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  1. Time increments.
  2. Lifeboats
  3. Task Force training of ground based fighters
  4. Venus. A colonial nightmare.
  5. Where do you design missiles?
  6. Combat question.
  7. Turn problem.
  8. Ruins.
  9. Gauss cannon problem.
  10. A Few Questions
  11. Survey ship keeps adding new plotted moves...
  12. Auto fire
  13. GravSurvey not surveying help please.
  14. Fuel question.
  15. Repeated orders.
  16. Help me fix my database
  17. Fleets and Task Forces.
  18. Whats the point of civilian yards?
  19. Um, what?
  20. Component help
  21. Task Forces, Strike Craft, and other random questions
  22. Large Gauss vs. Small Gauss
  23. New user: many questions and where I went wrong
  24. Multiplayer. D&D style.
  25. Jump tenders
  26. Can you rank up Civilians?
  27. Genetic Modification: switching between subspecies?
  28. SM mode
  29. Troops in Combat Drop Modules
  30. Fighters, Maintenance and You.
  31. How to use ECM
  32. Civilian Fuel Harvesting automation.
  33. thematic Questions
  34. Can you rename Star Systems?
  35. A large Binary System question
  36. Lasers, mesons, torpedoes oh my...
  37. Newbie questions
  38. Stockpile doesn't accept unloaded minerals?
  39. Newbie mechanics questions.
  40. Unloading from a PDC
  41. Space Master Points -- Are they intended to be used?
  42. NPR fleet over homeworld
  43. So my ship ran out of supplies in space... how do I resupply it now?
  44. Diplomacy Question
  45. Checklist on what to do first?
  46. NPR generation for new games
  47. Contact missiles
  48. Moving battalion between brigades removes all training?
  49. Population and Production Window- Stuck on Earth?
  50. Adding Race/system mid game