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  1. Found an NPR colony
  2. Jump drive query
  3. Oxygen Tolerance
  4. Lifepods
  5. Questions related to "Awaiting Acknowledgement" FAQ
  6. Galaxy View, and Unemployment
  7. Re: Increment Times questions/problems
  8. Re: Still confused about missile behaviour
  9. Commercial Mining Colonies - Good or bad?
  10. Planetary Protection Level
  11. Ship design for noobs
  12. Creating a Universe
  13. Re: (Very) Distant companion stars
  14. A little colony/mining help please
  15. Re: My first combat: lessons and questions
  16. Ships rather immobile
  17. Haha so what blew me up?
  18. Civilian Shipping Line ships attacking me?
  19. How to terraform?
  20. Exploration doctrine?
  21. Various questions...
  22. More beginner questions
  23. Task group jumping issue (maybe a bug?)
  24. bug in refueling code?
  25. Need Carrier/Fighter workflow explanation (tutorial?)
  26. For anyone that was getting lag in the system map screen.
  27. Fire Control question and Acceleration gates
  28. Miscellaneous Balibar Questions
  29. How does Armour work? concerning thickness
  30. Inactive shipping lines?
  31. Any other suggestions on a resolution workaround?
  32. Startup parameters and NPR creation
  33. Real-World Start?
  34. Armour and Tonnage
  35. ICBMs
  36. SM guide
  37. Sensors and Peaceful Coexistence
  38. creating an "honorverse"
  39. Display Issues FAQ - followup
  40. Tugs and Tractor Beams
  41. Questions about Jump ships/engines/gates FAQ
  42. About System Number
  43. Database Size?
  44. Missile Design?
  45. Jump Gate Constructors
  46. Tech Tree?
  47. Harvester problems and some more
  48. Maintenance facilities and research related to them.
  49. combining jump drives
  50. Peaceful Contact possible?