their part, seem at least interested in talking. 
C# Bug Reports / Re: v2.1.1 Bugs Thread
« Last post by LiquidGold2 on Today at 02:15:55 PM »
When a ship joins a fleet or sub-fleet of a fleet which is set to travel below maximum speed, the fleet reverts to maximum speed.
It also does this, i.e. resets max speed, if you (manually detach and) manually add ships to the fleet in the same location.

Relatedly, a fleet with less than max speed set will reset to max speed after overhauling. This has been especially annoying when trying to tune escorted tanker speeds (sidenote, it would be great to have an order equivalent to "Load All Minerals Until Full" for fuel).
C# Suggestions / Re: Suggestions Thread for v2.0
« Last post by nuclearslurpee on Today at 11:18:00 AM »
A few small number tweaks that I think would clean up a few smaller "balance issues" and make certain options more feasible:

(1) Target: Armour tech line
Current values: (1 | 2 | 3) | 4 | 6 | 8 | 10 | 12 | 15 | 18 | 21 | 25 | 30 | 36 | 45
Suggested values: (1 | 2 | 3) | 5 | 6 | 8 | 10 | 12.5 | 16 | 20 | 25 | 32 | 40 | 50 | 64
Rationale: Armor as it stands right now falls off badly against shields in the mid-to-late game, in addition to the strategic benefits of shields it has been shown across the forum by now that shields start to become tactically superior around Epsilon tech level. This change puts the armor tech levels in line with the typical tech progression used in most tech lines and makes armor a little bit more competitive against shields (shields cap out at about 50% to 55% per-HS strength compared to armor, which still leans in favor of shields but much less so than currently). Additionally, the base Duranium Armour tech annoys me right now since for ground units the baseline armor and attack levels (4 and 5) do not match, so I fixed it.
Note: This would also require changing the ground unit attack tech levels to match the armor levels, or else making GU attack its own tech line (which I would strongly recommend).

(2) Target: Meson Armour Retardation tech line
Current values: 50% | 40% | 32% | 28% | 24% | 20% | 16% | 14% | 12% | 10% | 8.5% | 7%
Suggested values: 50% | 40% | 32% | 25% | 20% | 16% | 12.5% | 10% | 8% | 6.25% | 5% | 4%
Rationale: Mesons need help. This change brings the retardation tech into the same progression used by most other tech lines, improves relative meson effectiveness as tech level improves (a worthwhile return for such an expensive research direction with three techs required!), and keeps pace with the armor changes above if accepted.

(3) Target: Improved Personal Weapons (PWI) ground unit component
Current values: AP 1.25, attack 1.0, GSP 1.25
Suggested values: AP 1.25, attack 1.25, GSP 1.6
Rationale: Makes the PWI component more interesting and distinct from the standard PW component, both for flavor and as compensation for the reduced volume of fire from using PWI over PW.
C# Bug Reports / Re: v2.1.1 Bugs Thread
« Last post by boolybooly on Today at 07:09:25 AM »
When a ship joins a fleet or sub-fleet of a fleet which is set to travel below maximum speed, the fleet reverts to maximum speed.

Expected behaviour would be the fleet joining adopts the speed orders for the fleet it is joining.

e.g. I set a sensors ship fleet also containing a tanker and FAC subfleets to follow LP1 at 18 km/s because this is about the average speed of the planet it is following. I want to keep LP1 in sensors range because I am using a Raider scout wreck on the other side of a long jump to LP2, following an orbit around the second star of a binary system, as bait to lure a raider salvage fleet and cull the predators. This LP represents a system choke point they will need to use. When a reinforcement FAC joins the FAC subfleet of the sensor fleet, the speed of the fleet immediately jumps from 18 to 4508 which is the maximum fleet speed. This is because while the "use maximum speed" box is unchecked the set speed has reverted to maximum for the sensors ship which is currently the core ship of the fleet.

It also does this, i.e. resets max speed, if you (manually detach and) manually add ships to the fleet in the same location.
SpaceMarine's Fiction / Re: Deeds on the Frontier - Comments
« Last post by Garfunkel on Yesterday at 09:35:11 PM »
I would suggest that to improve readability, you put the speech lines, where a character is talking, separate from the description lines. For example:

The commodore walked across the shuttle deck of the newly built cruiser, admiring the fresh paint covering its bulkheads. He turned to his side, a fresh faced young lieutenant and whispered:
"To be honest, I have no idea what I'm supposed to inspect here so let's just waste some time looking at the paint."
The aide, struggling to keep his pokerface intact, could only nod in agreement.

Hope that helps. Also, browsers should have an inbuilt basic spell checker that helps with punctuation and capitalization, which are also important for readability.

If you want to watch me as an aurora player, play XCOM Long war :)
Aurora Videos (C#) / Re: aurora 4X C# Youtube Videos
« Last post by Vastrat on March 18, 2023, 01:16:16 PM »
Sorry about your loss, and welcome back.
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