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  1. C# Suggestions
  2. More challenging Wealth?
  3. Dead weight - ship components for roleplaying
  4. Matter Fabricators/Transmuters
  5. RNG chance selection for Spoiler Races
  6. A few minor QOL improvements for leaders
  7. New Display option for uncluttering
  8. Re-introduce the ability to change Government type in Aurora 4x C#
  9. Suggestion: Retool to prototype
  10. Add graph showing historical +/- of minerals
  11. New weapons
  12. Improvements to the Sol system
  13. Reintroduce missile series
  14. Balance the Maintenance Facilities Tonnage Tech and the MSP Production Tech
  15. Commander name themes Gender options
  16. Slightly fleshed out list of names for China
  17. Suggestion: 100t cargo space
  18. Option to "Add Rank" add to the bottom of the hierarchy.
  19. Aim Waypoints and Auto-Waypoints - reducing probe micro
  20. RE: In Game Calculator, Notepad
  21. Various interface suggestions
  22. Suggestion for Fighter Boni from Primary Flight Control
  23. Are medals now working with AND function or still OR?
  24. Missile Balance Suggestions
  25. Captured Ship Class Name
  26. Display all bonuses applied to a ship
  27. Include a method to recover or show dead officer's biography and medals
  28. Combat QOL Improvements
  29. Civilian QOL improvements
  30. Add repeat x times from vb6
  31. if (<CONDTION>) then GOTO <LINE X> in fleet movement
  32. [QOL] Replacement for the Supply Conditional
  33. Request: Rebuild to Template
  34. Custom/expandable Themes
  35. Commercial ships assignments
  36. A way to search for commanders by assignment.
  37. Request: Aircraft and Notes Page
  38. combat on or above surface areas on planets
  39. is there any way to export the Events log?
  40. Suggestions for a improved Ground unit and army experience
  41. List of features from VB6 missing in C#
  42. Parameter-based Governor Auto-assignment
  43. Fleet organization
  44. Proposal for official discord for Aurora
  45. Ordnance Upgrade/Refit & Missile Series
  46. Kinetic weaponry rework (railguns)
  47. Ground Combat Observations and 'Rough Spots'
  48. EM and TH Sensors
  49. Life support systems
  50. Moon Uplink Infrastructure