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General Discussion / Re: What’s next for Aurora now?
« Last post by vorpal+5 on Yesterday at 09:59:58 PM »
I was waiting (patiently, don't worry) for the old Aurora VB tools that allow NPR manipulations (giving them stuff at least)
C# Tutorials / Re: How to make ground units in C#
« Last post by SpikeTheHobbitMage on Yesterday at 08:42:27 PM »
Four of these with one of the 1k HQ units below are exactly 1000 tons.  22 of these with the 5k HQ below works as well.  Geology teams use exactly the same sizes.  Construction vehicles are larger and need to be in larger formations to do anything useful.
Code: [Select]
Xeno 1
Transport Size (tons) 218     Cost 8.72     Armour 20     Hit Points 40
Annual Maintenance Cost 1.1     Resupply Cost 0
Xenoarchaeology Equipment:      Xenoarchaeology Points 0.5
Xenoarchaeology Equipment:      Xenoarchaeology Points 0.5
Non-Combat Class

Vendarite  8.72   
Development Cost  436

Code: [Select]
Xeno HQ 1k
Transport Size (tons) 128     Cost 5.52     Armour 20     Hit Points 40
Annual Maintenance Cost 0.69     Resupply Cost 0
Headquarters:    Capacity 1,000
Xenoarchaeology Equipment:      Xenoarchaeology Points 0.5
Non-Combat Class

Vendarite  5.52   
Development Cost  276

Code: [Select]
Xeno HQ 5k
Transport Size (tons) 143     Cost 8.72     Armour 20     Hit Points 40
Annual Maintenance Cost 1.1     Resupply Cost 0
Headquarters:    Capacity 5,000
Xenoarchaeology Equipment:      Xenoarchaeology Points 0.5
Non-Combat Class

Vendarite  8.72   
Development Cost  436
FAQ / Re: Translation to other languages?
« Last post by SpikeTheHobbitMage on Yesterday at 08:18:57 PM »
Hi guys

Where can i find the "language" file for the game? I mean the name of the things like Resources, ships, commanders etc.
Ship and commander names come from naming themes stored in the database.  It is easy to add your own themes.  All you need is an appropriately formatted text file and there are buttons under the Miscellaneous tab on the Tactical Map.
Where / when do you modify the green text to make higher HQ ratings?

I have tried in unit design and in formation template in 1. 11. 0 and it does not seem to work for me.

e. g.  I made a Medium Vehicle with HQ and Heavy Bombardment, edited the HQ value to 10000 and created it, researched it and it came out with 1000.

I added the HQ vehicle to a formation by editing the green text to say 10000 and the formation shows 1000.

I have seen posts saying you have to edit the value in green but I cant see how to do that.  Where am I going wrong?


*bangs head on keyboard* ijuok98,nl,l,plo;k./[',0ip[;-'o=]l0/-=9i8uojk7087ui9yj
Above the big block of green text (which really shouldn't be editable) there is a line of yellow that says 'Headquarter Capacity'.  To the right of that is a green number.  That is what you need to change.
C# Suggestions / Re: Superluminal Communication
« Last post by Ulzgoroth on Yesterday at 07:01:33 PM »
A strategy game with significant communications and signal delay mechanics needs to have a lot of attention given to those, and to enabling units to function acceptably when they're not under 'real-time' player control.

I'm interested in a game that does that, but I don't think Aurora wants to be that game.
C# Suggestions / Re: Superluminal Communication
« Last post by SpikeTheHobbitMage on Yesterday at 06:51:13 PM »
There is already a reaction delay mechanic that is supposed to simulate communication lag, both ship-to-shore and internally between crew members.
General Discussion / Re: No civilian shiplines
« Last post by SpikeTheHobbitMage on Yesterday at 06:49:26 PM »
Ultimately it is up to RNG when you get civ lines.
This is true, but six months to a year after you get your first colony is typical.  In VB I would be eyeing the subsidize button before 18 months was up.  @roug has the starting civilian line done something stupid like pay out all of their seed capital as dividends?
Starfire Rules / Re: IDEW and Gunboats
« Last post by ZimRathbone on Yesterday at 06:23:35 PM »
From memory when this came up at the 3DG the consensus was GB are always engaged as starships by automated weapons (with the -3 mod).  I'll check my version of the consolidated rules later ( gotta go work!)
C# Suggestions / Re: Superluminal Communication
« Last post by Zincat on Yesterday at 06:15:47 PM »
I would not be a fan of such a mechanic, and so I would play with it off. I do not think it would be a good idea as it would be a very large change of paradigm. But that's just my personal opinion on the concept, of course.

That said, I honestly don't see how it could work. So the player is notified of new contacts with a delay... Unless the delay is very very small (and then I don't see why you'd add it), this basically means that a lot of engagement will be over without the player being able to do anything about it.

Imagine fighters/missiles  detected in course to intercept your fleet in 5 minutes. But you have a delay of 10 minutes. You will know of the engagements after your fleet has been destroyed. I don't see how that works. No matter what the player may or may not "know", surely the fleet would defend itself!

And even if the delay is smaller, surely the fleet can react immediately. Even if it's just reversing course to make the distance from the incoming hostiles as large as possible, surely the fleet does not need some officer back on earth to tell them to do that. And also, would you then enforce that for any new command, or just the first time? By logic, any new command should be delayed by 10 minutes or so in the above case.

You have mentioned "conditional defense orders", but I don't see how it could work because you cannot decide in advance how a fleet should react. It depends on too many factors. What are the hostile forces? What are the relative speeds? What is the range of the fleet, the fuel level, its distance from home, its defences? How is the system where the fight has to take place? Shoud the fleet even fight or just flee, depending on the opposing forces? How could you possibly choose what "conditional defense orders" to give without knowing all of that? Every engagement is different.

Sorry, I just don't see how this could possibly work out in a way that makes any rational sense. Because while information back earth should certainly be delayed in such a scenario, a fleet should be able to immediately fight at full capacity anyway. I just don't see how you can automatically resolve this conundrum in game terms in a way that makes sense for the player.
C# Bug Reports / Re: v1.11.0 Bugs Thread
« Last post by hubgbf on Yesterday at 05:51:57 PM »
Potential Bug about Xenoarchealogy (v1.11)

In my game a I created several ruins, on earth, luna, and mars.
When the earth's ruins was surveyed, all ruins were surveyed too. Luna was colonized, and had the same empire name and tech level.
Mars was not colonized. I did it and it immediatly became surveyed with same empire name and TL.

I tried this scenario in VB6 and each ruins was from a distinct empire.

I don't know if it is working as intended, or if it is a bug. I did not find any related post.

Step to reproduce:
  • standard start, create ruins on earth, moon and mars. create a colony on the moon (empty)
  • build a lot of xenoarcheologic unit on earth with instant build and wait
  • Once the earth ruin is surveyed, check the moon one
  • Then create an empty colony on mars and check it
Spike:Confirmed.  Also applies to known ruins in other systems, including ruins not created using SM mode.
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