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  1. C# Suggestions
  2. Carrier Operations/Interface Suggestion thread
  3. Pirates
  4. Giving ships etc
  5. if (<CONDTION>) then GOTO <LINE X> in fleet movement
  6. Misc Installations
  7. Civilian carrying capacity indicator
  8. Biology Tech Additions
  9. Display accuracy vs faster targets
  10. Granular Auto Assign
  11. Map distance
  12. Pulse Wave Microwave for anti-salvo
  13. Minor Request - Additional Medal Conditions
  14. Medal Coding Question
  15. Tidal Lock
  16. Tag for enabling/disabling civilian delivery of infrastructure and colonists
  17. Suggestion: Add Cloning Vats tech
  18. Freedom of Choice - Manually assign rank requirement for Admin. Commands
  19. Suggestion: Plasma Carronade technology: Direct feed
  20. View Technology window - Improvements
  21. Ship notification - why not systematically includes the fleet for reference?
  22. Civilian economy
  23. Order templates should be additive
  24. Periodical auto-saves
  25. Give Player Controll Over Civilian Space Sector
  26. Add x tons of Capacity
  27. Ship visuals idea/suggestion
  28. Traffic control
  29. Forced Labour Mechanic
  30. Diplomatic relations points should be reciprocal
  31. Factory ship module
  32. Allow setting bonuses for Ship commanders?
  33. Some Miscellaneous Beam Weapon Suggestions
  34. Named waypoints are great, but a micro request
  35. Fire control assignment quality of life suggestion
  36. More challenging Wealth?
  37. Dead weight - ship components for roleplaying
  38. Matter Fabricators/Transmuters
  39. RNG chance selection for Spoiler Races
  40. A few minor QOL improvements for leaders
  41. New Display option for uncluttering
  42. Re-introduce the ability to change Government type in Aurora 4x C#
  43. Suggestion: Retool to prototype
  44. Add graph showing historical +/- of minerals
  45. New weapons
  46. Improvements to the Sol system
  47. Reintroduce missile series
  48. Balance the Maintenance Facilities Tonnage Tech and the MSP Production Tech
  49. Commander name themes Gender options
  50. Slightly fleshed out list of names for China