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  1. NPR in same system
  2. Detailed System Export?
  3. Playing on a small-resolution screen?
  4. Drop in - Drop out Aurora Companion Spreadsheet
  5. Quick Questions/Quick Answers
  6. Hello, and question about deleting colonies.
  7. Survivors from lifepods of a friendly NPR - called POW's
  8. How to use captured components?
  9. Harvester Fleet missing
  10. About Contracts
  11. First combat fail, need help
  12. Galactic map problems
  13. Guideline to industry expansion
  14. Game creation questions
  15. Difference between Comm and Mil Designs
  16. Super slowdown for six game months?
  17. Fighter strike active sensors & fire control
  18. General Pacing in the early game
  19. Home System Patrol Vessel
  20. Two-stage missiles and separation range
  21. Conversion of CI to ... ? and Infrastructure.
  22. Making a starting system RANDOM ?
  23. PDC scrap
  24. Is there a way to make own ships appear as hostile?
  25. Surveillance Drones and NPR reactions.
  26. Exploring with Efficiency
  27. I have a question about How to unload fuel
  28. Effective early military suggestions.
  29. Shipyards/Fast OB Creation Question
  30. Averting a worker shortage crisis
  31. All things taking forever to build.
  32. Primitive NPR
  33. NPR/NPR relations
  34. Can't get out of 5 sec increments
  35. Quick Question on resupply
  36. Civilian fleets aren't doing their jobs
  37. Recuding NPR events
  38. Event messages on the system map
  39. PPV, Ground troops & unrest
  40. Prefab PDC
  41. Confused about railguns
  42. Orbital shipyards?
  43. Spaceship Naming System
  44. Creating a new task force (not task group)
  45. Geosurvey "completed" infoscreen
  46. Cannot move carriers with overhauling parasites, parasites stay in overhaul
  47. Any use for Partilce Beams?
  48. Load colliers
  49. Creating a new empire and commander theme
  50. Some questions about basics