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  1. C# Aurora v0.x Questions
  2. Update on Progress
  3. I made a utility program for making custom ribbons
  4. C# Aurora v0.x Suggestions
  5. What Will You Do, When C# Arrives In Your Home?
  6. Naming Theme Suggestions
  7. All the different planetary battle support options in one place
  8. Weird Installation Problem
  9. C# Aurora Changes List
  10. C# Scenario Depot
  11. C# Aurora Changes Discussion
  12. C# Ground Combat
  13. Thanks Steve
  14. Calming the shakes
  15. RE: Space Stations, Structural Shells, and Jump Drives
  16. Some ground combat mechanic reflections!
  17. Research Inquiry
  18. Medal Awards
  19. Weapon size balance
  20. Hivemind playthroguh
  21. Suggestion for introducing Asymmetrical warfare in Aurora
  22. Oh my, am Elder enough..
  23. Release here!
  24. Modification to Sector Commands?
  25. Academy Name
  26. Using components in Shipbuilding
  27. Real World 21st Century Ground Unit Templates
  28. General question on aliens
  29. Modifying the game
  30. Command & Control
  31. Missile-Based Cryogenics... Terraforming? For Colonizing!? YEEESSS.
  32. Managing Ground Force Formations
  33. Dear Santa
  34. Updated list of technologies?
  35. Ideas for Diplomacy
  36. Order Delay Fixed in C#?
  37. Resource depletion toggle for SM mode
  38. Patreon?
  39. No Thermal when Stationary
  40. roleplay of SW Empire in C#
  41. How Will C# Effect Carriers?
  42. AI and Roleplay
  43. Aurora C# Code Protection
  44. Hangars in C# Aurora
  45. Aurora C# Screenshots
  46. RE: C# Cloaking Device Re-Work, Suggestion Post [CLEANER]
  47. Cloaking Devices in C# Aurora [copied from the C# v.0x Suggestions Thread]
  48. Official Discord?
  49. Revising Tractor Beams in C# Aurora
  50. Release date?