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Nice concept. Does putting ships with a filled hangar into a hangar work in C#? I assume it does, but haven't tested it yet.

If my memory serves me, doing so in VB6 would result in the second-tier hangar load entering parasite nirvana (=aurora equivalent of a dwarven atom smasher=). And if you had to unload them first, you'd need additional hangar space on the first-tier carrier, I think.
C# Utilities / Re: (v0.4.1) Iceranger's Missile and Ship Optimizer
« Last post by Iceranger on Today at 12:17:33 AM »
Is there any chance of a save file instead of a string?  Or does the string hold all the missiles designed and saved?

Missile designs and ship designs in their respective archives are stored in files automatically when exiting, and read back when launching the app. The export missile button is just for the missile result currently displayed, so it can be pasted into another instance of the app or shared with others using the app.
C# Bureau of Design / Re: Jump Tenders - A Different Approach
« Last post by liveware on Yesterday at 11:29:23 PM »
So, a 2-stage carrier approach? A transport carrier that get's the combat carrier to the battlefield. IIRC in VB parasites inside a parasite vanished so that would have taken excessive hangar space, but if it works in C# that seems like an interesting concept to open the books upon again.

That would be annoying if the Cetan cannot carry a useful fighter wing. However I am still interested in testing the nested carrier concept.
There is definitely a GM research option that is supposed to affect infantry, however I am not sure it works or not.

That is unfortunate of the population scale GM feature is not yet implemented, that would seem an ideal solution bro this problem.
C# Mechanics / Re: Updating Towed Installations
« Last post by liveware on Yesterday at 11:08:27 PM »
I think it might be possible to order an 'abandon station' order and then salvage the station wreck. I haven't yet tested this but I plan on doing this with my fuel harvester station now that I have depleted all sorium in my home system.
If you've got a big enough civilian ship yard you could probably just drag it over and order it scrapped that way. I don't know how big you build your stations, mine mostly aren't really that big compared to even minimalist cargo ships.

...Well, so far. Once I start building orbital habitats I guess that'll be another story.

I only ever build stations if I can't build a large enough ship to accomplish my goals. In this case my station is about 500k tons and my largest shipyard is about 200k tons, so shipyard scrapping is not an option.

Fortunately it is a commercial station so it's maintenance costs are trivial.
C# Bug Reports / Re: v1.11.0 Bugs Thread
« Last post by DFNewb on Yesterday at 10:33:34 PM »
Ships with damaged engines moving at 1km/s seem to still act as if they are moving at their top speed when it comes to hit chance in combat. This is with a spoiler race invaders so maybe they have something I don't know about.

Attached is DB to check it out. Their engines were shot out by missiles.
C# Mechanics / potential bug when disassembling alien components (1.10)
« Last post by bankshot on Yesterday at 10:32:19 PM »
I'm still playing on 1.10 so posting here instead of the 1.11 bug report thread. 

I'm currently excavating a ruin and have found multiple caches of ship components.  However I have observed two bugs when disassembling components for research points:

1) if you are currently researching a tech you get no points for disassembly even though you get the event message indicating you did.  You must cancel the research project, disassemble the item, and then restart research

2) disassemble all gives event messages that indicate you got research points for all of the items, but you only get points for the first item.

If any of you are disassembling found/salvaged/captured components in 1.11 please make a save before disassembling and verify your remaining research points afterwards to see if this bug is still active.  If it is please report it. 
C# Tutorials / Re: Forward Base Tutorials?
« Last post by Conscript Gary on Yesterday at 10:20:29 PM »
Join As Sub-Fleet for supplies, and the usage of Hubs for ordnance and fuel are probably best for low-friction operarion. As for supplying the MSP to a base like this, it's probably worth crunching the numbers on just how much your ships will be drawing compared to how much storage you have. Just ten thousand tons of a supply depot station can hold four hundred thousand MSP, which could potentially allow a completely-exhausted fleet to draw from it dozens of times before refilling it needs to be considered. Obviously weigh this in relation to your actual designs and tonnage, of course. And if you're including Maintenance Modules, account for their MSP usage as well. Still, if you actually look at the numbers it might not be that hard to render the chore of resupplying the supply base a once-in-a-decade affair.
C# Suggestions / Re: C# Suggestions
« Last post by QuakeIV on Yesterday at 10:00:20 PM »
I request that in the 'ground forces->order of battle' window, bind the delete key to 'delete formation'.

Additionally, it would be cool if that window supported multi-select. (my general understanding is that has the potential to be a lot trickier to get working right however, having faffed with QT and such in my day)
C# Utilities / Re: (v0.4.1) Iceranger's Missile and Ship Optimizer
« Last post by NihilRex on Yesterday at 09:18:01 PM »
Is there any chance of a save file instead of a string?  Or does the string hold all the missiles designed and saved?
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