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New Cold War / Re: Cold War Comments Thread
« Last post by Voltbot on Today at 05:06:57 AM »
The negotiations begin promptly, with the governor demanding reinstatement of the D’Bringi home world into the Alliance, with himself as leader and his choice of candidate placed into the D’Bringi position on the Council.
The balls on that guy! Still, I guess you might as well ask for everything right? The worst they'll do is laugh at you. I wonder if the populations of the alliance have some equivalent to memes that they might share. You can imagine this convo getting leaked and turned into either a joke about how stupid you can get or how much of a boss you have to be to ask for that after they brought a fleet and blockaded you lol.

When you're teetering on the brink of disaster, go big or go home.  If you win it was always your destiny, if not, well, you tried.  I think a lot of politicians embrace this line of thought.

That is one way of thinking... However if he just wanted to save himself (and possibly his comrades) from whatever is done there to people like him (should I call it a terrorist, traitor or an enemy of the race?), he might just asked for a deal, that they give won't fight the alliance and would give them control over the system, for an amnesty.
You have to assign each fighter individually to a ground unit with an FFD. As you need hundreds of fighters to make a real difference this can take some time

This works for "Provide Ground Support", but not for "Provide Ground CAP". Where the ships would appear in the ground units tab for the support mission, they do not for the CAP mission. Furthermore, I ask because here ( Steve stated that he had yet to code the CAP mission, but that was several years ago and I was wondering if it had been finished in the interim. The fact that the Flak Suppression mission also doesn't work makes me think I might be doing something wrong.
Other Games / Re: Terra Invicta
« Last post by Droll on Yesterday at 07:41:25 PM »
I would love if there was an option to only have the map auto pan to a selection on double click. It gets annoying getting thrown around the solar system.
Other Games / Re: Terra Invicta
« Last post by TheTalkingMeowth on Yesterday at 07:32:39 PM »
Yeah, I think the pacing could use some tweaks.

Honestly, the mission cycle should be slower (I shouldn't be able to swing control of an entire nation in a month!), and UI improvements would speed up play (needs summary screens for targeting missions and stuff instead of scrolling around on the very pretty maps), but the biggest thing would be an aurora style event log+"skip to next mission cycle"+interrupts.

They already sort of have the event log (it summarizes the outcomes of your missions from the last cycle), and they already do interrupts in the form of autopause on certain events. Just need to be able to skip time as fast as your computer can compute and things would speed up dramatically (the max speed, 5x, is still kind of slow).
General Discussion / Re: Questions Not Worth Their Own Thread: C# Edition
« Last post by Andrew on Yesterday at 04:45:37 PM »
You have to assign each fighter individually to a ground unit with an FFD. As you need hundreds of fighters to make a real difference this can take some time
General C# Fiction / Re: Manticore Defiant: A Star Kingdom AAR
« Last post by Black on Yesterday at 04:22:25 PM »

edit: That said, Dunne is about to solve the fleet's maintenance issue. I hope getting the Crown Prince killed doesn't throw the Kingdom into succession turmoil.

This will be complete destruction of Manticoran Expeditionary Force most likely. I wonder how this will affect the government. It was after all Countess New Dijon, who overruled First Space Lord.
General Discussion / Re: Questions Not Worth Their Own Thread: C# Edition
« Last post by lumporr on Yesterday at 03:20:22 PM »
Does the order "Provide Ground CAP" actually function? I've been experimenting with ground fighters, and I've gotten Provide Ground Support as well as Search and Destroy to work, but Flak Suppression and Ground CAP appear to have no effect (no friendly planes getting destroyed, no targeting of hostile ground forces). How exactly do those orders function?
I provided the hostile forces with fighters armed with Air-to-Air pods, equipped them to the launchers, equipped the launchers to the missile sensors for the whole fleet, made sure active sensors were on and could see my friendly fighters, and put in the "Provide Ground CAP" order, but nothing happened. Same thing on either side with Flak Suppression.
Other Games / Re: Terra Invicta
« Last post by Bremen on Yesterday at 02:50:34 PM »
I've been playing for a week and I'm only 13 years in on my first campaign.
C# Suggestions / Assign box for dragging ground force formations
« Last post by SpaceMarine on Yesterday at 11:01:54 AM »
Pre-amble: Many people who use ground forces have plenty of formations this is universal but the effort to drag these formations to their higher hq to create hierarchies is extremely time consuming and rsi inducing, this could be fixed by the implementation of the same planned assign box that ship weapons will now have.

Suggestion: Make it so that you can hit a checkbox to enable assign x, implement whichever number you want in x, when you move a formation of one type it will move as many formations of that type as you have specified to the area you want on that body or ship the formation is on, if there are too few formations then it will give a "you cant do that message", furthermore it will only effect formations of the same type on the same hierarchal level so you dont accidently pull formations out of their current hierarchies that you dont want.
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