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Yes I did notice that and consider posting the link, but in that time OP had thanked my post so I assume they found it from googling  ;D
you know everytime you change something outside the navel org it does not change in that screen
Use Naval Organization tab. You can put in the name you want as a Branch and form it that way.
The Corporate Federation / Re: Corporate Federation - Comments
« Last post by Garfunkel on Today at 10:01:28 PM »
Well that is certainly a busy start!
how do i rename them?
C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora v0.x Suggestions
« Last post by Jovus on Today at 08:20:42 PM »
My last C# suggestion is that we all stop posting C# suggestions so Steve's to-do list stops growing.

Hopefully I made at least one of you chuckle.
C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora v0.x Suggestions
« Last post by the obelisk on Today at 07:30:15 PM »
Reposting this general idea from the jump gate thread

Given that stations seem like they're going to be significantly more important in Aurora C#, I'd like it if we could build/repair/overhaul stations in space using specialized ships (using minerals and prefabbed parts in the same way shipyards do, of course).  The components used for that would also allow us to basically give developed stations shipyard capabilities.
That would certainly be much neater than a dedicated jump point constructor ship. Also with a special component you can customize your jump gate to your needs, the maximum ship size your gates are laid out for, should the stations be able to move under own power, do they need PD systems, are they equipped with maintenance facilities...
When I said specialized component, I meant one that results in the station functioning exactly as jump gates do now, ie no size or engine type restrictions, and it doesn't travel when something else makes a jump.  Thinking about it, though, it would be odd to treat the jump gate as a station you own, in terms of considering how NPRs will interact with it, but it would also be kind of weird to build a station that exists as some kind of neutral entity.

I'd flip the argument on its head. Since civilian ships and the pathfinder can use jump tenders now, why do we still need jump gates? Jump tenders (or stations, if you want to permanently emplace them) use upkeep already, and give some planning on what size of ships you are planning on building. If you have them large enough for your largest freighters, your logistics are identical for path finding. It is mechanically more elegant, and makes enormous jump drives useful, if you really want to move that 500kt station to another system.
Gates are not jump tenders.  They don't work the same way.  If you need more gates, you build them with a construction ship.  If you need more tenders, you build them with shipyards.  Even if without considering the fact that gates ignore size and engine type, and don't make the jump themselves, the difference in how you acquire the two things is incredibly significant.

This difference, by the way, is a reason why, regardless of how the jump gate/jump point thing is done, I'd like to see us being able to use ships to construct stations in space, given that stations look like they'll be quite a bit more important in C#.  Should be fine to call them construction ships no matter how the jump point thing plays out, because if Steve does just rename jump gates to stabilized jump points, I imagine that what we currently call construction ships will be renamed as well, since they wouldn't be building anything.
The Academy / what is Error 94?
« Last post by leonidas1283 on Today at 06:58:55 PM »
what is Error 94?
C# Aurora / Re: Jump Gate Construction/Destruction (split suggestions)
« Last post by Jovus on Today at 06:22:21 PM »

I'd flip the argument on its head. Since civilian ships and the pathfinder can use jump tenders now, why do we still need jump gates?

Sure, that's another way to go, especially since the changes to the strategic situation have already been made in allowing civilian traffic to use 'mobile jump gates'. I'd be fine with that, too. Then, when you run across precursor jump gates, they're truly special.
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