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Campaign Setup

Campagin Information: This is an AAR centered around the colonial era known as Domus Diaspora that in halo lore saw humanity expand to 800 colonies, the UEG in the AAR will contend with multiple threats, from within and without, the covenant, flood and insurrection are all things which will make an appearance once certain requirements are met, however the goal will be the establishment of a large human state which unlike many of my previous games will fight wars, deal with conflicts and more on a much larger scale, while telling a story that wasnt really told in Halo Canon.

Starting Conditions:

  • Modified Transnewtonian Start (With a significant increase in RP to ensure lore consistency)
    Humanity holds colonies within the solar system already to represent colonisation
    Build points were largely ignored to provide enough forces for the factions needs
    Ship designs are 1/5th to 1/20th the size of lore halo ships but follow the doctrine and ideas that humanity in halo used
    There is a split between two distinctive military factions like in Halo lore, that being the CMA and UNSC, these factions control their own fleets and ground forces
    that are used for different purposes, a rivalry may occur and conflict can arise
    Research Rate is 40%, Survey Rate is 25%, Terraforming Rate is 100% - This is to ensure generations of ships and longer term survey operations

    1 NPR and no chance to generate other NPRs

    Not Known Systems

Replacement Weapons:

  • Spinal Lasers are replaced by MACs - Early MACs are using lasers not particle lances to represent different level of tech
    Gauss are replaced by Point Defense guns
    Railguns are replaced by coilguns
    Missile pods = missile launchers

Inhabited Worlds of the UEG - 2362

Sol System:
Earth (1 billion Pop) - The home-world, economic and cultural centre of the UEG, with primary naval headquarters stationed, all UNSC forces are headquartered out of Earth and it is their duty to protect it.
    Luna(25 million Pop) - Earths only moon, colonised early on in the late 21st century it is home to a large population, it has a long history as a mining colony with its exports making up a significant portion of mineral production across the system
Mars (50 million Pop) - The Second most populated world in the system after earth, it was terraformed a century ago and is the home of the Colonial Military Authority and its academies, it has a significant industrial presence and is considered the gateway to the outer solar system.
Europa (3 million Pop) and Ganymede (2 million Pop - Research outposts both, they have seen the terraforming process applied and are still undergoing it, their primary contribution is scientific study and only small populations reside on the moons.

Note: The population ingame is a fraction of the actual population, this is to ensure internal balance, assume the other fractions are the other sectors of work and as such are not reported in aurora itself.

Please Put any comments here, always welcome to read them.

Domus Diaspora


The year is 2362, for the last two centuries humanity has colonised the solar system under a unified government, now it prepares for a new chapter in its history as fifty years of planning have culminated in the start of what will become known as the Domus Diaspora. The first human vessels prepare to leave the confines of the solar system with the goal being the settling of new worlds in the face of overpopulation across humanities colonies. This effort has been mandated by the Unified Earth Government, and to see this goal succeed it has established two new institutions the Colonial Administration Authority to oversee colonisation, and the newly created Colonial Military Authority which has been given the mission of ensuring the security of these new colonies. The CAA Carl Sagan under command of Captain Wilmer Rahimi is to be the first ship and crew in history to transit to another star system, its goal, locate the first habitable world for colonisation outside of Sol and usher in a new era of expansion and discovery.

The CAA - Carl Sagan in orbit of Mars: Six hours from interstellar slipspace transit

The CAA Carl Sagan is in orbit of Mars with the 2nd interstellar expeditionary group, this new taskforce will follow the Carl Sagan to the system of Epsilon Eridani and has been authorised to initiate immediate colonisation of the system if it is within the expected parameters. This colonisation will not begin without the Carl Sagans safe transit and confirmation of the systems usefulness, Epsilon Eridani is believed to have a higher than average number of habitable worlds and all efforts are currently planned for the colonisation of the system. This awesome responsibility has been given to Captain Wilmer  Rahimi, a former UNSC Captain he is widely regarded as one of the best captains in naval history.

The chatter of the helmsmen and bridge crew permeate throughout the command deck as the final preparations for slipspace entry have begun, the heavy titanium doors of the bridge begin to open as the Marine guards step aside the acting bridge officer yells  "Captain on Deck". Captain Rahimi clad in dress uniform enters the bridge climbing the stairs up to the command deck, on the command deck the ships executive officer and science officer were in the middle of a discussion, realising the captain had arrived they stood to attention saluting

"Captain Rahimi, Sir" -Executive Officer Sumaya

"What is the status of the slipspace engine, are we on schedule?" The captain responded after returning the salute.

"Yes sir, all is proceeding as planned and the last personnel have arrived including the new AI" - Executive Officer Sumaya

 the command table began to glow as a small avatar of a human man appeared,

"Identification: Gareth, Captain I have already begun integrating with the ship and I will be operational for the planned departure" - AI "Gareth"

"Very good, I am sure you will work well for our mission, continue the preparations we cannot afford to disappoint history"- Captain Rahimi

"Aye aye sir" rings out across the command deck of the bridge

Five hours and Fifty five minutes later 80mkm from Jupiter...

"Prepare for immediate jump... all systems are green and authorisation approved... on your order captain" The executive officer turns towards the captain "Its time, sir".

 "Very well" The captain pushes a button on a nearby terminal, "Listen well, our ship and our crew are about to make history, we do not know what we will find but I have faith in each and every one of you to fulfil your role. You are the best of the best and we will complete our mission and meet the responsibility we have to humanity, lets not disappoint them."

Captain Rahimi steps forward "Commence Slipspace transit, engage the translight engine".

orange lights reflect throughout the bridge as the ship begins to shake, thirty seconds later the CAA  Carl Sagan disappears from the solar system.

One month later...

Epsilon Eridani System

Slipspace opens up and the Carl Sagan passes through the opening. Gareth Appears on the command table

"Captain, we have arrived"-AI "Gareth"

"At long last, begin immediate long range scans, XO inform Douglass to prepare the expeditionary team, we will have a need for them soon enough" -Captain Rahimi

both Gareth and the XO nod and go off to begin their work. Musing to himself the captain remarks "Finally, Epsilon Eridani the hope of a new age."

The Carl Sagan would set out to begin its work in assessing the system for viability and inform the UEG of their findings, it would take years to fully survey the system but at first glance it appears the system was true to the claims. A new age was on the horizon and the first steps to it had been achieved.

OOC Notes:

This is the start of a new Halo based AAR, I have previously done Halo universe AARs, this one however has a different focus and is set 200 years later, it will be following Halos lore more closely but changes will of course occur. I plan to write the AAR as both a report and also a set of stories which follow the Domus Diaspora, a period of history in the halo universe that was also known as the colonial era, this era of colonisation was the golden age of humanity before the war with the covenant, to be clear there will be threats but the main goal of the AAR will be the rapid expansion and colonisation of the galaxy by humanity, the covenant do exist out in space and the discovery of them could come at any time, just like in the actual halo timeline they will be an existential threat. More information on the scenario and details for how its all setup will be detailed in futures posts within this thread. I hope you enjoyed the short story to set things up and set more specifically the tone and difference between this AAR and my previous Halo ones.
12 January, 54 TN

Stationed 13m km away from the Ross 128 jump point in Sol, Cruiser Destroyer Group 4 consisted of one Confidence-class guided missile cruiser CG-04 Cosmao and four Defiant-class guided missile destroyers (Delphin, Dionysus, Dragoon, Dundee). These ships were designed shortly after Humanity made contact with hostile Voraxians. Their ASMs clearly had very long range (the diplomatic ship was attacked from at least  ~80m km away), so the updated ASM-60s got more endurance, but the reengagement capability had to be removed.

Size 2 launchers were changed to size 1, because all the calculations called for larger amounts of smaller fragmentation warheads per ship instead of universal strength-1 ones. Result was AMM-10 Starry Night with WH: 0.8/MW-2, which, unfortunately, does almost nothing against fighters or ships.

Code: [Select]
Confidence (Flight 1) class Missile Cruiser      16,000 tons       307 Crew       2,321.4 BP       TCS 320    TH 1,000    EM 0
3125 km/s    JR 5-100      Armour 2-56       Shields 0-0       HTK 65      Sensors 6/24/0/0      DCR 15-9      PPV 115.62
Maint Life 2.07 Years     MSP 1,228    AFR 410%    IFR 5.7%    1YR 381    5YR 5,713    Max Repair 264 MSP
Hangar Deck Capacity 250 tons     Troop Capacity 250 tons     Boarding Capable    Magazine 720 / 0   
Captain    Control Rating 4   BRG   AUX   CIC   FLG   
Intended Deployment Time: 12 months    Flight Crew Berths 5    Morale Check Required   

J16000(5-100) Military Jump Drive     Max Ship Size 16000 tons    Distance 100k km     Squadron Size 5

Ion Drive  EP500.00 (2)    Power 1000    Fuel Use 25.00%    Signature 500    Explosion 10%
Fuel Capacity 450,000 Litres    Range 20.3 billion km (75 days at full power)

Twin 100mm UV Laser Turret (LWDP) (1x2)    Range 120,000km     TS: 12000 km/s     Power 6-6     RM 40,000 km    ROF 5       
CIWS-120B (1x8)    Range 1000 km     TS: 12,000 km/s     ROF 5       
Beam Fire Control R128-TS12000 (SW) (1)     Max Range: 128,000 km   TS: 12,000 km/s    ECCM-1     92 84 77 69 61 53 45 38 30 22
Magnetic Mirror Fusion Reactor R6 (1)     Total Power Output 6.2    Exp 5%

MLS-1A E35 Missile Cell (120)     Missile Size: 1    Hangar Reload 50 minutes    MF Reload 8 hours
MLS-6B E35 Missile Cell (100)     Missile Size: 6    Hangar Reload 122 minutes    MF Reload 20 hours
Missile Fire Control FC15-R1 (2)     Range 15.1m km    Resolution 1   ECCM-1
Missile Fire Control FC85-R150 (2)     Range 85.8m km    Resolution 150   ECCM-1
AMM-10 Starry Night (120)    Speed: 45,000 km/s    End: 0.6m     Range: 1.5m km    WH: 0.8    Size: 1    TH: 150/90/45
ASM-60B Trident Anti-Ship Missile (100)    Speed: 20,400 km/s    End: 68.1m     Range: 83.4m km    WH: 9    Size: 6    TH: 85/51/25

Active Search Sensor AS14-R1 (1)     GPS 80     Range 14.3m km    MCR 1.3m km    Resolution 1
Active Search Sensor AS83-R150 (1)     GPS 14400     Range 83.1m km    Resolution 150
Thermal Sensor TH1.0-6.0 (1)     Sensitivity 6     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  19.4m km
EM Sensor EM3.00-24.00 (1)     Sensitivity 24     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  38.7m km

Electronic Warfare Jammers:   Sensor 1    Missile 1   

Strike Group / Ground Forces
1x Vanguard Scout   Speed: 6001 km/s    Size: 5
1x Marine Detachment

Code: [Select]
Defiant (Flight 1) class Missile Destroyer      6,000 tons       149 Crew       976.8 BP       TCS 120    TH 375    EM 0
3125 km/s      Armour 1-29       Shields 0-0       HTK 35      Sensors 6/16/0/0      DCR 12-20      PPV 37.02
Maint Life 3.67 Years     MSP 533    AFR 144%    IFR 2.0%    1YR 62    5YR 923    Max Repair 93.8 MSP
Magazine 196 / 0   
Commander    Control Rating 3   BRG   AUX   CIC   
Intended Deployment Time: 12 months    Morale Check Required   

Ion Drive  EP187.50 Mk II (2)    Power 375.0    Fuel Use 40.82%    Signature 187.5    Explosion 10%
Fuel Capacity 200,000 Litres    Range 14.7 billion km (54 days at full power)

Twin 100mm UV Laser Turret (LWDP) (1x2)    Range 120,000km     TS: 12000 km/s     Power 6-6     RM 40,000 km    ROF 5       
CIWS-120B (1x8)    Range 1000 km     TS: 12,000 km/s     ROF 5       
Beam Fire Control R128-TS12000 (SW) (1)     Max Range: 128,000 km   TS: 12,000 km/s    ECCM-1     92 84 77 69 61 53 45 38 30 22
Magnetic Mirror Fusion Reactor R6 (1)     Total Power Output 6.2    Exp 5%

MLS-1A E35 Missile Cell (100)     Missile Size: 1    Hangar Reload 50 minutes    MF Reload 8 hours
MLS-6B E35 Missile Cell (16)     Missile Size: 6    Hangar Reload 122 minutes    MF Reload 20 hours
Missile Fire Control FC15-R1 (1)     Range 15.1m km    Resolution 1   ECCM-1
Missile Fire Control FC85-R150 (1)     Range 85.8m km    Resolution 150   ECCM-1
AMM-10 Starry Night (100)    Speed: 45,000 km/s    End: 0.6m     Range: 1.5m km    WH: 0.8    Size: 1    TH: 150/90/45
ASM-60B Trident Anti-Ship Missile (16)    Speed: 20,400 km/s    End: 68.1m     Range: 83.4m km    WH: 9    Size: 6    TH: 85/51/25

Active Search Sensor AS14-R1 (1)     GPS 80     Range 14.3m km    MCR 1.3m km    Resolution 1
Active Search Sensor AS66-R100 (1)     GPS 8000     Range 66.2m km    Resolution 100
EM Sensor EM2-16 (1)     Sensitivity 16     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  31.6m km
Thermal Sensor TH1.0-6.0 (1)     Sensitivity 6     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  19.4m km

At 08:20, CruDesGroup 4 detected seven Charlie ships incoming: 4 Centaur-class battlecruisers and 3 Daemon-class light cruisers. Simultaneously, two more Charlie ships reappeared from the inner parts of Sol, having sneaked past the blockade several days before that.

The main enemy group was moving at 7207km/s towards the blockading force. Humanity ships had no other choice but to engage. All 164 ASM-60Bs were launched simultaneously against four battlecruisers, resulting in only 29 strength-9 hits. Not a single missile managed to penetrate the armor. All the AMMs were launched at the enemy ships as well. Charlie disengaged for a moment, probably being scared by the large salvo of small missiles, but soon realized that it did nothing and changed vector back to intercept human ships.

CruDesGroup 4 continued closing in, hoping to deal at least some damage to the enemy with their 100mm laser turrets. At 290 thousand kilometers, CG-04 Cosmao started receiving fire from enemy lasers, which is 2.5 times the maximum distance of human beam weapons.

Within the next 45 seconds, Cruiser Destroyer Group 4 no longer existed as a unit. All that was left were the lifepods with some crew.

15 January, 54 TN

232 crew members were rescued with shuttles.

State of emergency was declared. Sol was no longer safe. Most ongoing naval operations were canceled, with the majority of Humanity ships returning to Earth until further notice.

C# Suggestions / Re: Conventional Start, slow research
« Last post by Jorgen_CAB on Yesterday at 01:39:21 PM »

I like the ideas and discussions present already.

But I want to propose some new ideas. Maybe it can be a source of inspiration / other ideas.
To be honest, it's a larger change. And not fully defined.

Instead of having "general" research labs which are used for every field.
You could change it as follows:

* Introduction or research campus
** A research campus is one or more labs.
** A research campus is focused on a specific "field"
** A research campus can research techs not in it's field. But forgo's (or diminished) any research bonusses.
** A research campus can be "refocused" on another field. TN and wealth cost.
** A research campus is assigned a "research administrator", which determines upper research lab limit.
*** If the administrator is replaced with a lower cap, the research bonus is reduced and no new labs can be added.
** A research campus can be expanded with x labs.
*** Adding additional labs can have their own cost curve. Promoting the idea of possible multiple campuses.
** Ancient construct bonus applies to whole campus
* Researchers are assigned to "Research campuses"
** Multiple researchers can be assigned to a campus. If a campus has 10 labs, max 10 researchers.
** Each researcher can have an assigned tech to research.
** Research bonus is a combination of campus bonus + researcher bonus.

These suggestions do the following (game balance):
* A Wealth and TN minerals commitment to certain tech fields.
** So it becomes a conscious decision to go down a certain path.
** Same argument for "refocus" of campus. (Like retooling a shipyard)
* Protecting research colonies becomes even more important
* Losing a specific researcher with a large bonus is still hurtful, but possibly reduced by a good research campus admin.
* Slower to snowball in specific research fields without lacking in others. Currently you can move over all your labs between research fields / tasks.
* ...

Goal: Slowing down the research lab snowball we have assigned to a single research task. And being able to move labs to another research field in an instant.

These are some excellent ideas and sort of how i play they game. I usually don't allow changing labs from one field to another in an instant and only do some every year even if I wanted to switch many more.
C# Suggestions / Re: Conventional Start, slow research
« Last post by Alsadius on Yesterday at 11:20:49 AM »
Any recommendation for a DB editor?

DB Browser for SQLite has been very easy to work with, IMO.
General C# Fiction / Re: Oh, the Humanity! (2.5.1)
« Last post by L0ckAndL0ad on Yesterday at 11:13:28 AM »
Pretty tense situation in Sol you have!
And it's getting worse more fun by the day! I hope everyone here enjoys the challenge as much as I do, because there are tough days ahead for Humanity.
C# Suggestions / Re: Conventional Start, slow research
« Last post by Gram123 on Yesterday at 09:45:21 AM »
If you're comfortable with editing the DB, you can make conventional industry build able. I run my conventional games at 50% speed, limited administration, but turn on conventional industry.

NOTE: If you do this, you forego any ability to bug report and any errors or corrupted files you end up with are on you.

With that being said, it's very easy to download a DB editor and then you just need to change a couple numbers. I personally have them allowed and make them cost 15% of all their associated upgraded facilities' costs. Makes them less valuable but still useful until you research trans-newtonian tech. The upgraded facilities are 10x better and cost less around 8x as much this way. Still encourages development, but allows a long early game.

Any recommendation for a DB editor?
C# Suggestions / Re: Suggestions Thread for v2.4.0
« Last post by kks on Yesterday at 09:32:02 AM »

Seconded because I have no idea why this is a race modifier and not a global one.

Third it, but I would not move that to a global but add the global modifier.

I like it as a race modifier, as that can really give some interesting diversity. I'm currently playing an 2M RP start with only 500m pops, 0.2 pop capacity and bonus modifiers for research and industry for testing. Has a different feeling and unique challenges.
General Discussion / Re: What's Going On In Your Empire: C# Edition
« Last post by kks on Yesterday at 09:21:09 AM »
So, some incompetent Commander Air Group, Count Ryhderdeech Coursoume, has sent both bomber wings of 10kt each into AAM-range of the enemy they where supposed to attack from 20m km. While he jumbeld something about autoturns and he just couldn't stop them in time, he clearly is unfit for duty and has been discharged from service for the destruction of the only real offensive force the navy has.
The TO and XO were found by the investigation comitee(lead by Prince Vaerfittr Lokkrson(former Foxson)) to be also at fault and demoted, while the Commanding Officier Earl Ubeinn Foxson of the pride of the navy and only carrier in service "Give the Devil His Due" was applauded for his swift reaction in pulling back the fleet and abadoning the conquest of the Stein system, as the lance and AMM-equipped Destroyers and Cruisers escorting "Give the Devil His Due" could not be risked in an engagement even against an damaged foe half the tonnage.

The race to find and conquer the newly industralised species on the third planet of a nearby G2-V star has as such taken a heavy setback.

At least the damaged enemy cruiser Gareth Banner 001 was found and engaged by the light cruiser "Three-legged Crow" a few weeks after that. It was destroyed after 10 minutes of continuous bombardment by the cruisers two lance weapons and two railgun fighters. Without the fighter complement both cruisers would not have been able to wittle down each others shields.

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