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One of those flaws in that Aurora is designed as a single-player game :)

True. A much more streamlined combat and order UI would be needed for one ( pre set up rules of engagement + click on map to order ). But that said I would kill for a version of Aurora ( even a very simplified one ) that supported real time multiplayer ( similar to Stellaris but without fancy graphics and instead with good ship design and colony development ).
Aurora / Re: L0ckAndL0ad's United Systems AAR
« Last post by L0ckAndL0ad on Yesterday at 03:20:11 PM »

As MAJ's lone Horsejuggler class warship was getting right in the way of returning strike package, a somewhat risky plan of attack came up. All Banshees and Beholder 2 changed course to avoid possible ASM range of the bandit, while five good old railgun-equipped F-4R Rays vectored right onto the Horsejuggler.

What the enemy vessel could be armed with? I was betting on missiles, due to corresponding active radar signature. Defeating a missile salvo from a single 9600 ton ship should be easy for five R-fighters. Chance of encountering beam weaponry was small. So the risk was negligible. Reward? Getting intel on an enemy ship type. Allowing trigger-happy fighter pilots to horse around. He-he.

Horsejuggler did not fire a shot. No missiles. No other weaponry. VF-51 "Angry Horsemen" approached the target galloping at 12k km/s and whipped it to death in under two minutes. So... was it just a sensor ship? A mustang? Is this the reason why it traveled alone? Or was it just out of ammo? Why would it be? This encounter raised more questions than it gave answers to. But it's still an intel data. And that's what the Ranger's TG was here for.

Meanwhile, as VF-51 dealt with a lone MAJ vessel, enemy warship group split into two. Both Poolser class ships detached from the formation, flew in the opposite direction for a minute, and then came around to follow the other ships. Why? Hmm.

Now that the Horsejuggler was destroyed, all fighters were ordered back to the carrier, except for the Beholder 1 that had to remain in the area to keep tracking enemy movement.
Aurora Bugs / Re: Official v6.10 Bugs Thread
« Last post by Paul M on Yesterday at 03:05:17 AM »
I ran into a bug caused by using an "'" in a squadron name.  In this case the name was "Pwn'd" and it caused the following non-(outside of the use of the task manager)-recoverable error sequence:

Error in Check Fleet Name
Error 91
Object variable or with Block variable not set

This was followed by:
Error 3075 was generated by DAO.Database
Syntax error (missing operator) in querry expression 'Race ID = 164 and Fleet Name 'Paunee Early Warning Pinnace-Pwn'd#27"

These two were in a never ending loop.  After changing "Pwn'd" to "Pwnd" the problem went away.  A warning to avoid "'" in squadron short names is perhaps a good idea.
Aurora / Re: L0ckAndL0ad's United Systems AAR
« Last post by L0ckAndL0ad on September 21, 2019, 03:32:33 PM »
August 2, Year 61


New bandits on screen! Nine Beastjuggler class vessels, speed is just 395 km/s! Cross section 630, last known thermal signature 250, estimated 31500 tons each. Suspected to be civilian ships, with at least 28 vessels of this class marked in intel records.

Beastjugglers were spotted by Beholder 002 277m km away from Ross 594 JP, moving in the direction of the first enemy group. Also in the direction of the planetary system.

Meanwhile, enemy warship group stopped emitting and is trying to follow the scout at 1432 km/s. Strike package is still 300m km out, ETA 8 to 10 hours.

August 3, Year 61


Banshees closed within 45m km range of the enemy warship group and opened fire, focusing Tromp 001 with 32 ASM-41 Falling Star (WH 9, speed 20.8k km/s). These ASMs have tiny heat seekers and should potentially be able to retarget other ships if Tromp 001 goes down too early. But I don't think it will.


Enemy warship group turned on its medium range sensors! Just as the missiles approached them, 217k km out.  I guess I just couldn't detect Tromp's short range AMM emissions (GPS 90), and they switched the Poolser's and Zwaadvis' sensors on upon detecting the incoming missiles. Neat trick that I can't replicate with my multi-role warships.

NOTE TO SELF: low speed high-endurance fleet escort PD fighters for such a role, maybe?


New active sensor contact! Horsejuggler class, suspected medium range ASM ship (exactly the same intel data as Poolser and Zwaadvis). 78m km west of strike package.... That's gotta be another enemy warship group, popped up BETWEEN the strikers and the carrier. Damn... Fighters have already expended all the ammo, and their fuel reserve is limited. Beholder 001, that is part of the package, will have to temporarily turn on active sensors to see how big the second enemy group is. Damn...


Splash! 10x ASM-41 hit the enemy ship and it explodes! 20 missiles are still maneuvering. Secondary explosion and life pod ejection detected. Beholder 001's active sensors indicate that Horsejuggler 001 is a loner. It moves at 1432 km/s in the direction of the strike package. Sensor data reveals that Tromp class has an armor of at least 2. That's better than I expected! And no ECM!


7x energy weapon impacts detected. 12 missiles are still in flight. I guess that's enemy PD fires at work. Range between them is 15k km. I'm not sure if heat seekers will allow successful re-targeting.


No re-targeting. The remaining missiles gone wasted. CVL Ranger launches rescue shuttle to try and snatch the enemy crews from the life pods first. RV-1 Willie is relatively small and stealthy (cross section 2.94, thermal sig 14.4), and fast (20.4k km/s), so it should be fine on its own.

To be continued...
Aurora / Re: L0ckAndL0ad's United Systems AAR
« Last post by L0ckAndL0ad on September 21, 2019, 01:40:18 PM »

Radar on. Nine bandits in single group, on screen. 2x Poolsers, 4x Zwaadvis', 3x Tromps. All ships estimated 9600 tons, group's speed 1432 km/s.

Intel indicates Poolsers and Zwaadvis have medium range (67m km) resolution 112 (5600t) radars. Tromps are known to have primitive (0.9m max range) AMM-rated (res 1) radars  and at least 5x lasers each (damage 3, ROF 2). If I had to guess, I'd say Poolsers and Zwaadvis carry medium range ASMs. But lets not allow them to reveal if it's true.

Enemy group changed course to 359, but it's not trying to intercept the scout. Regardless, they're too slow for that. EW-3 Beholder 002 ordered to shadow the group @ 105m km. Meanwhile, CVL Ranger launched all available combat fighters: 8x Banshees and 5x Rays. Banshees carry weak WH 9 size 4 ASMs (4 each), but that's all there is available to them. Newer strikers have size 6 launchers to be able to fire USN's standard ASMs, of all generations. But Ranger is stuck with Banshees for a while. Five F-4R Rays escort the strikers, leading them just 10k km ahead, with AMM radars turned off for now. Another Beholder (001) will trail 100k km behind the strike package and will monitor the surroundings in passive mode.

Tromps are priority targets, due to their suspected AMM capability. Previous combat experience with Nails tells me I should focus fire on one ship at a time. I don't want to break up their group into smaller ones yet, because I only have two 150m km reaching EW ships to cover the battlefield.

Strike package is launched from almost max range (950m km), so it's going to take Banshees at least 25 hours to reach their target at their max speed of 10k km. This would put endurance of all the fighter craft to the test, especially Beholder 002 that has to shadow the enemy. I should try doing that in passive mode, if possible.
Aurora / Re: L0ckAndL0ad's United Systems AAR
« Last post by L0ckAndL0ad on September 21, 2019, 12:19:17 PM »
August 1, Year 61



Poolser 001's movement is worrying me. Located ~610m km from Ross 594 JP, it is traveling on 296 deg course. It leads to.. nowhere. Not to the other JP, not to TG 1.1's location, not to any system body. It is seriously off course, if it was going from JP to JP. But the course looks much similar to interception of TG 1.1 than going to JP or system body.

TG 1.1 is 950m km away from Poolser 001. It must have str 555 thermal sensor to be able to detect 1800 signature of the light carrier at such distance. Which, obviously, can't be happening here. The only sane answer would be MAJ's Deep Space Tracking Stations that could be hidden on some planet or moon. There are no asteroids or comets here.

Well, or it could be just patrolling. Looking for my scout that revealed its position hours earlier. But even then, it is a bit too far from its last location... Hmmm...

Anyway.. EW-3 Beholder 002 is 123.5m km away from Poolser 001. Within range of the radar. But I think I should track it for a bit longer before going active.
Quasar4x / Re: Quasar4x - An early look at an Aurora4x clone in the works
« Last post by Steve Walmsley on September 21, 2019, 05:59:26 AM »
Makes sense it is possibly years away if it happens at all, there are some serious flaws in a multiplayer aurora/quasar that need addressing.  Hope it happens eventually but understand if it doesnt :)

One of those flaws in that Aurora is designed as a single-player game :)
Quasar4x / Re: Quasar4x - An early look at an Aurora4x clone in the works
« Last post by Breadabix on September 20, 2019, 06:35:41 PM »
Makes sense it is possibly years away if it happens at all, there are some serious flaws in a multiplayer aurora/quasar that need addressing.  Hope it happens eventually but understand if it doesnt :)
The Academy / Re: Newbie questions detected!
« Last post by L0ckAndL0ad on September 20, 2019, 02:58:34 PM »
Don't add Anti-GH gas
Earths atmosphere is 78% Nitrogen  21% Oxygen and 1% everything else.  Add Safe GH gas to get your temp to the bottom of the acceptable range, then add Oxygen to make it breathable, then add nitrogen as needed. The increasing pressure will continue to raise the temp, but very slowly. You only need anti-GH gas to cool off a hot planet.
Oh! I guess I overworked a bit..

So you don't need AGH gas to counter-balance the GH gas. Temperature was changing for me simply because I kept increasing the total atmo pressure (by pumping in the oxygen), which changes the Greenhouse Factor, not because of the GH gas itself. I guess I get it now. So I can safely remove all AGH gas, pump in more Nitrogen and will only have to fine tune the temperature by changing the amount of GH gas (also watching out for Albedo changes due to water/ice freezing and melting).
Aurora / Re: L0ckAndL0ad's United Systems AAR
« Last post by L0ckAndL0ad on September 20, 2019, 02:41:50 PM »
August 1, Year 61

Ranger's incursion into enemy territory: HIP 21932

As there was no sign of MAJ activity in EG 290 (beside the existence of the EG 45 gate), TG 1.1 was ordered to probe HIP 21932. 'DingerCat (guess why it is called that way!) jump scout went in and out without a problem. CVL Ranger and its escorts turned off all active sensors and jumped into HIP 21932.

HIP 21932 is a relatively small system. One star, six planets (outer most is 470m km away from local star) and only two known JPs - EG 290 and Ross 594 (MAJ home world). Distance between JPs - 3660m km.

As TG 1.1 went in at EMCON 1 (radio silence), scout fighters (2x Beholder class in total on Ranger) were sent out forwards several times (due to their limited range), to improve the security of the task group. TG 1.1 was directed to Ross 594 JP on an indirect course, masking the approach vector.

As Ranger came within ~1600m km of Ross 594 JP, one of the scouts was already sniffing around the JP itself (50m away). Scouts had also their active sensors turned off, meaning only str 28 passive EM sensor can be used. And there was nobody at JP. As time passed, JP stayed clean.

Lack of targets made me somewhat desperate. Scout's actives (5Kt res/150M km max range) were turned on temporarily. Still nothing. Couple of hours later - still nothing around JP. Sensors were turned back off and scout was ordered to return to the carrier. But on the return leg, passive sensors finally detected an enemy ship, ~180m km out. One Poolser class ship (out of two known). My old intel records suggest 9600 tonnage, observed speed 1432.

Two notes to myself. First, non-JD scouts need even more range. Existing 4b km range is very decent, but the more the better. Speed is always a tradeoff, but it's something to really think about in the future. Second, lack of thermal sensors on my scouts prevents me from passively figuring out how many ships accompany the ones I can find with passive EM sensors. I know I removed them because their effective range is too small for comfort (when limited by 500t fighter size), it may be worth while to think about a dedicated thermal scout, or a bigger sensor scout - FAC sized instead of fighter sized. I stopped using Early Warning FACs a while ago, but maybe I should reconsider.

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