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  1. Using CIWS instead of designated point defense ships
  2. Scrapping PDC's
  3. Civilian Shipping and LP points
  4. What's going on with the time increments?
  5. Is there a way to keep "use race colours" ticked?
  6. Missles?
  7. Tractoring ships with no fuel
  8. Unassigned Fighters
  9. Can somebody point me to an explanation on how to train a TG?
  10. Is it possible to edit offciers in sm mode ?
  11. Eligible additional classes?
  12. Genetically Modified Races
  13. Damage allocation to already damaged armour.
  14. God damned self-guided missiles do not guiding at all!
  15. Basic mine help
  16. Jump Engine Question
  17. Missiles
  18. Pardon my stupid..
  19. Being followed but not attacked?
  20. Ram Attack!
  21. PFC questions
  22. A question regarding mesons as point defense.
  23. PDC Indentification
  24. Bugged themes?
  25. Orbiting Mineral packets
  26. Installations and Equipment
  27. Setting up waypoints at certain coordinates?
  28. Electronic Counter Measures
  29. How much Genetic Engineering is required...
  30. Terraforming
  31. New crewmen per year
  32. How do i use Task force Organization
  33. Missile and Uridium
  34. Missile design for noobs: the Kiwi/Emu approximation
  35. Refitting ships costs more than building new ones: What the hell?!
  36. Escort through Jump Point
  37. Jump Point Defense Platform
  38. Changing task forces
  39. PDC component shipping question
  40. Black holes and jump point interconnectivity
  41. Wheres all the NPRs
  42. Is there any way to find a team?
  43. Exploration ships
  44. Centralization/industrialization + expanding the empire
  45. Several newbie questions
  46. Color code on screens
  47. Whats up with this missile?
  48. [SOLVED]Real values not used
  49. No Minerals on Mars at all?
  50. Question about a couple of ship techs