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  1. Jump Points first encounter.
  2. Geo Survey Points required for each body
  3. Alien contact rammed my ship?
  4. Thread for my question
  5. Precursors
  6. Where are all the commercial ships?
  7. Question
  8. NPR Generation Questions
  9. Am I hitting some kind of misanthropic easter egg?
  10. Probably a fuel usage bug in nebulas
  11. Not sure if its meant to be like that.
  12. Trans-Newtonian and Conventional startout.
  13. Editing somewhat key components of the game
  14. Corrupt Database
  15. NPR suddenly turned on me
  16. Constuction ships?
  17. Technology Progression Schema for New Players
  18. Jump Point Connections question
  19. Defence of colonies
  20. Tractors
  21. CI? Task Forces? Overwhelming!
  22. Design need input
  23. How to research alien tech
  24. Newbie totally lost. (Ship design bug?)
  25. Fuel Harvesting, and Mining
  26. missle target practice
  27. Saving ship designs
  28. Designer Mode
  29. New Player
  30. List of questions
  31. Grade Point Test
  32. Unmanned Probes
  33. anti missile missile advice
  34. Can't access all my people
  35. Missiles with active sensors sitting on WP
  36. Advise
  37. The Adventures and Woes of Rath's Aurora Learning Experience
  38. More questions but it is starting to make sense
  39. System Information error
  40. Fleet Orders
  41. Endless 1 minute updates
  42. New Player here - questions mostly about automation!
  43. Window fitting problems
  44. Sharing technology with allied races
  45. Matters of Galactic Exploration
  46. Income from shipping?
  47. Troop transports
  48. Evaluations on Advanced Missile Tactics.
  49. Custom Campain Catastrophe
  50. So I rescued some aliens...