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  1. Question on Beam Damage's
  2. Aurora Portable Wrapper
  3. Questions about "Minimum Rank and Class Priority"
  4. More slipways vs more yards
  5. Spaceport & cargo handling component
  6. Gauss to hit chance
  7. Can't jump and don't get why
  8. Set survey ship to fly against the current (clockwise)
  9. Weight for items?
  10. Update Ship Design?
  11. Training ground units + transponder Q
  12. Mass Drivers
  13. Cool names
  14. Is there a basic or common build / research order?
  15. Extending shipnames list
  16. Missing Task Force Commander
  17. Ruins and diplomacy
  18. Tracking station and transponders
  19. Noobie question on refueling and the auto pause within game
  20. Error in Get Mineral Usage error 6 generated by aurora : overflow
  21. Congrats
  22. Automating fuel harvesting
  23. Jump tender with both types of jump engines
  24. Random questions
  25. friendly aliens
  26. Best commanders, administrators
  27. 5 companies are not one battalion?
  28. Mineral reserve levels and Freighters
  29. automate fuel transport from civilian harvesters
  30. Conventional Start Tech choices
  31. Tricks to have viable processing time for multiple-NPR start?
  32. Research found in ruins
  33. Land invaded
  34. NPR strength at setup
  35. Finding spoilers
  36. Gauss cannons
  37. Advice on on-board missile sensors
  38. Mining Vessels
  39. RamDisk
  40. Error in MoveToCloseItem - error 9 subscript out of range
  41. how to add new themes?
  42. Tons of new player questions
  43. Infinity overhaul
  44. Can't find NPR
  45. question about box launchers
  46. Tugs, shore leave, comets
  47. Control of a large fleet (or just a bunch of fighters)
  48. How to fire individual missiles from multiple loaded tubes?
  49. Flight crew berths?
  50. Newbie questions: CIWS and missile sensors