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  1. Making a starting system RANDOM ?
  2. PDC scrap
  3. Is there a way to make own ships appear as hostile?
  4. Surveillance Drones and NPR reactions.
  5. Exploring with Efficiency
  6. I have a question about How to unload fuel
  7. Effective early military suggestions.
  8. Shipyards/Fast OB Creation Question
  9. Averting a worker shortage crisis
  10. All things taking forever to build.
  11. Primitive NPR
  12. NPR/NPR relations
  13. Can't get out of 5 sec increments
  14. Quick Question on resupply
  15. Civilian fleets aren't doing their jobs
  16. Recuding NPR events
  17. Event messages on the system map
  18. PPV, Ground troops & unrest
  19. Prefab PDC
  20. Confused about railguns
  21. Orbital shipyards?
  22. Spaceship Naming System
  23. Creating a new task force (not task group)
  24. Geosurvey "completed" infoscreen
  25. Cannot move carriers with overhauling parasites, parasites stay in overhaul
  26. Any use for Partilce Beams?
  27. Load colliers
  28. Creating a new empire and commander theme
  29. Some questions about basics
  30. Build ships without retooling shipyard
  31. A Xenology question
  32. Ground Invasion and missile defence help needed
  33. Missile warfare doctrine
  34. Passive Sensors on Commercial ships
  35. Why can't I target the enemy?
  36. civilian sensors
  37. Detailed info on NPR?
  38. Clarifying some aspects of gameplay
  39. Mineral transport
  40. 5 day intervals go through, 30 day intervals do not. Why is this?
  41. Not quite a bug
  42. Civiliian contracts
  43. Adding notes
  44. Surrender not accepted
  45. Bug or did I miss something?
  46. Xenology team
  47. How many missiles
  48. System Map Screen only displays anything on the left half
  49. Load minerals help
  50. Good beginners game setting